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Today marks the official start to all of the amazing anniversary festivities we have planned here at Papertrey this month!  It's hard to believe that four years have passed, but we couldn't have done it without the help of the amazing designers that showcase our products each month.  They all put in long hours creating projects, innovating new techniques with our products, putting together tutorials to teach you new things and publishing blog posts that keep us all inspired.  

Not only do they work hard; they also know how to have fun.  The chats that go on behind the scenes are entertaining and bring laughter to all.  It's like having all your sisters together in one spot.  Like family. 

Niki Because of the bonds we build, it makes it that much more bittersweet to announce a few little changes with the team for this year.  Our beloved Niki Estes has decided to step down from her position with us and focus her time and energy on her three gorgeous little ones.

The dedication that Niki has shown over the last few years has been such a blessing to all of us.  Niki started her journey with us as a forum member who contributed frequently to our gallery. The talent she exuded paired with her genuine kindness has continued to be her greatest contribution to our team.  We wish Niki all the best as she now has more time to dedicate to snuggles, bed time stories and all the other amazing things that children bring.  You will surely be missed, Niki!

With Niki's departure, we have invited a new member to our team…the talented Danielle Flanders.  I personally have been awestruck with Danielle's work for a few years now and it is such an honor to have her working with our products.  

Her style is a wonderful mixture of clean lines & shabby chic-ness, amazing color combinations, unique pattern pairings and lots of layers & details that will leave you so inspired.  I seriously cannot say enough about the talent that Danielle processes.

I hope you will join me in giving Danielle a BIG Papertrey welcome!  Be sure to stop by her amazing blog (if you haven't already!) and poke around a bit to see the amazing works of art she has on "display".  It's like having the opportunity to peek into an amazing portfolio!  You won't regret it!!!!

Now that I have gone into detail about the changes being made in these parts, I think it's the perfect opportunity for me to express my gratitude and appreciation for the other members of my team, a few of which who've been here since the beginning.  I have asked each of the gals to reminisce & go through all the amazing artwork they have created for us this year and share their very favorite Papertrey project with us today.  Let's just say that there is a reason for all this reminiscing, which I'll let you in on towards the end of this post!

Betsy Veldman is undoubtedly one of the most innovative designers in the industry, and definitely not limited to just paper.  I mean, who can forget the amazing blog post she did earlier this year where she actually redecorated her daughter's bedroom with Papertrey Ink dies, felt & fabric?  Not only is Betsy talented, she's also so intuitive, knowing what I need from her even before I ask. She puts all of heart into every project she creates, and that certainly shines through with all of her creations.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Betsy, for all you do and all the ways that you open my eyes to new ways to use the very products I designed. 

CLICK HERE to see more about Betsy's favorite project from this year!

Dawn McVey is not only a dear friend of mine; I also get the opportunity to work with her as a member of the team.  Her talent stretches across so many different spectrums…from designing the products we all get to work with to creating projects with her signature flair.  I think one of the things I admire most about Dawn is how adventurous she is.  She's never afraid to pair unique colors together or go BIG with embellishments… a fearless stamper!  I loved THIS floral project she created earlier this year because it helped me to fall in love with purple again!  It is an attribute that I continually try to work on in my own projects, something that I try to learn from her.  So, thank you Dawn, for being fearless, for keeping us all on our toes so there is never a dull moment and thank you for always sharing your smile!

CLICK HERE to see more about Dawn's favorite project from this year!

Debbie Olson has been on our team since the very beginning.  I will never forget how intimidated I felt the day I got the courage to email her to ask if she would possibly join our team.  How amazing that she still graces us with her amazing skills to this day.  Debbie has actually made the decision to scale back a bit on her work with us, selecting just her favorite four sets a month to work with for a new release and no longer participating in the group challenges.  But we are honored that even with her busy schedule, she has somehow made time to stick around a bit longer and bring our stamp sets to life with those magical Copic markers of hers, like she did HERE.  Thank you for all you have done, Debbie; all you continue to do and allowing us to remain as part of your career!  It wouldn't be the same without you!

CLICK HERE to see more about Debbie's favorite project from this year!

Erin Lincoln has been with us for just a year, but she has fit in seamlessly with the rest of the girls and it seems as though she has been here since the beginning!  One of Erin's greatest strengths is pulling pieces from multiple sets and pairing them together in really unique ways.  THIS friend project that she created earlier this year demonstrates this knack so well!  Erin has been instrumental in some exciting things coming for this year and she has really taken charge and put all of her effort forth.  I trust her to hold the reins by herself with the piece of mind that she has the same standards that I do of quality for this company.  I respect her immensely and I am so proud to have her a part of the team!  Thank you for all you do, Erin!

CLICK HERE to see more about Erin's favorite project from this year!

Heather Nichols is not only someone I look up to as a designer but also as a role model for motherhood.  I respect her greatly on so many levels and it is an honor to have the opportunity to work with her.  One thing I love about Heather's stamping style is that she has her own style…and she always sticks to it, incorporating trends here and there, but always staying true.  My absolute favorite project she created this year was THIS birthday card with the By the Numbers dies.  I literally gasped when I saw it and I think it really embodies so much of what she is all about. You know I love ya, Heather, and words cannot express how grateful I am for you!

CLICK HERE to see more about Heather's favorite project from this year!

Jessica Witty is a bit of a newbie as well, but I have been her #1 fan for nearly as long as Papertrey has been around.  I associate with her clean, mod style so much.  You gotta love someone who can pull of one layer cards like THIS.  And I can't forget to mention the humor she has brought to our group.  Every time I stop by her blog for a visit, I end up giggling just a bit… out loud!  Jessica is an amazing asset, both inside & out, and I have never regretted for a single second, asking her to join our team.  She's like the long lost sister that we didn't know was missing.  I look forward to many more month's of working with you and getting to know you, Jessica!

CLICK HERE to see more about Jessica's favorite project from this year!

Lisa Johnson has an amazing presence that comes through both online and when with her in person.  She is strong, yet passionate, and those attributes come through in her projects as well.  Talented with bold doses of color, yet she still maintains an amazing ability to create soft, subtle projects that seem to have a personality all their own, just like the one HERE.  Lisa is like a chameleon that can change and adapt to any style of product that is laid before her.  I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Lisa for all four years that we've been in business and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every single one of them.  Thank you for all the time & talent you have dedicated to us, Lisa!

CLICK HERE to see more about Lisa's favorite project from this year!

Maile Belles is one of the most kind-hearted gals you'll ever meet and not someone who's afraid of a little hard work either.  One of the things that has amazed me so much about Maile is her innovative work with our dies.  She combines different shapes and sizes to create some of the most amazing, unexpected things, just like she did HERE.  I never walk away from her blog without being completely inspired to try something new.  She is a wonderful person to get to know and is an absolute joy to work with.  If I were to express to someone what the perfect employee would be, Maile is the person I would describe.  I appreciate you more than you will ever know, Maile!

CLICK HERE to see more about Maile's favorite project from this year!

Melissa Phillips… dear, dear Melissa.  Where to begin?  Melissa is one of those rare people that can take ordinary things from the world around us, sprinkle them with stardust & glitter and turn them into magical little pieces of art that you just want to wear strung around your neck like pearls.  I love each and every thing she creates, every blog post she writes, each photograph she shares, especially things like THIS.  It's all as if it's a small piece of her that we get to savor in our own little worlds.  And what better treat could one possibly have?  Thank you for all the blessings you have given me over the years, Melissa.  I am so honored to work with you and look forward to continuing to do so in the future!

CLICK HERE to see more about Melissa's favorite project from this year!

Michelle Wooderson is the kind of gal that you just want to have at every party, every get together.  She is the light of the group, making us all laugh with her antics, especially her occasional unique Etsy findings (inside joke…trust me when I say, you don't want to know!)  But with all her humor, there is a sentimental, imaginative, undoubtably creative core, like she showcases HERE.  When we have the opportunity to brainstorm together, it goes on for hours.  We are always on the same page, we have the same vision.  It is always so uplifting to me to have someone to talk to that *thinks* about the same things I do, that's on the same page.  Thank you for all your contributions, all the brainstorming sessions, the hard work and dedication you've shared over the years, Mish!

CLICK HERE to see more about Michelle's favorite project from this year!

Since everyone else shared their favorite project from the past year, I thought I would participate too!

My favorite project from 2010 would have to be THIS project from last February.  I remember when I was creating it how well (and surprisingly quickly!) it came together.  I uses our Dot Spot stamp set as well as Big & Bold Wishes and the Butterfly die.

I love how the entire card is fairly simple, featuring clean lines, but then there is the contrast of the off-kilter butterfly, the random stitching and rhinestones gracefully scattered around it.  I love the balance of the black threesome..butterfly, sentiment & rhinestones.  Everything just worked together harmoniously and it always feels so gratifying when things work out that way while creating.

Now that you have had the opportunity to see everyone's favorites, are you ready for a little contest that will have a VERY happy ending for one lucky customer?

We are giving away an all-inclusive Card Kit.. but not just ANY card kit.  

This is the "ULTIMATE Card Kit".

We have combined the supply lists for all ELEVEN projects highlighted above to create the "ULTIMATE Card Kit".  This kit contains over $700 in Papertrey product and will allow you the ability to make all of the projects shown!  Almost like having a personal kit from each of your favorite designers!

With 22 stamp sets, 20 dies/die collections, felt, ribbon, buttons, cardstock and more, this is a BIG prize package that you will not want to miss out on!


Even though we will only be selecting one winner for the "ULTIMATE Card Kit", we wanted you ALL to be a winner today!  We have put together a special pdf download containing all the designers favorite projects from this year in one handy reference.  The download contains color photographs of each project as well as supply lists, instructions and tips.  You can download the pdf for FREE below!


Click here……>Download Design Team Favorites<……

Now the details of what you can do to WIN!  There are two ways to be entered into this contest where one randomly selected winner will be chosen.  You can do one or the other for a chance to win, or do both to double your chances!


  • Go through YOUR Papertrey projects from the last year and choose your very favorite of the bunch. (Please be sure that your project uses at least one Papertrey product to be qualified)
  • Post (or re-post) your project on your blog, in your gallery or on any other photo-hosting site (such as photobucket or flickr).
  • Add the direct link to your project on our Inlinkz list ……>HERE<……
  • You have until 7am EST, Sunday, February 6th to add your link and qualify for the contest.


  • And/or you can leave a comment here letting us know what your absolute favorite Papertrey product of 2010 was.
  • You have until 7am EST, Sunday, February 6th to add your comment to this post and qualify for the contest.  (Just click the small "comments" link in blue beside the date in the footer of this post)


  • This contest will end at 7am EST, Sunday, February 6th.
  • Only one comment per person and/or one link per person (for a total of up to two entries per person)
  • One randomly selected winner will be announced no later than noon EST that day on our February 2011 Release Winners Page.

Thank you for stopping by today and good luck to everyone on the contest!  And we hope to see you back on day two of this fabulous 4th anniversary celebration!

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  • 1
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    My favorite product from 2010 is a tie between Mat Stack 4 & Banner Builder stamp set. Each made me squeal when I first saw them.

  • 2
    Ellie says:

    For me my Favorite product actually stamp set that go for over and over again is my Beloved -A Little Argyle set. I can use that for any occasion dress up or down my card,or add a special touch to a die cut embellishment. It is just simply divine.

  • 3
    kellijo says:

    I would have to say that my Favorite product of 2010 HAS to be the Banner Dies! “OMGOSH” pretty much covers it! πŸ™‚

  • 4
    liz in MO says:

    My favorite product was the felt, I know there are actually several colors, but I love the softness of it, but the durability lets me die cut it effortlessly. AND it is so gorgeous when the project is completed. It finishes up nicely. Thanks so much for coming out with this product this year. LOVE it and can’t wait to see what you have for us this year. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  • 5

    My favorite product this year was the tillable frames and dies. So much awesomeness for such a little price

  • 6
    Judy says:

    Congratulations on Papertrey’s 4th Anniversary! My favorite products would have
    to be fillable frame dies and impression plates; they are both so versatile!

  • 7
    Cathy Weber says:

    My most favorite product from 2010 was the Linen/Canvas impression plate. I use it on almost every single card I make. I never have plain cardstock on a card. I can always have a subtle little texture that adds so much to a card without overwhelming it. I would be lost without it.

  • 8
    sheila says:

    my favorite product was the woodgrain stamps… dreamy!

  • 9

    There are so many items for 2010 that I thought are fabulous, but I have to say the PTI dies that match the stamp sets are my favorite…and specifically, my most favorite die is the Mat Stack series…soooo many uses and coordinating sets the imagination just runs away with me thinking about it!

  • 10
    Liz Knips says:

    My joy is that 2010 was the year I found your company. My favorite product…that’s a hard one but I do love the jar and lid die and stamp. It can be used in so many ways and since Mason jars are displayed in my home it fits in perfectly.

  • 11

    My favourite product is the ” In Bloom set” I fell in love with the flowers when I accidently discovered Nicole’s blog. Thats how I got to know about Papertrey.I haven’t look back since πŸ™‚ There was the stamp set and coordinatng pattern paper then! Now there is Impression plate and Dies. I love this complete set. Simply Beautiful!
    Happy Anniversary πŸ™‚

  • 12
    S Hansen says:

    My favorite PTI product for 2010 was the Woodgrain Impression Plate. I love the nature feel it lends to projects, and is equally suited for either masculine cards or flowery ones.

  • 13
    Jeannine says:

    oh wow, how do i narrow it down to one. i guess i would have to say the “love lives here” set. this set is so versatile w/ the houses, butterfly, etc. and ofcourse the matching dies are just the icing on the cake. thanks.

  • 14
    Mary Webb says:

    My favorite product was the fillable frames + dies. They can create a quick, easy to make card or something complex and stunning. I love how versatile and interchangeable they are. They are an essential for card making.

  • 15
    Katy Frame says:

    You really want me to pick ONE favorite thing from a company that makes nothing I can say no to?? Thanks Nichole! πŸ˜‰

    My favorite product(s) from 2010 were the dies.. All of them! Such a great addition to PTI!

    Happy Anniversary Papertrey!!

  • 16
    Chris Dayton says:

    My favorite? Has to be the Friendship Jar sets. So much versatility in there, I tell ya! From tags to gifts to wall art… Not to mention cards!

    Absolute favorite image of the sets? The daisies. Hands down.

  • 17

    I heart Up, Up & Away … I was smitten by the shape of the clouds … its just so fluffy … i can pretty much use it anywhere … I have all these ideas that I need to put in paper with it … it’s just heavenly!

  • 18
    Tasha says:

    My favorite stamp set of 2010 has to be Butterfly Dreams. Such a beautiful and versatile set.

  • 19
    Kimberly Eagle says:

    Your wonderful, thick, glorious FELT!!!! I love the stuff … still looking forward to the new colors this year!

    Happy Anniversary girls! You are awesome.

  • 20
    kerry davis says:

    You have got to be kidding? I am peeing my pants excited about this giveaway!! I’m pretty sure it’s the most fabulous one you’ve EVER offered – and I’ve been w/ you for all four years now!!!
    Wow, so for sure I have been totally smitten w/ all the tiny treat sets. Love love love them!

  • 21
    Leigh Ann says:

    I’m over the moon about the limitless layers. So versatile! I never make a card without using one, it seems these days. AND I love, love, love that there is a new series coming out for these dies! YAY!

  • 22
    Ngan R. says:

    My favorite and most used item from PTI in 2010 was…Hawaiian Shores ink! I understand this is not a new “product” but a new color…however, it was like a whole new world to my card crafting. It added so much vibrancy, elegance, and fun to all my projects this past year and for many more years to come I’m sure. Happy Anniversary!

  • 23
    beckynoelle says:

    my absolute favorite is background basics: woodgrain!

  • 24
    Kim L says:

    You have soooo many of my favorites that I don’t know how to pick. I think all of the dies are on the top.

  • 25

    I actually am very new to Papertrey Ink products. I came across Michelle Wooderson’s blog I think in October of 2010 and seen her posts using the banner builder set. I followed her blog and began visiting the Papertrey Ink website, from there to Nichole’s blog. I was pretty much hooked when I seen the banner builder set, which is my favorite of 2010. I have been tickled with every purchase I have made and my wish list grows.

  • 26
    jeanc says:

    I think that I shall never see
    A stamp more tailor-made for me
    Than one that begins with a glass jar
    And is filled by things loved from afar
    Memories of lemonade, daisies and such
    Reminds me of Grandma’s old kitchen hutch!

  • 27
    Huayi says:

    My favourite PTI products have got to be e Fillable Frames stamps! I can use them to make pretty cards and other craft projects! No more wondering through giftshops for cards. πŸ™‚ Awesome stuff!

  • 28
    Francine says:

    My favorite item is the Tea for Two additions. It’s hard to find a really nice, non-cartoony tea stamp set so the addition set along with the original is fabulous. I also think your matching dies are wonderful, too.

  • 29
    Jen Carter says:

    My favorite products from PTI this year had to be the dies that match the stamp sets! LOVE that so much!! My favorite of the bunch being the banner dies (and banner stamp set)!! LOVE them!! They are so versatile and can be used for anything!! Thank you so much for such a great product!

  • 30
    Robin says:

    WOW. Hard to pick a favorite but I would have to say either Mat Stack #3 or, given that I am new to PTI this year, Dot spot. I really love how quickly a gorgeous card comes together with these sets. I also love all of the TT treats, especially this new TT Birthday!

  • 31
    Maureen says:

    I would have to say your dies are my favourite product…please don’t make me choose one!! LOL Second in line is your felt…it cuts like buttah with my favourite dies πŸ™‚ Congrats on 4 fabulous years πŸ™‚

  • 32
    Breeonna Delaire says:

    Holy Moly! I’m so excited just at the thought of winning such an amazing prize!! My favorite product has been the fabulous dies –it’s too hard to just pick one but I’ve been enjoying the banner building, sweet butterflies and love lives here matching dies.

  • 33

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PTI’s dies! I’ve probably purchased more dies than stamps from PTI because I do love them so much. They work with paper, fabric, felt, etc. My all-time favorite die is Limitless Layers (1st set). I think I used it on 50% of my cards now.

  • 34
    mary dawn q says:

    the dress form die! it’s the perfect size, the shape is feminine but it’s not too delicate and it looks great cut out of an. ee. thing!

  • 35
    liz says:

    Just ONE product?!? That’s pretty hard to narrow down! I think if I had to chose one, it would be the Fillable Frames series (and dies!). It’s amazing how different each frame is and they add so much to my projects. I can’t wait to see the new frame set!

  • 36
    Rebecca Resch says:

    Your products are amazing! I love how you have images that coordinate with the dies. All of the coordinating products are my favorite. Thanks for designing such fun images!

  • 37
    Emily W. says:

    My favorite 2010 product is the mat stack dies, but specifically mat stack 4. It’s such an AWESOME shape that I always want to use on my projects!

  • 38
    lindsey says:

    Hmm.. favorite item from 2010… hard to say but I would have to go with the mat stack two collection, or all the mat stack collections:)

  • 39
    Terry says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary Papertrey!
    My favorite product in 2010 was, hands down, the Wreath for All Seasons stamp set. I have used that set so many times for many different occasions. It never disappoints me.

  • 40
    Brandi W. says:

    My favorite products in 2010 were the mat stack 4 die and the double ended banner dies.

  • 41
    Elizabeth S. says:

    I have so many favorites but my all time favorite are the dies.

  • 42
    glorie says:

    I love the Fillable Frames series ! it is so simple but very versatile! I still have to complete my collection πŸ™‚

  • 43
    Amy Main says:

    I just came on the scene late fall of 2010, the banner building sets and matching stamps really hit a note with me – and I was hooked. I just love the concept of the stamps matching the dies! I use my Fillable Frames #10 with matching stamp set all the time! I know my list will only get L-O-N-G-E-R! A big congratulations on your 4 year anniversary!

  • 44

    Big Boxy Banners…for sure…my favorite product from PTI this year. Well, maybe the dies in general…but that was my most fave of all the dies….the big banner…love love love!

  • 45
    Natasha Kara says:

    Wow! This is one of the most amazing giveaways ever. πŸ™‚ My favorite product (and let me go on record to say, just how hard it is to choose πŸ˜‰ would probably be the wood grain impression plate. Followed closely by the flower dies πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such and awesome prize πŸ™‚

  • 46
    Dana Gerdes says:

    My favorite and most used product this year has to be the mat stack dies and stamps to coordinate! LOVE them!

  • 47
    katie says:

    I love the Friendship Jars and all the fillers. I love how the citrus wedge fits so nicely in the scalloped border die.

  • 48
    Dee Rose says:

    Although I dearly love PTI’s stamp sets, the dies are my favorite innovation from 2010. It would be hard to pick a favorite from the matching dies, border dies, mat stack dies, banner dies and all the rest. But if I had to choose, it would be the banner dies. So much fun to make decorative banners, especially with my favorite set of the year, Love Lives Here.

  • 49
    Amanda M. says:

    2010 was such a fab year for Papertrey Ink with so many incredible products released each month! I cannot wait to see what 2011 brings. I would say the dies are my favorite product of last year. I don’t think I could narrow it down to just one! The genius idea took stamping to a whole ‘nother level!

  • 50
    DeAnna says:

    There were so many favorites from this year!! I loved anything by Dawn McVey for sure! The musical background and impression plate were totally beautiful! Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity ;D

  • 51
    Judy F. says:

    Without a doubt I just love the Fillable Frames/dies along with the Banner Builder stamps/dies! They both put real ‘wow’ into any project. I love the way they layer and deliver to make an awesome presentation. The clean lines and design possibilities are endless and exciting!

  • 52
    Carol says:

    I love the dies – and especially the By the Numbers set, which I am waiting eagerly to be restocked because, aside from Christmas cards, event cards like anniversaries, birthdays, graduations are what I mostly make and those are going to make such perfect, fun cards – especially when coupled with the By the Numbers stamp set. Thanks for all the great products this year!

  • 53
    Chinnu says:

    My favorite Papertrey Ink product from 2010 …. In Bloom (just gorgeous); Enjoy the ride (LOVE the stamp set and the adorable die); Fly Away (love the little plane and banner); Woodgrain basics (timeless!), Wonderfully Whimsical (so playful and cute) — and several others. I bought all these and many more… and love them all! In Bloom is probably my most favorite! It’s very hard to choose just one!

  • 54
    Kathy W says:

    Oh my goodness….how to pick just one thing as my very favorite…I think it would have to be the Little Bitty Bird set, die and stamps…I have used them for so many different cards and decorations already. Thank you for such great designs and products!

  • 55
    Jo Eades says:

    Wow, just one hey??? I think it would have to be the Fillable Frames stamps & die series.

  • 56
    Sheri says:

    oh my there is no way I can pick one thing as a favorite. I guess it would have to be the stamp sets themselves. I have many many of them and have gotten the anniversary set each year. I am not lucky at being picked for blog candy but maybe my luck will change. Crossing my fingers – it is wonderful candy!

  • 57
    Amanda says:

    I think my favorite is the jars and all their fillers. So many possibilies inside and out. However, I loved the release of School Time also. The timing was perfect for me as it filled a whole that I really needed to fill. Then there is UP, UP, and Away. I still don’t have it, but it’s my favorite set to dream about.

  • 58
    Ana T. says:

    My absolute favorite products of 2010 are the Year of Flowers stamp sets! I LOVE them all and my very favorite one is the Mums! Oh, I LOVE that stamp set so much! I hope you continue this line.

  • 59
    Laura Beck says:

    I found PTI about 3 years ago and have been excited with every month’s release. The year the fillable frames series were favs, but so were the dies and felt and so much more. Your design team is so inspiring!

  • 60
    Ah-Ling says:

    My favorite product was the music sheet backgrounder that came out. I love anything music related, and to be putting it on (most) of my cards makes me so happy!

  • 61
    lisa bauer says:

    happy anniversery – my favorite would have to be the tiny treat sets….

  • 62

    My favorite item from 2010 is Just the Ticket stamp set and the coordinating die. Oh how I love these!

  • 63
    Jill says:

    My favorite 2010 Papertrey product was . . . the Year of Flowers stamp sets! They are each so gorgeous. So fun to color, to paper piece, or to just leave alone. And the sentiments–so lovely and classy. Your card can’t help but look nice when you use one of these stamp sets!

  • 64
    GINA says:

    I love ALL of the MAT STACK dies!

  • 65
    Alyssa B says:

    my favorite was the bakers twine, how cute is that stuff!!

  • 66

    Hands down fav product this year is the Mat Stack stamps sets!! Love, love, love them!!

  • 67
    Anne B says:

    Very hard to choose, but my favourite product from 2010 would be the Beautiful Blooms dies – I’ve used them so many times. Definitely a staple in my stamping cupboard πŸ™‚

  • 68
    Mendi M says:

    My favorite product is actually a collection of things…dies that match the stamps sets. Especially the dies that are being brought out for older sets. They’ve really helped me go back and rejuvenate those older sets that I don’t use that often anymore due to all of the fun new things! I just love the look of things cut out but don’t have the patience! These dies are my favorite go-to thing. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • 69
    Audrey T. says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary PTI! πŸ™‚ So hard to pick just one favorite! I adore all of the Tiny Treats stamp sets and was thrilled to see new additions to the lineup this year. (And I am loving Litty Bitty Bird too! It is quickly becoming one of my most used sets!)

  • 70
    LMcBurney says:

    How do I love PTI…let me count the ways…wait you don’t have time for that! I am going to say my favorite PTI products are ones that have coordinating dies. In 2010 I fell in love with Friendship Jar and the coordinating dies. The fillers that followed were just icing on the cake. Mmmm!

  • 71
    Mary K says:

    It’s hard to pick one favorite so I’ll pick a category–PTI dies are my absolute favorite addition to your already fabulous stamps, paper, ribbon, etc.

  • 72
    Erin Taylor says:

    My favorite product from Papertrey Ink in 2010 was the fillable frame stamps. I use those stamp sets on almost every card project I make, and they are both versatile and economical. And of course I love the matching dies, too πŸ™‚

  • 73

    I have never met a paper Trey ink product I didn’t like! For me the dies are up at the top but I absolutely Love my Signature Greetings stamps! I even bought a second set to give to a friend!
    Thanks for all you do! I would be over the moon to win this prize package!

  • 74
    Susy says:

    Wow, what a comp. I have to admit that the dies are my faves, love them, they are so versatile.

  • 75
    JeanMarie says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. I love your products. My favorite of 2010 would be the Delightful Dahilia Die. Great prize package you are offering.

  • 76
    Cheryl C says:

    Congrats on 4 years. It does go by quickly.
    I have to say that I love all of your stamps, ribbons, dies. There are so many that it is hard to pick one. I love the mason jar die and the stamps that go with it.
    God bless all of you with many many more years to come.

  • 77

    Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary!! I’ve adored your products for several years now, and look forward to the same wonderful quality that we’ve all become used to in the future. My favorite PTI product would have to be your cardstock. Nothing in the industry compares, and I can’t imagine my crafting life without it. Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful prize package!

  • 78
    Leslie V. says:

    I love… love… LOVE… Limitless Layers!!! I have used this set over and over again. Mind blowing ideas for this set. Keep up the GREAT JOB!!

  • 79
    Amy L says:

    I love it all!!!

  • 80
    Kristy I. says:

    My favorite product this year was the mat stack 4 die with the coordinating Halloween stamp set. It was fun putting together treat bags for the kid’s classes this year!

  • 81
    sarita says:

    how do you pick just ONE thing! i think ALL of the paper stock that i’ve bought is my favorite..but then i LOVE the buttons that match the paper!!! i think both of them are my favorite! thank you for the chance to win a dream package!

  • 82
    patty thomas says:

    I fell in love with PTI felt from the first moment I saw the pictures of how well it cut. I was thrilled when the first order arrived and in absolute heaven when I made my first die cut. If I had to narrow down even further? Pure Poppy felt… it doesn’t get better than that.

  • 83
    Steph says:

    My favorite product would have to be a set of matching stamps and dies. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Mat Stack 1 stamp set and its coordinating die! They make it so easy to create an elegant card with not much effort. Although not a product, my favorite technique this year I learned from Nichole. I love the look of an embossed piece of white paper on top of a white card. I never would have thought to put white on white but i saw it on Nichole’s blog and I really love it.

  • 84
    Susan V says:

    The Background Basics are awesome!! But then stamps and dies that go together are great too. It’s hard to choose!!

  • 85
    Alyssa Pappas says:

    Up, Up and Away! I absolutely LOVE this set and dies πŸ™‚ It’s actually my very first Papertrey Set and I’m thrilled.

    Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize package! Can’t wait for the rest of the release!

  • 86
    Deb C says:

    Wow, what a difficult question! But if I have to pick just one, I think it has to be the In Bloom impression plate. It adds SO much to an already stunning image. I love and use it all the time!

  • 87
    Candice says:

    My favorite 2010 product has to be your felt, and how it comes in so many delicious colors! But a very close 2nd place has to be the PTI dies.

  • 88
    Keva Brown says:

    Oh gracious. It was hard enough to pick a favorite project, and you want a product also? Yikes! If I had to pick ONE favorite thing, it would have to be the Papertrey buttons. I think I use them on each card I make. I love the color choices and the variety! From the jars they come in to the surprise you get when you take one out not knowing EXACTLY what it’ll look like, there’s nothing like them. Just gorgeous! You guys are so awesome with your projects and this prize pack is brilliant! Thank you!!

  • 89
    Linda Suarez says:

    My favorite product is … the coordinating stamps and dies!

  • 90
    sandy says:

    Oh my goodness, I can hardly decide what is my favorite thing from last year. I believe it is jar stamps and fillers. And I look forward to more of those! I love all the felt, too. I was able to teach a card class at church last fall and I used all PTI products. The ladies had so much fun.

  • 91
    Michelle Early says:

    My favorite 2010 product is the Friendship Jar, Fillers and all that goes with it. It is guaranteed to put a smile of the recipient’s face every time! I love working with all of the stamps and dies and there is something for every occasion. I bet there’s more to come… It was one of my first purchases and I consider it a great investment. Thanks for giving us fun, clever and pretty all the time!

  • 92
    Cassandra says:

    My favourite would have to be All Booked Up. My friend who I share an order with, had it originally, but the die and stamp set spent so much time here, I had to get my own (just arrived yesterday).

  • 93
    Karen H. says:

    So many wonderful things happened in 2010 – felt, the Fillable Frames series, too many stamp sets to mention, and impression plates – but My favorite PTI product would have to be the Butterfly die (Butterfly Dreams). While I do love the stamp set that coordinates with the die (though I’m sure die is meant to coordinate with the stamp set), the die all by itself makes a beautiful addition to any card.

  • 94
    Amy Kolling says:

    Wow! What a prize!! My most favorite new item from 2010 was your dies!! I love love them!!!! It is so much fun to have these in my collection!

  • 95
    Janet says:

    My favorite set is the year of flowers, rose. I’ve used that set for so many wedding cards this year and have even used it for a sympathy card or two. I also love up, up and away. I think i’ve used it for every little boy card that I’ve made this year. I buy on average four stamp sets a month, so obviously, I love most of the sets you have to offer. I wish I could have them all!

  • 96
    Betty Srb says:

    What an opportunity! You make me believe in Santa again. My favorite this year would have to be the mat stack collections. I am thrilled with anything papertrey; the cards I make show YOUR talent. Betty

  • 97
    Heather P. says:

    Wow! Where do I even begin??? Soooo many things come to mind when I think about Papertrey and the products offered this past year! I think my very favorite (if I *have* to pick just one!) thing from 2010 was the addition of Hawaiian Shores products to your line up. I absolutely adore everything about that color!

    Thank you so much for your generosity and a chance to win such an amazing prize!

  • 98
    Kristie H says:

    I loved the impression plates with my favorite being the woodgrain. It adds such a warm tone to a card and can work with both feminine and masculine cards. Can’t wait to see what this year brings!

  • 99

    This is AMAZING. I love all of the designers here and always come away so incredibly inspired every time I hop around to each of their blogs. My favorite new product from this year was the entire Mat Stack series. It’s so versatile, and I LOVE how the Mat Stack 4 Stamp set comes out this month. I’ve been waiting for this ever since you announced the first coordinating stack. Love! I’ll definitely post my favorite PTI project on my blog tomorrow, and then I’ll be back to add my link. Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing prize.

  • 100
    Betty Wright says:

    My absolute favorite product from Papertrey for 2010 are Die Cuts! Whether solo, stacked, or in conjunction with others, die cuts are fabulous! One can never have too many and the styles give new life to older sets and papers!

  • 101
    Jill Norwood says:

    First I would like to say how touched I was to read Nichole’s entry about all the wonderful people she works with each day. What a wonderful place to work – you are all a wonderful team! This year my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and I have been at home caring for him every day. I found Papertrey Ink and all of your inspiring blogs and creative designs have kept me company during some tough days and nights. I have been overwhelmingly touched by all of your art, heart, and never-ending creativity! If I have to pick a favorite item this year (which is tough since I just discovered your company and am adoring everything!) I would have to choose the “Love Lives Here” stamp set. I use it to send thank you notes to all of the people in our lives that are helping us both prayerfully and monetarily at this very difficult time in our lives. I love the sentiment “Thank you for giving me a hand” and use this on many of my thank you notes with the wonderful dies that go with this set. Happy Anniversary Papertrey Ink! I feel so blessed to have found your wonderful company! πŸ™‚ Jill Norwood / Seattle, Wa.

  • 102
    Bonnie R says:

    I’m fairly new to Papertrey Ink but I am in love. My favorite products are the cardstock and matching ribbon. I also think the dies are amazing. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary! Here’s to many more….

  • 103
    Song says:

    I had so many favorites for 2010. But the stamp sets I come back to all the time would be the birthday stamps.

  • 104
    Lorie says:

    I too have so many favorites, but I think the dies are the best!

  • 105
    Gail says:

    Where to start…
    I have been a PTI customer from the very beginning. I LOVE everything Papertrey. For me it is a tough decision to pick just ONE favorite thing. I am torn between the dies and the felt. The dies that match the stamp sets are ingenious, but I also adore the mat stack dies too. The felt. When I first read that PTI was coming out with felt, I didn’t think it was for me. Felt is felt, right? Not right! Once you simply touch the PTI felt, you get it. Thanks to the whole PTI team for the wonderful products and amazing inspiration!

  • 106
    Stephanie J says:

    Thanks for the awesome beginning to the Anniversary Festivities this year! (WOW!)

    My favourite product(s) from 2010 are the dies with coordinating stamp sets – I can’t get over how much fun it is to layer die cuts, and how much quicker projects go without having to fussy-cut everything!

    (And my apologies if this posts multiple times – it seems to be having issues!)

  • 107

    Happy 4th Anniversary PTI!! Nichole, Jane, and Julie give yourselves a pat on the back for the absolutely fabulous work you guys have done. Your hard work and dedication is why I keep coming back.

    It’s hard to choose just one out of so many great products but my favorite has to be the mat stack dies – especially Mat Stack 3. I reach for it all the time and I love that there is now a coordinating stamp set to go with it. You guys think of everything!

  • 108
    Lisa Stenz says:

    Wow! What an incredible prize! Do I have to choose just one favorite product? I think one of my most favorite products of 2010 has to be the border dies. I love them all, but my scallop borders have been used the most. *Ü*

  • 109
    Teresa Brada says:

    I would have to say that one of my favorite sets from 2010 is Framed. This set is so versatile, anything that you put in the center of it, just pops.Love this set!!
    Happy anniversary PTI!!!

  • 110
    Robbin Clements says:

    I have two favorites that are tied!! “Love Lives Here” and “Through the Trees”. But honestly there are soooo many things I love about Papertrey it was hard to decide! Congratulations on your 4th Anniversaty!

  • 111
    Daniela says:

    My favorite would have to be Up Up & Away stamp set. I use it the most and it’s so fun. I have the matching dies so it makes everything easier.

  • 112
    Cindy Vernon says:

    My favorite was the all booked up stamp set and dies and the Library tag die. I’m a librarian so I was tickled to have these products to create thank you cards and bookmarks for my school library.

  • 113
    TrinaR says:

    This is so hard to choose just one product because I love everything, the stamps, paper, felt, dies – where do we stop. But probably my favourite set is the Tea For Two stamp set and dies to match. Have made many cards and presentation boxes with these sets and the recipients just LOVE them. Can’t get much better than that.
    Congratulations on a successful 4 year journey and we can only hold our breath for more beauty and innovation to come from PTI.

  • 114
    Cindi Loizeaux says:

    I went to the website to have a fresh look at the products released this past year and whew; what a truly wonderful collection. It’s almost stressful trying to chose just one from a list of so much. I guess I will chose the Year of Flowers series with the Daffodil as my most cherished.

  • 115
    lorena b. says:

    I literally had to rub my eyes when I saw the entire prize list: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??? HANDS DOWN OUTTA THIS WORLD AWESOME!!!HOLY MACKREL! I love, love, love the woodgrain stamps and impression plate and the cloud dies! cute, cute!

  • 116

    OMG, if I must pick just one, it would be the fabulous dies! LOVE them so much and have found them to be my most useful new tool. Dies with stamps are amazing but dies alone can be just as stunning! Happy anniversary and thanks for another wonderful year!

  • 117

    There are soooooo many things that I have in my ‘favourites’ that are Papertrey Ink products… if I had to pick just 1 item, it would be the woodgrain impression plate. Well, maybe the felt… erm… or, perhaps the fillable frames… ACK! I can’t do it – I can’t pick just one!! Happy Anniversary Papertrey Ink… thank you for the beautiful products and wonderful inspiration, and thank you so much for the chance to win this wonderful prize!

  • 118
    Andrea McCulley says:

    My favorite product of 2010 is the Friendship Jar stamp set! I am so looking forward to all of the exciting things you have up your sleeve for 2011!!

  • 119
    Lynne Phelps says:

    My favorite of the past year’s releases is the banner set! I have the stamps and both small die sets, and I hope to purchase the large die sets someday soon! But I love ALL of Papertrey’s designs and products!

  • 120
    Christie says:

    My favorites are the friendship jar stamps. I love, love them!

  • 121
    Dianne Johnson says:

    I love absolutely everything, but especially the dies. My favorites of the dies are the limitless layers sets.

  • 122

    This is Extreme.Dream.Come.True for someone! (maybe me!!) I loved looking through all the lovely artwork and remembering the entire last year AND remembering all the things I love about the design team!! Thanks, Niki, for all your amazing inspiration–I will miss you. How fun to have someone new to bring another dimension to my favorite monthly activity–PTI release stalking.

  • 123
    Karilynn says:

    My favorite product of 2010 is actually a set of items the fillable frames stamp sets and matching dies. I just love the versatility of them and use them on almost every project.

  • 124
    Samantha says:

    As a proud new owner of a Big Shot Pro, I am in love with all of the new dies and impression plates, especially By the Numbers!

  • 125
    Samantha D says:

    Larger than Life stamp set has been one of my favorites from 2010. Bigger is better! It gave me even more versatility with the Life set that I already own. Thank you Thank you.

  • 126
    Maeghan M. says:

    I think it was your fabulous Delightful Dahlia stamp set and dies– it was my first Papertrey stamp set, and I’ve gotten a few more as gifts. Your stamps are just so amazing! Happy Anniversary to Papertrey Ink!

  • 127

    Holy WOW! I can’t believe how awesome this giveaway is! I had fun looking up my favourite PTI post of 2010. thanks!

  • 128
    Mary says:

    What an awesome give-away!! I have to say that my favorite product from 2010 is the impression plates – I absolutely love them!

  • 129
    nms54 says:

    Favorite Product: On Ice! Would love to see a hockey skate stamp and die to go along with this set.

  • 130

    I know I’m only supposed to enter one comment but I forgot to add my favourite 2010 product. I’d have to pick Tiny Treats: Valentine.

  • 131
    CrazyCurl says:

    My favorite product of the year is Tiny Treats: Birthday. I’ve got lots of kid birthday cards to make and this one is going to be on most all of them!

  • 132
    LeAnn says:

    My favorite is hands down Up, Up and Away! I use this set so much and love how there is so much to it. Thanks, Nicole and company for the most generous prize. I would LOVE to win, but this is going to make someone a VERY happy stamper.

  • 133
    Cathy Bornn says:

    From a practical sense, my favorite products from this past year are the limitless layer dies – I don’t know what I would do without them! AND from a whoo-hoo sense – I absolutely love the new felt. It feels good and looks good and adds real class to my projects. Thanks for a GREAT YEAR!

  • 134
    Rachelle says:

    My very favorite release of 2010 would be either the Baby Button Bits stamp set or the Up, Up & Away stamp set and dies. I love them both and it would be very hard for me to pick just one:)

  • 135

    What a wonderful post! I seeing both your favs and each girl’s favs of the year. As for my PTI fav of 2010? That’s tough I really love all the fun dies you come out with. But honestly, I use your White, Vintage Cream and Kraft cardstock for the base of EVERY card I make. So they have to be my favorite!!

  • 136
    Rachel Arthurs says:

    I love the designs of the dies! The designs are very simple yet versatile. I have not tried them, but I heard they are great. I just can’t wait to get a die-cutting machine and more Papertrey Ink products. I love the quality of PTI’s paper!

  • 137
    Elizabeth V. says:

    Happy Anniversary! It is very hard to pick just one thing from a year of fabulous products and ideas. I really like the new dies! Such cute and unique designs in a product that is so easy to use. Thanks for offering the amazing prize!

  • 138
    Colleen says:

    I think it has to be impossible to pick an absolute favorite…so many that I love…from Asian Fusion to the Tiny Treats which I use all the time..and I have my grand-daughters using them also for special occasions and treat bags. And of course thank you SO MUCH for the dies…cutting is not my forte and the dies are perfect!

  • 139
    Steph H says:

    My absolute favorite PTI product for 2010 is the addition of “Dies to match”. PTI’s vision is so innovative, and the addition of dies that coordinate with their stamps is just one example of why I’ve fallen in love with all things PTI!

  • 140
    Kim Swenson says:

    It’s really hard to pick just one…but I LOVE all of the Jar Fillers. I get so excited each month to see if you have new ideas for them. All of your stamps and dies are so fun and easy to work with. Thank you for all of the inspiration. Happy Anniversary!

  • 141
    JoAnna says:

    WOW!!!!!!! This is so amazing πŸ™‚ I am in love with the stamp sets that go with your wonderful dies!!

  • 142
    Cele Schaffer says:

    My favorite PTI product would have to be the Friendship Jar die. I go to it again and again filling it with all kinds of other PTI goodies!

  • 143
    Bev says:

    When I found Melissa Phillips’ blog and saw her beautiful work and her connection to Papertrey, I guess I also fell in love with the stamps and products. While I have many Papertrey things that I love, my absolute favorite is relatively new; “Love Lives Here” is such a sweet combination of Melissa and Papertrey.

  • 144
    Steph says:

    My favorite product from this last year would probably be the Mat Stack dies and the Tiny Treats stamp sets. I’ve had a blast making fun little treats and tags using those products.

  • 145
    N Vines says:

    WOW what an amazing year! I would have to say that my favorite additions this year were all the wonderful coordinating dies introducted with the stamp sets. As for my favorite set, it would have to Tea for Two additions. How I just love the elegance of this set.

  • 146
    michelle l. says:

    My favorite of 2010 is the All Booked Up stamp set and all the coordinating dies. Love them!

  • 147
    Tanya says:

    It is so hard to pick favorites. There is something I LOVE about all PTI products. I LOVE the dies, the colors are amazing and the stamps are so worth it and can be used for soo many things.

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!

  • 148
    Mariah says:

    I think my most favorite PTI purchase of 2010 has been all the dies in general but specifically the Beautiful Blooms Dies. They are the work horse of my craft room…I use them for tags, hair clips, cards, scrapbook pages…you name it, I use them. Love them and can’t wait for what is in store for 2011!

  • 149
    TammyRN says:

    So many wonderful things were released this year but if I had to pick one it would be the mat stack dies (and now stamp collections). Such wonderful, unique shapes.

  • 150
    Colleen M says:

    My favorite product is the banner builder stamp set, there are so many possibilities!

  • 151
    kasia says:

    I had to pick 2 because I can’t be without the other! The dies and the felt were by far my favourite products of 2010. I remember last february when the sneak peaks of new product were coming out, so many exciting things last year, Thank you. My PTI collection has probably tripled in the last year!

  • 152
    Deepa Mishra says:

    Yikes – we have to pick ONE favorite?? I think my favorite product is the favor-it dies, which make it such a breeze to create fancy store-bought-looking favors in seconds. Can’t wait to see new additions to this line!! Happy Happy Birthday PTI!

  • 153
    leish says:

    Relatively speaking, I’m new to Papertrey. I love the papers and the ink! But, my fave products were the fillable frames dies and stamps! I love their simplicity and versatility! It makes stamping for this novice sooo much easier!

  • 154
    Erika T says:

    Oh My Goodness!! I absolutely cannot chose ONE THING that I love the most. Let’s see…probably all the wonderful dies. But even before the dies is the fact that I accidentally came across your blog which started my addiction of PTI products and the beginnings of hiding things from my hubby!! LOL Just kiddin honey….you know everything. LOL I too love the felt and the Color Couture!!

  • 155
    Laura Isham says:

    I loved to look back at some of the very best creations from the oh-so-talented design team! Although I didn’t discover PTI until half way through 2010, it has climbed to the very top of my paper crafting products. Thank you for making it so fun to join in the excitement every month. I am so looking forward to the future.

  • 156
    Shereen says:

    My favorite set was tree trimming trio. I first saw it on Maile’s blog and fell in love. It had to be mine!

  • 157
    Kim Heggins says:

    It is really too hard to choose just one…so I will have to say that the ice skate setm, but I really love them all.

  • 158
    Marisa G says:

    My favorite product from 2010 was all of the dies to match your stamp sets, especially the ones that match the Tea for Two, the Stockings and the Tree Trimming Trio. Love these! I also really like the tag dies, mat stack dies, and the limitless layers that work with the circular tag sets.

  • 159
    Karen Letchworth says:

    Papertrey is filled with awesome goodies. One favorite is their felt, and I also love their glassine bags, metal cylinders and stamp set (favorite is the teapot set). You can’t go wrong when ordering Papertrey Ink products. Keeping my fingers DOUBLE crossed for this drawing! Karen

  • 160
    ValerieC says:

    Really this is an impossible question. To name just one is just too hard! I loved last month’s number dies and birthday stamp set that uses them. I have used that over and over this month. I really love so many things. Happy Anniversary PTI and here’s to many more! Thank you for the oppurtunity to win such a generous gift!!!

  • 161
    ArlaMo says:

    Loved the Build A Banner dies this year!! Absolutely my favorite!

  • 162
    Christine Rogus says:

    OMG it is hard to pick, banner sets, calendar set, friendship jar set, what to pick what to pick…….. I pick Friendship Jar line!! I think!!LOL

  • 163
    Diana J. says:

    Love all of my PTI stuff! My favorite of 2010 would be the Just the Ticket stamp set (and matching die!).

  • 164
    Beth says:

    I love them all! But, I just love Fillable Frames #5. They are just so versatile. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • 165
    Beverly says:

    Wow. This is quite some giveaway. Somebody is going to be a happy camper! My favorite has to be the fillable frames and matching stamp sets. They are gorgeous! Because I have a tremor in my hand, they are perfect for me—no cutting with the scissors. They cut clean and neat every time; nice and straight! What a wonderful idea!

  • 166
    Sarah Horwitz says:

    My very favorite Papertrey product for 2010 was a series. A series of beautifully designed flowers. A whole Year of Flowers! Yay!

  • 167
    Lori Weinberg says:

    Oh my goodness!!! What an amazing prize! If you’re going to make me pick just one, well I guess I’ll have to pick your gorgeous, yummy felt. Simple and yet the finest quality and oozing with inspiration… it sums up what PTI is and has always been for me.

  • 168
    MA says:

    Not an easy choice..but it’s a staple at PTI-Kraft card stock has to be my favorite product, along with the dies.

  • 169
    Peggy says:

    My favorite has to be the felt! Lovely weight to work with and the colors are fabulous!

  • 170

    I cannot say enough about ALL the PTI sets but if I had to pick an absolute fave, I would have to say the dies to match the stamps are simply the BEST! Cannot say enough wonderful things about this great innovative idea! Keep them coming please!

  • 171
    Rose Ann says:

    So many favorites, but I am loving all of the dies!! Congratulations on your anniversary!! ☺

  • 172
    sandra m. says:

    Thank you for the awesome showcase of talent! My fave product has been the introduction of dies that coordinate with the stamps. so very cool.

  • 173
    Shirley K. says:

    Wow, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing. I think my favorite products that came out during the year were the various impression plates, but I can’t choose a specific plate!

  • 174
    Monica K. says:

    2010 was an amazing year for Papertrey Ink so it’s hard to choose just one product! If I did choose it would be the Limitless Layers dies. They have been wonderful to use and made my holiday cards, wrapping and tags come together very quickly this year when I was in a rush. Regardless of the specific product, I love how PTI makes everything come together so quickly and beautifully!

  • 175

    Hands down my favorite Papertrey product of 2010 has to be the Limitless Layers Die set. The possibilities truly are limitless! It’s simply perfect!

  • 176
    Sharon says:

    My fave product is ‘the dies.’ I know that might be cheating a bit but I just love them all (although sadly I don’t own them all just yet!) because I am just NOT a fussy cutting kind of girl.

  • 177
    Stephanie W says:

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! My favorite product is the Fillable Frames series. I always turn to these sets for sentiments for my cards. I have 4 of the FF sets and can’t wait to get the rest of the series.

  • 178
    Kathy McDonald says:

    I have loved all of the dies that coordinate with the new and previously released stamp sets. What a delight it is to create cards with them!

  • 179

    Congratulations on Papertrey’s 4th Anniversary! I would have to say that my Favorite product of 2010 HAS to be the Banner Dies! So versatile! I just LOVE the PTI dies!

  • 180
    Teena Makowichuk says:

    Oh my gosh, my absolute favorite is EVERYTHING PTI!!! Love, love, love it…but okay…my absolute, absolute favorite would have to be the dies that match the stamp sets. They sure do make for easy cutting of the images.

    Happy Anniversary to you all at Papertrey!

  • 181
    Julianne says:

    Its a tie for me…I’m a lover of dies, but the entire banner collection, the dies and stamps, especially the big ones are a fave, but the other is the entire collection of mason jars, the dies, the label, the stamps and the fillers, oh my! Sorry, I just couldn’t choose between the two!

  • 182
    Carla says:

    There are so many products that I love from PTI…the felt, Tiny Treats Christmas, the 1.75 decorative circle dies, but my favorite product year after year is the paper! The colors you come out with are so beautiful and the quality can not be matched. Happy Anniversary PTI πŸ™‚

  • 183
    Tanya C. says:

    What a great giveaway! I found Papertrey a little over a year ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! I get practically giddy every release. I take out my LONG Papertrey wish list and add almost everything new. It’s hard for me to pick just one favorite product but the banner dies stick out the most for me. The possibilities are endless with those. Love everything Papertrey!

  • 184
    Sharon Holden says:

    My favorite product would have to be the dies. With or without matching stamps they are brilliant and add that extra special touch to my cards. Thanks for another great year of releases Papertrey!

  • 185
    Harriet Skelly says:

    My favorite PTI product(s) from 2010 is Butterfly Dreams stamp set, the matching die and all of the felt!! I think I used that set and die more than any other stamp set I own.

  • 186
    Gertine says:

    Only one favourite??? That is impossible, but I will try. I love the fillabla frames, all of them! And my first stampset from PTI Butterfly dreams, with the coordinating die….. But if I have to pick a favourite, I think it is background basics: woodgrain. Love how I can make different woodgrain patterns with it.

  • 187

    My absolute favourite PTI products were the woodgrain stamp set and the impression plates!

  • 188
    Jen G says:

    If I have to choose just one thing, I’d say my favorite PTI set of the year was Banner Builder. I love that set!!! Thanks for providing such high quality products, and for such an inspiring team of artists.

  • 189
    dee says:

    what a wonderful way to say thank you to all your loyal followers lol. Not sure where i’d start with a fav product if it werent for Melissa…..here recently designed stamps were OMG must haves even stayed up til midnight for the release. thank you again for such wonderful products, and ideas!! wishing you the best for many many more years. happy anniversary.

  • 190
    Laura Boyd says:

    It is so difficult to pick just one! I guess I would have to say the dies. I really can’t narrow it to just one die though. I love all the ones I have and still have many more on my wish list. This is my first full year with you, so I am still purchasing older products and I am loving them as much as the new products over the last year.

  • 191
    katevdp says:

    This is such a hard question that I had to go away and think about it! But when I thought about it, it was easy – “Wreath for all Seasons” is my favourite – so much so, that I’ve dreamt about it – TWICE! So not only do I think about PTI during the day – I now dream about it too!!

  • 192
    Shannon T says:

    I love PTI products but lately the buttons make my heart sing!

  • 193
    Kari Bell says:

    tough choice. I’d have to say I’m a “fillable frames” junkie, stamps and dies (and I can’t narrow it down from there). Plus “just the ticket” and “delightful dahlia” are tied for a close second. so much for picking one!!

  • 194
    Karen says:

    Hi Nichole!

    My fave new products for 2010 would definitely have to be the dies that match stamp sets! It just makes crafting so much easier, not to mention cuter! lol


  • 195
    nancy nelson says:

    My Absolute Favorite Papertrey Product of 2010 would have to be the Papertrey Dies! I love the Mat Stacks dies and the Christmas Tree Die it makes such a statement because of its size!

  • 196
    Sandy says:

    I love ALL the Papertrey products from 2010 – if I had to pick just one – it has to be the unbelievable Beautiful Blooms II stamp set and die cuts! I love it!! Thanks for all of the great projects and awesome downloads. What a great giveaway too. I LOVE PAPERTREY INK!!

  • 197
    Ramona West says:

    Papertrey cardstock is the best out there in my opinion. It’s the best for distressing because the fibers release easy making beautiful vintage looking projects. I am also loving the Friendship Jar Set and all the coordinating sets that go with it. I have spent the last 2 days discovering them. Now, I am about to POP because sneak peek #2 is making me think there is another set on the way to compliment that “HAVE TO HAVE” set.

  • 198
    Maggie Wic says:

    My favorite product was the bookmark die. I used it over and over. I gave several books and bookstore giftcards and this was fantastic along with the mat stack and library stamps for creating a great little gift. Love, Love, Love this stuff!!!!

  • 199
    Rose says:

    My favorite product is the vibrant colors of felt. They cut beautifully using your dies, also a favorite!!

  • 200
    Janette Childs says:

    My very favorite product is the Mat Stack die and stamp collections, the first being my favorite one. I love the coordinating dies, and they seem to always be the perfect backdrop to any project. I love Papertrey, keep all the goodness coming!

  • 201
    SuzanneM says:

    Hands down the Banner Border Die. From paterned paper to felt to stamped patterns. To use for cards, banners, and scrapbook pages. Fabulous! Thanks so much for the chance to win, very generous.

  • 202
    Lynn Reaney says:

    I think my favorite is the School Time set. I think it is the teacher in me! πŸ™‚

  • 203
    Mary Ann says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary to everyone at Papertrey. My favorite Papertrey product would be the one that has captured my imagination at any given moment — from stamps to ink, felt, buttons, paper and ribbon. Thanks for the quality and creativity!

  • 204
    Cynde says:

    I have to say I love love love PaperTrey Ink! I think my favorite thing(s) for 2010 were the mat stacks with the dies, and now all the Mat Stack Collections that are allowing All of the mat stacks to be used in a thousand more Ways….Love it!!!

  • 205

    Welcome Danielle! What a wonderful addition to the team – I love her work! And all the best to Niki, your work was always very inspiring! And Happy 4th Anniversary!!!
    Oh my, I don’t like picking one favorite only! But the addition of the fabulous dies added so many more possibilities, so I pick these!

  • 206
    Janelle says:

    It only took me second to decide that the dies were my favorite… especially the fillable frames series. I use these all of the time, and it was so fun to see what new design Heather had created each month.

  • 207
    JustLulu says:

    I think my fav. are the friendship jar sets… What a dream come true for whoever wins this!! πŸ™‚

  • 208
    Kristii says:

    Oh my goodness, how can I ever choose what my favorite product of 2010 was??? I am totally addicted to the dies and felt and I just love Merry Little Christmas, Love Lives Here and Little Bitty Bird! I use PTI products every day and I know I just couldn’t live without any of them!!! I love PTI!!

  • 209
    Val H. says:

    My fav product of 2010 would have to be Enjoy the Ride with the matching die. I have made so many different occasion cards with this set, especially wedding cards. I get so many compliments from friends and family!

  • 210
    Lesa W. says:

    Congratulations on 4 years!! I can’t wait to see what you all have in store for us this coming year. My favorite thing for 2010 would have to be the dies. Having a die to match a stamp set is so wonderful and it saves me so much time and helps save me money because I am not messing up paper by trying to freehand cut things.

  • 211
    Amber Hight says:

    I don’t know that I have a particular favorite ONE product, but I’m so happy that the line of DIES were introduced, SERIOUSLY fun stuff:) LOVE them!

  • 212
    Rachel says:

    My favorite PTI product of last year has to be the anniversary set. I love all of the ’rounds’ and the possibilities! Happy Anniversary PTI, I’m glad to have found you!

  • 213

    My all time favorite stamp set is : Tea for Two. I love every product I have every bought from you and my new favorite are the dies.
    Congrats on so many years.

  • 214
    Carol says:

    I love all your products…I truly do!! I think my favorite of all the stamp sets for 2010 is the leaf prints with matching dies! LOVED this one, I use it a lot! The dies….I can’t seem to collect them all fast enough and your ink, paper and ribbon….top notch! THANK YOU for creating so many great things!!!

  • 215
    Cathy says:

    I love all the Papertrey products I have been able to afford this year! I keep hoping I can win the lottery so I can buy more.

    If I had to choose, I’d say I really enjoyed working with the Year of Flowers sets, especially Daffodils and Violets. I enjoy the versatily of these sets. I can color them with my Copics or stamp them on colored or printed paper. Whenever one of these flowers shows up on a card, the recipient is awed.

    People are always complimenting me on my creativity. I’m just glad they don’t realize how easy it is to make great looking projects with Papertrey!

  • 216

    This is a HARD question…there are many, many products from this past year that my craft room would be incomplete without. That said, the stamp set, ‘Love Lives Here,’ is the one thing I knew right away would come to ‘live’ in my stamp room. Melissa’s posts have been great source of creative inspiration but shealso inspires me to be a better person. I am so grateful for this set, the happiness it brings, the love that went into it, abetted every time I use it, I am reminded of the many, many times I have felt encouraged after reading her blog.

  • 217

    Dies, glorious dies… They’re my favorite PTI product.

  • 218
    Sheri Elmont says:

    I love every stamp set, die, etc that I have from PTI. I use them over and over. I look forward every month to see what’s new! Thank-you ladies for inspiring me all the time. It’s a toss up between Friendship Jar and Banner Builder. LOVE them!

  • 219
    Joanne Wade says:

    My favourite 2010 product has to be the Matt Stack dies and stamp sets. ~Just love the endless creativity they bring each time I look.

  • 220
    Susie P. says:

    My favorite PTI product from 2010 is the Friendship jar sets. There are endless possibilities of what you can fill that jar with. So much fun! Thanks PTI. Happy Anniversary!

  • 221
    Lorrinda says:

    Oh Wow! Would I love to win this prize package! Thank you so much for the chance to win it!

    My favorite new product was the “Just the Ticket” stamps and matching border die.

    Your design team is fabulous, and I look forward to each month’s new release parties!

  • 222
    eva says:

    it’s so difficult to choose. i love tiny treats christmas set (and all the other tiny treats too). and i love the felt and the dies. i can’t pick just one favorite!

  • 223
    Carmen Lucero says:

    Thanks so much for the PDF on the designers’ favorites. My favorite products are the stamps and dies to go along with each other. I have a couple of your sentiment stamps and I just wish I could afford to buy everything in your store. All of your products are so well made and you have the best customer service!!

    Thanks and congratulations on your anniversary.
    Carmen L

    cal8007 at aol dot com

  • 224
    Susan T says:

    2010 Favorite PTI product would have to be the dies. They have seen a lot of action taking my stamping to a whole new level. Thanks for asking and the chance to win papertrey products. I feel like you are one of my children that I have enjoyed watching growing up. Happy Anniversary.

  • 225
    Pippa67 says:

    For me the favorite stamps that have come out are the “Mat Stack” series with the coordinating dies. I just love what you can do with those stamps and dies. It opened a whole new world of decorating gifts and presents and cards.

  • 226
    mandyb says:

    hi ho…. i HEART the spiral notebook die so much!!! i use it ALL the time!!! since shipping is pricey to NZ i only have a few papertry ink supplies…but look forward to getting more in 2011

    **note have linked my notebook die in action on my blog too

  • 227
    Stacie D. says:

    It is hard to choose just one favorite PTI product for 2010. The felt, the stamp sets with coordinating dies. The mat stack dies and stamps are card/gift making staples that I dont think I could do without.

  • 228
    Sophia says:

    WOW!!! What an amazing assortment! I love the victorian lace die and the limitless layers circle dies. I can always count on the designers for amazing inspiration to get my creativity going. Thanks!

  • 229

    Wow!! What a fabulous prize package!! I’m still picking my jaw up off the ground. It’s hard to choose my favorite product, but I am totally in love with the dies…probably the dies that coordinate with all the different label shapes…love them!

  • 230
    Tammy says:

    OMGoodness what an unbelievably awesome prize! good luck everyone, I think I’d faint if I were to win this.

  • 231
    Stephanie Perry says:

    How to choose, how to choose…I think all the PTI products are wonderful, but my favorites for 2010 are the Fillable Frames stamp sets, with my favorite being Fillable Frames #4! What a creative and fun line and with the matching dies, it is stamping Nirvana!! I especially love the shape of #4 and the matching sentiments, thus choosing it as my very favorite.

  • 232
    DebbieD says:

    Congrats on the 4th anniversary of PTI! Picking just one favorite is difficult to say the least. I love so many. Okay, so my very favorite has to be the Just the Ticket stamp set. An extremely versatile set for just about every occasion. Whew! That was hard to do. Looking forward to what you have in store for 2011.

  • 233
    Kim says:

    WOWSA!! Pick me!! Pick me!!!! I can’t pick just one favorite but I love all the wool and the dies and the mat stacks!!!!! I could go on and on!!! My wish list is huge!!!

  • 234

    *picking jaw up off floor* What a wonderful collection of ‘eye candy’ in this post!! It was so fun to see what everyone’s favorite projects were from the past year. My favorite PTI product from 2010 has to be the By The Numbers dies. I have letter dies galore, but no numbers. Can’t wait to start using them on birthday and anniversary cards.
    Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize!
    Alicia E

  • 235
    Michelle Caldera says:

    I am such a huge PTI fan! I hope that there are many more anniversary celebrations to come πŸ™‚

    My favorite (hard choice!) product of 2010 has to be the Year of Flowers series. I love them, and can’t wait to finish acquiring them all!

  • 236
    Jane says:

    PTI dies…..any/ALL of them!!!
    Happy 4th Anniversary!

  • 237
    Patty O says:

    Last year was the first time I found PTI and I was gob-smacked by the wonderful dies, beautiful stamps and your awesome blog. I am relatively new to stamping and forums and monthly releases, being more of a scrapbooker. BUT, I love your stamps and the designs. So clever! My favorite stamps from last year had to be the banner series. I was so excited to get them that I hunted them down right when the post office was closing…on a Friday night, to the postman’s dismay. I was a lunatic but so in love with that set. Thank you for constantly inspiring us with your beautiful products and artwork. πŸ™‚

  • 238

    I’ve watched this company grow over the last four years and I have to say, I’m not at all surprised because of all the creativity and talent that the PTI team possesses! I guess my most favorite PTI product for 2010, if I had to choose just one, would be the Mat Stack die concept along with the coordinating stamps. The versatility is just endless!

  • 239
    Christine says:

    Well done to all who are a part of Papertrey Ink!!!!Nichole you and your team are the stamping divas.Best of luck for the coming years.
    My favorite stamps set would have to be Love lives here and those dies that go with the set.

  • 240
    Nina T.T. says:

    My absolute favorite PTI product of 2010 are the Limitless Layers dies!! They are so absolutely perfect and cute and create the best focal points!

  • 241
    Gladys says:

    It’s so hard to choose! OMG! I love every single one! If i were to choose, it will be the friendship jar series! the possibility is endless! lOVE THE jars!

  • 242
    Sara says:

    Wow Nichole, thank you so much for giving us all a chance to win such a fabulous and generous prize!
    I think my favorite PTI product from 2010,though it’s hard to choose, has to be the bloom builders dies. They are such an innovative idea and can be used in so many applications with many different materials. This type of fresh and new thinking is what made me fall in love with PTI.
    I wish I had known about PTI so much sooner, but I’m glad I did find it. I made my first PTI order in 2010, so I still have a ways to go to build up my supplies. Winning this prize would be a dream come true!

  • 243
    Sam says:

    My absolute favourite Papertrey Ink product from 2010 would have to be the divine felt!

    Beautiful colours, gorgeous texture, cuts like a dream!

    I, like probably many others, am anxiously awaiting the next beautiful colours to be released.

    Thanks so much for this competition opportunity, and Happy 4th Anniversary Papertrey Ink!


  • 244
    Kerry S says:

    My favourite 2010 set was Mat Stack 1 (with die), so versatile, great for tags and cards. My favourite set of all time is Turning a new leaf, I have used it so many time both on cards and scrapbook pages, an absolute must have.

  • 245
    T. Souter says:

    It is difficult to pick just one! I think Dawn’s Signature series of stamps are my fave, the cursive writing is just lovely. Happy Fourth Aniversary PTI! Thanks for a chance to win such a generous prize!

  • 246
    Elena says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary to my favorite craft company of ALL TIME! My absolute favorite product of 2010 were the Papertrey Ink exclusive dies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how perfectly they coordinate with the stamp sets! They make such clean cuts and just add so much dimension to the project! I also love the impression plates and the felt! I could go on and on since I love EVERYTHING PTI makes!

  • 247
    Janine says:

    may fav set was the friendship jar and teh friendship fillers and if I had to choose a second set it would be tea for two additions.

  • 248
    Beth Botheras says:

    The dies have been a beautiful thing! I love the layers and dimension that they add to cards. Can’t wait to see what you ladies have up your sleeves this year!

  • 249
    Antoinette says:

    All of these projects are so stunning. I’m a huge fan of Danielle’s work, so I love to see her design for my favorite brand πŸ™‚
    Typing of which, I absolutely love the dies to match and impression plates.
    My favorite stamp set of 2010 is the Tea for Two additions (ofcourse with the little teacup die), my favorite die is the spiral notebook page and my favorite plate is the music sheet.
    That price is giganticly huge… like a dream…. I can only wish to have so many yummy stuff to work with.. thanks for the chanche to win!

  • 250
    nancy jane says:

    My favorite from the past year is a series, the fillable frames and coordinating dies. I appreciated knowing there would be an affordable set released each month that was interchangeable with other FFs, offered versatility, used interesting fonts, and could take the lead or supporting role in a design.

  • 251
    Malia says:

    For me it all begins with the cardstock. The beautiful colors to chose from and the weight of the paper is wonderful to work with. From there it just all takes off.

  • 252
    Mary Myers says:

    I love the Year of the Flower sets, Papertrey Ink dies, and the new felt–the stamp sets are so lovely with great sentiments, and the dies are amazing. The felt is the best I have ever found!
    Thanks so much for all that you do, and for all of the wonderfully creative goodness that you share with all of us! Happy Anniversary, and wishing you many, many more!!!

  • 253
    Joanna Lee says:

    My favourite product is the calender set! Genius brains behind that!! πŸ™‚ So happy you’re being generous with this huge giveaway!

  • 254
    Monica says:

    Happy Anniversary! Oh how I love this time of year… I have loved being a part of previous years and look forward to many more. My 2010 favorites are Banner Builder and Enjoy the Ride πŸ™‚

  • 255
    Ang says:

    I just started my first blog tonight and this is my second entry. I am posting my Thanksgiving place cards from 2010. They came out beautifully and I used almost all PTI products on them.

  • 256
    Brittany says:

    Hands down, my favorite PTI product has been the PTI dies. Not only are they fantastic quality, but they take stamping to a whole new level. I feel like I can’t craft without my Mat Stack Dies anymore! Happy Anniversary! I can’t wait to see what this next year brings πŸ™‚

  • 257
    Kara says:

    How do you choose just one? I’m going to cheat and say fillable frames and their dies. I love everything about them. I have 5 sets and am thinking I might need the rest, thanks to the sneak peaks. Thanks for the wonderful products you’ve made for us to drool over!!

  • 258

    The Mat Stack 1 Collection!! I just LOVE this set! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us for this release. πŸ™‚

  • 259
    Susan says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary!! Oh my. Just choosing one is just about impossible for me but after giving it some thought, I’d have to say the dies are my favorite. They cut so many materials so easily and neatly. Thank you for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize.

  • 260
    Sherry in MI says:

    Congratulations, Nichole, on four fabulous
    years in the business we all love….rubber
    stamping. It’s been an amazing ride! I
    would have to say that my absolute, most
    favorite product of 2010 is all of the die
    sets. They are just great. Looking forward
    to having the ones back in stock so that I
    can shop some more. Keep up the great work.
    You have a wonderful team behind you. Thanx
    for the wonderful give away. Awesome!!!

  • 261
    Tammy W. says:

    I love your die cuts! The large scallop borders are awesome! I can’t wait to use all your die cuts!

  • 262
    Barbara says:

    Oh My!! – It’s a toss up between Mish’s Friendship jar collection & dies and each of the Banner dies – LOVE ‘EM ALL

    Barbara in Bellflower

  • 263
    Judi says:

    It’s is almost impossible to narrow down my most favorite PTI product of 2010 — from the amazing felt, to the fabulous dies, as well as coming out with the mini stamp sets with coordinating dies — who can choose? Must I? Well, it’s gotta be the Mat Stack 2 die and the gorgeous, lovely, swirly, Mat Stack 2 stamps! *Happy sigh*
    Oh, is that two?

  • 264
    Melisa Hunter says:

    My favourite product of 2010 has to be the Friendship Jars and Fillers. Such original elements and so fun to play with!

  • 265

    Kudos on your celebrations & Thanks for giving us this opportunity to be a part of it…. I was newly introduced to PTI by my friend who gifted me the round & round Stamp set & I was DUMBSTRUCK! I loved them…. Aah! All your products are a favorite but I had been eying that Heart Prints Sentiments from 2010…. I love those heart felt wordings… It lets me express…. How I wish shopping abroad could have been easier!

    Warm Hugs))))


  • 266
    Alice W. says:

    i love your super fun dies and cardstocks! i really like that you have the dies work with your stamps. it really makes card making that much more easier! and i HAVE TO make my card bases using your cardstocks. no other cardstocks are as good and the stamper’s select white is my favorite for coloring with Copics. i use it everyday! thanks for producing quality products consistently!

  • 267
    Linda says:

    My favorite product this year has been the dies. I get so excited to see what dies we get each month. I was just giddy using the number dies the first time! Thank you for branching out into this product line.

  • 268
    gailanne says:

    The Fillable Frames & Dies were my favorite PTI product introduced last year. Papertrey is on the very top of my list of fabulous websites for papercrafters…congratulations on another wonderful year.

  • 269
    Rebecca from Switzerland says:

    my favorite is the Year of flowers : Violets… love them so much

  • 270
    Angy says:

    My favorite product of 2010 is actually the entire product line – I LOVE THE DIES. I reach for them again and again. I have almost all of the dies you have released. Oh and the impression plates – love how they are big enough for an entire card face. I use both my dies and impression plates on just about every project I do. Now off to look at my blog for my favorite project of the year.

  • 271
    Laura :) says:

    So many things I love were released this year πŸ™‚ So hard to choose…but I think the one I love and use all. the. time. is Background basics: Woodgrain. So perfect for everything! Thanks for the fun chance to win and all the inspiration!

  • 272

    ItΒ΄s reaaly difficult just to choose one product. But iΒ΄m really in love with all the Papertreyink Dies… Nice products.

  • 273
    Michelle Balletti says:

    I really liked the bloom builders dies….they would go great for dainty bridal showers, baby showers, lil girl’s birthday parties!! loved it!!

  • 274
    Pamela says:

    I love the background basics (tin types). I love using stamps like these with the versamark watermark inkpad because you can create any paper you like with those… and the subtle patterns on the cards or envelopes are beautiful!

  • 275
    Shirlann says:

    Congratulations to you girls for all you do! It’s been another fun year filled with contests, chatting on release nights, exchanging ideas, blog hops and sooo much inspiration to be creative…I’ve enjoyed everything Papertrey Ink! My favorite products would have to be a combination of felt, dies and fillable frames…ooh, but I can’t live without PI cardstock!!! That’s what got me hooked over 3 years ago.

  • 276
    tko says:

    It’s too hard to pick!! The stamps that I always reach for over and over again is Tea for Two.

  • 277
    Juli says:

    It would have to be the Friendship Jar,including filler sets and matching dies. These totally influenced my whole summer with mason jars as the “theme”! I ordered for the first time in February 2010 and have been having fun ever since! I smile to myself so many times while using PTI’s sets and how fun and interactive they are.
    Happy Anniversary! and many,many more!!

  • 278
    Lesa says:

    My favorite set that I bought in 2010 was Tiny Treats: Valentine, it’s sooo cute! I really love the dies, and I know this isn’t a 2010 product, but I just have to say that the white paper is the BEST white paper I have ever used for card making!
    Thank you for having some of the best stamps and stuff! and a great website too!

  • 279
    Mary Beth S says:

    I initially thought that this was an easy question to answer. I so love your products. Anyway, I chose Melissa Phillips’ Love Lives Here stamps, but I can’t exclude the dies!

  • 280
    Sandra K says:

    Every month I look at your amazing new products longingly. I am always amazed at how many things there are to love. My absolute favourite would be the wood grain stamp and impression plate. They lend so much to a project and can be used in so many ways.

  • 281
    Karen B. says:

    Wow, how do I choose just ONE product. Your felt, your paper, your dies, your ribbon, your buttons, your ink, your colors, your stamp sets and your awesome design team… how do I choose just ONE? Perhaps I will choose my favorite thing about PTI, that your dies and your stamps go together to get amazing results. We are not left on our own to come up with ideas, your design team is simply awesome!!! Of the stamp sets, I love the fillable frames sets and the tiny treats sets – so fun and useful!

  • 282
    joanna schloss says:

    I have to say that my favorite PTI product was the friendship jar stamp set and its fillers. What an amazing idea and what a versatile set. I love all of my PTI sets and i don’t have a set that i haven’t loved. I have never been disappointed with any of the PTI products! the quality, the attention to details and i love what all the designers do to show case the products and inspire me (the learner).

    Thanks for a fantastic year..i am sure that 2011 will be fabulous too.

  • 283

    I loved all the dies! I’m such a tool girl that dies are just right up my alley!

  • 284
    Amy says:

    FELT! It was hard to narrow it down–all the amazing dies, impression plates, and awesome stamps, but the felt is amazing. I find myself using it all the time–not just for papercrafting either. It is beyond perfect πŸ™‚

  • 285
    Andrea says:

    My favourite Papertrey product from last year (and possibly ever!) is the beautiful, thick and colourful felt. I have used it over and over again and it makes even the most simple of projects a work of art

    Happy Birthday Papertrey x

  • 286
    Karen Schaefer says:

    Happy Anniversary Papertrey!
    So hard to pick a favorite when I love sooo many. Love the stamps with matching dies…all of them! LOL! Love getting the emails at the start of each month and seeing what’s coming next (and how it just keeps getting better and better)!

  • 287
    Meagan Boyce says:

    My favorite has to be the “Up, up and Away” set. I saw this set on a project and was positively smitten, in fact that is where my admiration began!

  • 288
    Rob says:

    My favorite is the argyle set. I’m not sure why, I just love it.

  • 289
    Donette B says:

    So many Favorites…so little time! My FAV set for 2010 was In Bloom and THE most favorite thing you did was come out with dies that coordinate with your stamps. I LOVE DIES!

  • 290
    Rose A says:

    Wow-this is like asking us to name a favourite child!! How can I choose!!

    I think my all time favourite product of 2010 is YOF Violets
    I have used that set Ssssooooooo much an it never feels old. In fact all the YOF are timeless.
    Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing prize!

  • 291
    kym dufault says:

    hi! my favorite item is the inside outside bday stamp set! It was just what I have been looking for;)

  • 292
    Jose says:

    I love so many things from Paptertrey but I think my absolute favorite is the banner builder set. It is so versatile and it is so festive. Love using them on birthday cards! I just purchased the big ones to make banners for my kids! LOVE THEM!

  • 293
    Anna Kallkopf says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I love so many of the Papertrey Ink products that it is hard topic an absolute favorite. However if I had to pick just one it would have to be the Banner builder set. I just love the many option on how you can ad a little fun to a party with that set πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 294

    What can I say? I love it all…but my absolute favorite tool is the impression plates, especially the linen/canvas one. I use it ALL the time! My favorite stamp sets have been the year of flowers. I have all twelve and love coloring them with my copic markers. Thanks for all your innovative product lines!

  • 295
    Tina says:

    ItΒ΄s hard to pick just one single product, because I love them all so much. But the combination of stamps and dies in perfection to me is:
    Love lives here
    ItΒ΄ll be hard to top such a perfect set. I love it.
    Thank you for the chance to win such a huge set of goodies.

    Hugs, Tina

  • 296
    Jackie Barry says:

    I love the felt- my absolute favourite addition in 2010. The perfect way to add colour and dimension to my projects.

    Thank you thank you thank for getting my creativeness in tune with such wonderful and versatile products.

  • 297
    Helen says:

    Goodness me! How am I supposed to pick one? Everything you produce is fabulous. I’ve loved what you’ve done with felt this year. Thanks for the opprotunity to win such an amazing prize.

  • 298
    Ann says:

    My favourite product? That’s easy, though of course I’m delighted with everything I’ve bought in 2010, my absolute fav is the Favor It Box die series. I just LOVE making pretty packaging for small gifts and these dies turn something small and/or inexpensive look like its come from a chic designer shop. Love love love them and hope for more in the series in 2011.

  • 299
    Jennifer Lan says:

    My favorite PI product? I really can not choose! I love every single one of them. I started following you blog last year when I first started making cards. I didn’t even know about PI until then. I’m constantly making a list that keeps growing of products that I want. πŸ™‚

    But, if I had to choose, it’d be the Banner Builder Set. I was head over heels with it. I love banners, so I was excited when that came around. πŸ™‚

  • 300
    Tessan says:

    My favorite of 2010 must be “Framed”, you can use this stampset to almost everything. I just love it!

  • 301
    Penny H says:

    My favourite set without a doubt is Dot Spot. |I use it all the time. I recently embossed the stamps onto midnight blue shimmery card using 2-tone embossing powder and it looked really amazing and 3-d when you tilted the card!

    Penny H

  • 302

    How do you expect me to choose β€˜ONE’ when every mouth you come up with the most gorgeous products a girl like me could wish for….So as I can only chose one, I’d have to say it’s the Mat Stack 4 die and the coordinating stamps sets….see now I’ve chosen two!!
    Congratulations to everyone at PTI on your 4th anniversary.

  • 303
    Pat says:

    Dies would have to be my general answer. To be more specific, I guess I’d have to choose the Tag Dies. Great for use on their own or as an embellishment on a card.

  • 304
    Manda Leong Johnston says:

    Happy Birthday all the way from Australia! My favourite would have to be the Book Print impression plate – appeals so much to the reader in me!

  • 305
    Jamie Kong says:

    What a fabulous prize! If only I can be so lucky… Anyhow I can’t pin-point my favorite product… I love them all! Once I started using the stamps then the dies, I was hooked! Sorry can’t do it, can’t just pick one… EVERYTHING is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE IT ALL!
    Happy anniversary and many more to come!

  • 306
    Jenink says:

    that is a really, really hard question. My fave product group for the year would have to be the dies and I guess my favourite of those (boy is this tough!) would be the flower dies that co-ordinate with Beautiful Blooms II. Die cutting PTI felt with those dies makes craft super easy.

  • 307
    Margaret C says:

    Wow. What a wonderful reflection of the year – and what a TERRIFIC prize !! My favourite products of this year have been the dies – specifically Mat Stack 3. I also LOVE All Booked Up. The sentiments are just PERFECT !

    Thank you for all your inspiration, ladies, I LOVE each and every one of your posts !!

  • 308

    Congratulations on your fourth year Papertrey Ink! It was because of last year’s PTI anniversary challenges that I started my blog, so in a way, I’m celebrating my blog anniversary with you too! I cannot narrow down my choices for favorites – there are simply too many to list here – but I think the Papertrey exclusive dies ranks number one. Your giveaway is LUXURIOUS! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 309
    Loretta says:

    I love, love the fillable frames and dies…but they are in a close race with Dawn’s ice skate die and stamp set. Thank you for the great contest.

  • 310
    Angel S. says:

    I really like the Banner Builder. All of your products are such good quality! Great prize!

  • 311
    Riccia T says:

    my favorite product of 2010 are all the dies! I wish I could have them all!

  • 312
    Lesley says:

    My goodness. What a fantastic prize. I am absolutely gobsmacked! This is truly generous of PTI to give away such an awesome gift. THis confirms why I love PTI.

    Have a fab anniversary folks. Lesley

  • 313
    Jamie Nania says:

    Wow, one favorite product of 2010…I love all their dies but especially the large banner dies. I’ve only made one banner but plan to make another one for my little one that is arriving next week once I know what we’re having. The banner will make a sweet addition to the nursury.

  • 314
    Imke says:

    First, i have to say Happy Anniversary and keep it up!!

    My favorite product from the last year was the stamp set: All booked up togehter with the Mat Stack Dies and Stamp Collections. Very cool !!

  • 315
    Judith Gowdy says:

    Wow, Happy Anniversary Nicole and all the Papertrey team. My favorite product/s would have to be the dies – love them all. They have made card making so much more fun. Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize.

  • 316
    Luana says:

    Wowsa!!!! What a fabulous prize. I am pretty new to PTI but I fell in love with my very first order. The quality of the stamps is phenomenal. My fave is: Big & Bold Wishes for 2010. However, I just ordered the cardstock….and I’m in love once again. Congrats on 4 years!!!!! Such a talented group of ladies.

  • 317
    Mendi Yoshikawa says:

    Maybe this counts as more than one product, but my favorite have been the fillable Frame stamp sets and matching dies each month. I didn’t meet one I could resist. I serioulsy love them for cards and scrapbooking alike and am so excited by the possibilty of more stamps to match the dies in this series!!! πŸ™‚

  • 318
    Gay Ferland says:

    There are so many favorites, I can’t name just one but a few….favorite die is the Mat Stack series, I love the felt, and all the buttons!!!! Every product that PTI sells is top quality, just love using them!

  • 319
    Margaret says:

    My favorite would be the fillable frame dies.

  • 320
    Amy White says:

    Ooh how to choose a favourite???! I think my favourite ever from 2010 would be the combination of Butterfly Dreams and the matching butterfly die – seriously could use that baby on every card! Thank you Nichole for all your creative genius you share with us!

  • 321
    irene says:

    O DaniΓ«lle is the perfect addition for your team. Love her work, been following her a long time. So Congrats DaniΓ«lle, can’t wait to see your work with PTI.

    My favorite product of last year would be the Friendship Yar and the Yar filler stamp sets. Love that you kept building on this concept to make us use the jar for all different occasions, faal, halloween, holidays, etc.

    Bye Irene

  • 322
    Veerle says:

    The ultimate products of 2010 were the dies…not just the once that match with the stamps, but I’m smitten with the rick-rack and eyelace border dies too.

  • 323
    Anni says:

    Wow, this prize is overwhelming! I just have to have it!

  • 324
    Sonja says:

    This is hard because I love all the sets, dies, buttons, ribbons and felt.
    My favorige must be Big & Bold Wishes, I keep using it over and over again.

  • 325
    Lana says:

    I absolutely love the friendship jars! Being a keen cook these are the perfect finishing touch to a home made gift!

  • 326
    Stacy says:

    My biggest dilema is choosing which product to buy first. I love your things and I look forward to all the new things to come this year. If I had to choose my favorite I would say the cutting dies are my favorite. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift.

  • 327
    Richelle says:

    Hi my fav product for 2010 would have to be the tiny treats birthday stamps…love them!!

  • 328
    Holly Saveur says:

    Honestly would not know what/which to choose
    to be my favorite LOVE ALL YOUR PRODUCTS so dearly!!!The combination Stamp/Die is so great and so many stamps are my favorite…
    Love lives here,Vintage Picnic,Friendship Jar
    Baby Button Bits,Round&Round,Banners…oh I can go on and on …love the felt ,paper,ink too so very much!

  • 329
    kelly couttie says:

    hmmm, favourite product, I love wso much about your brand that its so hard to choose. But, if i have to say one that i return to time and again it has to be banner builder. This set has undoubtedly changed the way in which i do things, i can create so many different looks with 1 set and ive only owned it two weeks *inserts embarressed face* !

    what a fantastic giveaway and a brilliant oppourtunity for us as readers and followers!

  • 330
    Eleni Nikolina says:

    CHoose only ONE??? Impossible really, but I will try. As a booklover I love the All Booked Up set, but also adore the endless possibilities that all the impressionplates open up! Thanks for the great opportunity and keep up the excellent work. The inspiration you and your team give is so appreciated!!
    Greetings from Greece!!

  • 331
    Debbie says:

    Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary Papertrey! My all time favorite so far would have to be the banner builder dies! I was hook,liner and sinker for me for those dies! Thanks for the chance to win such as awesome prize package.

  • 332
    Jean D says:

    I love the whole die and matching stamp concept. I think that my favourite of these are the balloons.

  • 333
    Priya says:

    Hmmmm…..it is so difficult to pick just one. But if you insist then I’d say that the dies are my favourite. And if you twist my arm further I’d say that the Limitless Layers die are on top of my list of PTI favs. As for the stamps its the Holiday tags 2010.

  • 334
    Pat Hines says:

    Happy Anniversary!! One of my favorite releases would have to be the limitless layers. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 335
    SueB says:

    Like ALL fans of PaperTrey Ink, I love, love, love EVERYTHING you make. I guess I would have to say that what I loved most from 2010 is the felt. It is gorgeous felt – the unfortunate part is that I hoard it instead of using it as much as I should. I just have to say, though, that I love the stamp sets “Friendship Jar” and “Friendship Jar Fillables” plus the dies that go with these sets. Pure Heaven on earth!!!

  • 336
    Ann Alyea says:

    I just love everything papertrey, the stamps, the felt, the dies, the ribbon, buttons etc. However, the item that I use everytime I make a card is the envelope die. It just finishes off a card so nicely. Everyone comments on how it matches the card. Congratulations Papertrey on your 4th anniversary and thank you for the many many hours of enjoyment you have brought into my life.

  • 337
    Imke says:

    I upload my favorite project- but with the wrong link. Can you delete NO 96 from me ?? Sorry for the double.

  • 338
    Kathryn M. says:

    My favorite product was the new dies!

  • 339
    Carolyn Yat says:

    Though I love Papertreyink stamps, my favorite has to be the dies PTI came out, Mat Stack collection with coordinating stamps and the Tag dies.

  • 340
    Patty W says:

    Love seeing what the designers’ favorite projects were and thank you so much for the instruction sheet!

    It is hard to pick one favorite from the year but I think I will have to go with the banner dies – I wish I could have them all!

    Thanks for the chance to win – a most AWESOME giveaway!!!

  • 341
    linby says:

    My favourite is all booked up – but it’s tough to pick just one!

  • 342
    Hlee says:

    Can I say I have way too many favorite products to choose just one. But if I had to, it would have to be the Mat Stack dies and matching stamp sets. Love them! I’m always grabbing them to use. I also must say that you are awesome for always adding on to the products you introduce us with. I never feel like I have to retire any of your products because you always come up with additions to them or different uses for them. I also love how you feature older sets and how the team revisits them with projects. That always motivates me to pull them out and use them again. I love PTI products!

  • 343
    Elly says:

    Just ONE favorite product of 2010 ???
    UCH..how do i narrow it down to just the one….
    The PTI dies that match the stamp sets are my favorite…to name ONE….The Banner Dies.
    There you go…. I named ONE……but thinking of all the other favorites as I typ…LOL

    Happy 4th Anniversary PAPPERTREY INK.
    And may there be many more to come.

  • 344
    Linda L says:

    Wow Nichole….what an unbelievable prize…someone is going to be incredibly lucky to win all these:-) I haven’t got my favourite thing yet but it’s top of my wish list:-))….it’s Melissa’s Love Lives Here Set….can’t wait to add it to my collection soon.

  • 345
    Krista says:

    My favorite(s) are the Flower of the Month series. I have a fair number of them, and they make such a big impact. I especially love the Lily of the Valley and Daffodil sets.

  • 346

    My favorite product?:all LOL!
    But the very favorite:the favor it box dies:love them so much.
    Thanks for your projects and products and happy birthday papertrey ink.
    CΓ©line from France.

  • 347
    Sheena B says:

    fave has to be the dies – love that they coordinate with the stamps sets. I guess I would “up, up and away” would be the fave.

  • 348

    My favorite of this year is the friendship jar. And I love all the additional sets with fillers. Jars make me happy!!

  • 349
    Andrea Ritter says:

    My favorite ist the “Wreath for all seasons”.
    First, I like the design.
    Then it is so versatile, that it can be used in many stiles and for many occasions.

  • 350
    Rema Timm says:

    2010 was a great year for PTI! So many new products were introduced.For me, I would have to say that the dies were a very welcomed addition.I own almost everyone of them. Keep them coming…..

  • 351
    Mara Adkins says:

    Hard to pick just one. I think it’s PTI dies. Love them all. (I know that’s not just one but I just can’t do it!)

  • 352
    Robin says:

    First of all—HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, PTI! You are the “little company that could” and are an amazing model that proves hardwork = success!

    My favorite thing from 2010 has to be the dies, but especially the envelope die. I line every envelope and this die makes it so easy! I have my fingers crossed that there might be other sizes available in the near future.

    Congratulations on 4 wonderful years, PTI!

  • 353
    Suzanne says:

    It’s hard to believe that I ever scrapbooked or stamped without PTI. My Woodgrain impression plate is constantly on my craft table. I actually have to force myself not to use it on every single card. That and the Tea Dye Duo are my absolute favorites from my absolute favorite company.

  • 354
    Terry says:

    Decisions, decisions! If I have to pick one item, since they are all fabulous, it would have to be the mat stack dies. Their versatility and ability to be used for so many different mediums makes them a staple for me.

  • 355

    My favourite from 2010 was definitely the Friendship Jar stamp set, it is edgy and has so many applications, and the illustration has a touch of homely and a touch of quirk!! Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings for PTI!!!

  • 356
    Sandy W, says:

    My favorite product from 2010? I just love the spiral notebook die! I can use it in so many ways, to add messages to a scrapbook page or a card. I also plan to make some of the notepad holders with the spiral page on the front cover.

  • 357
    Shawn Wenrich says:

    For me this year with Papertrey has been all about the dies. I have been constantly inspired and amazed at the designs and the coordinations possible with every new release. The All Booked Up bookmark die and stamp set is my 2010 product pick. I created party gifts for my daughters 11th birthday this year and also made them for my all my family as Christmas gifts. Thank you Papertrey for a wonderful year. You have it all with the products and this amazing design team. Hands down no one does it better!

  • 358
    Brenda V. says:

    My favorite new product is the felt. It has been a beautiful addition to my many layered cards! Happy Anniversary.

  • 359
    Denise O says:

    It is so hard to choose just one favorite, but for me I am going to have to go with the entire Fillable Frames line with the stamps and dies. I find myself constantly referring to them.

  • 360
    elena says:

    The banner building set and dies are my absolute fav products this year! All of my friends have been getting “banner” card sets – just because they’re fun to create πŸ™‚

  • 361
    Cathy B. says:

    My favorite product for 2010 is the dies – hands down! I love them all and the versatility they have added to the entire PTI line of products.

  • 362
    Lisa V. says:

    My favorite PTI product from 2010 is the Woodgrain Impression Plate. I can not tell you how many times I reach for this to add a little something extra to my cards. I just love it and so many of the other products that you introduced last year. Keep up the great work!

  • 363
    Patrice says:

    Buttons. I love your buttons!!!! Actually I love all PTI, but your buttons are divine.

  • 364
    Maureen says:

    Wow!!! My favorite product released this year was the addition of dies! Although I haven’t had the chance to add them to my collection, I love the way they finish off a project so professionally!!! Off to find my favorite PTI project of the year πŸ™‚

  • 365
    AuroraDawn says:

    This HAS to be one of the THE most amazing giveaways ever!

    My favorite product … this is soooo hard to choose …. would probably be the Mat Stack 3 die, closely followed by the All booked up Stamp set, I’ve not had a chance to play with my MS3 collection but I have a feeling that WILL be my favourite by the end of the afternoon :O)

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a fantastic prize!

  • 366

    Since being so fairly new to stamping (since July 2010), I have to say that my absolute favorite are any of the matching dies. I honestly don’t know if I could live on just Nestie’s alone….lol The Mat Stack’s are just amazing…..the Fillable Frames are just perfect……the By the Number dies make projects more meaningful and I could go on and on and on. I just can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year. Amazing dies!!!!

  • 367
    Lee Cockrum says:

    What a killer prize!!! It is hard for me to choose a favorite, as everything is my favorite while I am looking at it! But I do really love the Friendship jar, and jar filler sets and dies.

  • 368
    Aussie Emma says:

    Fillable frames!!! Awesome! This giveaway is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A dream come true for some lucky person! Cheers

  • 369
    Karen says:

    I love so many of my PTI products but if I had to pick just one I’d go with the “Love Lives Here” set. I’m using it like crazy these days and the matching dies are awesome! I’ve also been loving the “Bloom Builders” dies, PTI felt, “Friends till the End” and much much more!

  • 370
    nina says:

    Oh, so sad to see Niki leave the team! I love the Mat Stack collection, particularly MS1. Love how versatile these collections are! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2011…

  • 371
    Bev Karolak says:

    I have so many Papertrey Ink stamps/dies that I find it soooo hard to find a favorite! I probably lean towards the Banner Building set as there are so many possibilities for this set!

  • 372
    Wilma B says:

    Could NEVER choose one favourite…Love too many of your products….enjoy your designs immensely and am really am inspired by all of your designers and the creations they come up with. You gals ROCK….

  • 373
    Jilleen Hays says:

    Holy cow….what an amazing prize! My favorite product, seriously just one. Can’t do it, so here are some of my favorites by category. Dies-bookmark; embossing template-linen; stamp-all booked up; new product-tillable frames.

    Thanks so much for everything you do! Love PTI.

  • 374
    Marilou S. says:

    I think my favorite would be the die sets…particularly the numbers dies. Your team does such a wonderful job showcasing all of the products that I want just about everything you have. I think when they showcased the numbers dies, there were a lot more ideas than I would have ever thought of to do with them. It is a more versatyle set than you would think. The die sets make your card look so much cleaner and crisper…and more professional! Happy Anniversary to you and all the team members past and present!

  • 375
    Laurie W. says:

    It is so hard to narrow it down to just one thing! I would have to say down to the basics…I love your paper! I love the colors the coordinating everything! So many gorgeous pieces to pick from! I really could keep going…dies…felt! OH but I have to pick one! The paper! πŸ™‚

  • 376
    Amy Gutknecht says:

    My favorites are the Tiny Treats sets & the coordinating Mat Stack Dies. They are my go-to sets. They can fit any occasion – which I love! As long as the gals at PTI continue to dream up new Tiny Treats sets, I’ll continue to add them to my collection.

  • 377
    Vicki (CraftCrazy98) says:

    Really? You want to make us choose just ONE fabulous Papertrey product??? That is just plain mean {smile}. I can’t narrow it down any further than saying the dies. Love, love, love how easy it is to make a card come together with the matching stamps. Oh, and Happy Anniversary Papertrey! So happy to be along for the ride with you!

  • 378
    Jennifer S says:

    Oh my! How can I narrow it down to one? If I absolutely have to, then the Friendship Jars set would have to be my pick. But my wish list is about a mile and a half long!

  • 379
    Angela C. says:

    My favorite stamp set of 2010 would have to be Tiny Treats: Valentine πŸ™‚ This was the very first set I ordered and what led me to absolutely fall in LOVE with PTI!! What an amazingly talented and hard working group!

  • 380
    Linda M. says:

    Happy Anniversary! My favorite 2010 stamp is Dot Spot….It can be used in so many different ways and always comes out beautifully! Thanks for so many lovely products.

  • 381

    Eeek! Can I really pick just one product – it’s like picking a favourite child: impossible! LOL! I will confess that the dies have totally rocked my crafting world during 2010 and will continue to do so in the future (now don’t make me pick just one die…;D)
    Loving this party!

  • 382
    Shelly Terry says:

    I can’t enter a papertrey project as i live in the UK and it is too much money to import, however, I loved the card end dies that Dawn came up with. A really creative die to make normal cards extra special!

    Thanks all X

  • 383
    Laurie P. says:

    I’ve been consistently blown away each month by PTI’s wonderful projects and samples from all the designers – thanks so much for the latest fave projects that were featured in this post! It’s so hard to pick just one product, but I found that I used the Inside Out: Holidays stamp set the most and just love all the sentiment stamp sets particularly since I’m always struggling to find the right words to use on my cards. Papertrey makes that much easier with all the delightful fonts and verses you offer for any occasion and I just love using your products!

  • 384
    Angela says:

    My favorite addition to the PTI line has to be the dies!! I just love them all and hope they keep coming!!

  • 385
    Sandy says:

    As hard as it is to pick favorites, all the Friendship Jar sets and all of the dies would be at the top of my list. But, there is no way to be disappointed with anything Papertrey Ink! Happy 4th Anniversary!

  • 386
    rae barthel says:

    oh my. what an amazing group of talent you have amassed, congratulations to danielle as well!! i can’t wait to be inspired by all of these fabulous designers in the year ahead.
    as for choosing a fave of 2010… i am amazed, release after release, at how you keep bringing amazing, innovative stamps and products, everything is always fresh and immediately grabs your interest… i wish i could buy it all each month!!! however, since the budget is limited, i am thankful that you release fillable frames, i just LOVE being able to purchase those and use them frequently on all of my cards. wishing you continued HUGE success!!
    xoxo rae

  • 387
    Chris says:

    It has been such a fabulous year at Papertrey Ink with so many great new products and designs – but my absolute favourites have been all the new dies – the Mat Stack collection with it’s co-ordinating stamps are just out of this world! Congratulations!

  • 388

    I love all your dies and frame sets. I’ve got almost all of them! Your cardstock is also the BEST! Great products and ideas! I

  • 389
    Debby says:

    My favourite PTI product this year has to be the introduction of all the gorgeous dies which I’ve loved incorporating into my projects. For a stamp set I’d have to vote for the Tiny Treats range which are adorable!

  • 390
    Michelle Daigle says:

    Wow! That is some prize package…so generous PTI! Thanks! Trying to pick my favorite release is like trying to pick my favorite child…impossible! Lol! So my favorites from this last year are…the matstacks and dies, fillable frames and dies, year of the flowers, book it, jar collections, etc! I could go on and on cause my “NEED” list from this past year goes on and on! So thanks PTI for making me excited each and every month! Happy Anniversary PTI…and wishing you many many more!

  • 391
    Suzette says:

    My favorite product(s) of 2010 have to be the dies. They are so fun and affordable.

  • 392
    Penny P. says:

    Oh my gosh I am LOVING this first day of anniversary celebrations! What a great idea to showcase so many beautiful Papertrey projects in one place for so much inspiration! Very hard to pick my favorite product. I guess it would have to be the limitless layers in 1 3/4″ size.

  • 393
    donna calamari says:

    The Fillable Frames series would have to be my favorite. Not only do I love the variety of shapes that look so eyecatching as either the focal point or an element of a card, but the sentiments are MUST-HAVEs. Heather did a great job with the fonts and choice of sentiments. At a price of $5 per set, they are the best!!!

  • 394

    My favorite products are the favor box dies. . .LOVE them!

  • 395
    Anabelle says:

    Great post!!! My favorite is the Mat Stack stamp sets. Just in love with the designs!!

  • 396

    It really is hard to pick one favorite thing that I love but I have to say I really loved it when you came out with the dies and even better stamps to go with the dies!!!!Congrats on 4 fabulous years wow!!!

  • 397
    DiAnn says:

    My favorite this year, if that is possible to pick just one. I have really enjoyed the Friendship jar and all the seasonal fillers. Plus you can fill with so many more things you have too! Thanks for such a wonderful chance to win this great prize. I can tell this is going to be an exceptional year with Papertrey Thanks again DiAnn

  • 398
    Michele B says:

    Just love your Tiny Treats sets, with two little boys they come in handy for many a project! Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  • 399
    Noelle P says:

    Congrats on 4 years!! I have been a big fan for 6 months, and I have to say my favorite set is the CHA gift with purchase as that set was the bonus for buying my first PTI gear – felt, buttons, cardstock, twine, and stamps (oh my).

  • 400
    Melanie Bray says:

    Oh my goodness…WHAT A PRIZE!!! My favorite PTI product would have to be the dies…just amazing on every project!! Thank YOU Nichole for providing us with four awesome years of inspiration…Congratulations on your Anniversary! Love, Mel xo

  • 401
    Leslie Murphy says:

    My favorite set was Up, Up and Away…such cute, cute images in that set.

  • 402
    Alice I. says:

    My favorite product has to be the Calendar Basic stamp set and coordinating die! These are wonderful! Thank you for a chance to win!

  • 403

    WOW, that is a LOT to take in! So many wonderful designers, projects, and products! My favorite project that I made last year used 2 PTI sets…A Wreath for All Seasons and Background Basics: Botanicals! My color and “style” inspiration came from 2 of my fave PTI designers…Betsy and Melissa! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  • 404
    Angela Reeves says:

    I didn’t know how to choose so I went to my stash and looked for the inkiest and it was the “Banner Builder” stamps and dies. I didn’t know how adaptable they would be until I read the design team blogs which are a constant source of inspiration. Keep up the amazing work, PTI!

  • 405
    Angela K. says:

    Congratulations on 4 years of incredible inspiration and the most amazing, versatile products in the stamping industry! I’d have to say my favorite PTI product this year was the Signature Series stamp sets and matching dies. So in love!! And the giveaway?? OH.MY.WORD!!! Even the *thought* of winning is making me giddy! You gals are just amazing! So excited for all the upcoming celebrations…congratulations, again!

  • 406
    kim m. says:

    Happy Anniversary! I would have to say that all of your dies are my favorite.

  • 407
    Heather says:

    I would say that the woodgrain background stamp has been my favorite so far. I LOVE all stamp sets, but am new to Papertrey. I continually look to so many of the ladies blogs for inspiration. Can’t wait to play with more Papertrey! Happy Anniversary!

  • 408
    Nancy K. says:

    My favorite Papertrey product of 2010 is the Tea for Two and Tea for Two additions stamp set and dies that I received as a Christmas gift from my husband. I am amazed at the variety of projects that can be made with this versatile stamp set. I look forward to ordering more PTI when my budget allows. Of course, winning this contest would solve that! LOL

  • 409
    Kathy V. says:

    I have almost all of the stamp sets and dies for 2010, but I’d have to say my all time favorites would have be the Limitless Layers Collections.
    I would love to have your free downloads but somehow I can’t seem to get them.

  • 410
    Annette Snyder says:

    I absolutely love the mat stack dies and stamp set. I can’t choose between 3 and 4. Thanks so much. I look forward each month to all of the fabulous new products and ideas.

  • 411
    Dawn F. says:

    My favorite PTI product has been the Friendship Jar series. Love it!!!

  • 412
    Beverley says:

    Hmmm how do I decide?! I love all the Papertrey products! I think that my favourite product has to be the dies!

  • 413
    Karen Wegner says:

    Hands down; my favorite set was “Wreath for all Seasons.” It’s fun to dress it up or down; whatever the occasion demands. Congrats on the 4th anniversary. I look forward each day to see what’s new and exciting on the blog.

  • 414
    Mary M. says:

    How do I pick a favorite? There are so many I could choose. I like the mat stack series a lot. If I had to pick one as a favorite so far I would say #2 because it is such an elegant set. I’ll also mention that I really like the woodgrain products that came out (stamps and impression plate).

  • 415
    Shelly says:

    All of your products and projects are incredible – as soon as I see your (and your brilliant design teams’) creations every single set and product becomes a “must have”. It’s tough to narrow down my favourite from this year – but the genius of an argyle building set was the one I was most impressed with. Other companies have come up with stripes and diamonds etc – but Papertrey (and in particular Lisa) took it to a whole new level to let us build our own patterns and colours. Did I say “genius”?

  • 416
    Dee in N.H. says:

    Wow, where to begin? I think my favorite thing from 2010 is your amazing team! I love. love. love the stamps that work so wonderfully and the dies that match so perfectly. The design team molds it all together in one big fabulous package! Therefore they get my vote on the best of the best for 2010.

  • 417
    Mona says:

    Like so many others I am addicted to Paper Trey….in a good way! I love having so many dies to go with my stamp sets, and my absolute favorite would be the fillable frames dies and stamps. Would love to see dies to go with the year of the flower sets too!

  • 418
    Maria says:

    Love, love, love the dies!!!Happy Anniversary PTI

  • 419
    Linda in Aus says:

    Gosh it is so hard to pick one but my go to one this year has been Just The Ticket and matching die. Thanks, this is a wonderful giveaway and the person that wins will be very lucky.

  • 420
    Carol says:

    There are so many items for 2010 that I love, but I have to say the PTI dies that match the stamp sets are my favorite…and if I have to pick my most favorite is the Beautiful Blooms and matching dies!

  • 421

    I am having a hard time narrowing favorite down. Love that ya came up with number sets to use with a number birthday that I always love to use to get personal with a friend or family. But also love the butterfly dreams too!
    Carol M in TX/carolswingster77@aol.com

  • 422
    Peggy Allen says:

    My favorite new product for 2010 is the PTI Banner & Border dies. You are very fortunate indeed to have these talented ladies as part of your team. I am always amazed at the wonderful projects created and great products produced by your company. May 2011 be even a better year, if that is possible.
    God bless,
    Peggy Allen

  • 423
    Brenda R says:

    How can I narrow it down to one favorite? I love the leaves and die cuts. Also mat stack #3.

  • 424
    Renee Lynch says:

    My favorite is All Booked Up and Mat Stack 3.
    I had just discovered how incredible your paper was…
    and this is the set that brought me to the stamps and dies.
    I just stumbled upon release previews and I’ve been wanting that set for years…even before beginning to stamp.I just knew I could make my own book plates, book marks, etc.
    For me it…it’s the perfect set

  • 425
    bonnie says:

    WOW what a wonderful and generous prize package…you will be sure to make someone’s year with that collection!! I have so many favs but I have to say the dies are my fav additions without a doubt….they are all so awesome!! I couldn’t imagine life without PTI!!! Thank you so much! Hugs, Bonnie xx

  • 426
    Pam W. says:

    You are asking nearly the impossible if you think that I can only pick one favorite, but I will try.

    My favorite is a combination of the On Ice stamp set and the coordinating die. It is especially perfect for the winter that we are having.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my very “favorite” paper crafting company!!

  • 427
    Karin says:

    Gosh, I just love the set Studio Style! It’s great for crafty friends and with those sweet buttons, fab for sewing folks too. The greetings included are so fresh, fun and make you laugh…Love it!

  • 428
    Kara says:

    My favorite Papertrey product from 2010 has to be the dies. Your dies have opened up a whole new world of possibilities each time I sit down to create!!

  • 429
    Sherrie T says:

    Oh really? Just one favorite? That is like picking which of your children you love the most. Impossible! However, if I have to pick I will stray from the obvious choice of stamps and say the dies. I feel like I must have them all! And, if it coordinates with a stamp set, well then I must have it too. Stamping is my most favorite thing so when I can stamp on a die cut my heart smiles with the outcome. I love the versatility they offer cutting so many different mediums. And, although I am a fan of electronic die cutting I LOVE that these are NOT and I can tote them around and make cuts anytime, anywhere. I can’t wait to see what new ones will come out this year!

  • 430
    Wendy M says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’m not sure I can narrow my list of favorites down to just one thing…I love it all, especially the dies… I guess I would choose the Fillable Frames dies & stamps…they’re very versatile… I use them all the time. Best wishes for many more years of paper goodness.

  • 431

    I loved the friendship jars set and all the extra fillers!

  • 432
    Lori Kistler says:

    hi Guys,
    I have loved way too much this past year!!!! The jars have been a favorite and then I think no I have the the YOF and then I say no it is the… dies! oh, on and on. I hope the bank is ready for a new year.

  • 433
    Jean Rowell says:

    I have to say that I just love the fillable jar series. I think they are so cute and versatile. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful prize. It would certainly add to my PTI collection !

  • 434

    Wow, so hard to pick one favorite! πŸ™‚ I think I would have to say the Mat Stack series and dies. With the different shapes and now the additional coordinating stamps, there is always something to make just the perfect focal point for any card!

  • 435

    Wow! How to choose one item? I would have to say the dies. I love them! and the Tiny treats stamps. but honestly, it could all be my favourite. Getting a PTI package is like opening a present on Christmas morning when you were a kid. Thank you for all you do!

  • 436
    Dafne Guasch says:

    My favorite product was the fillable frames and dies. I love how versatile they are. I used for my wedding invitations. They are an essential for card making.

  • 437
    Melissa S says:

    Oh my!! My favorite(s)of 2010 is the Friendship Jar stamps, all the fillers and of course the dies! Happy 4th Anniversary PTI!!!

  • 438
    Anna says:

    My fave product from 2010 was the Friendship Jar and Fillers stamp sets! (I know more than one… but I couldn’t just pick one!) I use them ALL the time for everything! Thanks for such great product, I look forward to receiving my PTI order in the mail at the end of every month!

  • 439
    Dorothy Turk says:

    How to choose my favorite PTI product?! I love them all.. but if I had to think of one I reach for over and over it’s probably Through the Trees.

    You all are an amazing group of gifted artists and I’ve been inspired by your work.

  • 440
    SueD says:

    One favorite – that is simply not possible, I just love everything Papertrey. From the felt which I adore to all the dies and I fall in love with every stamp set that comes along each month. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across Papertrey Ink and all the joy it brings in my craft room! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  • 441
    Olendia says:

    My absolute favorite product of last year is Limitless Layers: 1 3/4″ Circle Collection. I check Debbie Olson’s blog almost every day since last year, and from her blog I found about Papertrey Ink. I was hooked. I love the stamps and dies and each month my wish list grows. And the design team is awesome!

  • 442
    Lauri Gulotta says:

    My favorite product from this year is probably the By the Numbers dies, though I am still waiting for restocking to be able to get my hot little hands on them! I also really love the felt…which is a surprise because I was initially resistant to the idea of using felt on cards. PTI is really good at showing me the POSSIBILITIES of things I would never have considered using, always expanding my creative horizons, and that’s one of the things I most appreciate about you–thank you!!

  • 443
    Michelle N says:

    I can easily say my favorite product(s) for 2010 were the Fillable Frames. I have all of the dies and stamps, use them on I think every card and again on scrapbooking projects, home organization projects and at work!

    Go Papertrey Ink on 4 years and conrats as you move forward!

  • 444

    OMG!!!! You have out done yourselves on this Prize package!! I think I’d faint if I was the lucky winner!! Lucky is an understatement!! Wowzers!!!
    Your question is too hard–can’t pick just one. My budget is small and my wishlist keeps growing!!!

  • 445
    Gina Kozuch says:

    My favorite Papertrey product of 2010 has to be all the wonderful dies you have made available to us, keep them coming

  • 446
    Carol says:

    My very very favorite product is the dies. They sit in a special bucket right on my table. Of all the dies… the fillable frames definitely get the most love.

  • 447
    Jennifer Marks says:

    Thud! OH wow what a giveaway! Nichole, Jane, Julie – Happy 4th Anniversary! I have to say I love it all – but if I have to pick one PRODUCT, that would be the dies. Oh. my. word! One? HA! Limitless layers, mat stacks, jar/lid, tea/coffee and with matching stamps, etc. Like a chip, can’t have just one!

    The second “product” that I love about PTI is the fabulous design team – what you all contribute is an “intangible, no price can be put on it” product. Kindness, caring, encouragement, knowledge, creativity, HUMOR!, a love for Christ, family and friends. Like I said, no price can be put on this “product”, it comes from the heart.

    Here’s to 4 more years of PTI yumminess!

  • 448
    Vera Yates says:

    Happy 4th anniversary!! I have so many PTU favorites. Have to say I do love your matching stamp & dies. Asian Fusion and Love Birds are a couple of my favorite set. Love Faux Ribbon set as well. Thank you for the awesome giveaway. What a geart way to start PTI anniversary celebration!

  • 449
    Jennifer Delaurier says:

    I am without words at the generosity of this prize package! I’ve been in love with Papertrey for years now, your products always live up to the quality I have come to expect, but I think my favourite of this past year has to be the variety of dies, especially the ones that coordinate with the stamp sets. How great is it to be able to use older sets again in a new way, it adds so much more dimension to my projects. Thank you again and Happy Anniversary!

  • 450
    Anna says:

    Wow!! Now that is an amazing prize! I so love going to all of the designers blogs. I love everything about Papertrey – gift certificates are always on my birthday, Christmas or any other event list. πŸ™‚ My favorite product right now are the dies with the coordinating stamp sets. The make it so easy to add a special touch. I’m working on a baby album for my sister and have already used 3 different ones on the 4 pages I’ve done so far. Okay, enough rambling! Can you tell I’m excited?!!

  • 451
    Sunny Penn says:

    Happy anniversary!! It’s sooooo hard to pick one since I love them all. If I really have to choose one… it’s Up, Up & Away. I love its design and font!!

  • 452
    Lisa Mosher says:

    wow what an awesome prize, my favorite product for the year would be friendship jar stamps and dies to match I love these and have the whole collection

  • 453
    Fifi-T says:

    I adore the little frames and matching sentiments, I have to get a few more of those…

  • 454

    This is SOOOO exciting!! I have SO many favorites, but I think I’d say that Dawn’s Raspberry Suite Color Couture is my favorite because I get in a rut with color combos sometimes, and this has the best, unique options that really make a card POP.

  • 455
    Paula C says:

    I remember my introduction to Papertrey Ink, I was on the search for a label for little chocolates for wedding favors and I just happened across Papertrey Ink (Limitless Labels is what I ended up purchasing that day)……can I say it was love at first sight? Because it was! I’ve watched this site grow and am amazed at each release the creativity of the stamps, the dt and how seemlessly it all comes together! Thank you for such fantastic inspiration and Happy Anniversary!

  • 456
    Lori Washburn says:

    I have really enjoyed using Bitty Bird this year. Though relatively new~ it has given me hours of stamping fun. Love it! πŸ™‚

    Lori Washburn

  • 457
    Trudy Freas says:

    It is a hard choice to choose a favorite because they all are great. I do like the button series alot. The baby button set is adorable! Congratulations on your Anniversary! I look forward to what is new in 2011.

  • 458
    Sheryl says:

    There are way too many to pick..everytime you come out with a new release, it becomes a favorite. But the woodgrain series is just fabulous. Everytime I see it used I’m amazed at how versatile it is.

  • 459
    Lindsay says:

    Love love the Fillable Frames collection! There is always a great need for frames and sentiments in my personal crafting. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 460
    laura j says:

    i’ve spent the last hour going through my stash of PTI stamps, dies, and other goodies trying to decide what was my favorite! not an easy decision as I love everything that I purchase! i’ve decided it’s the little dress form die… not only because i’ve used it for so many projects but because i’m so tempted to buy another in case I wear it out from frequent use!!! happy anniversary PTI!

  • 461
    Donna M. says:

    Wow. What an awesome event for PTI customers! It’s difficult to narrow down my absolute fav for the year. Love it all. Probably the first to come to mind are the dies that coordinate with stamps. And I use the mat stack dies all the time, in card-making and scrapping. I guess I have to say the mat stack 4 die. It’s just lovely and fits into every creation. Thanks PTI, and congrats to my fav company!

  • 462
    Jessica says:

    My favorite product from 2010 was the felt–or the dies–not sure, they are all so amazing!!

  • 463
    Diana S says:

    I would have to say my favorites are the PTI dies and the Year of the Flowers Stamp Sets.I always love the Projects every month. But to see which flower you had picked for the next is my favorites. I hope you still continue with this series.

  • 464

    I love the stamp and die set Just the Ticket. I find it so versatile and can be used on so many projects. But… I have a long list of favourites – the top spot could change daily!! LOVE ALL my PTI stamps and dies!!

  • 465
    quilter422 says:

    without question, my favorite product of the year – and not just at PTI, but from any company I bought product from – is PTI’s Friendship Jar series. I love how versatile it is, and with all the additions that have come out I’m using it all year long.

  • 466
    sara m says:

    I honestly don’t think I could pick just one favorite! I did fall in love with the Dot Spot stamp set and especially love the sample of Nichole’s above as well as all the samples from that release.
    I’ve never been disappointed with any of my purchases….and have a wish list a mile long of things I want to buy!!

    Happy Anniversary PTI : )

  • 467
    regan says:

    i’ll post my project later but my fav product is the cardstock…simple huh..nothing beats it..second is the stamps

  • 468
    Liz Whitty says:

    I’ve been using papertrey products for many years now have watch them grow. Its hard to pick just one product there are so many and I sure this coming year will bring more. But have to say is the dies. You can do alot with those babies!! Keep them coming.

  • 469
    Stacy says:

    My favorite product is definitely the dies – mat stacks, fillable frames, and dies to match stamps – LOVE them! My most favorite right now is the mat stacks.

  • 470
    Katie Renz says:

    I’m going to use a product line for my favorite for 2010. I continue to love, love, all the dies that coordinate as well as the unique shapes that have come along too.

  • 471
    Stephanie says:

    Wow! It is so hard to choose a favorite product. I am new to PTI this year, so all my stamp sets are from this past year. I would have to say my most used set is probably Everyday Button Bits. I just LOVE how cute this set is. I also love the dies and really look forward to future product announcements.

  • 472
    Mary Martinez says:

    June 2010 Friendship Jar. It takes me back in time. Love it.

  • 473
    stephanie says:

    My favorite products are the tiny treats stamp sets. They make such a perfect addition to any gift giving.

  • 474
    Lucy :) says:

    I think the year of flowers was a lovely idea, but my favourite 2010 product was the “Through the trees” set – it’s simple, stunning, beautiful & so versatile.

  • 475
    Kim says:

    My favorites are definitely the dies. Thanks for offering such a generous prize!! Wow! I hope you pick me!!

  • 476
    Barbara says:

    It was so great to look back at all of the wonderful inspiration! I would have to say that my favourite products from 2010 are the dies that match the stamps. I was hooked immediately when I bought Friendship Jar and Enjoy the Ride and I have just purchased all of the Fillable Frames and Mat Stacks. The matching dies are the best!

  • 477
    Emma Bourke says:

    Oh wow such an amazing prize, I have all my fingers and toes crossed for this one πŸ™‚ I think my favourite PTI item is my cloud dies. They are so whimsical and pretty.

  • 478
    Sheila says:

    It’s so hard to pick one because I love so many things…especially the dies. They have become my most favorite thing to look forward to seeing what’s coming. My favorite die would probably have to be the limitless layers right now. I love all the pieces and how well they go with so many things. I can’t wait to see all the new items for this release as well. I better get to saving up some money fast because I know I’ll want it all…lol. The stamp sets already have me hooked for this month so I can’t imagine what the new dies will do.

  • 479
    Beth says:

    My absolute hands down favorite thing from PTI this year was the Wreath for All Seasons stamp set. I have used it over and over for all kinds of things.

  • 480
    Pam says:

    I have so many favorites but I absolutely LOVE the number dies! I would love to see letters in the same font *grins*

  • 481
    Michelle says:

    Wow!! This is an awesome contest with an awesome prize!!! I have two favorite stamp sets…build a banner, which I have…and dot spot, which I do not have..yet!!

  • 482
    kristyn says:

    Wow! You have started this off with a bang! The cards and projects that have been created by you and your team have been so inspirational over the year.
    This really is my favorite time of the month. Thank you to all of you for all your dedication and hard work you put into the releases each month. I could never pick a favorite. Thanks soooo much.

  • 483
    beth b. says:

    Wow what a prize. My favorite PTI item from this year is the banner boarder die.

  • 484
    janet mack says:

    Happy Anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 4 wonderful years. I know there will be many, mant more. My absolute favorite product is the Frienship Jar line. I love all the additions. Every time I have an idea for more fillers, Mish comes out with it. I think we are on the same wavelenghth.

  • 485
    Saandy Kay says:

    It’s very hard to narrow it down to one favorite product! I just had to ask myself, “Which product made me gasp the most with delight?” I will say Leaf Prints, but with the dies! I just love so much of the product as well as the company as a whole! Congratulations on 4 FABULOUS years!

  • 486
    Sarah M says:

    Wowzers! AMAZING giveaway! If I had to pick just one item I’d say that my favourite would be the impression plates. LOVE them!

  • 487
    Kerry Steger says:

    Hi! Its very hard to pick but my fave would be the linen impression plate – I love the texture it adds to my cards.

  • 488
    Cyndie says:

    Oh, what a fabulous and generous prize! I would LOVE to win! I think my favorite set from 2010 would have to be Enjoy The Ride with it’s matching die. I just love that little car, and it allows me to create some much-needed “manly” cards!

  • 489
    Kimberly says:

    My favorite product this year has to the coordinating dies for stamp sets. Particularly love the calendar set. Happy Anniversary PTI!

  • 490
    Keya says:

    My favorite product of 2010 is the A Little Argyle stamp set. I have made so many unique and beautiful single layer cards from that sleek and classic design. I am slowly building my collection of PTI product, but it’s like Christmas each time something arrives. πŸ™‚

  • 491
    Sue K says:

    I am new to Papertrey Ink Products but after discovering them have ordered some stamps which I love. Thank you for the chance to win so much. Love your stuff.

  • 492
    Dawn K says:

    My favorite PTI product for 2010 is actually a series of products – all of the PTI dies! When PTI first came out with dies I thought “I have a cricut – I don’t need those” – I think that lasted about a month before I went out and purchased a cuttlebug so I could start buying the dies! I love the shapes of the labels, the dies that coordinate with the stamps (can’t wait for the turning a new leaf die!) and I love my new Edger #1 die! Can’t wait to see more of these in 2011!

  • 493

    Love me some Papertrey INK!! My favorites are always changing because every new release I find something I must have and then I use all the time. Currently I love Little Bitty Birds and Love Birds! Also your dies are amazing!!

  • 494
    angel says:

    DIES DIES DIES-I love all the new dies!! I have a made a banner for every occasion and used the other dies to decorated them!!

  • 495
    MaryBB says:

    It’s hard to pick which PTI product is my favorite for the year when they all are! But that said, the dies and impression plates (I can count those as one, right?) lead the pack for me.

  • 496
    Oralia says:

    Wow! My most favorite product? Just ONE?! Goodness… So difficult… I am leaning toward the dies… But can’t help mentioning the Mat Stack Serious or Tiny Treats. πŸ˜€ What’s not to love about everything PTI?

  • 497
    Susie Johnson says:

    Pick one thing-I love everything-But I go to IN Bloom often whether it is birthday, anniverary, or sympathy. Such a wonderful set and now it is complete with dies!
    Happy Anniversary!

  • 498
    Jennifer bradley says:

    My favorite product of 2010 from Papertreyink Ink was the YOF series. I have them all and was so excited each release to see the new set and projects that went with them.

  • 499
    Megan LaBelle says:

    How in the world to pick a favorite product from 2010??? I loved the Background Basics Woodgrain stamp set, ALL of the awesome dies, and the many new colors of felt!

  • 500
    Pam says:

    my absolute favorite is Banner Dies!

  • 501
    Tina-Marie says:

    Wow!! What an incredible group of talent and goodness all in one place. Thanks so much ladies for inspiring us all with your projects and blogs. It’s so nice to come home after a hectic day a at work, log into the computer and visit with each of: sharing the stories of your lives (mostly funny and warm, with a few struggles mixed in – keeping it all real); sharing your creative process and wonderful artwork; and pushing us each to be the best we can be, with the wonderful products you develop. Thank you so much – here’s to many many more years of success!

  • 502
    LisaL says:

    My favorite have been the Year in Flowers set. I can’t pick justone they are all beautiful!

  • 503
    annawas says:

    Congrats on your 4th anniversary!
    My absolute favorite items from PTI is the dies. They have allowed me to think completely outside the box and have so much fun with putting a card together. I enjoying reading the designers blogs just see how they use their dies!

  • 504
    lynn says:

    your design teams rocks, and now, danielle-awesome!

    fav 2010 product-just the ticket border die-love it:)

  • 505
    Toni says:

    Well…I can’t choose just one, but at the top of my list is the Year of Flowers series with the Mums being my favorite. Then there is the yummy felt, all the dies… deliciousness!!

  • 506
    Anna K. says:

    I’m a newbie too… been admiring from afar for a while, but just started purchasing very recently. Out of all the buttons I’ve used, I have to say that yours are definitely my faves… But are they my fave PTI product in general? Hard to say honestly – they’re THAT awesome! My fave stamp set purchase is probably Big and Bold Holiday Wishes. I got a lot of mileage out of that one this Christmas! πŸ™‚

  • 507
    Kristy Hansen says:

    I have been following all of you for little over a year. Everyday I check in to see what you all are doing. I often have to take a deep breath when I see the amazing creations. I love my friendship jar die and stamp sets. I have used them so often. I was so glad to see all the add ons for it too. Thank you for all the great inspiration and giveaway…..KSH

  • 508

    Happy Anniversary!! My favorite product from 2010, that I’ve purchased so far, is the Just for You stamp set. I reach for this time and time again when giving/creating gifts. It’s such a great set that makes gift presentation so much fun! I’m so in love with the Banner Builder set and dies too though, but they’re still on my wish list πŸ˜‰

  • 509
    Lin says:

    I would like to mention that the Tree trimming stamp set is my son’s favourite. He is four years old and he loved stamping his own set of christmas cards for family and friends.

  • 510
    Teresa says:

    Happy Anniversary! What an awesome way to begin the festivities. My favorite from 2010 would have to be the fillable frames sets. So easy to use and so versatile! Cannot wait for all the 2011 products and ideas.

  • 511
    Amy Everson says:

    My favorite project (I’ve lost the picture of it) was a baby card I made for a little boy. I used Soft Stone, Enchanted Evening, Spring Rain, and Simply Chartreuse, with A Little Argyle thrown in for the background and accent to the focal point.

  • 512
    CarolLynn says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Papertrey Ink Dies that coordinate with the previously released stamp sets, the Mat Stacks and the Limitless Layers. I hope to see many more over the next year. I’ve been a fan of PTI since 2007 and I’m still completely amazed every month with the new releases.

  • 513
    Lori says:

    I love love love
    the mat dies and matching stamps. Mat stack 1
    was one of my favorites, along with the coordinating Tiny Treats Christmas. I also love the favor boxes!

  • 514

    A favorite Papertrey product from 2010…WOW I really can’t choose ONE I love the dies and use them almost everytime I make a card. I like the impression plates and I can’t pick a SINGLE stamp set that I love the most. So I quess I just love love love Papertrey Ink!

  • 515
    Arlene D says:

    Up, Up & Away with the matching balloon and cloud dies are my 2010 favs!! So many possibilities and I made a really cute card with them for a swap. I just love all the colors and ideas that I find on your blog! I would be “UP, UP & AWAY” with joy at winning such a fantastic prize!!!

  • 516
    Melissa Ladd says:

    I’m not sure how I could choose just one favorite new product from 2010! The introduction of Hawaiian Shores was probably at the top…it’s such a gorgeous color and I have to resist the urge to use it on everything!

  • 517
    Dana W says:

    I love the valentine tiny treats!!! It was the 1st set i got. I use it for so many non valentine things and the stamps are wonderful!!! I love how they come in CD cases!! I have since purchase lots of sets last year and now am looking into the best way to store my PI stamps close to me!!! I feel a trip to Ikea is in my future!!!

  • 518
    Lizzie Jones says:

    Trying to choose a favorite Papertrey product from this past year is nearly impossible, but I would say the item I’ve gotten the most use out of has to be the woodgrain impression plate. That plate has helped me take a project from “meh” to “ooh” more times than I can even explain. I am so looking forward to the new year and what you talented ladies have up your sleeves!

  • 519
    Lousette Ashton says:

    I have really enjoyed all of the beautiful flower images every month (year of the flower series). I am not by nature a “flower” girl, but have been inspired by every single one of them. Thank you for such fabulous products time and time again.

  • 520
    stampyblock says:

    What a year it has been! Thank you for PTI! Before 2010 I had been a fan of Papertry Ink but in this last year I have become ADDICTED! My absolute favorite thing is the dies (everyones favorite it seems) and the Mat stack sets. I have found over the last year, that my favorite part of the month is when the count down starts. I love all the inspiration and of course the new prodcts. Thank you!

  • 521
    Lauren L. says:

    I have lots of favorites but if I had to narrow it down to just one I’d say the Sunshine Impression Plate. I use it all the time. Probably too much in fact … but it’s my fav πŸ™‚

  • 522
    Heather J. says:

    All of the dies and impression plates!! My absolute favorite by far πŸ™‚ Keep it coming.

  • 523
    Laura Fitzgerald says:

    I am so in love with the mat stack dies (and stamp sets to match)… I use MAt Stack #4 on at least a third of the cards I create… it almost never gets put away in my die folder, I just leave it right by my big shot now!

  • 524
    stacy says:

    How do you pick one favorite? It is impossible but if I have to pick one I am going to cheat and say the dies. I have had so much fun with them and never get bored with them. I just keep going back and using them over and over. The design team gives endless inspiration and there is not another company out there that offers as much inspiration. Keep up the good work and look forward to many years of playing with your products.

  • 525
    Kim G says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary, I have been with you since the beginning set! I have loved the dies the best, probably the fillable frames dies and sets that match!

  • 526
    Elizabeth Burke says:

    Of all the new products that were released in 2010, I have to say the felt is my all time favorite.

    The colors are beautiful..so beautiful in fact, I have a hard time using it. I just want to feel it and look at it..LOL

  • 527
    Nancy says:

    Oh my gosh – how do you pick a favorite product? I love it all – buttons, ribbons, card stock, inks, stamps and dies! Of course I don’t have everything – I would go broke or have to work 3 jobs to support my addiction! So I just continue to read everyone’s blogs to be inspired and get ideas and create with what I have. Happy 4th anniversary!

  • 528
    Super Jen says:

    How can I NOT comment with such generous rewards!!!

    I am a sentiment junkie so my favorites have been the fillable frames.

    Now for my dirty little secret. I do not own ANY Papertrey products. And it’s all your fault – the catalog is simple too wonderful. Every time I sit down to make my wish list it is simply TOO BIG. I end up giving up because I can never manage to pare down the cart to a reasonable figure.

    Happy anniversary, by the way. Here’s to another year of inspiration!

  • 529
    Susan Thornton says:

    There are so many wonderful products to choose from but my favorite is the Mat Stack collection!

  • 530
    Diana says:

    My favorite product this year was actually a product line: the fillable frames series. Both the dies and the stamps are super versatile. I reach for them every time I sit down to scrapbook or papercraft.

  • 531
    Karen says:

    Like many others who have commented before me, it’s hard to choose just one product. I love so many PTI products, and they are the backbone of my papercrafting hobby! I guess my very favorite stamp set this year (with coordinating dies, of course) is Love Lives Here. I loved every card the Design Team created and have found it to be just as versatile as I imagined it.

  • 532
    Sue says:

    What amazing designs. I know I’ve seen them all before individually but they truly are all amazing creations. Thank you so much for your creativity and willingness to share it with everyone. I can only hope to win this fantastic prize!

  • 533
    Lisa G. says:

    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary. I have been with you from almost the start and I have enjoyed every moment as your company grows. It’s so hard to pick one product as my favorite as I have so many but I would have to say that I am thrilled with all of your dies. I use them on just about every project I make. I’m excited to see what you have in store for the new year and I’m wishing you many more years of success!

  • 534
    Roxanne Mussell says:

    I can’t just pick one! Though number one has to be the dies that coordinate with sets. I so dislike cutting, so my Enjoy the Ride die and Delightful Dahlia Dies are life savers. I’m ready for dies matching Year of Flowers and Friends ‘Til The End.

    Happy Anniversary Papertrey!!

  • 535
    Kristen says:

    I’m not sure I can pick just ONE favorite from 2010. What a great year (and I’ve been buying PTI since the second set came out)…I would have to say I adore the dies the most. I’m going to have to pick the Limitless Layers because I use them ALL THE TIME…especially with the yummy PTI felt. The XL Rick Rac die is a close second…

  • 536
    Tanya C. says:

    It is too hard to chose a favorite product, but I especially LOVE the addition of dies to your wonderful line of stamps! The mat stack dies are awesome and I love the stamp sets that are dedicated to them! Looking forward to another exciting year!

  • 537
    Cammie says:

    The dies are my favorite product introduced in 2010; however, I can’t pick just one favorite die.While my favorite stamp set of 2010 is BB:Tin Types.

  • 538
    Jessica says:

    So my jaw dropped and I might have puked in my mouth a little at the opportunity to win this giveaway. It would make my life complete to own all those products! And to pick just one product from 2010 is ridiculous. But I will. I love the fillable frames. And I love even more that PI is creating more matching stamps for them this year! My favorite one is the little tag, Fillable Frames #9, with the coordinating die. I find myself grabbing it a lot for gifts/cards/everything lately. I love it! OMG pick me please!

  • 539
    Theresa Grdina says:

    I have today I really enjoy Papertrey products. I don’t have much but what I have is truly loved! Happy anniversary and keep up the good work!

  • 540
    Janet G says:

    My favorite PTI product from last year has to be the felt. It is the absolute best. Beautiful colors, cuts easily with the dies and feels so soft.

  • 541
    Diana says:

    Each new release brings a new favorite, but my all time are your Button Bits. They make up such unique cards and all who receive are thrilled. What a lucky girl to win this amazing package!! I think I would have an ‘out of body experience’! LOL
    Thanks for all of the talent you share each and every month. The 15th is my favorite time of month!!

  • 542
    Cara Brouder says:

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe all the goodies that you are giving away – what a wonderful prize. It’s hard to pick one favorite item from this past year – but it has to be one of the new line of dies…I will pick Mat Stack 4. But seriously, it could be any one of the dies that has taken my crafting to the next level. Happy Anniversary PTI and thank you to all the designers who produce such wonderful samples each month!

  • 543
    Christina M says:

    I have so many favorites from the last year, but the one I come back to time and time again is the Woodgrain impression plate. I use it more than any other and love that it adds an extra something to masculine cards, especially. Thanks so much for the chance to win an amazing prize!

  • 544
    Shelley says:

    Yay for 4 years of PTI. I can’t decide between the fillable frames line & the mat stacks line for my favorite.You guys have to many great products. LOL

  • 545
    Voegelchen says:

    First of all: Happy Birthday PTI!!

    My favorite 2010 products are the banner builder collection and all the friendship jar stamps and dies. So versatile. But with every new relaese there are so much fun new must have products that I want to have it all. But so many money in my pocket πŸ™‚ so thanks for the chance of winning this awesome give away.

  • 546
    kbikegirl@aol.com says:

    Happy 4th! My go-to set is Big & Bold Wishes. I have used that set so much over the past year. L-O-V-E it!

    Karen Bryan

  • 547
    Becky C says:

    Wow, you sure don’t ask easy questions, heehee! My most favorite PTI product of 2010 is the linen/canvas impression plate. I use that thing ALL the time!

  • 548

    Congrats to Danielle – she’ll be the perfect addition to your team!! Favorite product of the past year?? I do love your felt – it’s truly special, thick and gorgeous! Happy Anniversary ladies, I’m looking forward to the festivities this week! πŸ™‚

  • 549
    melanie says:

    WOW!…what a prize…..my favorite PTI product of 2010 has to be the beautiful, rich, glorious, yummy Blueberry Sky paper, ribbon, felt and buttons. Blue has always been my favorite color…and this is the perfect blue, not too baby blue or too navy blue, not too green or too purple or too gray! I love it! Waiting patiently for the ink to match… Thanks for the chance to win this package…WOW!

  • 550
    Martha S. says:

    Ooooh, just one? My favorite product would be the Fillable Frames series! So versatile and the die shapes are just fabulous!

  • 551
    Stephanie says:

    i love the banners (your banner dies with topper – ok, that’s not one product, sorry, but they need each other). there is so much possibility with so many occasions with them. wow.

  • 552
    Verna says:

    My favorite has been the Favor It Box 3 die. It is such fun to use and makes such a cute little box!

  • 553
    heidi quick says:

    This post was amazing! As I looked at each of the ladies, it truly hit me how much each of them play in my daily life. Yes, daily! I love checking, Nichole, Mish, Dawn, Betsy & Melissa’s blogs. How many of your beautiful ideas helped me recreate something that touched a friend, co-worker or student. Honestly, it was a thrill for me when I received a personal email from Melissa. I “copied” a card of hers and a student whos mother was dying asked me to make a card for her to give to her mom. I knew right where to go for inspiration. Right now I’m so busy between work and family that I couldn’t create something totally unique if my life depended on it πŸ™‚ But your inspiration grants me the much needed therapy money can’t buy. Thank you all truly! Probably my favorite product this year would be the dies. I use the limitless layers all the time.

  • 554
    Lawrie H. says:

    My favorites are the “Tiny Treats” stamps. I used Tiny Treats: Christmas on my Christmas cards this year, then went back and bought the Tiny Treats: Valentine from last year’s release. When Tiny Treats: Birthday came out, I purchased it without hardly looking at the images because I knew I would love it!

  • 555
    JenGallacher says:

    I think my favorite would have to be the PaperTrey Ink dies. You really set the industry standard for dies that match your stamps. AMAZING!

  • 556
    Jo-ann says:

    OMG, I have so many favorites that it really is hard to narrow it down. I love all of the stamps, dies, paper, ribbon and felt. One of my favorite products is the mason jar stamp set and dies. I have used it so many times in so many different ways, just love it.

  • 557
    Chris says:

    First of all, learning about PTI last February was the most fun discovery!! My favorite stamp set of 2010 would have to be the On My Couch sets. Most of my friends have moved away over the course of time & this set helped me convey so many of my feelings for them. Absolutely love the associated dies–makes using the stamps such a pleasure!

  • 558
    Peg says:

    It’s so hard to think of my most favorite PTI product, but I am in love with you dies and vintage ink. If I would have to narrow it down more I would say I use the inks to distress almost every card, but the envelope die would come a close second. Thanks for making my stamping life so much more fun!
    Happy Anniversary

  • 559
    MariClaudi says:

    My fav has to be the woodgrain stamp. I love it for masculine cards.

  • 560
    Ohhh Snap says:

    There are so many wonderful choices, but I think my favorite would have to be chair-ished or beyond basics: woodgrain or library ledger (I’ve been having way too much fun with that one) well it’s just too difficult to pick just one lol.

  • 561

    I can’t remember how I found PTI but I am thankful I did! PTI is an amazing company with an amazing group of people! PTI has allowed my “inner artist” to BLOOM!



  • 562
    Jennifer A says:

    I am new to PTI and so ALL my sets are Favorites – If I had to pick just one – it would have to be Just the Ticket – so versatile – PLEASE come out with more add on sets for it!

  • 563
    berryblue says:

    Boy do I LOVE this company! I cannot say enough wonderful things! I think my favorite product of 2010 was Up, Up & Away and the additions. I love those hot air gallons. And the clouds. And the sentiments and fonts are so cheerful and fresh. The sunnyness of it all makes me smile! What an awesome prize package! Thanks for sharing so many incredible goodies with us!

  • 564
    Cassie K says:

    Wow, what inspirations and what a prize. I have so many favs from the past year, but one of my most fav is the Linen & Canvas Impression Plate although my Up, Up & Away stamp set comes a close second.

  • 565
    Lisa M says:

    My favorite is Melissa’s Love Lives Here. Those images make me swoon! All your products are exceptional.

  • 566
    Tracie C says:

    My favorite product from Papertrey Ink are your dies. I love each and every one of those. They make the project pop every time. Congrats Nichole and thanks for offering this fantastic prize.

  • 567
    Sheila Harper says:

    The woodgrain stamp is my favorite of 2010. Thanks for the chance to win a tremendous prize!

  • 568
    Chris Cross says:

    I have waited with great anticipation every month to see what your latest dies are. Love them and what your design team does with them.

  • 569

    If I have to choose ONE favorite, it must have been the Fillable Frames #5, with the coordinating die… (I guess that’s technically two products… oops! =)

  • 570
    Marilyn Cline says:

    My absolute favorite product for 2010 has to be the harvest cardstock. When I saw that new cardstock color, I felt as though my crafting world was complete. I LOVE that color!! And I can’t seem to stop making cards with it either! Thank you, thank you, thank you for adding that gorgeous color!!

  • 571
    Ang M says:

    How to pick one favourite? I just love the fillable frames and dies, beautiful fonts used for the sentiments, fabulous dies and the ability to interchange the sentiments with different dies, I love them!

  • 572

    I LOVED the dies, of course! I have to admit… I didn’t have ANY dies at the beginning of 2010- now I don’t even think I could count them! LOL! Thanks for the opportunity to win such an AMAZING prize package! This anniversary celebration is going to blow us all away!

  • 573
    Kristine Bents says:

    my one favorite product… that is tough. I do love your inside and out sentiment stamp sets… the thank you one in particular, and the happy birthday one. I just saw a post on someone using the build a banner die cut and I fell in love with that too!

  • 574
    Dee says:

    Every month I can’t wait to see what new products PaperTrey is going to release. I love the stamps sets but I think I love the new dies even more. If I had to narrow it down even more I’d have to say the border dies are my favorites!

  • 575
    Jackie W. says:

    Wow, that’s tough to choose, but I would have to say the Love Lives Here stamp set and coordinating dies. They are perfect in every way and I love them!

  • 576
    Jade says:

    Oh my! I have to enter this contest! I have been following Papertrey Ink for several months now and I drool with every email I open. I WANT PAPERTREY but I don’t know where to start! Everything is so beautiful and I want it all but I am frozen and can’t make a decision. Maybe if I were lucky enough to win this amazing collection I would have an incredible base to start from and then I could easily decide where to add on from there. So please, please, PLEASE pick me! I NEED PAPERTREY!!!!

  • 577
    Denise Roy says:

    I am new to cardmaking as of this past year…one of the reasons I love it so much is all the wonderful supplies that Papertrey offers…there are so many that are special but I really like the woodgrain impression plate. I also love all the sentiments especially the inside and out ones…the paper is wonderful..I could go on and on…thank you Nichole.

  • 578
    Betty C says:

    I think the set I reach for most often is the Signature set. I love the beautiful personal handwriting….(Dawn’s I think) and would like to see more of these sets with different sayings. Congratulations! I’ve been with you almost from the beginning.

  • 579
    Stephanie L says:

    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary! Here’s to many more. I love, love, love PTI products!!! More and more of them are finding their way to me all the time! It’s hard, but I think my favorite products are the Tiny Treats sets with coordinating dies. I can’t wait to see the February release! Thanks for all the inspiration and best of luck as you move forward!

  • 580
    Trinka King says:

    Favorite product? Well who can choose just one. I love them all. The banner dies would be my favorite if I really need to pick one. Happy Birthday Papertrey!

  • 581
    Sheryl B. says:

    I fell in love with PTI in October of 2010, when I placed my first order. That order included the limitless layers dies….I just had to have them! They are always one of my “go to” products when I make something!

  • 582
    Jenny Young says:

    Wow! What a hard choice! I love all of the coordinating exclusive dies and stamp sets. Plus anything from the Raspberry Suite would be a favorite!! Thanks so much for this awesome contest and Happy Anniversary!

  • 583

    Gee that’s like asking me to pick my favourite child! LOL Seriously though, I am loving the new dies in particular the mat stack range.
    Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary and thank you for being a constant source of creative inspiration!

  • 584
    lindsay says:

    my fav has got to be “just the ticket” stamp set and co-ordinating die…michelle, “mish” makes things look so easy to put together…congrats on your anniversary…you have a fabulous team with such creativity…

  • 585
    Amy S says:

    I eagerly look forward to the 15th each month…I love it all!!!

  • 586
    Sheryl B. says:

    I fell in love with PTI in October 2010, when I placed my first order. That order included the limitless layers dies….I just had to have them. They are always on of my “go to” products when I make something!

  • 587

    Hmmm Sorry but my last comment came up without a name at the bottom … so I will add it here.


  • 588
    Sandi Tedesco says:

    I love all of the Papertrey stuff! The coordinating dies for the stamp
    sets are awesome! Keep up the awesome inspiration Nicole and the rest of the team!!

  • 589

    My favorite from the last year is a tie: All Booked Up (because I’m a master bibliophile) and A Wreath for All Seasons (so versatile and pretty!).

  • 590

    I am in love with your fabulous cardstock and matching ribbons.

  • 591
    Kate aka stinkydudette says:

    Happy Happy 4th Anniversary!! I love the Fillable Frames Dies the most!! They are super versatile!! I reach for them the most!!

  • 592
    judy samples says:

    It’s the dies!!!! I love them! Although I’m rarely a winner, I just had to say…… it’s the dies, silly!!


  • 593
    Isabel Z says:

    An impossible task–picking one favorite PTI product. I have been buying PTI products since almost the beginning and each month I am delighted with the new offerings. You never cease to amaze me with your innovative products. One of my favorite parts is that each designer shows us her personality when she uses the new products. Whenever I think that a product is one I can live without, I fall in love with it when I see it used by one of you talented ladies. I have to have it ALL!!!! If I had to pick one though for this year I would have to go with the dies. As a busy wife and mom of 3 going in 3 different directions, my “me time” is very limited. This year I went back to work full time so the “me time” decreased to a very tiny portion of my week. Having the dies available means I can spend more time creating with PTI instead of cutting. So thank you PTI for thinking of everything, for inspiring me, and for producing a top notch product that I can still afford on my teacher’s salary (okay, so my husband helps a lot). Here’s to another wonderful PTI year!!!!!!!

  • 594
    Mrs. O says:

    I guess my favorite for 2010 is the whole Fillable Frame series of stamps and dies. I have thoroughly enjoyed their versatility. They are my “go to” stamps and dies! I make tons of birthday cards for my students so these have been fabulous!

  • 595
    Luanne Morgado says:

    My favorite PTI stamp is “Believe” because it is my very first PTI stamp. I love all my PTI stamps but that one will always be special.
    Thank you,

  • 596
    Jessica C. says:

    It’s so hard to choose just one thing as my favorite. I was so excited that you introduced the dies this year. I think my favorites of those are the tag dies. Of course, if you ask me later, I may say the mini scrapbook page dies. Or the banner builder. Or the limitless layers. Okay, so I love the dies. My wish list is huge! Thanks for a great 2010!

  • 597
    Mindy says:

    My favorite PTI products are all of dies & my very most used die is my beloved envelope liner. I honestly use it to line my envie with every card that I make. Now a card just doesn’t seem complete without a lined envelope!

  • 598
    Tracy Harp says:

    WOW, what great fun to see everyone’s favorite projects! And double WOW to the prize package!!

  • 599
    Brenda Zeddun says:

    What a great way to start my Saturday morning – lots of beautiful samples of PTI products! Wonderful post!

  • 600
    Jeannine says:

    My hands down favorite project from 2010 was the Love Bird stamp set. It is soooo cute and is paired with such amazing phrases!

  • 601
    Monica L says:

    Very tough question–my favorite product for 2010? So many great options to pick from–the dies, the felt, the impression plates. I had to narrow it down to one I think I would have to say the mat stack dies and coordinating stamps. These provide such versatility–I keep seeing them used in many different ways! I can’t wait for this month’s release for Mat Stack 4. Thanks for all the great products of 2010 and I’m looking forward to 2011.

  • 602
    Liza M says:

    I love all the great dies that came out in 2010. They just give a professional look!

  • 603

    Really, you are going to make me choose?? My favorite is the new stamps to go along with the mat stacks collections – I know it is more than one but I love the whole line!

  • 604
    Jodie M. says:

    Just too much to narrow down! I’m in love the edge die!!! Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize!

  • 605
    Caryn Davies says:

    Aye carumba!!!! I think I am speechless – not just by the announcement that Danielle Flanders is joining the team (LOVE) but the prize you are sharing is just unbelieveable – what a generous and amazingly kind gesture. Can’t wait for the rest of this week!!

    Big hugs,

    Caryn xxx

  • 606

    I love everything PTI the labels and dies are just amazing whether its vintage labels or just one of Heathers labels. Its pure genus.

  • 607
    Patty Root says:

    I would have to say my favorite product was the Friendship Jar sets. Not only do I love the sets but was able to purchase them at CHA in Chicago where I was able to see in person Papertrey gals! What a great day that was! I also was able to see and talk with Debbie Olson whom I had taken a copic class from in Grand Rapids. Congrats on your fourth anniversary and I look forward to new products for years to come!

  • 608
    Lori Oglesby says:

    I’m fairly new to PTI. I actually discovered PTI last February. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Fillable Frame series of stamps and dies. I love the versatility and simple style. They have been a great tool this year! Keep up the great work!!!!

  • 609
    Lynne G. says:

    Wow, it is hard to pick one product as a favorite! I have been in love with the Fillable Frames series this year. They are so versatile and can be used for cards, tags for gifts, or journal blocks for scrapbook pages. I always have a set or two out on my desk and I use them in almost every project!

  • 610
    Mary Meola says:

    My favorite product was the calendar die. I love making calendar’s for presents at Christmas time. All of your products are amazing!

  • 611
    Stacy W. says:

    I think my favorite item from 2010 would be the fillable frames series. I love that the sentiments are interchangable with all the frames and that they all have a matching die! The $5 price tag rocks as well and makes it very affordable to collect them all. I have used them for food tags, book plates, cards and so much more. Sometimes I just use the sentiment by itself on my projects. I can’t wait to see the new series for 2011! Thanks for a great 2010 and I am so excited to follow along in 2011.

  • 612
    Lia S says:

    Congrats on your 4 years in business! Wishing you many many more. I thought the adding the bakers twine was genious! Keep up the great work you’re always ahead of the game!
    Lia S.

  • 613
    Lee Anne says:

    Wow! I’m a little teary-eyed reading your feelings about your DT team. I know that you put so much into that post and appreciate your putting it all out there for us to read. The fact that you feel like the DT is a close family – sisters – makes me feel so good about this company. Knowing you value relationships the way you do makes me feel good about the money I spend here. My favorite product would have to be the dies. I was so happy that I received a Big Shot for Christmas when I saw you were coming out with them. Thanks for this post today and the wonderful prize too!

  • 614
    abby says:

    Wow, this may be one of the most generous giveaways I’ve ever seen! It’s been a long while since being able to treat myself to beautiful craft paper goods and this would certainly do the trick..thanks for the chance!


  • 615
    Jessica ML says:

    First and foremost Happy Anniversary to PTI! A fave for 2010, as other have mentioned is quite the conundrum to pick just one. Well I’m going to go with the Dies. I have most and just love them because they cut so many different products thick or thin. Thanks for creating them and coordinating with the stamp because I HATE to cut out around a stamped image.

  • 616
    LuAnn says:

    I am a brand spanking new customer (First purchase 2/3/11 – my birthday!!) to Papertrey Ink even though I have been drooling over every project and release in the past year and a half. First in my cart was the Make a Wish additions and matching die! I’m patiently waiting for the By the Numbers die to come back in stock so I can grab it to go with the Big Birthday Wishes stamp set that’s also on it’s way! I need a second job so that I can start crossing things off my PTI wish list!

  • 617
    Kristin says:

    Wow, one favorite product?? I don’t know if that is possible! This was the year I went from just being a paper, ribbon, ink PTI girl to being a full fledged stamp set, die-loving, felt and baker’s twine girl. If I had to choose what I frequently pull out though is the Mat Stack Collection stamp sets with their dies. I love them!! I can do so much with both of them separate and together it is such a professional and “pulled together” look!

  • 618
    Deb says:

    I am in love with PTI dies and Tage Sale 1 is my favorite. I enjoy making tags for just about everything. Christmas was so fun to be able to add my previous 2008 Holiday Tag Collection to the Tag Sale die. It had such a WOW factor with family and friends. Nobody wanted to throw their gift wrapping away!

  • 619
    Jameela Banu says:

    I’ll say the best stamp set is All about You…its flowers, sentiments…everything about is amazing.
    Thanks for the chance to win those treasured goodies!

  • 620
    Marjorie Henseler says:

    Wow! How do I pick a favorite? I love the Mat Stack dies and stamps, the Limitless Layers, the whole Year of Flowers series and on and on….
    I guess my most favorite would be Year of Flowers: Rose. It makes an absolutely gorgeous wedding card, simple but elegant when paper-pieced, but can be colored too, or outline-embossed. So much versatility!

  • 621
    Desiree says:

    I like the year of flowers stamps. They are super cute!

  • 622
    Julie Ruffcorn says:

    Oh my…I loved the review of each designers favorite project from the year. Between the product and your designers, PTI is my absolute favorite!!! The prize to celebrate your anniversary is over the top!! My favorite product? Wow, I’ve bought more than I’ve been able to use so far and yet I still have a wish list… The mat stack dies, the flower series, the cute stamp sets like chair-ished are my favs of 2010.

  • 623
    Stacey says:

    Well, since I am new to the paper crafting world, I have only placed one order with papertrey ink. I ordered products to make valentines and so far, although not finished trying them all, I love the ink, stamps, and blocks…like I said I am new to this!! Thanks for being a great inspiration!!

  • 624

    What an amazing year it’s been enjoying all the wonderful new products that Papertrey has come up with! It’s so hard to pick just one, but since I’m always reaching for my Mat Stack 4 die, it must be my favorite. πŸ˜‰ Congratulations on another successful year at PTI!

  • 625
    Barbra says:

    How do you pick a favorite Papertrey Ink product? You don’t, there are so many wonderful items to choose from. That said, I love the “Tiny Treats” line as well as all of the fantastic Papertrey Ink dies! The ribbon, buttons, paper…I could go on for days. Wow, what a great prize! Thanks for the fabulous contest! Looking so forward to this release!

  • 626
    Laura Bostwick says:

    It’s hard to choose just one item from 2010, so I’ll choose one group of items—the fillable frames (and dies) are an absolute DREAM COME TRUE! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • 627
    Cathie says:

    I made my first purchase from PIT in 2010 and I’m afraid to admit just discovered Nicole’s blog at the same time. My favorite set was the first one I purchased–2010 Holiday Tags. The tags and cards that I made for Christmas were a big hit! Let’s just say I’ve had multiple purchases since then and love all of my new goodies!
    Happy Anniversary–Here’s to many more!

  • 628
    Kelly says:

    I am a fillable frames junkie. I don’t think I make a card/tag without using one. I love the versatility. But it was hard to pick a favorite. I love PTI and so look forward to the monthly releases!

  • 629
    Linda W says:

    The PTI Dies are top on my list and in particular the Envelope Liner. It adds such elegance to the card and says that we really care to add that extra touch. And the die makes it so-o-o easy.

  • 630
    Danielle says:

    My favorite from the past year would have to be Little Bitty Birds. Even though I’ve only had it for a month or so I find myself always going back to it!

  • 631
    Andi Sexton says:

    Such a beautiful post honoring your DT members! My favorite set from 2010 is the recently released one of Melissa’s – Love Lives Here…

  • 632
    June says:

    I became a stamp and die customer last year in February (cardstock and ribbon customer much much longer) and have totally fallen in love with so many of your products. Naturally I use some stamps and dies more often than others. Although I don’t use YOF Mums often (not like my fav sentiments) but it is my absolute favorite. My dad used to grow mums and this set brings back so many fond memories of him. Thanks for making this set.

  • 633
    Sally says:

    So many beautiful sets, but my favorite thing would be the dies, just makes things so easy to put together a card.

  • 634
    jan metcalf says:

    It is really difficult to narrow a favorite to one! We are talking a year here…. So I will say the dies! The VW for graduations and love, and oh new drivers; the banners for birthday love and so much more; the pine tree was used for my Xmas cards all decorated in glitter or diamonds or pearls, depending on the style of the recipient; tags galore; spiral notebooks to embellish; the beautiful leaves, one used to make a pretty poinsettia; and so much more!! And then there is my wish list! So, so appreciate the dies are priced reasonably and easy to use!! They add a new dimension to my card making. And did I mention they coordinate beautifully with the stamps? LOVE.

  • 635
    Cathy Green says:

    My absolute favorite of the past years goodies would be the dies…hands down. Now if you ask me which one, we’ve got a problem there. They are all so fabulous I couldn’t narrow it down. I love the dies because they make the card or project look so professional. They are a fabulous to my stamping stash!

  • 636
    Rebecca Deeprose says:

    I have lots of stamps and dies, but yours are my favorites. I keep coming back to the Love Lives Here stamp set, love your vintage button collections and have just finished creating 2011 memory books using your pads of calendar pages. You’re a great company to do business with. Thanks.

  • 637

    This is actually my first year with PTI, and I have fallen in love with everything! And I must say I think you have the most talented DT around! I think my favorite would have to be the banner dies, though everything is amazing.

  • 638
    Shelly says:

    What a wonderful giveaway…a stampers dream for sure! My favorite PTI product would be the matching dies. I also love the felt! It cuts like butter and the colors are gorgeous. Thanks so much for your scrumptious releases every month!

  • 639
    Tina Knapp says:

    Really — I have to pick just one??? That’s so hard as I was new to PTI products this year and everytime my order comes in, I swear it’s my new favorite!! BUT, I do love your die cuts and always find myself reaching for the Limitless Layers set and now it’s available in an even bigger size!! Be still my heart..

  • 640
    Karen C says:

    It is hard to pick just one favorite so I am going with a whole product line. The felt! I adore the felt! It is so easy to cut and creates such clean lines. Using dies and some tacky glue I made coasters for Christmas presents. I had tried using some regular craft store felt in a pinch and it just didn’t stand up to the challenge. I am forever sold on the Papertrey felt!

  • 641
    annabelle says:

    My favorite new things are the dies, they are so versatile and so cute!!!!

  • 642
    Patty from FL says:

    I love the Papertrey dies. My favorite set is the On My Couch dies with the On My Couch Additions. So many ways to use them! And since I’m not a copic girl, I like that I can die cut an image from patterned paper! Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary!

  • 643
    mary puskar says:

    My favorite was definitely the Friendship Jar and Jar Fillers sets. I absolutely found so many great things to do with it and hope there will be more sets to add to it. Happy Anniversary PTI!


  • 644
    Kathie says:

    I love the egg stamps and die. I love stamping for Easter. Thanks for the great contest!