Tonight is the Night!

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The night we have all been waiting for is finally here!  Can't you just feel the anticipation in the air!  Now is your chance to be one of the FIRST to get to play with all of the amazing paper crafting goodness that we are offering up this month!!!  I wanted to let you know a few things about tonight so you can know what to expect!

The release party begins at 10pm EST on our forum.
Be sure to stop by our forum and enjoy the camaraderie and chit chat about all of our new products.  It's fast-moving and a super duper way to pass the time until you can begin filling your cart.

You can't have a party without a contest.
Tonight we will feature a contest, HERE ON THE BLOG.  There is a post that will go live @ 10:30pm EST entitled "OFFICIAL Release Party Contest" with a question for you to answer.  Share your answer with us and you will be eligible to win:

Our "I Want It All" package
this includes almost the entire December Release!

The contest will close at 11:30pm EST and the winner will be chosen via the Random Number Generator.  I will announce the lucky winner here before midnight!

Stamp Set Reveal @ 11pm EST

At 11pm EST I will reveal all of the stamp sets in their entirety here, on the blog.  This way you can have a little time to look at everything and make informed decisions about your purchases.

Release Ordering 101

I have added a new page of information that will tell you all about the details of ordering during the release, procedures & policies you should be aware of and more.  Whether your new here or a regular, I think you will all find this information helpful.  You can find this information HERE.

December Quick Picks/Collections!

For those of you who want it all with just one click!  You can see the full list of quick picks as well as all of the other new merchandise that will be available tonight, HERE!

December in a Nutshell!

You can always see a linked review list for each release on my Previous Countdown page, HERE.  But I have also added the list below, so it's easy to navigate while you are making your shopping decisions tonight.

DAY 1: Make a Wish & Make a Wish Additions

DAY 2: Fillable Frames #11 & Little Bitty Bird

(Little Bitty Bird is not available for purchase tonight, please see details below)

DAY 3: Mat Stack 2 Collection & Year of Flowers: Poinsettias

DAY 4: Love Lives Here

DAY 5: Love Birds & Background Basics: Sheet Music and 2010 Love Tags

And one last thing…

This week a small grammar error in a sentiment contained in Little Bitty Bird was brought to our attention.  The word "Everyday" was used at the beginning of a phrase when it shouldn't have been. This is an issue that slid through the system as an honest oversight. There should be a space between the two, reading "Every day…". Because of this error we will be delaying the sale of the set and taking the time to replace the sentiment with the correct version.We anticipate that it will be about 2-3 weeks. We will definitely keep you updated with the status because we know how anxious many of you are to purchase this adorable set of images.

Thank you so much for visiting throughout the week and we look forward to seeing you tonight!


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    LuAnn says:

    Hey Nichole – can you email me at wildblueeyez at comcast dot net? I sent a message through the store that I’m not sure made it to you 🙂


  • 2
    Lori Winters says:

    Hi Nichole,,,, The “I want it All” package sure has changed over the past year… it’s a testament to your ever growing business…. Nice to see a business expand in these tough times and it couldn’t be more deserving. You have been a inspiration to us all!!

  • 3
    Kathy Mc says:

    Nichole, not sure why someone challenged “everyday” as one word being incorrect. It can be used as an adjective or a noun (which it is in this case). Grammatically, it was used correctly. It’s unfortunate you have to delay the sale because of someone’s opinion. Best of luck with this release ~ it should be a real winner!

  • 4
    Martha says:

    Kathy, I wasn’t the one who challenged the set, but I’d like to respectfully disagree with you. In the phrase, “Everyday is a new opportunity…” it should indeed say “Every day” as “every” is the modifier and “day” is the noun.
    It can come later in the sentence, but not at the beginning in Standard American English:
    “It was not an isolated incident. It had become part of the everyday”

    Kudos to you, Papertrey for addressing the error, no matter how small. Many companies do nothing of the sort and this truly makes you stand out above the crowd.

    University English Department Chair

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    sue snyder says:

    omg the bird set the cage I want it all I hope danya is good to me,,,

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