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Hello, everyone!  Thank you so much for stopping by to participate in the festivities tonight!  We are so glad that you're here!

We have the "I Want It All" May Prize Package up for grabs today for one lucky comment!

"What is the best homemade gift you have ever received?"

You have until 11:30pm EST to let us know you're answer to this question.  One comment per person please.  One randomly selected winner will be announced shortly before midnight right here on this post.  Good luck to all of you and enjoy the rest of the night!


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And thank you again to everyone for sticking with us during this time of transition.  We rally appreciate each and every one of you.

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  • 1
    Rebecca G says:

    Wow 🙂 first let me say that homemade gifts are my favorite! And I think my absolute fav was a homemade quilt … a simple pattern, nothing fancy but stitched wtih love!

  • 2
    Cindy says:

    Christmas ornaments that my husband made for me.

  • 3
    Jen R says:

    My favorite was a home made apple pie!

  • 4
    Krista T says:

    I received a beautiful crocheted afghan at my bridal shower. It’s gorgeous and even matched my living room.

  • 5
    Elizabeth Jones says:

    That would be a crocheted blanket my grandma made when I got my first apartment…still use it all the time and since she’s muc older and health is getting worse, it’s very special to me.

  • 6
    Rebecca J. says:

    The quilt my mom made me and my husband for our wedding. I will treasure it forever!

  • 7
    Stephanie says:

    Hi! The best handmade gift I ever got was a set of cards! I’m really hoping that the site comes back.

  • 8
    Melissa Ladd says:

    One of the best homemade gifts I’ve ever received is a quilt made for me by my grandmother. Not only did she created it just for me, she added special little verses and sayings. It’s something that I’ll always have that will will remind me of her!

  • 9
    heidi quick says:

    The best homemade gift I received the day my younger brother was born. My great aunt knew that I was going to be feeling left out. She made me a huge rag doll that was actually bigger than I was. I named her Suzy and she looks like she has been through a war, but she is a treasured friend.

  • 10
    Tanya says:

    The best one would have to be a quilt that I made for my daughter when I redid her entire room while she was visting my sister in Alaska 🙂

  • 11
    see mary stamp says:

    My dearest friend made me a beautiful framed stained glass piece of a house. It’s been hanging in my home for many years.

  • 12
    Lynn says:

    Best handmade gifts are the gifts from my boys that they’ve made for various occasions. I love anything with their handprints on them that capture their size and age that we can pull out at holidays, etc. For Mother’s Day, my 4 year old’s preschool teacher had them made adorable stones with the sun as their hand,finger tips as caterpillars. So sweet and a lot of work for a class of four year olds!

    So sweet! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 13
    Karen B. says:

    A hand made card my son made for me written in his cute writing with a cute little dog he drew and signed by his nickname that only I call him. Melts my heart…

  • 14
    Sallie says:

    Beautiful handmade paper from a friend! She embeds flora into some of them. They are treasures which I tend to hoard. But every now and then use them in a card I make….going to someone who will appreciate these papers as well.

  • 15

    It would have to be from my daughter, when she was 4 yrs old…very first homemade card she ever gave me and I still have it!

  • 16
    Sheila says:

    I don’t get many handmade gifts since I make so many things myself but the flower arrangements that my mom makes me are always special to me and I just love having them displayed in my house.

  • 17
    Mariah says:

    Growing up we had very little money and my mother used to make special presents for us. I remember this little ragdoll she made for me…still see the ric-rak on the dress. Very 1970’s! But I still have the doll and my mother’s love for all things crafty has been passed down to me and now to my daughter!

  • 18
    Ngan R. says:

    The best homemade gift I have received is from my dear husband. He made a gigantic card for my birthday. He printed and “scrapped” together pictures of me taken in Hawaii for our first vacation and made a big beautiful card. It meant a lot to me that he took the time and energy to do that.

  • 19
    Ang says:

    One year for my birthday my husband and two sons each made me a scrapbook page. I treasure them.

  • 20
    bonnierose says:

    let’s see, the best homemade gift I’ve ever received is a big box full of handmade cards… each one done so beautifully…at first I didn’t wanna use them, and then I realized what a gift they wud be for the recipients… that got me started fr sbing to card design! That was the best gift I ever got.. and it wasn’t even for a bday, it was a just because kinda gift! Loved that.
    xo bonnierose
    bonnieangel1797@gmail.com in Fargo
    new PTI junkie!

  • 21
    Jo Ann says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was my craft room which was made with lots of love by my sweet husband!

  • 22
    Alyssa B says:

    A quilt from my grandma. I love it to bits!

  • 23
    Kristin Burge says:

    My Mom made the most beautiful baby quilts – for each of my babies when they were born. Absolutely, hands down – the most beautiful and special handmade gifts EVER!!!!
    The new products look fabulous! Thanks Nichole!
    -Kristin B.

  • 24
    nina says:

    Hmm! Probably the glass cookie jar that my sister made for me MANY years ago – she painted a recipe for shortbread & a recip for chocolate chip cookies right on the jar. I still use the jar and recipes!

  • 25
    Colleen C. says:

    I received a collage from my niece. Everyone in the family says she is just like her Aunt C – always making things. I have the collage in my office where I can look at it every day. It is one my most treasured possessions because she made it just for me.

  • 26
    Maureen L. says:

    The best handmade gift I’ve ever gotten was a card/story poem from my kids for mothers day …. they decorated and stamped on it and everything!

  • 27
    Dawn says:

    A quilt from my Mom.

  • 28
    Isabel Z says:

    The best homemade gift that I received was a portrait of myself drawn by my 7-year-old daughter. On the back she wrote a paragraph about what her mommy likes and what we love to do together. Her last sentence was “I like to samp with my mother.” Her brothers were puzzled, “Samp, what is samp.” Of course, we knew that “samp” is “stamping with mom”. That’s my girl.

  • 29
    Kristen Carpinello says:

    The best homemade gift I’ve ever received was a baby quilt that my sister made for my younger son. It was beautiful, and I cried when I received it. We still have it.

  • 30

    For my birthday this year my husband cooked me the most delicious homemade dinner (including appetizers and dessert)! He even typed up a special dinner menu with a handwritten message at the bottom!! It was such a perfect celebration! I’ll never forget it!

  • 31
    Rebecca B. says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a mobile to hang in my baby’s room. My sister made it and hand crafted each of the 12 fabric plush birds that she placed on 3 real wood branches. Wish I could post a picture of it! Thanks for the chance to win, Nichole. I’ve really loved this release.

  • 32
    Erin Taylor says:

    For my first Mother’s Day, my husband took our little boy to a ceramics shop and made a heart shaped vase for me, with our little one’s foot prints on it. It is so, so precious to me. Definitely my favorite homemade gift I’ve received 🙂

  • 33

    I got a strawberry jelly made by my mom and she also made some bubbles bath to pamper me!!!

  • 34
    TinaH says:

    My kids made me a poster with each of their memories from their childhood’s, photos of each of them with me, and thanking me for being such a great Mom. THAT was my very best gift, and it was homemade to boot! Thanks for the memory of it!

  • 35
    Linda w says:

    My best homemade item I received is a quilt that my daughter in law made for me. Everyone always want to use it.

    stamp on…

  • 36
    Marisa G says:

    The best gift I have ever received…I can think of two that are a tie! I received a handmade apron with pie shaped felt pockets from my brother’s girlfriend for Christmas two years ago. I love to make pie, thus the theme. Also, I received a scrapbook from my Mother that she made using pictures of me growing up. Both are special, and handmade. Great question!

  • 37
    Amy says:

    When I was a little girl, my mother read me books about dolls. Miss Flora McFlimsey and Amy’s Doll were two favorites. So on two separate birthdays she bought dolls that resembled the dolls in the books and sewed beautiful clothes for them and made or found accessories that matched the stories. They were the best homemade gifts ever!

  • 38
    Lindzie H says:

    The best homemade gift I ever got was from my nanny. She made all these bears out of fabric for all the cousins and they even had matching PJ’s. I don’t have the PJs anymore, but I still have it and plan to keep it around for my daughter. 🙂

  • 39
    Donna K says:

    when he was in first grade my nephew went to a Christmas fair at school – every gift item was $1. he got me a ring with a “diamond” because he knew I like jewelry. He’s 21 now and I still have it.

  • 40
    connie G says:

    My mother in law crocheted me the most beautiful blanket – white with coral flowers. She gave it to me while my husband and I were dating. I still have it to this day – 33 years later and it is still beautiful!!

  • 41
    Tammy says:

    I think it would have to be the apron my friend Deb sent me last year made from recycled jeans .. it was hard to choose just one though.

  • 42
    Myrna Holstrom says:

    A quilt made by my sister. She drafted the pattern and made it completely by herself, quilting and all! It is still hanging in my home, and I will treasure it always.

  • 43
    Andrea M says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a sweater knit by my grandmother. She made it for me when I was a teen and I have it 15 years later 🙂 gosh, I love that thing! Great release!!!!

  • 44
    Tara Boston says:

    The best homemade gift I have ever received was a king size quilt hand quilted by my grandma in white with white hand stitching, Took her years to handquilt the exquistly hand done design and I cherish so much more now that she has passed. Great question!
    Tara Boston

  • 45
    Teresa says:

    The best homemade gift I have ever received was a beautiful quilt from my mother.

  • 46
    Jennifer S. says:

    The best homemade gift I ever got was a blanket that my grandmother made for me when I was younger. She knitted the blanket so well and it’s something I will treasure forever.

  • 47
    Lynne S says:

    My mom made me a kitchen banner with a teacup motif that she had machine embroidered, and in the center created a recipe card pocket for her favorite tea cake recipe. I just adore it and her! I introduced her to machine embroidery and she has truly excelled at it. Makes a daughter so proud!

  • 48
    Nancy says:

    The best I have received just recently was a huge photo album chock full of photos of my girlfriends and I on trips to Vegas, San Fran and BPW conventions. It took her “years” to complile and I will cherish it forever as well as my friends!!!

  • 49
    Rachelle Hineline says:

    I love homemade gifts and have received so many that I love. So hard to pick a favorite, but I just love the clay pinch pot that my 6 year old son made for me for mother’s day this year. He even painted it my favorite color instead of his. 🙂

  • 50
    Maeghan M. says:

    I think the best homemade gift I ever got was a yellow scarf my best friend from high school made for me. I loved it and wore it until it unraveled itself, and I still kept it!

  • 51

    the best gift I ever received was the extra thick hot pads that my grandmother crocheted. Or maybe the best, best gift was when she finally decided I could learn how to make the family secret pattern myself! Either way, I still have many hot pads that she made with the leftover cotton yarn, so they are all half one color and half another. It will be a very sad day when they all get worn out, because she made them just for me.

  • 52
    Holly F. says:

    My favorite homemade gift was a baby quilt that my 86-year old Grandmother put together for my first born. He is now 8 ad she will be 94 this year..wow!

  • 53
    wida miller says:

    A baby blanket and outfit knitted for each of my children by my mother.

  • 54
    Becky K. says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is the cute apron that my future MIL gave me last Christmas! She knows I love to bake and cook, so it’s definitely useful (but almost too cute to wear!).

  • 55
    LeAnn says:

    My husband made me a slideshow for our 10th anniversary. For him, that was the closest to homemade I will get. 🙂

  • 56
    Margaret Peltier says:

    WOW – that is a tough one, I have lots of hand/home made gifts – but I would have to narrow down the list to my first communion dress (that I still have) and my wedding veil that my Mother made for me!

  • 57
    Trinka King says:

    As a wedding gift my husband’s grandmother gave us a beautiful handmade quilt that I love : )

  • 58

    I have two – the black & white polka dot prom dress my mother made and a quilt for my son when he was born made by a dear friend! Makes me wish I could sew – lol – like I NEED another hobby!

  • 59

    My father-in-law made a HUGE toybox for our living room. It’s a life saver for all my kiddos toys! We’d be buried in toys without it, haha.

  • 60

    A Stitched Norwegian table cover with Norwegiam children dancing. I LOVE it so much that it is framed and hanging in my kitchen. This way it is kept safe from spills and everyone can see all the beautiful details!

  • 61
    Jamie Nania says:

    Homemade Christmas ornaments and wreath for my first apartment door that my sister made me. I still use 10 years later. I love handmade things.

  • 62
    maryanne says:

    the best homemade gift i received was when my son was young and gave me mother’s day presents that he made at school

  • 63

    When my son was three months old, and I was turning 40, my husband put together a wonderful photo album of our son’s first three months – including awesome captions for each photo!

  • 64
    Linda says:

    I received a crocheted throw from my grandmother on my wedding day. She’s gone now but I still have the throw and plan to give it to my daughter on her wedding day!

  • 65
    Elizabeth S. says:

    I would have to say a quilt that my granddaughter had made me when she was about 8 or 9. I will always cherish it.

  • 66
    Becky says:

    My aunt is so talented. There is no craft that she can’t do. My favorite gift is a blanket that she crocheted.

  • 67
    Cathy Lathem says:

    The first card my daughter made for us when she could write her name. It is the first thing we hang on our tree every year.

  • 68
    Tracy says:

    A dear lady at our church made our daughter a beautiful quilt just before her 3rd surgery. It was so great to see our special girl cuddled in a cozy quilt and know that she is so very loved. Not only by us, but by our congregation as well.

  • 69
    Renate Hill says:

    A star book made for me by my friend who also happens to our son’s mother-in-law. It was and is beautiful.

  • 70
    Anna Wasierski says:

    My favorite homemade gift was from my Grandmother. She made me a queen size quilt from the pattern I picked out. Her eye for color and her incredible talent continues to amaze me:)

  • 71
    Vicky B says:

    After my grandmother taught me how to crochet she gave me an afghan that she had made. It is very special to me because she passed away a few months later. I also treasure all of the drawings and handmade cards I have received from my neices and nephews.

  • 72
    Melisa Hunter says:

    The best homemade gifts that I have received were from my mom: sewing projects. Pretty dresses growing up, a gorgeous quilted toiletry bag that I still use to this day and most recently pretty French country napkins.

  • 73
    Juli says:

    A delicious rhubarb pie in a beautiful Longaberger pie plate that a friend baked for me and gave me as a total surprise.

  • 74
    Kelly Schirmer says:

    My Mom did a complete makeover of my bedroom for my birthday one year. I told her that I liked living room curtains at a friend’s house, and she went over and scaled them down for my one little bedroom window. She made me a bedspread, vanity table skirt, and pillows, all in pinks and purples to match. Not only did she “hide” all of this sewing from me while I was home, she did an extreme makeover while I was at school (with my sister and brother-in-law helping), even painting the walls!! I almost fainted that day when I got home and went to throw my backpack in my bedroom. It was the most thoughtful and sweet surprise ever. I so miss her!

  • 75
    prairiegirl says:

    My mother made my brother & I Christmas bed linens years ago. I look forward to sleeping under my Christmas covers every year; it’s become one of my favourite traditions!

  • 76
    Hannah C says:

    My grandma made me a blanket for my wedding. I love to see her perfect stitches that were made with such love. I know it took her so much time. It will be a wonderful reminder long after she is gone.

  • 77
    Patty J says:

    Anything made by my kids is precious, and also the sewn large doll my mother made me when I was 5 … I loved that doll and dressed her in my clothes too.

  • 78
    Debbie says:

    When my son was born on my grandmother’s 80th birthday she gave my a quilt top that her mother made. I never knew her mother. The quilt top was made with cloth feed sacks that they used then. So it is not a beautiful quilt top but it is precious to me and I will always treasure it.

  • 79
    Kelly MB says:

    The best homemade gift that I have ever recieved was a card that my husband made me. He included fake tickets for scrapbooking classes that he had paid for at my LSS. He even lined up babysitting for the classes when he would not be home to watch the girls!

  • 80

    I unearthed a present from my 4th grade teacher when I was preparing for a yard sale last weekend. She crocheted a turtle around a bar of soap. It’s silly but she was a teacher that I loved and that little gift meant a lot to me….obviously, I kept it for another 35 years!

  • 81
    Barbara says:

    My friend gave me a lovely hand stamped card/mini book about Friends

  • 82
    michelle says:

    I have lots of favorites. My grandma made me several quilts that are precious to me. My dad made me a jewelry box out of wood that is really cool.

  • 83
    Janelle says:

    Hard question — I’ve received a lot. My mom made us all pillow quilts for Christmas about 15 years ago. We still use ours. And, in college a friend gave me a wooden kitchen utensil holder that she had painted a design and a Chinese proverb on. 30 years later it still holds my wooden spoons. Can’t imagine my kitchen without it!

  • 84
    Kathy Hering says:

    A quilt from a friend was probably my favorite!

  • 85
    Shay says:

    My mom has made me several handsewn gifts that I have loved like pillows, toys (when I was younger) and the like.

  • 86

    I have to say, I don’t get many homemade gifts. Most of my friends and all of my family aren’t very crafty. But, I did get an assortment of homemade jams, applesauce and various breads from one of my friends for Christmas last year. LOVED them!

  • 87
    Katie M says:

    The baby blanket that my stepmom hand wove for my daughter. Priceless!

  • 88
    misse336 says:

    The best homemade gift I have received is a cross stitched picture with our wedding date for our first anniversary from my mom. She made a cross stitch picture for my first sons room and is working on one for my second son. These are things that I will always treasure and hope my sons do too.

  • 89
    Terri Bills says:

    My good friend Marylou made me a handmade beaded bracelet with my son Owen’s name in silver blocks. I cried when I received it because I was so touched by her thoughtfulness.

  • 90
    Julia says:

    I always enjoy the little handmade cards my two children give me. I was especially touched by the lovely surprise cards they gave me on Mothers Day.

  • 91

    It was a chipboard birthday calendar filled to the brim with vintage and shabby goodies. It was soooo nice! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 92
    Emily W. says:

    My grandmother crocheted me a beautiful barbie doll dress. I still have it, tucked away with an afghan that she made and a little baby layette set.

  • 93
    Daniela says:

    A plate of homemade goodies for Christmas from the neighbors. I was pregnant and really big, and I didn’t make any cookies that time so it was perfect and so good.

  • 94
    Bethshaya says:

    The best homemade gift I ever recieved, I was about 5 years old and my grandmother made me a beautiful dress with little turtles embroidered on it and eyelet lace. She made me a matching purse and that was my very first purse. I felt like a big girl and put everything I could fit into that purse. I think I wore that dress out because I always wanted to match my purse when we went out.

  • 95
    Jane says:

    A handmade card from my step-granddaughter just this past Mother’s Day. It was the first time she called me Grandma!

  • 96
    Debbie Davis says:

    My mother made one of her signature ripple afghans for me for high school graduation. It has been 26 (!) years and I still add it to my bed every winter.

  • 97
    Jen Barkdull says:

    My mom painted a beautiful picture of the church where my husband and I were married and gave it to us on our 5th year wedding anniversary. I treasure that painting.

  • 98
    Donna C says:

    I would have to say a hand quilted nativity wall hanging that my sister made for me. It is huge and made in 3 pieces. It is gorgeous and must have taken her months and months to make. It means so much to me. She and I share a love of all things Christmas. I prefer handmade to anything anyone can buy for me (although stamps are a good close second, LOL!)

  • 99
    Keva Brown says:

    Hmm…homemade gifts? Gosh, I don’t get them very often, but I would have to say a scarf that my Mom’s friend made for me a couple of years ago. It’s a great long pink scarf that is so very comfortable. I KNOW it took her a long time to make and that makes the gift that much more special. To know that someone was thinking of me WELL before the *season* started means a lot to me. She’s a really great friend and I love her dearly!

  • 100
    Julie G. says:

    The best homemade gift I ever got was from my Aunt. She made my twin girls their Christening gowns. They were beautifully crocheted gowns. I will cherish them forever and hope that my grandchildren will wear them.

  • 101
    Chris K says:

    A beautiful afghan made by my grandmother

  • 102
    Vera Yates says:

    A super stylish & warm scarf from my SIL and my pottery pencil holder that my MIL made. I have talented in-laws. 🙂

  • 103
    Kathy W says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was from my husband: he wrote a beautiful poem about our relationship and he also composed a waltz for us to dance to. In the realm of arts and crafts, one of the moms in our babysitting co-op made a quilt and had all the kids (including my son) stamp their handprint on a block along with their name. What a precious piece of history that represents for me! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 104
    Marica G. says:

    I don’t know if this counts but the best home made gifts I’ve ever received would have to be the Mother’s Day gifts the kids make at school. This year’s gifts were so sweet. My 8 year old gave me a book with pictures and a poem that made me cry as I read it out loud. My 6-year old gave me a flower collage, and my 3-year old gave me a flower pot with one paper flower with his cute little face in the center. They are treasures that just make my heart melt!

  • 105
    Sara Mac says:

    I think I’d have to say it was a Christmas gift that my mom sewed for me in 1979. I was a big denim wall hanging with tons of pockets for me to store all my little trinkets in. Each pocket was made from a different piece of scrap fabric. Think of it like an over-the-door shoe rack type thing. Anyhow, I used it forever and then stored it away when I got into high school. Now, my oldest daughter has it hanging on the back of her door with all her goodies tucked inside:)

  • 106
    Victoria in Ohio says:

    I have some treasured homemade Christmas ornaments from my cousins from when i was a child: a Raggedy Ann, a snowman. they are my favorite ornaments to this day. they are some kind of plaster of paris that my cousins hand painted to give all of the cousins.

  • 107
    Tania says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received came from my daughter in 1st grade … she made me a clay picture frame Christmas tree ornament. I still have it to this day (21 years later) and it started a tradition so very long ago, I have hung a small frame with a current picture of my daughter each year, so we have a full collection of her pictures through the years hanging proudly next to her little frame each and every Christmas.

  • 108
    Lisa F. says:

    The best homemade gifts I get are from my kids…from the puzzle Christmas ornaments when they were in pre-school to the crayon colored cards they make me now for special occasions…I love them!!

  • 109
    kari o'connell says:

    There is a 15 year age difference between my brother and I. When I first moved out of the house, I didn’t have much. I was a little bummed with the upcoming holiday season. My mom always decorates to the extreme and I was used to that. I couldn’t afford much, so I was definitely feeling a little down. When I came home to visit one weekend, my Mom had gotten me one of those small table top trees and my brother had made all the ornaments on it from paper. He may have been 4 years old, but they were the most beautiful ornaments I had ever seen. Now, it’s not Christmas at my house unless that tree is front and center.

  • 110

    My favorite homemade gift was a throw (I don’t know if it was knitted or crocheted, but I think it was knitted) by a friend of the family’s who had really bad rheumatoid arthritis. Not only was it lovely, but it meant so much that she went through the effort to make it for me, despite her pain.

  • 111

    The best gifts are the ones my son makes me, he is so proud of his creations and I love inspiring his creativity!

  • 112
    Wendy H says:

    The best gift I ever received was a crocheted baby blanket from my mom when my son was born. I still have it and cherish it :).

  • 113
    Karen says:

    Best homemade gift I ever received was a pink and white crocheted blanket from my grandma when I was pregnant with my first baby. Three BOYS later! I am still hoping for a little girl to wrap up in it. Oh well, I guess I can always pass it down to a granddaughter one day. 🙂

  • 114
    Mary Taylor says:

    When my son was only seven, he made me a bookmark that he created with construction paper and cut out some little pictures from a magazine, glued them all together with a glue stick and stapled some yarn on the top, but the very best part was his putting his name on the back and the words “I love you Mom!”

  • 115
    Deb C says:

    I got a hand crocheted afghan from my grandmother when I was a child. I don’t know where it went, but I cherished that for the longest time.

    In fact, I make one for each of my grandkids too.

  • 116
    Darlene L says:

    How could I possibly choose from all the wonderful things my children have made me? So I will go with my most recent homemade gift–footprints of my 1 yr old grandson using white paint on a black piece of paper. It is titled Walking On the Moon. He is our miracle baby and I love him to the moon and back and then some!

  • 117
    Melissa DeTullio says:

    The best homemade item I rec’d would have to be the wonder items that my family makes for my boys!! They are always the best things to recieve, from the heart.

  • 118
    Judi says:

    Oh, that’s hands-down-easy! My best friend sent along some of her home made chunky applesauce with cranberries for Christmas this last year — it was just the perfect gift! It reminded me of her, and it was straight from her heart! Thanks for the opportunity to win EVERYTHING!

  • 119
    Carol L says:

    My husband surprised me when we were first married with a hand-made cutting board he made. It’s beautiful and I still have it and use it today! It’s better than anything I could ever purchase in any store!

  • 120
    Sheryl C says:

    My kids took pictures we had taken over the years and created a collage with comments and everything on a flimsy peice of construction paper. It’s probably 15 years old now and I still proudly hang it at work or in my room at home – to my joy and their embarrassment!

  • 121
    Tina Mayo says:

    I have a quilt that my grandmother made for me, some of the squares are made from some of the clothes she had made for me as well… The colors are a little crazy because I grew up in the 70’s but I still cherish it. Everyone should have such a special gift..I know if she was a live today she would be sooooo in to cardmaking and scrapbooking, I actually made a scrapbook while visiting her one summer, before I even knew what one was..how cool is that

  • 122
    Laurie C says:

    My favorite homeade gift was a pin that my daughter made for me when she was in 2nd grade. It was heart shaped with beautiful little flowers that she hand molded with clay. I still wear the pin today and she just turned 21 years old. How time flies! 🙂

  • 123
    Rachel D says:

    A queen-size quilt. It was a wedding present from my aunt. I think it took her a year-and-a-half to finish it. I bring it out whenever family come to visit – both so it gets used and to show off my aunt’s handiwork. I couldn’t bear to lock away such a treasure and never use it.

  • 124
    Terri E. says:

    My best homemade gift I ever received was a baby scrapbook that my friend made for me. So thoughtful and cute!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 125

    The best handmade gift I ever received? There are two in the running and I’m going to say that it would be a beautiful tablecloth that my Mom embroidered for me. It is white with beautiful flowers all around the outside edge of it. I will always treasure it.

  • 126
    Kellie B says:

    My rag quilt! My mom diligently made quilts for all the girls in the family one year. She could hardly move her hands by the time she was done. It is one of my most cherished possessions.

  • 127
    Samantha says:

    My favorite gift was art that my oldest daughter made with her hand print as a flower.

  • 128
    mary ann says:

    Perhaps my favourite homemade gift was a metal cross that father in a youth group I used to be involved with made. That was more than ten years ago – and I have that cross in my craft room

  • 129
    Usmcmom2mike says:

    Rhubarb chutney. Yum yum!!

  • 130
    Holly says:

    I cherish the quilt that my great- grandmother and my grandmother started. My stepmother finished the quilt and gave it to me for Christmas. It’s such a precious family legacy to me.

  • 131
    Alice Roushia says:

    My Mother gave me a quilt that I had seen at one of her friends house–her friend was making it. I knew I couldn’t afford it so for Christmas one yr. she gave the quilt to me. A very caring person my Mother was. God rest her soul.

  • 132
    Stacy Simpson says:

    On my 16th birthday, my Aunt made me a scrapbook (this was before scrapbooking was popular). She was only 16 when I was born and she was in to photography (she worked at Fox Photo – anyone remember that brand name?) She took a TON of pictures of me as a baby. I cried when I opened it and looked through it. One of my most favorite gifts ever!

  • 133
    Valerie H. says:

    A quilt from my grandma. She made one for every grandchild. It is old and frayed, but I will not part with it.

  • 134
    jessica says:

    The best homemade gift I’ve ever received was a actually a gift for my son. My mom used to crochet baby blankets for anyone she knew that was having a baby. While I was in my twenties, she developed carpal tunnel syndrome and had to stop crocheting. I dealt with years of infertility before finally conceiving my son with the help of IVF about three years ago. Shortly before giving birth, I realized that strangely, I had received no handmade blankets from anyone yet. That reminded me that my mom wouldn’t be able to make one for us, and I was sad. After he was born, Mom gave me a present for him. It was a beautifully designed crocheted blue baby blanket. I was shocked and confused. Mom explained that she had saved three blankets before she quit crocheting, a pink one, a blue one and a green one, in hopes that my brother and/or I would someday be able to receive them. Needless to say, I cried. That blanket is SUCH a treasure, and such a gift from the heart.

  • 135

    My friend made my son a handmade quilt that she gave him when he was born, she even added his name. He still has it to this day and it is a well loved blanket. Handmade gifts are always so precious and I am lucky to have received many in my life. Thank you so much for the chance, I would love to be picked!

  • 136
    Mary says:

    This one was easy to answer. The best homemade gift I ever got was a small quilt that my two girl friends made for me right after the birth of my first child. I could tell that they put a lot of time and thought into the gift. It was in colors that I love and the size was just right for my little one. I’ve had it for 7 years now and all three of my children have used it. Thanks for evoking that nice memory.

  • 137
    Linda W says:

    A quilt rack made by my son when he was in woodshop in high school. I still proudly display a quilt on it, even after 15 years!

  • 138
    Jackie says:

    A handmade birthday card from my daughter when she was about 5 – it was adorable. I cried.

  • 139
    Sarah H. says:

    My grandma made me a beautiful handmade quilt in a wedding ring pattern when I got married. She passed away about 10 years ago and I think of her whenever I dig it out each winter.

  • 140
    Polly says:

    My favorite handmade gift was a pair of Christmas fairies (about 2″tall) hand stitched by my sister..they’re adorable.

  • 141
    Jett says:

    My fav homemade gift was crocheted slippers from my grandmother, and crochet lessons from my other grandmother. Those are treasured memories that will be with me always.

  • 142

    It is hard to choose just one. I must say that one of my favorites is a handmade quilt from my mother in law. She just gave it to me for Easter. I LOVE it.

  • 143

    My husband went into my stamp room and made my valentines day card…I loved it so much cause it was our first valentines day married and also because it felt like so much of his heart was on that paper. I love it more then the 5 and 6$ cards he has bought me in the past and I keep it on display as a reminder of how much I love him and he loves me.

  • 144
    Karen says:

    when my husband made a cd for me of songs that reminded him of me. I listended to that cd while we were engaged over and over again. Those songs still give me the goose bumps!

  • 145
    Stephanie says:

    The best handmade gift I ever got is a blanket from my grandmother. they are gorgeous.

  • 146
    Elizabeth K says:

    I collect thimbles and when my daughter was
    four she made me a thimble out of pink
    play doh. It is still proudly displayed in
    my thimble case thirty years later!

  • 147
    Ellie says:

    Oh that is easy. I look at it everyday. It was a shadow box my husband made me 4 years ago for Mother’s day. He is not a crafty man AT ALL and is on the road all day long because of work. Come to find out he had gone to the LSS and got all he needed to make it and asked the gal what he had to do to put it together. He printed out pictures of each of our kids to put in it along w/chipboard letter to spell out “Madre” (mother in Spanish) and while he had a break during work he did something for it. I was in shock he did it and love it soo much. I remember how I just cried and was so overwhelmed that he would do this for me. I have it in my stamp room and that is the first thing I see every morning and it makes me smile and feel the same love I felt the day he presented to me. Every chance I get I love to show it off to my friends and family who have not seen it. It truly has been the best Handmade gift EVER

  • 148
    Jamie Greene says:

    My favorite homemade gift is definately from my kids! They always bring me home the most fabulous handcrafted creations!

  • 149
    Pattie Brown says:

    The best homemade gifts I have received are the gifts for Christmas and Mothers Day that my children made at school. I’ve gotten lots of different things…clay figures, letters, ornaments that hang on our tree each year. I guess that us why I love making gifts for friends and family, it comes from the heart.

  • 150
    Anika B. says:

    I am usually the giver of handmade gifts, but I do have a beautiful pieced quilt that my grandma made me and my husband as a wedding gift. She died in January and I have spent countless evenings wrapped in that quilt while reading on the couch.

  • 151
    Teresa says:

    My favorite homemade gift is a pillow that my grandmother made me many years ago. It was made out of the ribbons from flowers sent to my grandfathers funeral.She made all of the grand children one as a rememberance.

  • 152
    Ann Alyea says:

    There are so many that I love, but I sleep under a quilt every night made by my great grandmother when I was just a little girl.

  • 153
    karen says:

    a quilt from my mother. When I wrap up in it I still can feel her arms around me.

  • 154
    Robin Hayworth says:

    A blanket crocheted by my mother.

  • 155
    Tara Boston says:

    Wwo, I posted and it disappeared =(…
    The absolute best home made gift I ever received was a very elaborate king size white on white quilt that my grandma spent years handquilting for me. I have always loved and cherished it, but even more so now that she has passed. What a great question! Thanks for the contest and the fun@!

  • 156
    Jessica says:

    The best homemade gift I received was the craft desk that my mother made for me – the top of the desk was taken from the changing table that was in my nursery when I was a baby!

  • 157
    LindaH says:

    The best handmade gifts I have received would be the Christmas ornaments made by my children out of puzzle pieces that had their school pictures in them. Now that they are all grown…I realize what treasures I have in each of them. Thanks for another great release!

  • 158
    Dee Rose says:

    My daughters have made me many pretty homemade gifts over the years. But the best was a quilt that my grandmother made and gave me as a wedding gift. The best presents are handmade with love. They mean so much and are truly treasures.

  • 159
    patty thomas says:

    My bestest friend and roommate in college knitted a blanket/throw for a wedding present. I still have it (36 years later), still love it and still think of her every time I touch it. It was a gift from her hands, not from a store and that just means so much more.

  • 160
    kam says:

    I would have to say the scrapbook my 9 year old made for me for mother’s day. She made it so we could put pictures of our most cherished memories in together. It made me cry.

  • 161
    Lori says:

    Hand knit afghans from my grandma. She would always ask what color we wanted, but no matter what we said, we’d always end up with something blue–her favorite color!

  • 162
    Nicky Hsu says:

    My best home made gift is from my mom’s yummy dish. We live in different country and she always cooks for me whenever I visit. I’ve been taking lunch box to school for more than 10 years before I went to collage. After I move to Seattle, the most difficult thing is I only get to eat her food once an year.

  • 163
    Melissa Steger says:

    The best homemade gifts are between 2 items, my wedding dress, and our wedding quilt. My Aunt made them for us. My dress turned out perfect! She also sent out 40 quilt squares to our friends and family, they had to do something on the square that reminded them of us and then she put all 40 squares together in a quilt. She is awesome!

  • 164
    Kathy T says:

    My favorite aunt knew she was dying and wouldn’t see me grown and married (I was only 10). During her last months she pieced a wedding ring quilt and made my mom promise to quilt it for my wedding. So, it was really a gift from my aunt that I can treasure and a gift from my mom 13 years later,who quilted it and wrapped it for my wedding. I love the fact that she wanted me to have something from her on my special day.

  • 165
    Jen Carter says:

    I received a baby blanket from a dear old friend in her 70’s that she made from flannel and then crocheted a border around the edge. It was so sweet of her and even though my baby boy is almost 8 I can’t part with it!

  • 166
    Amy says:

    My mom just made me an apron for mother’s day. I think
    it may be my favorite homemade gift 🙂

  • 167
    Karen Ramsey says:

    I have several beautiful cross stitched pictures that my Aunt June made me and a wonderful work bench that my father made that I have in my studio. Both of them have passed away and I will always treasure these gifts.

  • 168
    Kristi Lewis says:

    I love anything handmade but my favorites are the cards my little boys make me for special occasions. They are definitely keepers

  • 169

    I have a quilt from my grandmother and one from my husband’s grandmother. I love them both, they are both purple, my favorite color! Also, my brother-in-law makes the best chocolate chip cookies, those are a great homemade gift!

  • 170
    Cristiane Howard says:

    I got married in November last year and my husband’s aunt gave us a pair of glass Xmas ornaments on which the words “First Christmas” were painted. We really cherished that gift!

  • 171
    Allison says:

    The best homemade gift I have ever received would be an afghan my grandmother made for me when I was born. She has passed since, but I still treasure it to this day.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 172
    Gail E says:

    I have been blessed to receive so many beautiful homemade gifts but the one we have treasured as a family was the quilt my husband’s aunt made for us. It was completely hand quilted, and was the last quilt his grandmother helped quilt.

  • 173
    Danielle says:

    My grandma made me a candle that she melted our wedding invitation (that I made) onto. It was so very sweet-I still have it after 5 years and refuse to burn it!

  • 174
    berryblue says:

    A quilt that my husband’s grandmother made. I love it. My children love it. I want to learn to quilt!

  • 175
    Shawn Wenrich says:

    I was home and sick with pneumonia and my mother in law brought me homemade chicken soup. I will never forget how cared for that made me feel!

  • 176
    Mandy says:

    The best gift I received was a crocheted baby blanket for my baby shower. I appreciated all the time and love put into it 🙂

  • 177
    Linda says:

    My mother made me my wedding veil and headpiece (along with my bridal purse, ring bearers pillow and a gorgeous silk shawl to match my wedding gown). The wedding dress itself would have been to much for her at her age (she was 60+ at the time with her eyesight going) so these few handmade meant the world to me).


  • 178
    Chris says:

    It’s a tie. One was a crocheted afghan by my grandma. She was instrumental in teaching me to crochet, a hobby that continues to this day. The other was the very first quilt that my mom ever made. She worked on it my entire senior year of high school, asking my opinion on various design decisions, never telling me that she was making it for me. I was truly stunned when she presented it to me as a graduation gift.

  • 179
    Jamie says:

    the best gift I ever received was from my husband and it was half homemade and half purchased. my hubs knows that one of my favorite things to do is pick fresh strawberries at the local farm, so we went and picked a lot during the months of May and June. One time while we were each picking berries, I heard him exclaim, “hey come check out this berry! I be it’s the biggest one we find all day!” when I went to check it out, I found this felt strawberry that he had sewn together. Then I realized the berry was actually a pouch…and inside was my engagement ring!!! I think I was more touched by the fact that he hand sewed the strawberry then by the ring (though that was quite a beauty!).

  • 180
    DiAnn says:

    The gifts my boys made for me all during their years in school. I still have all the gifts. I know that is silly, but can’t part with them and the boys are grown with familys of their own.

  • 181
    Tina Warnick says:

    My favorite homemade gifts are from my birthday last year. My 2 boys stamped me each a card and a star ornament using my supplies while I was at work. I will cherish these forever.

  • 182
    Angela W says:

    I would have to say the best homemade gift I received would be from my brother. He crocheted a cover for a pillow for me when I was in high school. It is beautiful! I am so glad I held on to it, esp since he died right after I graduated. Thanks for this!

  • 183
    Barbara Hale says:

    I love homemade gifts. A few years ago my daughter, who is an artist, was taking a book making class. She made a journal with hand made paper and a cover that she had made as well. She told me I was supposed to use it as a journal but so far I have not written in it because it just seems to special to write in.

  • 184
    Cynde says:

    The Best ever was a hand crocheted blanket in soft pink, given to me by my Mom, for my Confirmation. I still have and love it!

  • 185
    Amy G. says:

    I love the quilts I have that my Grandma made. She can’t see well enough any more to make quilts, but I’m so thankful that I have several that she has made — one she gave me when I graduated from college, one she gave me when I got married, and one she has given to my little guy.

  • 186
    Becky says:

    One year for my birthday when I was younger, my mom made me a Cabbage Patch doll. I loved that thing!

  • 187
    Katarina M says:

    A huge, king size knitted afghan my mom made for my wedding present. The softest, warmest prettiest blanket I’ve ever owned!

  • 188
    Jenn B. says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a gift from my mother-in-law. It was a 100 year old scrapbook that was in her family. She found it when she was going through some old trucks and immediately thought of me when she found it because she knows how much I love scrapbooking and family history.

    I was so special to me.

  • 189
    Heather C says:

    It is hard to choose. I love a photo collage my aunt made of my family in a serving tray. I loved a homemade cook book from my best friend. I love to see how each of the creator’s personality shows in each gift- it tells so much about the love and care that they each have. Very special.

  • 190
    Karen H. says:

    I have an afghan my grandmother crocheted.

  • 191
    JoAnna says:

    I love to recieve homemade items just as much as giving them. My family is BIG on homemade stuff so it would be soooo hard to choose just one 🙂

  • 192
    Karen says:

    The best handmade gift I ever received was a quilt made by a friend who used blocks I had given her that were made by my great-grandmother and great aunts. I never expected her to make a quilt for us. I gave them to her knowing she would make good use of them, and I never would. It’s beautiful but more importantly, it has so much meaning attached to it.

  • 193
    Cat says:

    My son’s teacher made a plaster wall hanging of my son’s handprint when he was in first grade.It was a Mother’s Day gift. I still have it and my son is now a grown man. It’s nice to see it and remember when he was small.

  • 194
    Cristin H says:

    I received a beautiful homemade apron from my Grandma for Christmas – it has a cute cupcake theme. I also love the quilted table runners my mom has made me. 🙂

  • 195

    i love the handmade gifts we got for our daughter before and after her birth. my favorite is the gorgeous rainbow blanket that was knitted for her by my mom’s friend.

  • 196
    veronica says:

    i was finding it hard to come up with something, most of my friends don’t do homemade. i am the one that gives them homemade things.
    once, when my husband was working nights, he had to leave for work before i got home from work, and when i went to bed, i found a full length drawing of a cartoon him, that he had drawn on typing paper and taped together, and it was laying with his head on his pillow and the rest of him laying across the bed. it was too cute. i just had to call him, he is a sweetie!

  • 197
    leish says:

    For my high school graduation gift, my uncle made me a quilt with 16 blocks of cross-stitched precious moments characters!

  • 198
    charityc says:

    My mom had a quilt made out of all my college shirts. It’s really cool & I love looking at it. It reminds me of so many events during my college years!

  • 199
    Michelle says:

    I have a wonderfully crafty family and some fabulous crafty friends, so I have been fortunate to receive many wonderful handmade gifts. My all-time favorite, though, was a scrapbook my mom made for me of a special vacation spot in Canada we used to visit frequently when I was a child. There are so many wonderful memories in that book!

  • 200
    Nicole V. says:

    I remember my daughter painting a ceramic bear for me for Christmas and somehow while in daycare she dropped it! In tears, she and the daycare counselor managed to glue it back together. That mangled bear ornament has hung on our Christmas tree for the past 15 years and each time I put it away at the end of the season, I always manage to remember the moment she first handed it to me!

  • 201
    Penny P. says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was an afghan for my wedding.

  • 202
    Kelly B says:

    I love and appreciate anything handmade or homemade. One of our best gifts was when my mom sewed huge Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for my daughter’s first birthday. They were fantastic and such a prized keepsake!

  • 203
    Penny H says:

    I can tell you what my best gift will be – my dear mother-in-law is knitting us a bed throw. It has already taken her countless hours as the pattern is complex. It will be an heirloom piece that we will treasure forever.

    Penny H

  • 204
    Kimberly says:

    The cedar chest my Daddy made for me … I love it!

  • 205
    Valerie S. says:

    As a baby shower gift, I received a sweater and hat that was hand knitted by my Aunt Patty. It was pink with pink ribbons, so cute. And it looked so cute on my daughter after she was born. My daughter is now 10 years old, but we still have that sweater set. My daughter used it on her baby dolls for a few years. Just last week I finally put it away to keep to use for my granddaughter that I hope to have some day.

  • 206
    Cassandra says:

    The best homemade gifts are usually from my good friend and fellow stamp addict. She made me a lovely jar of goodies last year, fridge magnet, chocolate bag, trinket for my scissors and a bookmark, all beautifully made in my favourite colour, quite similar to Simply Chartreuse, as it happens.

  • 207
    Jen C. says:

    My mom and aunt made me a beautiful double wedding ring quilt for my first wedding anniversary. It took them months to complete and they both swore it’s a pattern they will NEVER make again…I am truly lucky to have such a one of a kind heirloom!

  • 208
    Karli says:

    One of the best gifts I’ve received was a little keychain my son made at school in first grade. He drew & colored it himself. I treasure it because it reminds me of him when he was little- the sweet little guy he was (& still is 🙂

  • 209
    Debra B. says:

    The Raggedy Ann doll my Grandma made me some 40 plus years ago…

  • 210
    Carmen M. says:

    The best homemade gift that I ever received were two quilts that my husband’s aunt made for my twins. They are beautiful and I will always treasure them!

  • 211
    Laurie W. says:

    A handmade quilt for my daughter! It was beautiful with her name on it and a little saying embroidered in! Loved it! And of course I still save every homemade card I get too! 😉

  • 212
    April C. says:

    I would have to say that my best homemade gift I have gotten would have to be from my son. Actually there is more than one. I have them from a very young age until now. There are Christmas ornaments, pictures, artwork he has made at school….just so many things. Recently, he made me a card and drew a picture for me. He is my heart. The best gifts are made from his heart.

  • 213
    Carole kerr says:

    When I got married 18 years ago (yikes!) a friend of ours framed our wedding invitation and altered the frame with lace and pearls. It’s so pretty. I still have it on display!

  • 214
    Julie Sokolowski says:

    For my wedding, my best friends mom made us a queen size quilt for our bed. It is GORGEOUS! I will cherish it always.

  • 215
    piali says:

    My most fave handmade gift are Mother’s day handmade gift from my daughters …when they were 3 and 7 yrs old.Two lovely pictures…my little one drew mom as a round with only two legs nothing else..lol. super cute!!

  • 216
    Adrienne G. says:

    My Mom and Dad tied a Noah’s Ark quilt for me when I was seven years old. They spent at least two weeks working on it together every night. One day the quilt and frame were suddenly gone. When I asked about the quilt I was told that they had given it to the child of friends. I was devastated. – Only to be thrilled on Christmas morning to find it on my bed!

  • 217
    TracyTracy says:

    My new boyfriend’s mom made me a quilt for the first Christmas we were together. Talk about PRESSURE!!! Of course, we are married now, and I love my quilt but get just as excited about the knit dishcloths she occasionally sends my way.

  • 218
    Annamaria Miller says:

    A beautiful shadow box made by both of my children when they were in grade school. Whenever I look at it, I smile. It is something I will treasure forever.

  • 219
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    My husband’s grandmother made us a set of placemats & napkins of linen w/cut work embroidery – gorgeous & something to treasure.

  • 220

    I received not one but two knitted blankets for my first baby and I still use them with my second child….hands down the best baby gifts I received!

  • 221
    Dee in N.H. says:

    This is easy! My favorite handmade gift is a small clay basket that my 5 YO granddaughter made for me. It is colored in some really bright primary colors and has small shapes made with clay glued on randomly. She was so proud to give it to me and I was even more touched that she made it for me. I will always cherish it. I wish I could post a pic of it because you would all get a kick out of it’s coloring.

  • 222
    Avril Tanner says:

    The best gift I have ever received is a full set of family photos from the previous year… in digital format, black and white and colour prints! It totally touched me that they knew me so well that family photos would be one of the best all time gifts ever!

  • 223

    Handprints in clay from when my boys were little. I still have them and they are grown men now. 28 years later, I received a handprint in clay from my grandson.

  • 224
    Sandy Kay says:

    The best homemade gift I remember receiving is a beautiful quilt that my husband’s grandma gave us when we got married almost 37 years ago!

  • 225
    Chris Pittman says:

    A crocheted afghan from my sister-in-law. I treasure it.

  • 226
    Liane McMahon says:

    I love all the presents that my children make for me at home or school! So heartfelt!

  • 227
    Jennifer in IA says:

    Just one? I have received many beautiful handmade quilts and items – it would be too difficult to pick just one.

  • 228
    Valerie C says:

    My mother knitted an afghan for each of us kids. She worked diligently until each one of us had an afghan that covered our beds. I now know the hard work and love that went into each one. My mother did everything equally and made us feel really special.

  • 229
    Laura Fitzgerald says:

    My mom and sister made a scrapbook for me with pictures from my wedding shower. Everyone who came to my shower wrote me some advice about marriage, and my mom and sister put it all together in a scrapbook that they gave me on the morning of my wedding. It was so thoughtful, and they did a really great job on it!

  • 230
    Barbara says:

    A Christmas ornament that I was given many years ago and still use.

  • 231
    Sammye Jo says:

    My little brother was 18 and killed in a car accident 4 years ago. He was a big football player and had TONS of tshirts and such everywhere. I would find comfort in sleeping in one of his tees or holding it for the longest time. Well, my grandma used to quilt for years, and suddenly quit. Said she never wanted to again. Well after everything happened, she decided to gift us her ability, and told my mom, sister, and I, she was going to turn all of his tshirts into quilts for the 3 of us. I suddenly found so much comfort in the thought of being able to ‘cuddle up” in a quilt and feel like he was giving me a big hug. Besides my son, it’s myy most prized possesion.

  • 232
    Peggy Nickelson says:

    My favorite homemade gift was a portrait of me, my late sister created. She was a gifted artist and it means the world to me that I have such a personal item she created.

    Peggy Nickelson

  • 233
    Kate says:

    My Gram made me a little satin potpourri pillow when I was younger. It was gorgeous silk and when the potpourri faded it smelled like my grandmother’s house…even 20+ years after she’s been gone, it still does. She didn’t like to have her photo taken so there aren’t many photos…I’m so glad I have this handmade item as a remembrance of her. It’s one of my most treasured possessions!

  • 234
    mary e says:

    a beautiful fleece blanket a friend made for me. I’ll always treasure it 🙂

  • 235
    Veronica says:

    the best homemade gift I ever received was a set of hand painted wine glasses from my sister. she painted them when she was about 16 and i was 26…15 years and many many moves later i still have them…

  • 236
    Angela says:

    My grandmother crocheted an afghan for me when I was in college. She taught me this craft and I didn’t take it up as an adult until Nichole posted her crochet flower online. Both sets of grandparents lost everything in Katrina, and now they all gone, as well. The afghan represents a tangible memory of my grandmother, and I love it. Thank you for asking.

  • 237
    Dana F. says:

    The first thing on my mind is the lavender sugar my best friend gave me for Christmas! So delicious with fresh pancakes 🙂

  • 238
    Jerri K says:

    The best home made gift I ever received was a beautiful oak window mirror from my children when they were in their teens. I still have it on my wall with pictures of my grand children on the shelf that is under the window frame.

  • 239
    Marla says:

    My favorite handmade gifts are those items made for me by my daughter over the years. I still treasure all of the cute cards, christmas ornaments and handprint pictures that she made for me.

  • 240
    Sally Hashaw says:

    I handmade quilt that my grandma made and gave to me as a kid.

  • 241
    Julie Masse says:

    A very special friend of mine (she “directed” my wedding) made me a photo album for my wedding photos. It is made with beautiful specialty papers and has black pages inside. She also made me a guest book and a large keepsake box which both coordinate. They are treasures for sure!

  • 242
    Carlene Czarnik says:

    My mom embroidered some dish towels for me. She does tons of them, but had never made a set for her kids and grandkids, so we persuaded her to do so for Christmas. I have my son’s tucked away for a wedding gift for him someday. Then, if Mom isn’t still with us, he’ll still feel Grandma’s love!!

  • 243
    laura j says:

    Best homemade gift was a curio made by my father…..it must have taken him hours to design and build. I will treasure it forever!

  • 244
    Rita W. says:

    I cherish the Anne of Green Gables doll a friend made especially for me. It was such a surprise and handstitched with love.

  • 245
    anne says:

    When my daughter was in fourth grade she made a little bowl that had her fingerprints all over it. I used it for 25 years on my desk at work to hold paper clips and I still use it on my desk. It is close to 40 years old.

  • 246
    Steph says:

    Quilts that my great aunt made for my three kids. They are all different and made for especially for them. They are kept in the family room and all three of my kids snuggle under them every night when we “relax” a few minutes before bedtime.

  • 247
    Rose A says:

    The best homemade gift i received was the beautiful knitted blanket my grandmother made when my son was born. I’ll cherish that blanket and can’t wait to pass it on to his children. (in another 20 years!!)

  • 248
    Andrea McCulley says:

    The best homemade gift I have received is a quilt my mother made and gave to me a couple of years ago at Christmas. She also made me a fabulous reversable apron for my birthday last month with floral and gingham fabric! I would have to say that the best gifts are homemade and mothermade!

  • 249
    Toia Stevenson says:

    It was a picture frame from my little sister when I was going off to college. We are 12 years apart so she was 6 when I went to live on campus and it was the sweetest gift ever!!

  • 250
    Cindi L. says:

    No question about it, macaroni necklaces from each of the girls on their way through kindergarten.

  • 251
    Kelly Adams says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a handmade nine-patch quilt from my grandmother. I got the quilt when I was in grade school, and it finally fell apart last year.

  • 252
    Melissa F. says:

    My favorite homemade gift I received was the baby quilt my grandma made for me and gave me at my baby shower. It was hand pieced and quilted. I never used it with my three daughters and I am saving it to give to one of my daughters when she has her first baby. I hope it will be passed down in my family for generations.

  • 253
    Cara Brouder says:

    The best homade gift I ever recevied was unexpected. My sister-in-law made me a beautiful cross-stitched blanket for my 1st son. As I am usually the one making the items, it was nice to recevie something myself. I love putting homemade items together for friends and family. I hope to win this wonderful prize to customize my gifts!

  • 254
    Julie G. says:

    The best handmade gift that I have received was from my Aunt. She made crocheted Christening gowns for my twin girls. They were absolutely beautiful and are a treasure to me. I hope to see my grandchildren wear them someday.

  • 255
    Cathy says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is the poncho my grandmother knitted for me back in 1971. I saw it when she and my mother took me to college for my freshman year. On the way back, they stopped so she could buy the pattern. By Christmas that year, Grandma knitted six of those ponchos – one for me and one for each of my sisters and my cousin. She did this even though her eyesight was failing. That poncho still hangs in my closet. I am amazed at how perfect her knitting was. And of course it is a constant reminder of how much she loved me.

  • 256
    Karen B. says:

    My grandma crocheted my shawl for my wedding, it was a total surprise and totally needed as we got married three days before Christmas! Can’t wait for this release!

  • 257
    Carol Scovel says:

    well, all the treasures my kids made for me over the years….those are the special things that warm my heart…now the grandkids are making stuff for me! We gave our 8 year old grandson a rock tumbler for his birthday Wednesday now he says he’ll make me some jewelry….can’t wait for that!

  • 258
    Caren B says:

    Birthday dinner from my Mom every year – corned beef, potatoes, and carrots!

  • 259
    Jeni Barbas says:

    My friends and I have recently included a “go-green” gift to each other in our Christmas exchange. I have been so amazed at the creative items I have received…a bird feeder made out of a tea cup and saucer, a wind chime handmade from sea shells and driftwood…the fact that so much work and love went into making these handmade gifts makes them even more special!

  • 260
    Carla says:

    My best received homemade gift has to be the Mother’s Day card from my almost 4 year old.

  • 261
    Carol Kennedy says:

    When we were dating, my husband made me a photo album for me that ended with photos of an engagement ring… and then he proposed with the real ring! I have to say, that was the best homemade gift ever!

  • 262
    Susan McRae says:

    One Christmas my husband made me a wooden chest of drawers to hold my stamps (wood mounts). He painted it a fun turquoise colour, very similar to Hawaiian Shores! It was a total surprise gift and I love it!

  • 263
    Detra Parks says:

    My husband makes me cards and one Valentine’s day, he carved my card in the side of an apple. I love the cards he makes me.

  • 264
    Tracey Edwards says:

    My mother -in-law made several blankets for my son before he was born. They are all beautiful.

  • 265
    kisha says:

    The best homemade gift I received was from my first roommate (now bestfriend) and it was a picture frame with our picture in it. After receiving that picture frame it inspired me to make gifts.

  • 266
    Kathy Allen says:

    My all-time favorite gift is the ones made by my 4 children, all boys. They took the time to think of the colors I might like and got busy making mommy “pretty things!” I still wear a broach that must weigh half a pound and has to be pinned to my bra strap. It makes me smile when I see the 15 year old young man who made it in metals class. I am so blessed…

  • 267
    lainey says:

    I would have to say a quilt that my mother made for me. She saved some of my clothes from when I was little and used them as some of the squares for the quilt. It’s all hand sewn, even though she has a sewing machine, she still made it the old fashioned way.

  • 268
    Kerri Michaud says:

    For Mother’s Day, my daughter painted a bobble head doll and put a picture of my face on the front. It says #1 mom on it. It’s totally hilarious, but so awesome because I know that she made it just for me 🙂 Homemade gifts are truly the best!

  • 269
    Jill A. says:

    I guess I would have to say a crocheted baby blanket my aunt made me when I had my son–he is 27 yrs old now and has kept it to have for his first born!!

  • 270
    Yvette F. says:

    My uncle wrote a poem about our wedding with a beautiful silhouette of a couple on it. My Mom had a copy of the card made and framed. It is really beautiful and a treasure.

  • 271
    Wahinelei says:

    I love giving and receiving homemade gifts. Knowing that someone cared enough to put love and effort into the gift makes it that more special to me. The best gift I received was for my 3yr DD. It was a handsewn art apron. She loves it and puts it on everytime for crafting time. It warms my heart when I see her with it on.

  • 272
    Carol says:

    I received a homemade crochet afghan from my mother and I will cherish as she passed away a year ago on Mother’s Day.

  • 273

    I love a pair of navy blue mittens that my mom’s friend knitted for me. I have had them since I was a little girl. They are so warm and floppy and fun, and unlike any pair of mittens that I could ever buy in a store. They are more sentimental now since my mom’s friend passed away last month–she was a wonderfully kind woman.

  • 274
    Avital says:

    A drawing from my sweet nephew.

  • 275
    Mindy says:

    When I first went off to college, my mom made me a rainbow quilt (I love rainbows!). That quilt got me through that first tough semester of being away from home & I still have it.

  • 276

    I can`t think of many homemade gifts… but my daughter (she`s 8 now) has made me homemade mother`s day cards the last few years. She`s been watching me make cards… this year she made a beautiful card with tissue paper flowers. I loved it!

  • 277
    Martha D. says:

    My favorite would have to be the wall hanging that my mom and brother made for me. My brother took all sorts of pictures of my kids and my mom had the kids make drawing. They transferred everything onto fabric and then they put it all together into a large quilted wall hanging. I will cherish it forever.

  • 278
    Natalie says:

    My Mother-in-Law hand quilted the most gorgeous quilt for my wedding present. She also quilted several baby blankets for my children. They are all treasures to me.

  • 279
    patty o22 says:

    Upon my return from a business trip, my wonderful 8 year old daughter made me a 3 tiered cake by stacking 3 nested bowls upside down & decorating with paper and ribbon 🙂

  • 280
    Christine McMullin says:

    The first year that I was married to his father, my stepson gave me a wonderful picture of himself holding a sign that said, “I love you mom for all I do.” Yup, typo and all was on his sign (he was only in the third grade). He realized before giving it to me that he meant to say, “…for all you do,” but he was comfortable enough with me at that point that he knew I wouldn’t be critical of the mistake. To this day (nearly nine years later) we still laugh about it.

  • 281
    Laura says:

    OK, this is totally corny, but was the first thing that popped into my mind. My daughter. She was made at home and is a gift from God! 🙂

  • 282
    snarflemarfle says:

    I got a beautiful hand-knit blanket from a lovely church lady (her son is a family friend) when I graduated from college. It was in my college colors (her son happened to work there, also) and had the college logo on it. She passed away shortly after giving it to me. Such a special gift…

  • 283
    Lorie Briggs says:

    I received a small pink heart pin decorated with glitter that my daughter made in second grade. She has cerebral palsy and only has the use of one hand so it may not be the most beautiful heart ever but it is the most special to me!

  • 284
    Joyce says:

    I received a quilt from my father when we built our first house. The quilt was completely hand made by my grandmother. Each square was for a different state and had the state bird and flower hand embroidered on the squares. It was then put together and tied by hand on a quilt frame my family still has, even thought we wouldn’t know where to start to make such a quilt.

  • 285
    Cynthia says:

    cards from my hubby who uses my crafting supplies to make me cards for my birthday & anniversary. so cute!

  • 286
    christi says:

    my best friends got together and made a book for my 40th birthday – they surveyed our friends, their kids, my family with questions about me and included all sorts of fun old photos. It was great! I cried when I opened it and I cry every time I read it.

  • 287
    Katie Gehring says:

    By far, the best homemade gift that I ever received was for my fifth birthday. My Uncle Bob was an artist and he made me a birthday card that featured Cinderella and his signature cartoon character, Little Willie, as prince charming. It meant so much to me at the time and still does.

  • 288
    Amber K says:

    It is probably the stuffed guitar that I got when I was born. My dad wanted to buy me a stuffed guitar, (he didn’t know I was a girl at the time) since he plays guitar, for my first toy. He was telling a woman in the hospital this and the next day she brought him a knitted stuffed guitar she made. My parents did not know this woman so my parents were surprised and grateful. I still have it and think about the how thoughtful this person was.

  • 289
    Mariana says:

    A baby quilt!! When my first daughter was born, a dear American friend made a yellow quilt for her, my girly loves it, it has been with us for 10 1/2 years and “yellow blankie” it’s a part of our history, it’s magical and smells like honey! She shares it with her little brother and sissy when they have a boo boo or are sick, it’s become a sign of love in our house!

  • 290

    That’s tough as I am usually the one who gives the homemade gift and not the recipient. But I guess I would have to say a roasting pan (like for a turkey) filled with rice krispie treats made for me by my mom when I was in collage. She actually mailed it to me – I was very popular that day in the dorms! Thanks for the chance to win it all.

  • 291
    Debbie Gray says:

    Probably all the Christmas ornaments that are sent to me by family. We do it every year even though we are all in our 50’s. You can never have to many ornaments.

  • 292
    Jackie w says:

    That would be a cd my daughter burned for me of some of my favorite songs! She came up with the idea all by herself.

  • 293
    Tanya C. says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a knit blanket a coworker made for me before my son was born. I know how much love and care she put into it. I look forward to passing it down to my son’s children.

  • 294
    Donna says:

    Mine would have to be the gifts my boys make me, whether a card they do just because or something they make at school with their handprints. I cherish it all.

  • 295
    Kathy V. says:

    A ceramic nurse doll made and given to me when I graduated from nursing school.

  • 296
    Peggy Sue says:

    The best homemade gift I received was a handmade quilt as a wedding gift from my dear Grandmother. Later I also received another beautiful handmade quilt from my very special Mother. So, I can get all wrapped up in love.

  • 297
    Elly Felson says:

    My very favorite hand-made gift is a poster my son made for me for Mother’s Day. He even wrote a poem! I will treausure it forever. 🙂

  • 298
    jadorepapier says:

    My mom knit a throw for me. It has become the go-to blankie for sick days in our home. There is nothing like being wrapped in a knitted hug when you are feeling under the weather.

    Thanks for a chance to win this fantastic prize package!

  • 299
    Miz Esther says:

    My kids made me a certificate on the computer for “Mom of the Year”. So sweet and I’ll keep it forever.

  • 300

    The best handmade gift I ever received was pretty much ANYTHING my grandmother makes for me. She is a very talented seamstress and has made me so many beautiful things. I could never pick just one! Candace – candylou48 at gmail dot com

  • 301
    Chris L. says:

    My favorite handmade gifts are from my children . . . . for Christmas one year my daughter choreographed a dance and performed it for me . . . it was so beautiful! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration this month!

  • 302
    Mellee says:

    An afghan my sister knitted. I just moved out on my own. That was over 30 years ago I still have the afghan draped over my chair.

  • 303
    Anemone says:

    The quillow (a quilt with a pocket for your feet that folds up into intself & becomes a pillow)that my mom made for me & gave me before I went away to university.

  • 304
    Tanya says:

    My mom is very crafty so I have received many wonderful handcrafted gifts over the years but probably the best is a set of tatted placements. Tatting is definitely a dying art form and I have tried to learn it to carry on the tradition.

  • 305

    oooo… a wooden toolbox from my Dad..I was like 7..I thought it was the best thing ever!

  • 306
    Suzie says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a quilt from my mother-in-law. It is pig themed, as I’m an avid pig lover! 🙂 A lot of love and handiwork went into it.

  • 307
    Nicole Riccobono says:

    Homemade chocolate chip cookies are always the best handmade gift!

  • 308
    Ruth Ann says:

    Plaster of Paris handprints from my children.

  • 309
    Kris says:

    The very best homemade gift I ever received was from my Grandmother. She made me a yellow flannel nightgown with french seams on her Singer treadle sewing machine. It was the beginning of my love for sewing and all things handcrafted.

  • 310
    Dana says:

    my grandmother made me a scrapbook when I graduated from college. it was the best 🙂

  • 311
    Oralia says:

    On our 14th anniversary, my husband typed a poem on a cream piece of cardstock and placed it in an 11×14 rich, black frame and gave it to me as one of my gifts. It’s an incredibly beautiful poem that made CRY! It is SO special to me.

  • 312
    jennifer L says:

    Hmmm. Probably a homemade afghan. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 313
    Charlene says:

    One of my favorite homemade gifts is a picture that my daughter drew for me. She traced her hand twice and colored in both hands – one hand representing my husband and the other hand representing me. She was replicating one of our wedding photos where the picture is focused on our hands joining together in marriage. What made the picture extra special to me was the use of her hands – like a symbol that the joining of our hands so many years ago are what created her.

  • 314
    Linda C. says:

    A quilt from my grandmother

  • 315
    Jennifer K says:

    A quilt that my grandma made for me for my high school graduation. She is so crafty – always making things for everybody – and can make a gem out of junk. The quilt is very 80s colored (peach and country blue!) so I don’t have it out but it is lovingly stored.

  • 316
    Danielle G. says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was chocolate “waffle” cookies from a friend. She made them and brought them into work and I requested them for my birthday treat! They are so tasty!

  • 317
    Kathy says:

    It was a crocheted afghan my mom made for me.

  • 318
    Lynne says:

    A friend of mine makes fabulous candle holders out of tin cans and a blow torch. I love them because they are functional, beautiful and “green” all at the same time! This is such a great release – thank you for all the inspiration!

  • 319

    My best homemade gift ever? A recipe book my Mom compiled for each of us kids. She typed every recipe we loved as children into her computer and added funny quotes from my Dad and family stories and put it all in binders. She did this about 9 years ago and I still use mine every day!

  • 320
    Mary W. says:

    A beautiful quilt that I got for a wedding gift.

  • 321
    LouAnn says:

    My aunt is a quilter and when each of my boys were born she made them quilts. When my 3rd was born recently, I knew a quilt was in the works and started stalking my mailman because I couldn’t wait to see it.

  • 322
    bridgette says:

    The best homemade gift were crocheted afghans for both of my baby boys. I asked my grandmother to make one for me when I was in college for when I had a child, on the off chance she wasn’t around to when I had one. Good thing I did, as she lost her eyesight right before I got married, and would not have been able to had I waited. I treasure it so much, that I don’t even let the boys use it. 🙂

  • 323
    Lori Y says:

    Well I love each and every one of the plaster hand impressions my kids have made for me. 🙂 And my husbands grandmother has made each one of my kids a beautiful quilt when they were born. I treasure them!

  • 324
    Heidi Gore says:

    My grandmother gave me a crocheted bedspread that she had made when she was pregnant with my father. It is absolutely beautiful and big enough for a king size bed. What a cherished treasure.

    heidi @ dicarlo1 dot com

  • 325
    Brenda Z says:

    Anything from my niece, which, right now mostly consists of scribbles on cards (she’ll be 3 in June)! If she is anything like her mother, “craftiness” will come naturally to her so I expect to have lots of handmade treasures in the future!

  • 326
    Chrissy says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a stained glass pumpkin my father made for me. It wasn’t until later in life that he began making stained glass. He really enjoyed doing it, but most of all I think he enjoyed giving them to people.

  • 327
    Lisa says:

    The best homeade gift I have ever received was a shadowbox my friend made for me in highschool. She painted it to match my bedroom, and it held a beautiful monarch butterfly inside (fake of course!). I still have it!

  • 328
    Marla Jea says:

    Hands down, it is the baby blanket that my mom crocheted for my daughter. Her hands are not what they used to be and she said that it is the last thing she would ever crochet. It meant so much to me that she gave of herself to craft something beautiful and handmade. She is an amazing mom.

  • 329
    Dani M says:

    Best handmade gift? New clothes for my Cabbage Patch Twins! I was so excited!

  • 330
    Diane Jaquay says:

    I can’t pick one in particular, but I have to say that anything my kids make for me always melts my heart! I always save their homemade projects so someday when they’re all grown up I can look at them and “remember when”…

  • 331
    katevdp says:

    When I was born, my cousin (who was 13) crocheted a rug for me. (My mum had crocheted one for her when she was born, and then I crocheted one for her first bornI loved it to death!!! I even sat under it whilst it was hanging on the washing line! I still remember being devastated when it just fell to pieces. I still have a small piece – 38 yrs later. And she is still my favourite cousin and we have a gorgeous family tradition.

  • 332
    Carrie Croy says:

    Without a doubt, the best homemade gift I received was from my Grandfather who was an expert woodworker. When I was about 3, he made me a “wooly lamb”. It was an elaborate lamination of wood to make a 3D lamb that I could sit on and wheel around. The handles were the ears. My Grandmother made the custom wooly cover that snapped onto the sweet ride and really made it a wooly lamb. Best gift ever!

  • 333
    Marge Sexton says:

    One of my Best Girlfriends and I exchange gifts every Christmas; and it is an unspoken rule that we always make it a homemade gift. She made me the most beautiful quilted tote last Christmas….I use it to carry my Bible and things to church. I Love it, and Love her too, she is a very special part of my life! Homemade gifts are the Best!

  • 334
    Lani Rhodes says:

    being the only crafty person in my family, i’m the giver and hardly the receiver of handmade gifts. however, my sister is a painter and the best handmade gift i ever received was a painting from her. she has since become a paid artist w/ several gallery representations and i’m proud to have a one of a kind w/ her signature on it!

  • 335
    Sheryl says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received? It is a gorgeous hand-knit baby blanket made my my uber-crafty and multi-talented mom. It was the “background” for the photos of all 5 of our children as newborns. Sadly, she was only aware of it being used for our first son, who is now 22! The other 4 came along after she passed away… oh what a WONDERFUL Mom she was and I still miss her 21 years later! Thanks for letting me share that memory.

  • 336
    Nancy Batch says:

    My mom made me a jacket out of a quilt that her grandmother had made. The quilt was falling apart from use and she was able to piece it all together into the jacket. It was homemade with love. I still have it and that was 35 yrs. ago.

  • 337
    Kirsty V says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received is the Mother’s Day card my daughter Dolce made for me when she was 3, she is 15 today!

  • 338

    My dad has always had a hobby of painting small scale figures, mostly soldier and war-themed figures. He made a shadow box for me several years back of the crucifixion scene. He actually melted some of his “soldiers” into Jesus hanging on the cross as well as the guards and spectators, etc. It is painted and fully decked out, and it is complete with dramatic lighting (cordless). He made EVERYTHING, even fashioning a cross out of sticks in our back yard. I truly treasure that gift, and I know I ALWAYS will!

  • 339
    peggysue says:

    Anything from my children, the little Christmas ornaments, with their picture on it, little painted vases with paper flowers, but especially the clay circles that captured their handprints.

  • 340
    Betty says:

    The best homemade gifts I have EVER received are my children! That two people can come together in love and create life together that is simply “homemade,” unique, and one of a kind, is one of the most precious gifts in the world from God to me and my husband! I love my babies…who are not babies anymore!

  • 341
    Stephanie Niavez says:

    The best homemade gift that anyone has ever given me would have to be and ABC blanket that my great aunt crocheted for me when I was little. It has an animal for each letter of the alphabet. The kangaroo hasa real pocket. The lion has a yarn mane is made of yarn. I still use it to this day and I am in my thirties.

  • 342
    Linda Hopton says:

    I would have to say the hand made quilt my mother made for me. There is a lot of love sewed up in there.

  • 343
    Kiera says:

    When I was in my 2nd year of college, my mom sent me a care package with a cake mix and stuff for a birthday cake AND a beautiful drawing illustrating how to make the special cake that she would always make for me (think raspberry filling and chocolate ganache). I still have that drawing and keep it with my cake recipes.

  • 344

    A knitted blanket is one of my most most treasured possessions. I got it from a family friend upon high school graduation and still have it. Now my sweet children cuddle up with it. I just LOVE it!

    Thanks for all your hard work every month – making each release so exciting!

  • 345
    iheartart says:

    I think it would be a lamp that my uncle made for me when I was a kid. It’s pretty cute.

  • 346
    Kathy McDonald says:

    There have been several favorties: quilts made by my grandmother, a wonderful “memory book” on my 50th birthday, and a quilted table runner made by a dear friend. Handmade gifts are always extra special.

  • 347
    Cathy Strzelecki says:

    Both of my children made a clay bird’s nest with eggs and a mama bird when they were each in third grade. They gave them to me and I keep them in my china cabinet. I love looking at them knowing my child’s hands formed the little nests and birds and then painted them.

  • 348
    Rosie says:

    The best home made gifts I ever received are the blankets my grandma knitted for each of my kids when they were born. I will always cherish them.

  • 349

    I would have to say a bookmark my little sister gave me (she’s 15 years younger than me) and it had her picture on it. It was so cute, and I love to read so I would use it all the time. Awww, that just really brought back some sweet memories!

  • 350
    Lee Cockrum says:

    Such a difficult question, my husband has made me some lovely thinks in his wood shop, but I think the thing I treasure the most is a tiny little car that my grandfather whittled for me when I was young. I was very close to him, and always wanted to be just like him! He made a tiny little car with buttons for wheels, held on with sewing pin axles!

  • 351

    I have a baby quilt given to me for my first baby made by my sister. the fabric she chose was perfect for my taste and each stitch was placed perfectly by hand. I just had baby # 3 and its still going strong and I just love wrapping my little one up in its warmth. I smile to myself every time I use it.

  • 352
    Sandra B. says:

    The best homemade gifts are the ones that my kids make for me. I will cherish them forever. If I had to pick just one, it would have to be the salt dough heart magnet that one of my daughters made when she was 2. It was made with pink dough, but my daughter painted it green because that is my favorite color.

  • 353
    karen q says:

    A beautiful crocheted afghan that my mother in law made for me. It is an irish pattern that I will pass down to the kids. The best homemade gifts become heirlooms.

  • 354
    Shane Larson says:

    My MIL makes the greatest crocheted Christmas ornaments! I love them!

  • 355
    Stephanie Niavez says:

    The best homemade gift that anyone has ever given me would have to be and ABC blanket that my great aunt crocheted for me when I was little. It has an animal for each letter of the alphabet. The kangaroo hasa real pocket. The lion has a mane that is made of yarn. I still use it to this day and I am in my thirties.

  • 356
    Robyn W. says:

    One of the best homemade gifts I have received are the baby blankets my grandma crocheted for my kids. They are 11 & 14 now and still love their blankets.

  • 357
    Seansee says:

    Why can’t I log on to the store. This is really frustrating to go live with a new server on release date.

  • 358
    Deanne Niedziela says:

    The best homemade gift I have received was a wall quilt signed by the staff of nurses who I manage.

  • 359
    Kathy R. says:

    My favorite homemade present was a vase my son made me in school from a glass bottle, tissue paper and Mod Podge. The look on his face when I opened it and ‘totally loved it’ was priceless and I will treasure it forever.

  • 360
    Chris says:

    Two yars ago on my 50th birthday a group of crafting friends presentd me with the most beautiful book to celebrate my special day. Each friend made a page that incorporated their unique style and it was bound together with so much love!

  • 361
    Connie Fisher says:

    Mine would be the stepping stone quilt my grandmother made from polyester fabric scraps leftover from clothing she and my mom had made. The edges of the binding are fraying, but that polyester will never wear out. Now that my mom and grandmother have passed away I treasure the quilt even more. I can sit and look at it and recognize dresses mom made for me and my sister and tops my mom and grandmother wore–it is really special to me.

  • 362
    mrsci says:

    I received a juicy key lime pie from a dear friend. It was delicious!

  • 363
    Erin says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a baby blanket from one of my mom’s friends. It was my most favorite blanket.

  • 364
    Jen Book says:

    It is a toss up between the two quilts my 94 year old grandma has made me and the hand print tile from daughter for mother’s day when she was four. All three hold special places in my heart. I am very lucky because my daughter has inherited the crafty bug and LOVES crafting with me so I get lots of little handmade gifts from her!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  • 365
    Miki says:

    The best homemade gifts I’ve received have been the Christmas ornaments my son brought home from school each year! Each year I cherish putting each & everyone of those ornaments on my tree. I made sure to add the date on each and my favorites are the ones from Pre-school. I even hang up all the holiday drawings & artwork he did…I love them all! He’s finishing up 6th grade in a few weeks so he hasn’t done any the last few years. I miss those precious handmade ornaments now.

  • 366
    Rikka D says:

    My Mom is an avid quilter. I have received many over the years and I treasure each one!

  • 367
    Theresa S says:

    i took my 9 year old daughter to her first scrapbook crop last year. she did a bunch of pages of her first year. she later put them in page protectors and bound them with ribbon and wrapped it up for my christmas gift… i have it safely hidden away so that I can look at it from time to time and smile at her first efforts 🙂

  • 368
    Karen Oates says:

    Where do I begin? I’ve been given so many wonderful handmade gifts… the scrapbook my husband made when he proposed, a quilt from his aunt, all of my frilly dresses when I was a little girl. Handmade gifts are the best, and I love giving them myself!

  • 369
    Elizabeth B says:

    Mine would have to be an afghan that my grandmother made for me.

  • 370
    Debbie Winter says:

    My Dad,88 years young, hand carves wood. I think that the best gift that I ever received from him would be a tea cup, saucer, and spoon. He makes everything from the heart and loves giving his creations to his children.

  • 371
    Jessica Reid says:

    My favorite homemade gift was knitted dress my grandmother made me when I was 5 or 6. It was pink with little white flowers on it. I loved it to pieces. The funny thing is..my mom saved it all these years and recently gave it back to me. My own daughter wore it this year for Thanksgiving dinner. You should have seen my sweet grandmothers face when she walked in wearing it!

  • 372

    When I was around 7, I awoke Christmas morning to a new doll and my grandmother had made a whole wardrobe for this doll with matching outfits for me. I thought it all was wonderful and now knowing the hours she put into it…she was pretty amamzing!

  • 373
    April Z says:

    My sweet mother-in-law made a beautiful quilt for my husband and I soon after we were married. I cherish that gift because it took her a lot of time and she put a lot of love into it.

  • 374
    Sheila says:

    Boy, it’s tough to pick just one. It’s probably a toss up between the homemade cards and pictures my two sons have made me over the years and a little sled Christmas ornament that my little brother made for each of us. He was quite young when he diligently made them in Dad’s shop all by himself. It has become extra special as we lost him in a car accident 15 years ago.

  • 375
    Michele Swanberg says:

    My favorite homemade gift is a little pinch pot that my son made for me in elementary school. It is co cute and I love it!

  • 376
    Donna says:

    My Grandma made me a very simple full size pink quilt when I was a baby. By the time I was in high school, it was very worn and full of holes and the fabric would rip very easily. My Grandma’s hands didn’t work too well by then, and she had stopped making quilts. I thought I would never get another quilt from her. But she surprised me one Christmas. My Mom had told her about my quilt being so worn. Grandma had found a few quilts she had made but never used or given away and she gave one to me. My Grandma has passes away and I have two boys now. We have a wonderul time snuggling under the quilt while reading together. It’s a wonderful way to have a bit of her with us. Those quilts are the best homemade presents I’ve ever gotten.

  • 377

    The best homemade gift I ever received is the candle holder my daughter made in pre-school. She was so excited to give it to me for Christmas and it is now a tradition in our house to put it out with all the other Christmas decorations.

  • 378
    NHerr says:

    One of the best homemade gifts I received was from my friend Deb. It was an old cabinet door with the center pane painted with chalkboard paint. It was embellished with a tin cup to hold the chalk and eraser as well as other decorative touches. Pretty AND useful…what more could you want?

  • 379
    Stephanie O. says:

    Love handmade gifts. The best that I have received would be the blanket for my son that my mom crocheted. He slept with it every night and when he got older, he would just drape it over the end of his bed. He passed at the age of 14,and I know keep it draped over the foot of our bed.

  • 380
    Maryse N says:

    My friend made me a scrapbook for my wedding. It’s the best gift ever! I love it and will cherish it forever.

  • 381
    Eva C. says:

    The best handmade gift has been a clay bowl my daughter made for me, a painted plaque and card! Nothing else compares!!

  • 382
    Jen S says:

    A quilted blanket my mom made for me when I left for college. I love that blanket and still use it. Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize! 🙂

  • 383
    saral says:

    I think the best homemade gift I have received is a quilt and afghans made by my grandmother. She recently passed away and I am so thankful I have these items made by her to help me remember.

  • 384
    Jo Ann Shive says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was from my then future daughter-in-law. It is the coziest blanket I have ever had. My husband had her make two small ones for the dogs’ beds.

  • 385
    Lee Anne says:

    The best homemade gift I received was a hand-knitted Afghan I received from a friend when I was pregnant. My son turns 5 on Tuesday & he still sleeps with it every night. This has been a wonderful week with so many new & fabulous things! THANK YOU!

  • 386
    Nita says:

    My favorite blanket as a child was handmade and still remains one of my most treasured pieces.

  • 387
    Julie E says:

    My 6 year old daughter made me a mug for Mother’s Day this year. Usually, when she makes something, it is for Grandma, so I was so surprised when she said she made something for me! She was so sweet on Mother’s Day, she kept all her gifts for me a secret (another surprise) and did a big presentation where she called me up to stand along side her as she opened the gifts for me. It was the first time she has kept a secret and the first time that she made such a big deal over Mother’s Day. She just melted my heart with her mug covered in hearts and “to Mom” on the bottom!

  • 388
    Beverly BL says:

    My favorite gift is a microwavable bean bag that you can put anyplace that aches and it fits great around my neck after a long day of cardmaking. I think it also has some lavender in it for a great smell.

  • 389
    Elizabeth Burke says:

    My mom does beautiful counted cross stitched pictures of english cottages. One year for Christmas she gave me one. It is hanging in my living room and I treasure it.

  • 390
    Annette S says:

    I think that it would be the gifts that my children make for me. I love it when they use their handprints and make cards. They are wonderful!

  • 391
    Mary says:

    A beautiful hand made card and a cute box made by my best friend.

  • 392
    Janet S says:

    My best homemade gift I ever received was a taffeta and velvet dress my Grammy made for me for Christmas when I was 12. I felt like a princess when I wore it. I had never had anything so beautiful before and I wore it well after it was too small for me but I just didn’t want to ever give it up! I will never forget the feeling I had when I opened the box and saw that dress. I looked over at my Grammy and she was beaming from ear to ear.

  • 393
    natalie says:

    I recieved a baby blanket that my mother made me for my son before he was born. She was very ill and knew she needed to finish it before she passed away. I still treasure it 9 years later.

  • 394
    Stephanie Perry says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received happened is very sentimental to me. It was when I was a very young girl. My grandma made a gorgeous fuschia afgan for her living room couch and she made me a miniture copy for my dolls and I still have it today. And it is still as beautiful as I remember when I was young.

  • 395
    Lori Hofferbert (loricabo) says:

    I treasure the handmade blanket my Mom’s best friend made for me after my brother & Grandma passed away several years ago. It’s one of those “tie off” type fleece blankets, and it’s so warm & cozy. She sent a sweet note saying I would be wrapped in love every time I snuggled into it. It was just what I needed to help me through those dark times.

  • 396
    Carrie T says:

    The best homemade gift that I ever received is actually more than one – they are the embellished love notes that my daughter has written to me declaring me “the best mom.”

  • 397
    Sara says:

    I’d have to say that best homemade gift I’ve received {other than the Barbie clothes that my grandmother made for me as a child} is a quilt that my husband’s co-worker made for our daughter when she was born. It was beautiful, and is still a treasured item that she uses often. The fact that she loves it makes it even more special!

  • 398
    Deb Else says:

    There are 2 homemade gifts that I remember vividly and they were both given to me by my grandmother. The first was a small suitcase loaded with handmade doll clothes, most sewn but others hand crocheted. The 2nd came many years later when I had my own home, and that was a beautiful quilt made from bits & pieces of fabrics she had collected over the years.

  • 399

    My favorite homemade gift was a guilt made with a guilt top that my great grandmother had pieced together. I cherish this wonderful heirloom and remember all those warm night spent sleeping in her house under all those homemade quilts.

  • 400
    Holly H. says:

    I believe it is the blankets my grandmothers have made for me for birthdays… both of them crocheted and made with a bunch of love!

  • 401
    Deb says:

    When my dad turned my clarinet (only played it for two years in elementary school before switching to oboe) into a lamp when I first went off to college!

  • 402
    Edee G says:

    My son made me three beautiful wooden cabinets to store all my paper in.

  • 403
    Terri Moore says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a Winnie the Pooh Needlepoint made by my mother.

  • 404
    Jennifer M. says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received are of course all the creations by my children! Besides their gifts I would have to say a magnetic memo board from a wonderful family friend.

  • 405
    JenMarie says:

    Oh I love getting yummies and baked goods! Nothing like homemade jellies and breads!!

  • 406
    BethieJ says:

    The blanket my mom made when I was little it was pink and white.. and I LOVED it.. It was my very favorite one.. I used to stretch it over my bed and attach it to the ends.. making it a very low tent..lol!!
    Cant wait for TONITE…

  • 407
    Martha Stanley says:

    In college, my future husband, (we weren’t even dating yet), handpainted a wooden star ornament. He gave it to me before Christmas to cheer me up on a bad day. He’s so sweet!

  • 408

    A few years ago when my neice was about 10 she made me a homemade cookbook. She was in an after school cooking program and took all her recipes and created and designed a cook book around them. I love it!

  • 409

    The most memorable gift was a quilt my grandmother had made. It had not yet been quilted when my grandmother died. My mother had it finished and gave it to me!

  • 410
    Marty says:

    Probably a framed piece that my oldest daughter made. It had a poem she wrote with all the kids’ handprints on it. It is still precious to me.

  • 411
    Bonnie Sharp says:

    Wow! Great question! I love homemade gifts…..but the best gift I ever received were crocheted pillow case edgings from my grandma…..they were so pretty and delicate and just smelled like grandma!

  • 412
    Kera Simpson says:

    The best gift would be a knitted blanket from my Nana 🙂 She made all my brothers and sisters one when we were born, and my mom did the same for my daughter.

  • 413
    CathyS says:

    I think the best homemade gift was a beautiful afghan that a friend crocheted for me. It was totally unexpected and has been keeping me warm for years.

  • 414
    momof3 says:

    the best homemade gift I ever got was my son’s handprints and a poem about a mother’s heart from my son for Mother’s day. My DH was deployed and we were far from home so it was just me and him. His daycare provider helped him make it and wrap it. He even stamped the paper (she was a stamper too). It was so special to me. I set the camera up and took pictures of me opening it so I can always remember that day. And of course I still have that poem and handprints tucked safely away.

  • 415
    Angela H. says:

    My fave is the afghan I’m sitting under right now! My grandma made it for us when we got married — we call it the “magic nap blankie” because it ensures sleep within moments!

  • 416
    Regina M says:

    My mother-in-law gave me a family cookbook for Christmas not long after I married into her family. She hand-wrote every recipe and decorated every page. It’s one of my most precious possessions because it really showed how happy she was to have me be a part of her wonderful family.

  • 417

    While I lovelovelove the baby blankets and quilt my aunt made for my daughters and me, I have to say that my favorites would have to be the little things my girls have made me over the years. I save everything they make me. It adds up with 3 girls and spread over 16 years so far, but the fact that they take the time to make me things is truly something to cherish.

  • 418
    k.,m. says:

    The most special handmade gift I ever received has to be a quilt that my mother hand-stitched for me…..she passed away over 5 years ago and therefore, it is even more special to me now.

  • 419

    I absolutely LOVE turtles! And very early in my paper crafting career, I would make like cards, etc… so my crafting supplies would always end up on the tables. Well, while I was pregnant with my son, my husband would pack my lunch daily full of snacks and goodies. When I got to work one morning, I opened my little snack bag and my husband had handmade this adorable turtle greeting card. The turtle shell and body was the outside of the card and you pulled the shell through a slit he had cut in the card to reveal his loving message. It was so wonderful and sweet. I still have the card, almost 3 years later, and will cherish it for the rest of my life.

  • 420
    Marge says:

    I’d have to say a handmade quilt from my Mother several years ago. She passed away in ’02 so I really treasure it now. We never had a lot of extra money, but at least she was able to enjoy handcrafting gifts in her later years. I credit her for my love of crafting.

  • 421
    Natasha says:

    I’ve received so many amazing things from both my mother and grandmother. I have a wonderful cross stitched stocking my mom made and several fun quilts from my grandma.

  • 422
    June says:

    Many sweaters that my mother knitted for me. I know she spent hours knitting them for me.

  • 423
    Amanda H says:

    A quilt my mom made me when I was a little girl. I can’t use it anymore because it’s so threadbare. But I love it.

  • 424
    Ashley M says:

    My Mom made me a quilt. It is super special to me and I will charish it for the rest of my life!

  • 425
    Becky P. says:

    My five-year old son made me a handmade frame and put a picture of the two of us in it. It is the first picture I have of the two of us together. It is just priceless!

  • 426
    Gail says:

    My favorite homemade gifts have been my childrens’ handprints done in plaster. I love looking at and touching those tiny little prints and remembering all the things they did. Now I even have my grandkids handprints.

  • 427

    My husband made me a cassette tape when we were first dating for our 1 month anniversary (more than 18 years ago). He spent hours taping all my favorite songs and a few that he thought represented “us” It was such a romantic gift because of all the time, attention and love that went into it.

  • 428
    Kristy says:

    My favorite homemade gift was a beautiful afghan my Mom made me when I was a teenager. It’s very pretty and I will keep it forever…

  • 429
    Rhonda H says:

    My favorite is an afghan that my Mother made for me. I love wrapping up in it.

  • 430
    Teresa H says:

    A purse that my sister made me using my dad’s old jeans the Christmas after he died. I love that purse. It even has the hole in his back pocket and the worn look from where he carried his wallet. I will cherish it always for two reasons – one that my sister took the time to make it – and two that she used dad’s favorite jeans so he’ll always be with me.

  • 431
    Mary K says:

    When I was born, my neighbor crocheted a blue giraffe for me. I carried it around for years until it was basically falling apart, but I’ve never forgotten it. I think that will always be my favorite homemade gift.

  • 432
    Lori M says:

    I have loved each and every hand made gift my boys have made me through the years. The one that sticks out the most is the cookbook my oldest son made when he was in first grade. His recipe was broccoli, priceless!! My youngest “baby” just turned 18 on Tuesday, I so miss getting those gifts!!

  • 433
    Jan Ledman says:

    My girlfriend knit a little yellow sweater for my oldest son as a shower gift for me. I still treasure it today.

  • 434
    Geri Greening says:

    The best homemade gift was a Siwash Sweater (no idea if that is the correct spelling?) that my mom made me. It was made of unspun buffalo yarn and lots of love and is the absolute warmest thing ever.

  • 435
    Sherrie says:

    There are actually two… a handmade quilt from my grandma (dad’s mom) and a crocheted afghan from my grandma (mom’s mom). Wonderful memories!

  • 436
    Jessica C. says:

    I’m going to say the quilt that my husband’s grandma gave us for our wedding — or maybe the advent calendar his mom made us for Christmas one year — 24 handstitched felt ornaments to go on a felt tree.

  • 437
    Kim says:

    My best homemade gift ever was the handmade silk roses my mother and grandmother made for my wedding bouquet. It was a true labor of love and I will always cherish it. (I was the first granddaughter to get married, and the ONLY one to have those silk roses as they were really time consuming! Sorry cousins! 🙂 )

  • 438
    Kathy Jackson says:

    The best homemade gift is my son’s handprint on a piece of canvas, framed with popsicle sticks he made in kindergarten. All these years later I still hang it on my tree every year. It always bring a smile to my face and to see him now all grown up – I’ll always treasure it!

  • 439
    Lea Ann says:

    The “14 days of valentine’s” tree that my husband made me. He cut a branch from the tree in our back yard. Each day, he made a small tag, with notes telling me of his favorite memories of our dating years. As I found each day’s tag, I was able to hang it on the tree branch. I still have those tags, 22 years later!

  • 440
    peggy lamb says:

    My favorite handmade gift is a painting my sister gave my husband and I as a house wedding gift. The painting’s of my grandfather and his brothers as children on sleds, done in black and white. I have a very talented sister!

  • 441
    Penny J. says:

    My mother was very good at sewing, knitting and needlepoint. When I was little she used to make all of my doll clothes. As I got older she would knit me beautiful ski sweaters. After I got married she made me some beautiful needlepoint throw pillows. Those I cherish as I get to look at her gorgeous needlepoint everyday.

  • 442
    Peg Coleman says:

    I got the cutest felt snowman from my grandson, Josh, when he was 5 yrs. old.

  • 443
    Charmaine says:

    I would have to say it was a wooden tulip my husband made for me. It had a dowel for the stem and he stuck it inside an ivy plant he gave me…I believe it was for Valentine’s Day…I still have it 🙂


  • 444
    Louise Lemmon says:

    A ragedy ann doll my mom made me for christmas!!!

  • 445
    Robin Hayworth says:

    I can’t get on the papertreyink site.

  • 446
    Harriet Skelly says:

    I haven’t really received homemade gifts but I have given hand made afghans as gifts

  • 447
    Sandy Curtis says:

    My best homemade gifts are all the cards and crafts my kids have made me over the years. I keep them all and hope to collect may more!

    Sandy C.

  • 448
    Antoinette says:

    The homemade best gift I ever rec’d was the blanket my aunt made for me when I was born. I say I rec’d it, but really my mom has kept it all of these years. I am the oldest of 4 and each one of us, plus the 5 grandchildren have all come home in that blanket. Grandchild number 6 is on his or her way and will come home in it too!! Eventually it will be passed on to me, for my children’s children!

  • 449
    Alli P. says:

    When my son was 5 (now 16!) He painted a Christmas wreath made with his hand print. It reminds me how little he was and now he’s almost a grown man! He also made me the cutest Christmas magnets that he colored himself. They’re still on the fridge today!

  • 450
    maria says:

    Homemade cards from my children. My son who is 3 and daughter who is 15. ALSO A Valentine’s card from my husband…Oh how I wish I could see him craft with my supplies. He is so not into crafting cards.

  • 451
    Kathy says:

    The best homemade gift I have ever received and still cherish is a paper photo album that my 2 daughters made for me when they were 10 and 14 years old. My oldest daughter is gone but that gift lives on and in our eyes so does she…Thanks for letting us share our personal memories!

  • 452
    calliezant says:

    One Christmas…I don’t know how many years ago, my parents had made a doll house for my sister and me. Each piece of furniture was crafted from common household objects (I think that the kitchen chairs were amd from sewing spools!) and there were upholstered pieces, drapes in the windows-there was nothing left out and every single thing was crafted by one of my parents. I loved it then and love remembering it tonight.

  • 453
    Anne B says:

    Definitely gifts from my mother when I was growing up. She used to make the most beautiful outfits for my favourite doll to match what I was wearing 🙂

  • 454
    Marie Sullivan says:

    I’m new to this site. Why can I not access the shop. help!!! PS The best homemade gift I recieved were the many cards my children made for me.

  • 455

    A cross-stitch Christmas ornament from my sister! My babies got quilts from grandmas that are absolutely precious, but that mouse ornament was just for me, LOL!

  • 456
    DebbieZ says:

    The best homemade gift I received was a blanket from home for my new born son. We lived 3500 miles away and it was a small piece pf home. I have now passed it on for my son’s daughter due in August.

  • 457

    Wow, what a question! I really can’t pick just one. I received a few handprints and/ or fingerprints with poems that my son made for me in school when he was little. I have those framed and hanging on the wall in my happy room. My daughter has made Mother’s Day gifts and Christmas ornaments for me in daycare that are absolutely adorable, and yes we hang them on the victorian themed tree whether they match or not, LOL! Those are the gifts I treasure the most, made by the precious little hands of my babies.

  • 458
    Mary Eason says:

    I think I love the little drawings and love notes given just for the heck of it from my kids. I have them stashed throughout the house and it always brings a smile to my face when I come across one.

  • 459
    Robbin Clements says:

    My children made Christmas ornaments for me every year and many of them had their school picture incorporated into the ornament…I saved them all and when we decorate the tree at Christmas it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane!!

  • 460
    Banu H says:

    My favorite homemade gift is the quilt that my friend made for me using my fav colors and prints. I treasure it a lot.

  • 461
    Heidi Stock says:

    My friend gave me a handmade tutu for my baby shower. It is so adorable and I love the pictures of my little girl in it! It was really thoughtful and I hardly knew the girl at the time, but she still took the time to do that! Now we’re great friends!

  • 462
    Alicia E says:

    my friend made me a lovely scrapbook album that had a page for each of my daughter’s 1st 12 months – priceless

  • 463
    C Burke says:

    A little clay pot my daughter made for me when she was in elementary school. I treasure the pictures my grandsons make for me too!

  • 464
    Deanna D says:

    My brother-in-laws girlfriend made us a quilt for our bed. I love, love, love it! The colors are perfect for my house and just adds a wonderful feel to the room.

  • 465
    Maria M. says:

    I received a cookie jar that my son and his classmates decorated with thier tiny hand prints. Precious!

  • 466
    Lynne Phelps says:

    A raggedy ann doll sewn by my aunt – she was about 3 feet tall and I loved her to pieces – literally!

  • 467
    Lindsey says:

    My sister made me a set of quilt blocks for all the different holidays of the year. Each block is so unique, and she has the best eye for beautiful fabric and mixes fabrics that I would never think to mix.

  • 468
    Anita says:

    This is such a difficult question for me. In thinking about it, I am realizing how blessed my life has been by “homemade” items. One of my favorites is my stamping table, built many years ago for me by my husband as a sewing table, and now the location of hours of pleasure in papercrafting and stamping and scrapbooking.

  • 469

    Definitely the very old-school “scrapbook” my mom made, with photos of my brother and I as very small kids, and an original poem for each page. She is gone now, and I treasure this labor of love – a little piece of her.

  • 470
    Rhonda R says:

    That has to be a quilt my great-grandmother made for me as a wedding gift, but then just recently a print my son made for me for mothers day of his hand.

  • 471
    Cindy Holshouser says:

    That’s an easy one. My friend made a handmade blanket for my baby shower. It was oversized and so soft. I used it all the time. In fact, I still have it and my little guy is 8. I actually saved all of his handmade baby blankets because they are precoius. There really is nothing better than a handmade gift.

  • 472
    Mary Duffek says:

    I love homemade gifts!!! They are my favorites….i’d have to say my favorite homemade gift is the baby blanket that my Grandma made for each of my boys. i still have the baby blanket she made me. She was a wonderful seamstress. She was highly sought after & i remember going to work with her when she owned a fabric shop in Alaska. oh the sweet memories that can be attached to handmade gifts. Thanks for a chance to win. Love PTI products!

  • 473
    AnneSATX says:

    My uncle made me a wooden bank with my first & middle names to replace the one my grandpa made me which had been stolen. I cried, I was so touched. I will always treasure my replacement bank.

  • 474
    Laura Boyd says:

    A jacket made by my mother. It is warm and cozy and made from one of my favorite colors. I still have it, and where it, even though it is looking a bit worse for wear. But it is comfy and makes me feel good.

  • 475
    Lori Kistler says:

    anything homemade is the best of any of the gifts. I think the very best are the ones my son made for me. They are the treasures that I value most in my life. If I ever had to make the choice I would trade the most expensive bling I have to keep that construction paper project made by him.

  • 476
    Margie Conway says:

    A friend made me a beautiful baby prayer quilt for my youngest child. I love all handmade gifts:)

  • 477
    Julie says:

    Every Christmas my sister makes a dessert tray filled with at least 15 different types of cookies/squares and oh my goodness, so delicious!

  • 478
    Miriam Daniels says:

    My 12 year old daughter knit a pink hat for me when I lost all my hair due to the chemo. 🙂 She is a great kid and loves to make everyone homemade gifts which she puts all her heart into!

  • 479
    Tracey McNeely says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a candy box that had custom dividers, the bottom decorated with patterned paper and in each compartment were scrapbook embellies all in a colour scheme that matched the paper. So yummy!

  • 480
    Sherry says:

    All the homemade creations my children have made. I love all their projects but especially anything with handprints…I will treasure those things always.

  • 481
    Karen says:

    I’m usually the one making the gifts 🙂 …

    One year my mother (who is not an artist), did a wonderful hand-drawn scrapbook for me … white drawings on black pages.

    It was of this wonderful house we lived in years ago. The drawings were done room by room and she put in all the little details from our home. She also drew all outside perspectives of our house and yard. That gift is absolutely priceless to me!

  • 482
    Fee Eadie says:

    It would have to be the quilt my grandma made for me. Although she passed many years ago now, everytime I look at that quilt I see and remember her love in every stitch.

  • 483
    Jacki says:

    A pink “make’n’bake” (faux stained glass)heart made by my niece/god-daughter when she was 5 years old. It still graces my Christmas tree, 21 years later!

  • 484
    ER says:

    A gorgeous, handsewn quilt in lined in pink satin for my daughter

  • 485
    Michele F says:

    I received a hand crochted blankets for each of my children. It is a tradition that my husband’s great grandmother had started. She made a baby blanket for each of her gradnchildren and great grandchildren accompanied with a beautiful card. My daughter, her great great grandchild, was the last to receive a hand crocheted blanket. After she passed away, my mother-in-law continued the tradition. She made the blanket for my son. My mother-in-law now carries on the tradition for the new little ones in the family.

  • 486
    Angela Person says:

    The best handmade gift I received was a beautiful quilt my mother made for a wedding gift for my husband and me.

  • 487
    Jaala R. says:

    My sister crocheted me a prayer shawl for my 30th birthday! I love it!

  • 488
    Antoinette says:

    Sorry, I know this isn’t really the place for it, but is anyone else having trouble accessing the PTI Forum/website?? I have even tried restarting my computer and the link is not working. I have been trying for the past hour, I am missing everything!!!

  • 489
    Pamela~ says:

    My most special handmade item is a sweater that my mother made for me many years ago when I could still have cats in the house. It’s an off-white sweater with a big black cat (like all mine) draped over the shoulder and it’s made in Angora so it’s fuzzy and soft. I still have it and take it out of the cedar chest once in awhile to pet! What is your most cherished??

  • 490

    My brother made a photo slideshow of me for my 30th birthday. He took the time to choose awesome music and have certain photos timed perfectly to the lyrics. I treasure it because of the thought and effort he had to put into it to get it all just right. He even made a cute label.

  • 491
    Lori B. says:

    My Grandma made me a crocheted chicken that held a piece of candy inside. My little boys & I had so much fun squeezing that chicken and watching the candy “pop” out. Now they are all grown up, but we still laugh about that chicken. Great memories!

  • 492
    Mary B says:

    My best homemade gift was a few months ago. My husband spent hours making a birthday card for me that coordinated with the gift he bought for my birthday. He had gotten a certain look in his mind, and worked at until he was satisfied. Just knowing he had spent hours doing something that he did not enjoy but knew that I would appreciate meant so much to me! The only down side was that I was banned from my craft room for those hours. My daughter kept getting called in and I could hear them talking, but I wasn’t allowed to get close. I will treasure that card always, because I know it cost him lots of frustration. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 493
    Sarah Doyle says:

    my mom hand painted Christmas ornaments as a gift to all of us one year when there wasn’t money to buy gifts.. my most meaningful ornament to hang year after year.

  • 494
    Heather says:

    It’s difficult to pick just one! My kids have made Christmas ornaments, picture frames and necklaces. I guess my absolute favorite would be a series they prepared for my last birthday. It included a TV my son fashioned out of a priority mail box (complete with cardboard remote), a stapler (to staple me close to Jesus), a cross made out out of magnets and an empty bag (“Filled with my LOVE, Mama!”)

  • 495
    KristenA says:

    I love the Mother’s Day cards my daughters made for me! And my grandma makes the BEST homemade pickles.

  • 496
    Amy says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received were the handmade quilt my grandmother, great aunt, and their cousin hand-pieced for my wedding gift. It’s priceless.

  • 497
    Beth says:

    The best handmade gift I ever received was a quilt made by all the bridesmaids in my wedding, my parents and my husbands parents. It is so special. Truly wraps us in love.

  • 498

    My husband’s aunt made us a hand crocheted afghan for our wedding — I’ve been married for 23 years and still have it — she is no longer with us, so it really has even more precious meaning to us now 🙂

  • 499
    cindy says:

    I would have to say the full size crocheted thread bedspread my grandmother made is the most amazing handmade item I’ve received. There’s certainly lots of items I love, but this one just amazes me the time that went into it.

  • 500
    Alison says:

    My mother recently gave me a number of handmade dresses she made for me when I was a little girl, so that my daughter can wear them. A wonderful gift!

  • 501

    I’ve gotten so many hand made gifts in my life time. From baby clothes made for me as an infant from my aunt, a quilt from my mom, several things from my mother in law. But I think the best had made gifts I ever got were from my mom. Like the dress she made for me when I was about 14 when I was invited to go away for the evening with a friend of mine and had nothing suitable to wear. She surprised me by sewing me a new dress to wear for the event.
    And the time I was spending the day at a cousins house and she baked me a tiny little cake to put in my toy cake carrier so we could have a tea party together.

  • 502
    Karen Hosey says:

    My mother crocheted my maiden last name and also my married last name. She didn’t have a pattern so she made it up. She could do anything! She was the best mother in the world to all 7 of her children.

  • 503
    Cathy Weber says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a ceramic Nativity set my husbands aunt gave us the first year we were married (30 years ago). I have used it every Christmas and always look forward to setting it up each year.

  • 504
    wendy mcgaffey says:

    the best homemade gift I ever received was a clay pink pig piggy-bank my daughter made at school, childrens homemade gifts are truly the best gift a Mom could ever get, it’s a wonderful experience to see what your children think will make you very happy

  • 505
    Amanda Liss says:

    The baby quilt my great-grandmother hand stitched when I was born.

  • 506
    Anna F says:

    A little rag doll that my Mom made for my 6th birthday. I still have it tucked away in a box. I’m 39.

  • 507
    Lisa M says:

    The Christmas ornaments my kids made for me while they were in elementary school. Twenty years later they still have special places on my tree each year.

  • 508
    Jen Moneagle says:

    a ceramic unicorn jewelry box that my 8 year old brother made for me one Christmas!

  • 509
    Lesa W. says:

    Quilts from my Mamaw. She made each grandchild a quilt when we (all 11 of us) got married and then when we had our first child she made us a baby quilt. These will always be cherished by me and then I will pass them down to my children.

  • 510
    Barb says:

    handstitched fabric “#1 aunt” pillow from my niece 🙂

  • 511
    Gail Hoffman says:

    My favorite handmade gift is a quilted Christmas tree skirt made by an elderly neighbor who began quilting in her 70s and does everything by hand. It’s beautiful and will be handed down.

  • 512
    Meg says:

    When will I be able to log onto the shop? This is very disappointing. There is so much I want to order and it will be gone before I get a chace to purchase.

  • 513
    tina-marie says:

    Finding two unfinished baby afghans in my Mom’s house after she pass away. One I finished for my oldest daughter when my first grandson was born; the other I have put away for my younger daughter when she has her first child. I’m so grateful to have found them, and have my mom’s gift be such a special part of my grandchildrens lives!

  • 514
    Karin says:

    My favorite homemade gift is a Christmas wreath made by my mom who passed away 8 years ago. Each year as I hang it on the wall I think of what love went into its creation.

  • 515
    mnmsmom says:

    A large picture of roses embroidered by my grandmother from a kit her mother bought and (have 2 sorry!) a china doll that my other grandmother hand cast and painted for me, then sewed all the clothes for.

  • 516

    I love to get handmade presents but I think the one that means the most to me is a quilt my friend made me. She used all my children’s babies clothes. I was lost for words when she gave it to me. It is my most precious possession because it could never be replaced.

  • 517
    Alyssa S says:

    The quilt made for the birth of my son!

  • 518
    iluvpaper2 says:

    I would have to say that it is a picture my neice (I’m sure she will be an artist when she gets older), drew with crayons. She drew a picture of me (I was thin! hahaha!), her brother Eric, Grover and herself. I’ve played with Grover, a hand puppet with them (including Grover’s voice) and they LOVE each and every minute of that time even if it was the same thing over and over.

    My neice Jillionna, is very detailed. When she colors with crayons every inch of the paper is covered (grass, sky ect.).

    She colors/draws all the time and has given me a bundle of her artwork. Her picture of us all together, when they laugh till it hurts, is the most precious to me.

  • 519
    Jen Arkfeld says:

    There are 3 favorites for me – the blankets my mom knitted for me when each of my children were born. The last one, just a month ago.

  • 520
    Kathy in Utah says:

    A few years ago my mother gave me the baby jacket she’d knitted for me when she was pregnant with me! I’d never even known it existed and I couldn’t believe she still had it.

  • 521
    Stacie says:

    I have some wonderful handmade christmas ornaments that I have had since I was a toddler. Made by a couple of Aunt who have since gone Home. They mean so much to me, every year when I put them on the tree.

  • 522

    My best friend’s grandmother crocheted me an afghan for my first baby. It’s such a priceless treasure because she’s passed on now. I still have the afghan 22 years later!

  • 523
    Janice Melton says:

    I would have to say the baby quilt my grandma made for me when I was pg with my 1st child!

  • 524
    Priscilla from California says:

    A friend of mine made me a quilted wall hanging of the three Scottish Terriers I had. I absolutely love it and it’s still hanging in my livingroom.

  • 525
    Melissa N. says:

    The quilt that my mother made for me when I got married. Then she made one for my daughter.

  • 526

    My most favorite handmade gift is a red afaghan my Mother in Law made me the first year my husband and I were married, my favorite paper craft gift was a handmade journal! 🙂

  • 527
    Anette Eakins says:

    A beautiful personalized cross stitch picture from my SIL for our wedding.

  • 528
    Lani says:

    my sister is now a paid artist w/ several gallery reps. the best handmade gift i ever received was a painting from her before she became “famous” =)

  • 529
    Necola says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was a quilt for my high school graduation. I still use and cherish the quilt some 20 odd years later.

  • 530
    thaveka says:

    Hmmm.. there is one particular gift that stands out. A friend of mine, who is not the least bit crafty made me a long veil for my bachelorette party. I was so touch and will always cherish this veil. 🙂

  • 531
    Babies- Beth says:

    Ooohh that’s easy! Birthday cakes! We don’t make much deal of birthday’s in my family, but a couple of times as an adult someone has known about mine and made me a cake. It’s always a wowser for me!

  • 532
    GINA says:

    The clothes my mother made me when I was little.

  • 533
    Brianna B says:

    The nest homemade gift. I have two. My drying cloths that are all prettily decorated, or my babies blanket my sister made recently..Both are ADORABLE!

  • 534
    Stefani says:

    Wow – that’s a hard question. I love things that make me think!! I’d have to say a blanket from my grandmother – she crocheted the whole thing even though I learned later how painful it was for her to do it. I love it and love that I can share it with my girls now.

  • 535
    JodyM says:

    My family has always made homemade gifts and so it is hard to choose just one. One of my favorites though was the Raggedy Ann doll my sister made me for Christmas the year I was 21. I had always wanted one and was so surprised to receive it. The other was the quilt my sisters and mom made me for my 50th birthday. They each made a square and then put it together as a wall hanging. I so appreciated the work they put into it.

  • 536
    Dana says:

    Despite frequent migraines, my mother’s mother used to create these elaborately beaded/decorated eggs (larger than chicken, smaller than ostrich). Her eyesight has long since been too poor to continue this hobby so it was a great honor to receive her last creation!

  • 537
    Lisa says:

    That would be a crochet blanket from my mother for each of my babies. Loved them!

  • 538
    Michele says:

    My most cherished home made gift is a crocheted blanket given to me by my grandmother before going away to college. It made the homesickness bearable and even over a decade later I still bundle up with it if the going gets tough. I look forward to carrying on the tradition in the future!

  • 539
    Danisha says:

    My mother worked for months on her first quilt. The pattern was a cathedral ceiling quild and it is beautiful. I charish it to this day!!!

  • 540
    Cari says:

    The afghans my grandma crocheted. She made dozens, and they’re a wonderful reminder of her now that she’s gone!

  • 541
    Cassie K says:

    My favorite homemade gift is my quilt made of t-shirts that were important to me growing up. I love being able to share stories with from the patches to my children.

  • 542
    Sonya says:

    A stained glass picture that a little boy in Bolivia made for me. I was his sponsor for Compassion International, and had met him once. The next year when a group from my church went on a mission trip down there, he sent it home to me me via one of my friends. I will cherish it always!

  • 543
    Sue D says:

    For a wedding present my mother-in-law made a quilt out of unfinished quilt pieces from her mother-in-law. It was beautiful and meant a lot to us.

  • 544
    PammyLou says:

    I have a very creative friend who makes a different angel every year. She always gives me one and I have them hanging all over my craft room. I will always cherish them.

  • 545
    Kara says:

    My husband made me a ring out of aluminum at work. We lived far away from each other while we were dating and he wanted to buy me an engaggement ring. He didn’t believe that I wore a size 5 ring, so he made the aluminum one and figured it it fit, then he would buy my engagement ring in that size:)

  • 546
    Lisa j says:

    My boyfriend surprised me with a silver ring he made out of a coin! It takes hours of tedious hammering to make one. He had sized it perfectly without me knowing!

  • 547
    Robin Walston says:

    My favorite would have to be the quilt my grandmother and mother made for me when I was a toddler. It was blue gingham with white squares and birds were appliqued on the squares. My name was embroidered on the middle square. It graced my bed until I went to college. Still have it and love it.

  • 548
    Christina M says:

    About three years ago, a dear friend and I were both pregnant when she asked me to teach her to crochet. She was thrilled to be able to make a blanket for her baby boy. At my baby shower, I was so touched to discover that she had also crocheted a blanket for my little boy. I knew how much it meant to her to make it, and that makes it even more special to me.

  • 549
    Lizzie Jones says:

    One day a couple of months after we started dating, my (now) husband showed up at my house with a quilt. It was made of the craziest fabrics and there was no rhyme or reason to the pattern. Then he flipped it over and showed me the back. It was super snuggly, pink flannel. One could argue that it is one of the ugliest blanket ever made, but his joy at presentation and the whimsical mix of wackiness gave it an undeniable charm. I love it as much today as that summer afternoon nine years ago.

  • 550
    Maria Levine says:

    Great question. Ok since I love crafting I think my friends are afraid to make me anything! LOL! But I did get a great photo collage of pictures of my kids which was really fun!

  • 551
    Kim Badelt says:

    The best homemade gifts – two things spring to mind the absolutely gorgeous cards a friend of mine makes, and the blankets my Mum made (crocheted and knitted) when I was kid. Great memories are tied up in both.


  • 552
    Kristie H says:

    My grandmother was a seamstress so for every Christmas she would make me a dress. Sometimes she would let me pick out the pattern. I now look back at photos of me when I was a child wearing one of her handcrafted dresses and I remember feeling like one of the luckiest kids in the world. Even when she was really sick with cancer, she was able to make me one last dress. Seamstresses have a special spot in my heart because of her.

  • 553
    Erika Crawford says:

    A dress my mother made me when we first came over here to the USA from Germany. Erika

  • 554

    A baby quilt that a good friend made for me.

  • 555
    Kristyn Sinnott says:

    My 16 yr old nephew carved a wooden vase for me using very small, intricate pieces. It is truly a work of heart. His skills are amazing. I will always cherish it. I love, love, love homemade gifts far out and away from any store-bought gift.

  • 556
    Cheryl M. says:

    It was a macaroni necklace from my daughter when she was about 5. She’s 33. I still have the necklace!

  • 557
    Kirsty M says:

    My mother made me a tablecloth for my odd sized table. I use it for Thanksgiving. It’s bright and cheerful, and hides food stains well. No one has to worry about dripping gravy on a pristine white tablecloth!

  • 558
    Katie K. says:

    I have a handstitched quilt my mother made for me. It’s beautiful and I’ll always treasure it for the love that went into it.

  • 559
    Tracey says:

    My teenage daughter really dislikes getting her picture taken, so I was soooo surprised when she presented me with a photo shoot she had done with her then boyfriend…I wasted no time…did a scrapbook layout about it and funny enough it ended up in the publication Canadian Scrapbooker for MANY to see LOL!

  • 560
    Carolyn G. says:

    I have to say a quilted wall hanging. We were moving into our new home, and I saw a wall hanging in a magazine I really loved. Couldn’t afford it, though. For Christmas, my Mom picked out the material, my Aunt Rose pieced it together, and my Grandmother quilted it. Grandma and A Rose are gone now, but the wall hanging is in my living room. Really special.

  • 561
    Kathi says:

    the best homemade gifts I’ve received are from my twins- they’ve made me lots of cards, pictures & gifts. They love to use stamps & run dies thru their cuttlekids machine for their projects- I love their creativity!

  • 562
    Cheryl says:

    My daughter painted me a picture of irises, which are my favorite flower. She was so proud of it, and it turned out beautifully. She was so thoughtful.

  • 563
    Cele Schaffer says:

    One Christmas my daughter made an ornament with ink and her fingerprints in the shape of a wreath on paper then framed in a heart shaped frame. We hang it on the tree every year. She is 15 now and only about 3 when she made it at daycare. Those handmade gifts are treasures.

  • 564
    Stephanie W says:

    The best homemade gift I ever recieved was the handmade crocheted blanket from my grandmother. I love it.

  • 565
    Sue Woods says:

    My sister used to work in a flower shop and she made me a dried flower arrangement. I still have it in my living room.

  • 566
    Jennifer bradley says:

    My sister made me a stain glass with a crab holding a starfish – it is the best homemade gift ever.

  • 567
    Zeke G. says:

    My birthday is at Christmas, and more often than not my birthday is forgotten in the rush. The year I was 5 my grandmother bought me a ‘Thumbelina’ doll (now I’m dating myself…) and sewed a gorgeous layette for for her. I was in complete awe and still have the doll and her dresses. I have inherited my grandmother’s love of working with her hands, whether in the garden, kitchen, sewing, or in my craft room.

  • 568
    Nancy N says:

    The best homemade gift was from my husbands Grandmother. It was what she called a crazy quilt. It was made up of scraps of fabric from things she had sewn for the family throughout the years. So each fabric had a story.

  • 569
    Trish says:

    My mother turned a plain wood box into a beautiful bed for the Thumbelina doll Santa Claus left under the tree. The bed was covered in soft yellow satin with layers of white tulle ruffles and had white satin bedding. This was amazing to me because my mother did not sew our clothing and didn’t own a sewing machine. So many years ago, but I will never forget how wonderful that doll bed was, or how beautiful Thumbelina looked in it.

  • 570
    Rachel H. says:

    A complete set of crocheted snowflake Christmas ornaments. Each one is different. Every year, when I put them on our tree I remember the dear lady that made them for me.

  • 571
    emily cossins says:

    A wall hanging my aunt hand quilted.

  • 572

    It is a flower picture made from the thumbprints of my son when he was in kindergarten. The frame is made from popsicle sticks and it hangs on my wall right above my desk. Thanks for the great release, Nichole and the chance to “win it all”.

  • 573

    A friend of mine once gave me ornaments that were hand-painted in the likeness of my 2 kitties. They were the first cats I ever owned, and she helped facilitate me adopting them. Those particular pets have since passed on, but I take a moment with those ornaments every christmas to reflect and remember.

  • 574
    Betty C says:

    My son, Dave, and his girl friend, Ana, made me a little handmade book entitled “A Visit to Your Heart” which describes coming home as a visit into my heart.

  • 575
    Lee says:

    My absolute favourite are some paintings that my best friend did for me before she emigrated to Canada ten years ago. I had them framed and they are in my lounge.

  • 576
    Robyn McMurry says:

    my daughter…

  • 577
    StephG. says:

    My favorite handmade gift is a painting my grandmother made for me from one of my favorite pictures.

  • 578
    Brit S. says:

    The best homemade gift I ever received was this quilted pillow from my grandmother when I was about 6. We saw something similar at a fair one time, and knowing how much i liked it, she make one for me. It has vintage pansy fabric on it, and I still keep it on my bed.

  • 579
    Bonnie says:

    The best homemade gift we have ever recieved was a quilt made by my Godmother as a wedding gift. It was so special, and we still keep it on the foot of our bed, 20 years later!!! Very Special.

  • 580
    malissa says:

    my mom gave each of her daughters adn grand sons quilts she had made for christmas. mine hangs in my studio

  • 581
    Kelly in Canada says:

    I have been blessed over the years with many hand made gifts but my two favourites are a wedding sampler that my best friend cross stitched for me and a beautiful embroidered doily and table runner that my grandma gave me when I was a teenager.

  • 582
    Tammy C says:

    My best homemade gift would be the mother’s day cards my boys made in Kindergarten.

  • 583

    My favorite homemade gift was a handmade baby quilt that my husband’s grandmother made. So much work and love went in to it.

  • 584
    Linda says:

    A handmade quilt made by my niece with
    pieces of my mother’s favorite sheets and
    blanket included.

  • 585
    Emma S. says:

    We moved to Florida and my mother made me a quilt, complete with Flamingos! It was beautiful and so colorful!

  • 586

    The best homemade gift I’ve ever received is a gorgeous angora sweater that my grandmother crocheted for me. The color was a beautiful ice blue, and it had a sweet little peplum ruffle around the bottom. Sooo cute!!

  • 587

    My mother used to make all kinds of things and I still have a homemade angel for the Christmas tree that she made years ago.

  • 588
    Helen F. says:

    My favorite homemade gift was from my MIL ~ if was a beautiful toile print cotton robe she made for my birthday–it was before her son and I were married…which really made me feel special because she always put so much love in her sewing 🙂

  • 589
    LindaR says:

    That would be a beautiful knit sweater and bonnet that my mother made for me to use to bring my newborn daughter home from the hospital. How I treasured the time that she took to make it. It was more precious than anything else that any amount of money could buy.

  • 590
    Jill H says:

    My favorite was when my grandmother would send me homemade chocolate chip cookies when I was at college!

  • 591
    Jennifer S says:

    I have 2 actually. My stepmother crocheted me a giant afghan in my bedroom colors when I was about 9. I still have the afghan, although I haven’t had any contact with my dad or his wife in nearly 20 years. The second is actually a beautiful quilt that my mom made for my husband and I for Christmas 2 years ago. We redecorated our whole room to match the quilt. I love to curl up under it every night. We use it as our bedspread. My mom may be 3000 miles away, but I feel her love for me every time I climb into bed and under her quilt!

  • 592
    Elizabeth J says:

    The best homemade gifts I’ve ever received are the quilts my mother and mother-in-law gave me for my wedding. Every time I see them I know I am loved, because I know how much time and effort went into making each one.

  • 593
    Danielle DeLong says:

    A beautiful quilt from 3 of my aunts. It’s such a blessing to have such a labor of love in my home, it’s a wonderful reminder of my fantastic family.

  • 594
    Dotty says:

    The best handmade gift I received was a scrapbook for my 25th wedding anniversary made by my daughter and daughter-n-law.

  • 595
    Lisa G says:

    A handmade crocheted blanket in my favorite colors from my grandmother who has since passed away.

  • 596
    Rachel VP says:

    My mom made me two beaded bracelets for my birthday this year. They are both so pretty and I really enjoy wearing them knowing that my mom made them for me. 🙂

  • 597

    My daughter made a giant photo collage of family pictures filled with love, fun, and memories!! Thanks for the chance to play : )

  • 598
    MaryBB says:

    A blanket crocheted by my mother for my oldest son before he was born. It was made with love and is now safely packed away for him to give to his children.

  • 599
    Candy says:

    A beautiful double wedding ring quilt that was made by a wonderful friend as a wedding gift.

  • 600
    Shelly Guthrie says:

    My grandmother made me a quilt when I was about 8 yrs. old. It had a flannel backing and made me think of her when I was wrapped up snuggly warm inside of it.

  • 601
    Michelle says:

    My Babcie (grandmother) sewed me a pink tutu for my ballet lessons.
    I felt so special!

  • 602
    glorie says:

    It was the first Mother’s Day card that my daughter made for me 🙂

  • 603
    Michelle Dyson says:

    For my daughters first birthday my mother-in-law made a quilt with all the pictures from her first year…Although technically it wasnt a gift for me, it was the best homemade gift I ever recieved!

  • 604
    Anne S says:

    I don’t think that I can name just one. Two of my favorites are a quilt that my aunt made me, and a “Statue of Liberty” Halloween costume that my mom sewed for me.

  • 605

    I received several wonderful handmade gifts when my son was born, but I’d say my favorites were the blankets – quilted, crocheted, even the fleece no-sew blankets. We still use them all.

  • 606
    sandy says:

    Every Christmas, my SIL gives us a huge container of baked goods. The container is always something that’s so pretty and can be displayed later or used again at a holiday. I always look forward to getting this gift.

  • 607
    barbie says:

    My daughter took pictures of her and my son’s hands spelling out in sign language “family” but the pictures were taken all around our house and in our yard and it is beautiful hanging on my wall

  • 608
    Debbie says:

    Handmade flowers that my boys made for Mothers Day 😀

  • 609
    Kimberly Ann says:

    It’s hard to pick just one. I have lots to cherish, cross-stitched family tree & wedding sampler, quilts, hand-made aprons, swedish weave throws…

    The gift that gives me immediate satisfaction and joy is homemade goodies. My favorite is the candy called divinity. MMMmmmmMMMMMmmmm.

  • 610
    Elsie Tompkins says:

    The best homemade gift I received was a big pan of the Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls, drenched in maple/coffee frosting.Yum!
    Elsie T.

  • 611
    KimH says:

    I come from a family of crafty women so it’s hard to say what’s the best. I have a raggedy ann doll and a quilt from my Grandmother that I cherish. I also received a beautiful quilt for my daughter from members of my Garden Club. It was such a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

  • 612
    Deb says:

    My sister made me a couple of adorable skirts when she started sewing. Love them!

  • 613
    Kris says:

    My great aunt made beautiful quilts for nearly everyone in our family and my mom had 6 brothers and sisters so that’s a lot of quilts! She did them all by hand using fabric from wherever she could find it. There weren’t all the craft and fabric stores we have now. So each one was made of love and a lot of time and talent!

  • 614
    Carolynn F says:

    A knitted throw from my grandmother…so warm and comforting.

  • 615
    Karen B says:

    A monkey made from yo-yo’s that my Grandma gave me.

  • 616
    amber says:

    Currently I am in love with the sweatshirt my mom made me for Christmas. She made the cutest sweatshirt with owls on it to wear when I scrapbook. My friends at the scrapbook store call ourselves the Bellywings and we love owls so it is perfect for late night crafting adventures and oh so comfy!

  • 617
    Linda M. says:

    My mother took a denim shirt and sewed flowers on it for me when I was in college. I loved it and still have it and that was 30 years ago!

  • 618
    Kathy Grimsdale says:

    Two of the best homemade gifts I ever received were two watercolor paintings of the two shelties I’ve owned. One of my sable sheltie Taz who is 15 years old, and the other of my tricolor sheltie Will who just turned 3. They were done by a friend of mine as a housewarming gift, and a 40th birthday gift.

  • 619
    Ange Kelly says:

    Yummy homemade christmas shortbread, cookies, fudge and a gorgeous handmade card to go with them! from a dear, dear friend!

  • 620
    n coop says:

    a picnic basket filled with lots of homemade goodies

  • 621
    Tracey says:

    When I was a kid my sister and I received the most gorgeous incredible Babrie house made by our parents! It was incredible with real tiles on the floors and shingles on the roof. I loved it. Unfortunately, we had a housefire and it was lost. I still remember it though.

  • 622
    k prakken says:

    My husband does woodworking as a hobby and he has given me a number of things he has made. My favorite one is a cherry mantle clock that he made. It stands on our entainment center, so I see it everyday.

  • 623
    Whitney Brown says:

    my Mom made me a shadow box of all my wedding day memorabilia. I ADORE it… and it’s even more special knowing my Mom made it for me.

  • 624
    Giovana says:

    I got as a wedding present a quilt that is beautiful!!it was made by my husband’s aunt. I also love all the beautiful card my little daughter makes for me They always bright my day.

    Thanks for the chance to win.
    God bless.

  • 625
    Jessy says:

    Now that I am a mommy, the best homemade gifts are those from my kiddos. My daughter is 4 yrs old and just started writing and drawing stick figures. I love when she makes a card for me and draws our stick figure family, and then “I love you” under it. Its adorable, and brings the BIGGEST smile to my face! I treasure those cards! 🙂

  • 626
    Bee says:

    I had to think for a minute about this one, and it made me realize that people don’t give much homemade gifts in my family and it’s just too bad… The best one has to be the hooded towel that my Mom made for my 1st baby. It was nice to see her prepare and rejoice for the arrival of her 1st grandchild (she made it before my daughter was born). 🙂

  • 627

    My daughters made me a small scrapbooks with picture and notes for my birthday.

  • 628
    Kerry J. says:

    My best friend made me a rag quilt. We love it and use it almost everyday. I cherish it and her friendship!

  • 629
    Mindy says:

    At first I couldn’t pin exactly one thing, but then I noticed other people’s comments and remembered: My most favorite homemade gift ever is a blanket my Grandma made me. She has made one for each of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and we call them great-grandma blankets. You always feel better wrapped up in a blanket of hers.

  • 630
    Dawn Schumacher says:

    Anything made by my mom! The one thing that stands out is the Christmas that she handmade an entire shirt box full of barbie clothes for my dolls… she worked on them late at night after I had gone to bed during the months leading up to Christmas!

  • 631
    Andee says:

    Nearly everyone in my extended family has some skill or hobby that they pursue, so I have received many handmade gifts. However, the greatest level of adult skill cannot hold a candle to the simple love and sincerity in my children’s handmade cards.

  • 632
    Kathy McEntyre says:

    My quilt that my grandmother made me. I love it.

  • 633
    JeanFB says:

    The absolute best handmade gift I have ever received was a gorgeous peach and cream hand stitched quilt from my mother. Each and every little piece of fabric cut by hand, stitched by hand, wrapped up with love.

  • 634
    Laura says:

    My favorite handmade gift would be from my daughter. She was about 12 and so wanted to make me something wonderful she came up with all on her own and managed to keep it a secret too until my b-day, a 3d paper castle with all the fixings. It was such a gift of the heart!!!

  • 635
    Lori Campbell says:

    I love to grocery shop and cook but as a busy working wife and mother, there’s nothing more delightful than having someone plan and prepare dinner for me while I get to do something restful. My husband started helping my daughter “cook” dinner for me for Mother’s Day and my birthday when she was about 5 years old. That first year, she made me peanut butter and honey sandwiches for dinner. There was SO much honey that it was dripping everywhere but it was the best home made gift/meal I’ve ever received!

  • 636
    Jan S says:

    Gifts from my children over the years, handmade with love!

  • 637
    Michele says:

    My mom made me a brownie in a jar mix once, and decorated it. It was a great gift!

  • 638
    Tricia Dee says:

    My grandmother made me a coat when I was younger which I always loved!

  • 639
    Kirsten says:

    My favourite was definitely a homemade quilt my grandmother made me for my nineteenth birthday. She was so nervous I wouldn’t like it, but I loved it!

  • 640
    CrazyCurl says:

    A cookbook of favorite family recipes from my mother. Its great to have the family favorites all in one place!

  • 641
    Jada says:

    When my father passed away a few years ago, my aunt told me she had something to give to me. She handed me this pooh bear wall hanging and told me my mom had made it when I was a baby. I’d heard my grandmother talk about it a few times during my adult life but never knew what happened to it. It was hand drawn and made of felt.

  • 642
    Mia says:

    I received handmade quilts from my sister for each of my boys when they were born… They still are laid across the foot of their beds, & even though the boys are now 10 & 12 yrs. old, they continue to snuggle under the quilts that Aunt Barbie made just for them!

  • 643
    Maripat says:

    A wonderful handmade afghan that was made with so much love from one of my favorite aunts! The new releases for this month are terrific and fun…

  • 644
    Michelle Caldera says:

    A rag doll that my great-grandma made for me. I wish I knew where it was, I’d love to share it with my own daughter.

  • 645
    Aimee says:

    Our dear neighbor Betty has lived across the street from our family for over 50 years and for many years she was a cook in the local schools. She makes the most amazing cookies and brownies, and I always love when she brings over a plate of her goodies to share!

  • 646
    Nancy M says:

    An illustrated Mother’s Day poem from my daughter when she was in first grade. It hangs in my bedroom 14 years later.

  • 647
    Emm (meme) says:

    Two of the best handmade gifts I have ever received were the blessing outfits made for my children. One was a tiny newborn size tuxedo with tails and the other was an amazing white newborn dress that fit my daughters upper body and was probably 3 times as long as she was. Both were so intricate and such special gifts.

  • 648
    Kimberly S says:

    Ohh, I am lucky to have a lot to choose from! I am choosing an afghan that my godmother crocheted for me 20 years ago. I still have and use it and it is in great shape!

  • 649
    Susan T says:

    My son painted me a beautiful vase. I just LOVE it.

  • 650
    Jennifer H. says:

    I had a daughter who was born 3 months early and spent the first 5 months of her life in the hospital. The ladies at my church made her a beautiful quilt that hung on her hospital crib. Now she is 12 years old and the quilt hangs on the wall of her bedroom. It is always a reminder of how blessed we are for happy, healthy children.

  • 651
    Lisa G. says:

    My father made me a stained glass lamp that I will always treasure.

  • 652
    Suzanne says:

    My sweet grandms made everyone afghans for wedding gifts. I received mine at my bridal shower. It is most treasured especially now as she is heaven now. I am lucky to be wrapped in her love here on earth.

  • 653
    diane mcvey says:

    It would have to be a quilt…I love quilts, and to have one made by someone you love is REALLY special!

  • 654
    Leigh Ann says:

    The best homemade gift…has to be those hand painted, hand drawn creations my children make…complete with funny spellings and backward letters. 🙂

  • 655
    Maureen P says:

    the best homemade gift was the ragtime quilt my oldest sister made me for my 40th birthday 🙂 It’s on my couch and I use it everyday to wrap up in…I love to feel swaddled by it 🙂

  • 656
    Lori W says:

    My sister used to send me the best care packages in college. Once she put a hot tea kit together. She’d written all sorts of “Drink this when…” moments on little pieces of paper then attached them to individual tea bags. I loved it!

    My other favorite present I received was a book my grandmother made me. It was entitled “The Free Spirit” and it was all about me. She illustrated it with handmade paper cutouts, long before we had machines to do it for us. I wish she’d lived long enough to see the world of papercrafting blossom. She would have been amazed! One of the greatest compliments I ever received was when my dad said one of my cards reminded him of his mom.

  • 657
    Shelly says:

    I received a quilt made by my mom when I was 10 years old. It had a blanket sewn between the layers from when she was a girl. I always felt extra secure wrapped up in that quilt, knowing a bit of mom was ‘wrapped’ around me. It is thin and worn now, however, I will do the same for my daughter when she’s a little older.

  • 658

    A handprint dough plaque from my now 20 year-old daughter. It still hangs in the hall.

  • 659
    Lacie E says:

    the best homemade gift I have ever been given was a wooden block calendar that I change daily I love it and I love the release parties yeay

  • 660
    Suzanne Moore says:

    My mom gave me the quilt that my great-grandmother made for her to take to college. I love it!!!

  • 661
    Kitty L says:

    My most cherished hand made gift was made by my grandmother and given to me as a child. I still have them and they are several different Christmas ornaments.

  • 662
    Kelly Braund says:

    Wow, that’s tough! My Mom’s always been very crafty- and, of course, anything made by my kids is adorable, but my all time fave has to be my knitted afghan I received from my mother in law at my wedding shower. She made one for each of her 4 boys when they graduated and then one for each of the wives when they got married. It was an amazing heart felt welcome to the family!

  • 663
    Kathleen A says:

    When I was young, my aunt sewed, and made several outfits for me. That year for Christmas, I got a whole box of barbie doll clothes made from the fabric scraps leftover from my outfits. I had hours and hours of fun playing with those outfits and my barbie dolls! In fact, I still have them. Maybe I’ll have to unpack them and play…

  • 664
    Marcia Truslow says:

    My mother’s gift of teaching me how to sew, knit, and crochet. She’s 103, I’m 71, and we still sit together and work on projects together. We are finishing up a series of blankets for my 7 grandchildren in Tunisian Afghan Crochet. It’s a wonderful bonding experience.

  • 665
    Beverly LoPinto says:

    How can I pick just one? I come from a family of crafters–my dad who is 88 does stained glass and he has made me some beautiful stained glass pieces–a window and a lamp shade; and my mom who is going to be 90 in July has given me beautiful framed cross stitched pieces and pinecone wreaths. They are all heirlooms for my daughter.

  • 666

    Best SO FAR (as I am awaiting my first handmade gifts from my little men – still to young yet but looking forward them nonetheless.) I would have to say would be the bag bunny my gramma made me. Its a bunny with a big poofy dress and an elastic at the bottom. Her dress grows as you fill her with plastic shopping bags…although I have gone fabric bags… but very useful at the time!!!

  • 667
    Susan says:

    The best handmade gift I ever received was a wedding quilt from my grandmother. I didn’t appreciate it as much at 18 years old, when I got married, but now that I am alot older, and am a quilter myself, I can see all the love she stitched into every patch.

  • 668

    My first tailored outfit made by my mom is the best gift I ever received. Until then, I used to wear all loosefitting clothes and totally lost in them. I was 15 years old then. What a great feeling it was! I felt so proud and confident of myself.

  • 669
    Sandye Curry says:

    My aunt gave me a quilt that was pieced by my greatgrandmother. What a treasure it is!

  • 670
    Paula Laird says:

    Tough call! A friend made my first son a baby afghan. It meant so much to me. My grandmother had always made blankets for everyone in the family, but her Alzheimer’s was too far advanced for her to do that when he was born. The same friend made my second son a blanket and my grandmother has passed away. Those afghans remind me that as much as things change, they stay the same. And that makes me smile.

  • 671
    Beth W. says:

    The best homemade gifts I have ever received are cozy quits from my maternal grandma and lovely counted cross stich pieces from my fraternal nana. They are both gone now but I look at these pieces and remember the wonderful times I shared crafting with them when I was a kid. Cherished memories!

  • 672
    Rebekah says:

    oohh best homemade gift…hmm.. that would have to be a doll my mom made for me(…well she made many dolls for me and my sister as children..)something i hope to pass onto my children in the future..

  • 673
    Alisha Trussell says:

    I remember the Christmas that my sister and I received a handmade dollhouse from my parents. My father had made it from wood and had attached carpeting to the inside and then my mother had used wrapping paper to wallpaper inside… she even saved a gold “Sees” Chocolate seal and put it on the wall as a portrait. My sister and I played for hours with that doll house. It was only years later as an adult that my mother told me (with tears in her eyes) that during that Christmas they were struggling financially and couldn’t afford to buy us gifts. She had worried so much over that Christmas and it turned out to be my favorite one.

  • 674
    Renee says:

    Every gift my kids have made for me. 🙂 Other than that, my family doesn’t do homemade gifts, much, but, we did receive a beautiful handmade Christmas wreath from my sister-in-law that we still use every year. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance.

  • 675
    lindsey says:

    A handmade baby blanket from my grandma for each of my kids.

  • 676
    Elena says:

    An afghan my grandma made for me, that I have unfortunately lost along the way. Such memories it holds just thinking about it. –Elena

  • 677

    My 6 yo daughter made a book about me for their mother’s day program. It was so cute and showed me that she really does notice the little things.

  • 678
    Dawn Nikol says:

    My Dad had a baby blanket made for my daughter before she was born… she sleeps with it every night and I hope she’ll treasure it always.

  • 679
    Kim Ross says:

    My mom made me some beautiful window treatments from fabric with violets on it. Love it!

  • 680
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    a handmade quilt from my aunt for a wedding gift! It’s so beautiful and straight from the heart! 🙂

  • 681
    Cammy says:

    My mom painted ceramics and one year for St. Nick, my parents set up a little tree in my room with all of the little ornaments my mom had painted. I still have all of them today.

  • 682
    Lea Lawson says:

    All of my life, my great grandma knitted slippers for me. She knitted up until the time she couldn’t any longer, which was just a couple months before she passed. And even though they are ratty and torn and worn out…I still have the last pink pair she ever knitted for me. Now my grandma has taken on the tradition of knitted slippers…but I will always keep that last pair that was done by my great grandma.


  • 683
    Kim says:

    Our first Christmas in our newly build house, a dear friend gave me a hand made clay christmas ornament shaped like our house with the date it was built and our names on it. it is beautiful and after 10 years we still love to hang it on the tree each year.

  • 684
    Jeni says:

    The doll my Grandma gave me for Confirmation. She made the dress of the doll from a pillowcase my Great-Grandma had made. So, it was like a gift from two generations.

  • 685

    My husband’s grandmother knit my son a baby blanket when he was born and I’m going to make sure to hang on to it as long as we can.

  • 686
    Pam says:

    The best handmade gift was a quilt. All of the time and care taken into such a practical but beautiful thing.

  • 687

    This past Valentine’s Day my husband went up in my scrap room and made me a card. He used my Cricut, cuttlebug, and stamps to make it. I will treasure it forever. It’s on my blog if you would like to see it!

  • 688
    Keisha H says:

    Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever received something homemade! I’m usually the one to make it to give away! 🙂 But my favorite thing that I’ve given was a scrapbook of a cruise my sister and I went on. She loved it. 🙂

  • 689
    Rema Timm says:

    The gifts that my children made at school for me when they were younger are the most treasured items that I have. They are not perfect but there are many memories attached to them and I proudly display them around the house.

  • 690
    Catherine says:

    I can’t narrow it down to one – I have two that are equally as special…My oldest daughter made a bookmark for me when she was 11 years old that says: “In sad moments you’re always there and in happy moments you’re always there. The sad moments never seem so sad when you’re there standing right beside me and those happy moments are always better when you’re there with me” – so sweet! The other is from my youngest daughter and it is a wooden plaque she gave me that she used her wood burning tool to carve Philippians 4:13 with lots of crosses and flowers all over – just beautiful! Both gifts are treasures from my two treasures 🙂

  • 691
    christinem says:

    I would have to say it was the handmade quilt that my grandmother made me for graduation. It is a great keepsake as she is getting older.

  • 692
    jackie M. says:

    When my girls were growing up, I felt it was important to make gifts with them for their grandparents. We made placemats, propagated plants from existing house plants, made homemade candies and cookies just to name a few. Now when I receive handcrafted jewelry or a knitted scarf from one of my daughters, it delights me and makes me feel that I did my job. Now I am continuing to teach my four grandchildren how special handmade gifts can give so much pleasure to the ones who they love.

  • 693
    Cindy F. says:

    The peanut butter sandwiches my mother packed in my lunch. Always lifted top piece of bread to see a happy face etched in the peanut butter.

  • 694
    Marie L says:

    The best homemade gifts are the cards that my little granddaughters (4 and 5 ) make for me. They love making cards for Mommy, Oma and all the great-aunts.
    I love watching them pick all of Oma’s PTI supplies….lolololol

  • 695
    Alyssa Pappas says:

    This release was incredible! Up, Up and Away is definitely my favorite set!

    The best homemade gift? Our good friends’ homemade barbeque sauce. It’s the best! I really want the recipe… We get several jars for every Christmas and when they visit!

  • 696

    My mother put together a special scrapbook of her memories of me for Christmas once. I know it took her a long time and I will treasure it forever.

  • 697
    Kathy says:

    The best homemade gifts I’ve received are some very special Christmas ornaments that my children made for me. I treasure them more than anything.

  • 698
    Sue Lelli says:

    The best home made gift I ever received was a pillow for Christmas in the colors of my home made out of shells with shell trim on the edges. It was so perfect and i even made a card that was inspired by the pillow. I blogged about it last December.

  • 699
    Colleen Fennessey says:

    A Valentine’s card from my son the year I had walking pneumonia. It was great medicinte and it still melts my heart. 🙂

  • 700
    Sonia Holland says:

    The best homemade gift I have ever received is a felt reindeer ornament from a friend. It is so so cute, and I still have it hanging from my dresser drawer knob..it is out all year round! I love it because it was made simply, reminding me daily that things don’t need to be big or have tons of bells and whistles to be treasured and valued.

  • 701

    Looking back now, though perhaps I didn’t feel this way at the time, it was the handmade “faux Cabbage Patch” doll my mom made me when I was a child. They couldn’t afford the real thing for me and my sister both, so my mom made them instead. I have no idea where she is now, but the love behind it I remember fondly 🙂

  • 702
    Michelle A. says:

    My mother crocheted me a blanket…it means the world to me! She was having trouble/pain with her hands but she made a little bit at a time & was able to finish it…. I will forever cherish it.

  • 703
    Kelly M says:

    My aunt made quilts for me and my sisters when we were kids. We loved them then, but now that she is gone, they mean even more.

  • 704
    Deborah Samuelson says:

    My daughter made me three scrapbook pages a few years ago when she was twelve. She had never scrapbooked before but watched me often. They are funny and terribly sweet and very much the best homemade gift I’ve ever been given.

  • 705
    Kelly Silva says:

    A quilt my aunt made me. She added a custom tag with a picture of me on it from when I was 2. I cherish it.

  • 706
    jeanie nieva says:

    the best would be a card

  • 707
    Leslie says:

    A friend of mine gave me handmade blanket a few years ago and I don’t know what I would do without it!

  • 708
    Lois Noyes - MN says:

    I received a beautiful homemade quilt from my great aunt Agda back in my early 20’s. I’ll cherish it always. Thanks for the opportunity to win it all…..

  • 709
    Darla says:

    My daughter painted a picture for me which I dearly love.

  • 710
    liz says:

    My siblings and I always exchange homemade gifts at Christmas. This year, two of my siblings gave me gifts that are items I always make for other people, but never have for myself. I got fun magnets and paper covered letters. It was cool to have since I never keep any of them for myself and they made it.

  • 711
    Janis says:

    My mother made me a beautiful, delicate crocheted doily. It’s quite large (about 16″ in diameter) and I have it mounted and framed…hanging in our living room. It’s just stunning and is the last thing she made for me before her death. I will treasure it always.

  • 712

    The best homemade gift I received is one from my daughter when she was very young. She made a cookbook at preschool that had “her favorite recipes”. She wrote the recipes (short ones like macaroni and cheese….) and drew pictures to go with them. The teacher bound the pages and laminated her hand drawn covers. She is now 21 but I still have it with all my recipe books!

  • 713
    Lori Winters says:

    I had a surpise 50th birthday and my friends and husband made me a handmade scrapbook and filled it with pictures and lots of memories…. Made getting older not so bad!!

  • 714
    Barbra says:

    Our Son was “homemade” and he is by far the best gift I have ever received.

  • 715
    Debbie says:

    Hmmm….I would say the best homemde gift I ever received was a ceramic vase that my youngest son made in his ceramic class in high school. He is the craftiest of my 3 children and definitely takes after his mother! I love PT and the sets tonight are wonderful!

  • 716