Day 4: Introducing Papertrey Radio & A New Way to Shop

By February 3, 2010General

Welcome back for day four of Papertrey's 3rd Anniversary festivities! We have had such a huge response from everyone and we are just thrilled that you all want to be a part of this!

I'm going to start today's post with a special announcement. 


(just click the button below to hear all the details!)

Papertrey Radio Announcement

(for a written transcript of today's message, please CLICK HERE)

So what do you think about all of THAT!  Erin Lincoln & I hope you are as excited as we are for this new adventure to begin!  And most of all, we look forward to getting to know all of you better through this program!  

And a big THANK YOU to Erin for taking on the job as the Papertrey Radio Host.  Not only has she done all of the research and technology development to prepare for our jump into this media, she's also going to be behind the scenes formatting each podcast.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Erin!

In honor of this new media we will be presenting, we thought it would be fun to include all of YOU in a fun project we are planning to share with you on release day, February 15th.  We invite you to call in and actually leave us a voice message, wishing us a happy anniversary!  It's quick, simple and FREE, using new google voice technology!  

A few dozen of the messages left will be selected and featured as part of a special presentation Erin Lincoln is assembling.  We would love for you to be a part of this!  It just takes a few simple steps!

1. Click on the "Call Me" icon below.

2. Google Voice will pop up with a box where you enter your name & phone number.  (This information is not viewable by anybody and is just a temporary file that allows google voice to proceed with the next step.  There is even a small box for you to check if you want your number to be COMPLETELY private, where we don't even see it in the voice message transcript we get.)

3. Hit "Connect".  When you hit this button, you will be "calling" yourself instantly and your phone will ring.

4.  When you pick up, it will be connecting you to our Google Voicemail.  It will prompt you when to begin recording your message.

5.  Be sure to begin with your first name and location, such as "This is Susan in New York" or "Hello from Alicia in Tampa".  It will be fun to hear all the different location later! 

6.  If you aren't good at speaking eloquently on the fly (like me!), you may want to prepare a little something on paper first, so you can read and feel more at ease!

7. Hang up and hit "Disconnect" to end the message.  It's that easy!

After you're done with you call, you can read on for another BIG announcement!

It's been in the works for over two years, and it is finally just about completed.  The new and improved Papertrey store.  Coming this spring.

Front page copy

Some of the features that are being integrated…

-improved functionality.  We've heard you loud and clear!  We have taken all of your suggestions into account as we work to make this new site the *ultimate* shopping experience.

-thousands of product tags, allowing you to perform searches in dozens of different ways to find exactly what you want.

-professional photography throughout, with detailed photos of each individual ribbon in every color and more!

This project has been monumental, but we are confident that once the new website goes live, your shopping experience will be unlike anything you have ever seen!  Have no fear, it won't be much longer now and it will be well worth the wait!

After all that exciting news, what do you say we have a little contest?  We'll make it super easy for you today to give you a bit of break so you are creatively strong for what's to come in the next few days!

Just leave a comment letting us know what you think of our Papertrey Radio announcement.  Who would you like to see us interview over the course of the year?  What kinds of things would you want to know? Are there any special features or other installments you would like to see us do with this audio media?


A brand new, engraved 4G iPod Shuffle in our signature Papertrey Aqua color.  Just the thing to store all of the latest Papertrey Radio podcasts so you can listen while you stamp! A-few-things-to-remember

1. To be eligible to win, all you need to do is leave a comment, sharing your thoughts about Papertrey Radio!

2. Only one comment per person please.

3. Contest will close at 7am EST, Friday, February 5th.  One winner will be randomly selected by noon EST the same day and announced on our February Release Winners page.

I have even more excitement to share with you tomorrow, so stay tuned and I hope to see you again soon! Have a wonderful day & do something creative!

P.S. Before I go, I just want to give a shout out to my sister, Jen, who worked as my "sound crew" during the recording of today's podcast.  I couldn't have done it without her.  Thank you, Jen!

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  • 1

    Papertrey. Radio. RADIO – how COOL is that?! I love that it’s a way to connect US to YOU. And to that end I think a lot of US involved is a great idea…guest hosts…interview us…let us ask questions, etc. LOL – yeah, let US be your show. I just think we know so much about all of you and have learned so much about you through your work and we know your styles and processes that this might be a good opportunity to give back to the little people if you will. Can’t wait for this to start – should be fun!

  • 2
    Joan B says:

    What a blast of an idea! Radio! I don’t have an Ipod and don’t know what a podcast is, but I’d learn fast. Would LOVE to hear some interviews on the design process used by your design team and others. Thanks so much!

  • 3
    Kiera says:

    I think the most exciting thing will be hearing the voices of all the PTI folks! Well, that, and all the inspiring tidbits that are sure to come our way!

  • 4
    NL Raskin says:

    Two exciting announcements in one day! So excited for PTI radio! I would love to hear you interview each other first (i.e. “the gals of PTI”), your guest designers, and maybe some of your favorite bloggers and crafters. Can’t wait to HEAR all the inspiration soon! Thank for the new website!!! I can’t wait to shop soon!

  • 5
    Holly Field says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! You gals are so customer oriented it almost ridiculous. I am so excited about PTI Radio…and its going to be available via iTunes and archived! I think you should kick off by having a contest with us:) guessing whose PTI voice is whose:) Can’t wait to hear all the great chat!

  • 6
    Alyssa B says:

    AGggggghhhhhhh! Could anything BE any better??? I would love to hear Debbie Olson interviewed..she’s my idol!

  • 7
    Rebecca J. says:

    I can say I’m not one who wants to hear my own voice played back to me. But it will be fun to hear other ladies’ and their tips and insights πŸ˜‰

  • 8
    Diane S. (momoffive) says:

    WOW! What a really cool idea. I am so looking forward to “meeting” the DT and putting voices with their pictures. Podcasts are a fabulous way to make this happen. Thanks for all your time and effort on this!!!

  • 9
    Cindy Vernon says:

    What an awesome idea. PTI is always coming up with something inventive and fun!

  • 10
    Jo Eades says:

    OK, I would have never guessed Papertrey Radio but it’s a GREAT idea. How cool! The new website looks like it’s going to be great, I love the sneak peek you’ve given us.

  • 11
    Marie L says:

    I am so astonished a podcast. Unbelievable the things you come up with. I would like to hear interviews with all the designers.

    I can’t wait what features you have added to the new shop.

    Very exciting news

  • 12
    Natalie says:

    What a great concept. Your company is always coming up with new and fresh ideas. Keep up the good work. I make it a point to stop by your blog and your team’s every day to see what is new. Thanks for sharing your creativity and enthusiasm for papercrafting with all of us.

  • 13
    Deena says:

    Papertrey Radio rocks! I am so excited that I’ll be able to get a Papertrey fix on my iPod.

  • 14
    Courtney says:

    The mind is boggling atm with how many new things you have going on:) Wow I can’t wait to see the new improved shop and all the new ideas you keep coming up with. Congrats:)

  • 15
    Susan O says:

    Papertrey Radio – what a fun idea!
    New and improved shopping – excellent!
    iPod prize – wow, my favorite color!

  • 16
    Alyssa B says:

    Can international customers call you? Im hailing all the way from Australia.I tried but i dont think it worked…

  • 17
    Donelda says:

    Papertrey has done it again!! Papertrey Radio, what an exciting addition to the company!! I can’t wait to hear all the Design Team voices since acutally hearing them makes them feel even more like friends!!

  • 18
    Rachel VP says:

    What a unique and out of the box idea! This will definitely add more interest to your already attractive products. Stamping is such a good thing to add in a social setting with friends. I can really see how this could add to that element. Looking forward to more! πŸ™‚

  • 19
    Sara Spencer says:

    Wow! What will you think of next? Seriously? How fun to get to listen to my favorite designers “on air”. Put a voice with their photos. And I can’t wait to see the new and improved store. From the photo above it looks very promising. I love PTI products and I especially love that this company got me interested in stamping again after an extended break. Now I love it more than ever.

  • 20
    Brittney Mitchell says:

    I think PTI radio will be so cool. I love that you are keeping up with technology and the times. I can’t wait for Dawn to be featured. I am eager to hear if she sounds as awesome as her signature stamps.

  • 21
    Rita says:

    Papertrey is the only reason I would ever need an iPod. Being inspired with radio interviews is too good to be true. Somebody pinch me…I must be dreaming! I can’t wait to see and HEAR what PTI has in store for us in 2010!

  • 22
    Elizabeth B says:

    Papertrey Radio – How exciting!!!! I am really looking forward to the podcasts! I would like to hear from all of the design team…you are all so talented and would have so many tips and techniques to tell the audience! I can’t wait to hear more…

  • 23
    Sharon D says:

    I’ve always thought one of the best things about PTI (well, besides the amazing products) is how accessible Nichole and the DT are to all of us–via their blogs and the forum. Papertrey Radio kicks that involvement up a notch. It will be so fun to hear interviews, get to ask questions, and just get to interact even more.

  • 24
    Candice W. says:

    Papertrey Radio!! How Awesome!! And I am SO excited to see Erin on your team! I used to love watching her videos when she worked for CK! I think you should be the first guest on the show – I am sure we all have a ton of questions for you πŸ™‚

  • 25
    Mindy Eggen says:

    Wow! never would have seen that one coming but what an exciting concept! Who would I like to see interviewed….? Why YOU of course!! You are so full of inspiration and I LOVE your style – also Dawn McVey – I visit both of your blogs every day – I don’t know how you keep up! I can’t wait to see the new website – it looks wonderful already – I’m squinting my eyes to try and see every detail loL!

  • 26
    nina says:

    Wow! I never would have guessed about the radio in a million years. Sounds very intriguing. Of course I’d love to hear from all of the DT members – what inspires them, etc etc. I’d also love to hear from Jane & Julie – your behind-the-scenes partners. And fabulous news about the website – can’t wait to see it!

  • 27
    Wahinelei says:

    WOW RADIO!! Even more ways to connect with PTI on a daily basis!! Im always checking your blog to see your latest updates or to be inspired. Im always checking the DT blogs for their latest updates. Im always on the PTI forum sharing the enthusiasm for anything PTI. NOW I have RADIO and podcasts to look forward to!! Im too excited right now to think about interviews or features that I want to see but I know you’ll have something special lined up! WOW!!!!!!!

  • 28
    Stephanie S. says:

    How exciting!! The concept is so neat and fun. I would love to have a ideas from the Design Team pointing their why to either their site or others they have seen. Congrats.

  • 29
    see mary stamp says:

    As I listened to today’s radio message my response was – I guess I’m going to have to get an IPOD now. You continually amaze and surprise me with your innovations. I love the idea of these radio podcasts. It will be so exciting to put voices with faces. (Loved hearing your voice today Nichole). Wow Erin, how awesome of you to take this task on. Thank you for archiving all of the podcasts too. I love being able to go to your site and find past tutorials and such. Excited to hear about the redesign of the web store too. You have all been working very hard!!! It’s late here so I’ll leave my voice mail message tomorrow.

  • 30
    Nerina says:

    This sounds like a truly fun addition to the Papertrey line-up! Nichole you have a beautiful voice! There is something that really connects one to people when you know what they look like AND sound like – I learned that watching Dawn’s videos, it’s wonderful feeling like we “know” you :0)! (P.S. It wasn’t meant to be part of the question, but the new store looks totally and completely WONDERFUL!! I can’t wait to browse it!)

  • 31
    Maureen P says:

    wow!! what news!! I’m so amazed at all the new things coming out…it will be fun to listen to the questions and answers…and THANKS for the new store…that’s a great idea!!

  • 32
    Jeanne says:

    You all have been so creative! You continue to challenge my mind as well as my artistic abilities. I know that I will be on a fast learning curve! I am very excited to hear the voices of the Design Team and Stamp Designers! It will be so much fun to hear their excitement and listen to them share techniques and helpful hints. This is so interactive! You are all TERRIFIC!

  • 33

    This Radio idea is so much fun! IΒ΄d love to hear an interview with you and people like Cath Evaldson!

  • 34

    Oh wow, how fun! I’m always checkin out the good stuff on iTunes, so this will be great!

  • 35
    Brandi Lynn S says:

    It sounds like so much fun and what a cool way to connect!!! Can’t wait until it starts! Who would I like to hear interviewed? All of the Papertrey Ink Designers, of course! Thanks so much!

  • 36
    Dawn says:

    Oh my word. I’m just giddy with excitement! This has got to be the most freaking awesome thing! I so can’t wait for it all to happen.

  • 37

    Holy Smokes! This is getting better by the day!!! Wowsers! How cool and what a fantastic idea is that!!! Nichole, I’m so happy for you! This is going to be an awesome great year for you and the Design Team! I love to hear each Design Team member of course! Can’t wait to start listening and tunning in! How fun!!

  • 38
    Natasha Hussain says:

    Wow you guys are always coming up with something new that the competition doesn’t have! I love this idea. How fun will it be!

  • 39
    sarah says:

    i just listened to the papertrey announcement…so cool!! this is such a great idea and a nice way to feel connected to the designers…in a non creepy way πŸ™‚ i think it would be great to interview the designers about their newest stamp sets to see what they were thinking and going through when they were created, kind of like a glimpse into their creative process. this is awesome, such fun!!

  • 40
    Rieca says:

    I am amased how rapidly technology changes. To think that a couple years ago I did not blog, I did not even know what a blog is. And now to think that we could interact with voices, I am thrilled and excited to hear everyones voice.

  • 41
    Charlene Williams says:

    Oh my! To think… I could be inspired by radio too?! Your creativity simply never ceases to amaze me πŸ™‚ Thank you for such endless inspiration and opportunities to win such wonderful blog prizes. I’d love to hear interviews from your designers as well as those with new and amazing craft products I would use when creating with PTI goodies. And your iPod prize is even my favorite color πŸ™‚ Wish me luck!

  • 42

    Fantastic! Now you are joining forces with the podcast world, my life may be complete. I think it would be fantastic to listen to members of the design team talk about their inspirations, how they plan layouts, color combinations, etc. Just need continuous hand holding, and PTI is so very good at it.

  • 43
    NancyL2648 says:

    Wow…who would have thought! I love the idea of a podcast with our favorite designers.
    I would have to have my grandson to show me how to use an ipod if I win. *grin*

  • 44
    Julie says:

    That is pretty cool! I would love to hear interviews from all the 2010 design team and yourself first! Great ideas!

  • 45
    C Burke says:

    Wow! What an interesting addition to Papertrey Ink! I would like to hear updates from you and the design team members about new products, ways to use supplies, verbal sneak peeks about upcoming releases, hints about product storage, etc. In other words, general Papertrey and stamping information. Thanks!

  • 46
    Wendy T. says:

    Oh, WOW! I love this idea! I would definitely love to hear interviews of each of the PTI team including Jane and Julie -I’d love to have a glimpse at PTI through their eyes -and of course, Nichole and the DT and stamp designers. Stamping tips and techniques, the designers talking about how they come up with new stamp ideas and designs, etc. This is SUCH a fabulous idea. I can’t wait!

  • 47

    radio!another brilliant idea…can’t wait.

  • 48
    Mary A says:

    Wow! What an interesting concept! I couldn’t get the pop-up of the announcement to work on my Mac (which is pretty new to me still, so it may just be me), but I am intrigued! I am TOTALLY excited about the new webstore, though… Can’t wait to hear about all the exciting new features (fingers crossed for wishlists, account history, and a new & improved forum/gallery)! πŸ™‚ The FUN continues!

  • 49
    Brenda Chilcott says:

    Very exciting! Cant wait to see and hear it all go live.

  • 50
    Paulina says:

    Wow, this is so cool! I would LOVE to hear interviews from your whole DT. All of these ladies are fab…I want to hear how they started their journey, where they get inspiration and also get to know the non crafty side of them!

  • 51
    Becky P. says:

    Wow, This will be great. I would love to hear about your process in designing a stamp set. How you conceptualize a set, and how you get the fine details incorporated that you and your company are so famous for.

    Also, it would be great to hear from each member of your design team, how they came to their signature style and where they see their style evolving to in the future.

    Finally, it would be great to have you guys do some product critiques/reviews. When there is a new trend, it becomes the latest must-have thing, but then, it does not always get used. It would be nice to hear the pros/cons from the people who inspire me so much on a daily basis. Sorry about the long book. This is exciting!

  • 52

    Wow, I would never have thought of that, good for you! I’d love for you to interview Melissa Phillips, I’m sure what she says will be as beautiful as what she writes and I’d love to hear her voice!

  • 53
    Ronna E. says:

    Love that you are making the site more interactive and embracing podcasting. Looking forward to hearing design team interviews and would love to be kept abreast of new trends in papercrafting as they happen. I would also love to have more videos available to show new techniques. Can’t wait to shop on the newly re-designed site!

  • 54
    tanna says:

    PTI Radio! I am so excited about another way to learn more about my favorite company! I know that many others will agree with me that this is a GREAT idea! I cannot wait to hear answers to questions, maybe some tutorials?? I would love to hear anything from Dawn or Betsy! Thanks so much and looking forward to it!

  • 55
    Emilia says:

    This is really exciting! PTI always comes up with something SO ORIGINAL!!! WELL DONE!!!!

  • 56
    Elizabeth S. says:

    This is something I never in a million have guessed would be part of PTI. It is exciting and looking forward to hearing all of your voices.

  • 57
    Heather J. says:

    How exciting – would love to hear interviews from the design team and a lot of those PaperCrafts Go To gals as well!! I’m looking forward to Spring!

    Heather J.

  • 58
    Katie {aka choc0holic} says:

    Papertrey Radio!!! Now that’s something to shout from the rooftops!!! The new site looks FABULOUS as well. I’ve been with you since the beginning, so I don’t have a problem navigating my way around the current site. That said, anything you do is magical, so I’m sure I’ll love the new site!

    Back to Papertrey Radio, I’m hoping to hear interviews with everyone on the Design Team. It’s so fun to put a *voice* with the face…like I did with you tonight Nichole!!! I’d also love to hear tips and suggestions for making the most of my stamping time. It’d be fun to hear how the various members of the design team got started with stamping, how various customers found PTI, etc. You know…everything!!!

  • 59
    Diane M says:

    PTI Radio – Wow, what a concept. Many industries use podcasts and I think it will be great fun.


  • 60

    WOW! I never would have guessed that your surprise announcement was a podcast. This is so awesome! I loved hearing your voice on the announcement. It makes us seem even more connected when we see the videos or hear your voices. Everything about the release party has been fabulous and SO MUCH FUN! Thanks for everything. I can hardly wait for the first podcast! Oh, for suggestions–definitely interviews first–you first and then all the designers!!

  • 61
    CrazyCurl says:

    Love the radio idea, but I’m browsing on my iPhone and it wouldn’t work for me. I’m excited to listen to it next time I’m at my computer!!!

  • 62
    Kim says:

    wow!!! PTI Radio – awesome!!! I’d like for you to interview Dawn McVey first. I just think her work is amazing and she seems so down to earth and sweet!

  • 63
    patty thomas says:

    Thank You, PTI!!! I am a diehard podcast viewer (listener) to several various types of podcasts. I love, love, love this idea. I would love interviews with various leaders in the industry being asked how their creativity comes to them, what trends they are excited about, what they would like to see coming into the crafting industry, perhaps even historical talks of why we are where we are today. Also, I would love to hear how each started in the business, bumps along the way, inspiring hurdles they conquered, etc.
    This is such an incredible idea and I can’t wait!

  • 64
    Cindy Holshouser says:

    How fun to hear your voice after reading your blog for 2 years. This is such a neat idea. I can only imagine how much we will learn from interviews with your design team gals. And it seems like it will be a time saver in comparison to reading lots of different threads and comments about a certain issue.

  • 65

    very cool! your design team members for sure, I follow a lot of their blogs

  • 66
    S Fink says:

    I can’t wait to see what new things will learn and what inspirations will come our way from PTI.

  • 67
    Kayleen Kamikawa says:

    Interesting concept. Hopefully the community will enjoy hearing instead of just reading about stamping.

  • 68
    Jenink says:

    Hmmm….that is a really interesting question. I’m not sure what the podcasts will be like since I usually rely on lots of visual info when it comes to papercrafting.

    I think it would a great way to sort of listen to a ‘chat’ with the designers.

  • 69
    Marinette says:

    Que de jolies nouveautΓ©s et trΓ¨s originales j’aime Γ§a
    dommage que je sois en France et que je ne connaisse pas encore très bien votre langage
    J’aurai adorΓ© Γ©couter l’interview de Dawn McVey

  • 70
    Kristina says:

    Radio?! What a great new avenue to connect us all together in this big stamping world. πŸ™‚ I love that we get to hear real voices to go with the pictures. As for future interviews, etc, I would love to hear from some of the stamp designers about what inspired their collections. I always love them, and it’s great to read about them, but sometimes passion and emotion are transmitted more effectively through the voice. πŸ™‚ In other words, I would love to ‘hear’ from them! The website sneak peak looks great! I can’t wait to see the whole thing!!!

  • 71
    Sue Lelli says:

    This is just so exciting! Papertrey Radio! If it wasn’t so late tonight I’d try it now but I don’t want to wake my husband up! Can’t wait for the new shopping experience so I can buy even more FAB products! You are the BEST!

  • 72
    Madhvi says:

    Papertrey Podcast is a great idea to hear from all the papertrey designers and of course it will be awesome to hear from all of US as well. But most of all I’m super excited about the new website and shop.

  • 73
    Tina says:

    Tooo fun!!! What a unique idea! Can’t wait to hear more podcasts!

  • 74
    Ange Kelly says:

    Hey Nicole, PTI Radio sounds awsome! I’m looking forward to hearing all the latest news, interviews and ideas. I have never used my ipod, this will be a good excuse to dust it off and recharge it! So cool! Can’t wait!

  • 75
    Ticia says:

    Papertrey Radio… How exciting. I can not wait to hear it. I am so glad I found your store website over a yr ago. I love it.

  • 76

    Are you for real!!! I’m a podcast addict. And I love listening to talks and music while I work on my cards. So hurray for PTI Radio πŸ™‚

  • 77
    elana k says:

    I seriously don’t know how you do it, but you all just keep coming up with more fabulous ideas!! A podcast is a terrific idea! I love podcasts and this is a new and fresh idea. I think it is such fun to finally hear the voice of someone I feel I “know” from reading their blog, so this is so exciting. I think I would love to hear PTI designers talk about just about anything. πŸ™‚

    As for the new store, I am stoked! The sneak you’ve shown looks great. You must be tremendously busy…I am exhausted just reading about all the new endeavors, so a big KUDOS to you Nichole, and the entire PTI team!!

  • 78
    Robbin Clements says:

    What a GREAT idea…Papertrey Radio is going to be wonderful! I’m looking forward to hearing from the girls on the Papertrey team…especially Debbie Olson…I love, love, love everything she comes up with. Would love to see inside her mind and hear how she comes up with some of her ideas!!

  • 79
    Steph says:

    Papertrey Ink RADIO………..would never have seen that one coming, what an awesome surprise! I love that you are always thinking of ways for PTI to stay ahead of the crowd and stand out as a very innovative company. Love it!!!

    I truly enjoy and appreciate ALL of the PTI design team gals, but because I absolutely ADORE Melissa Phillips, I would LOVE to hear from her…….any tips, tricks, or tidbits would be fun to learn. I also think it would be fun to hear from Julie and Jane to know what each of their jobs entail. I’m sure they do so much more than we even realize.

    Lovin’ all the anniversary excitement! PTI ROCKS!!!

  • 80
    Stacie says:

    Papertrey Radio.. what a fresh idea! I am anxious to see, uhm hear theup coming podcasts!

  • 81
    Anne B says:

    Just love the idea of Papertrey Radio! What a creative and exciting concept. The sneak peak of the new website looks amazing too. Thanks for all you do to involve us! Interviews – well I’d love to hear the views of all the design team of course – to hear more of your great tips. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for the year ahead πŸ™‚

  • 82
    Lynne Phelps says:

    I love podcasts and will be THRILLED to subscribe. Just think – I can be crafting with Papertrey goodies, and listening to the Papertrey ladies all at the same time! iPod heaven!

  • 83
    Michelle says:

    How fun! It’s always cool to hear the voices behind the faces! I’d love to hear some thoughts from you and your designers on your approaches to design and crafting. Can’t wait to check out more of this new venture!

  • 84
    Katie Renz says:

    Wow, this sounds very intriguing… can’t wait to see and hear all the details.

  • 85
    Candyf says:

    Paper Trey Radio – ingenius idea. I truthfully would love to hear all your DT members interviewed. They all provide such inspiration and each one is unique in their own way.

  • 86
    Gladys says:

    Papertrey Radio!! How Awesome!!

  • 87
    Emily says:

    What an awesome feature from PTI! Can’t wait for the first show and to see the redesigned store!

  • 88
    Paula says:

    Wow!!! PT radio that is a great new fun way to branch out. I love putting a voice with a face. Looking forward to all the new changes. You are blessed to have a sister who can share in your new ventures.

  • 89
    Shelly Kettell says:

    WOW!!! Radio never came to my mind!?!
    Can’t wait to hear from you…all the design team…and perhaps the monthly guest stamper. It would be fun to hear a brainstorming session!!! (Ha…not likely…too many secrets would be out!)

    It’s been an exciting time for us watching you…I can only imagine the happiness your heart holds! πŸ™‚

  • 90
    Brittany says:

    How exciting! I look forward to the interviews.

  • 91
    Dawn Nikol says:

    LOVE this!! I like that I’ll be able to keep up with my PTI addiction while “away” from my computer taking care of my 3 month old daughter. I always make time to read the latest blog post, but the radio will make it a lot easier to get my “fix” and love on my daughter. πŸ™‚

    I definitely think interviewing the PTI gals first is a must! And then, of course, the distinguished guest designer…

    I’m so ecstatic for you gals and can’t wait to see all of this new stuff happening in the near future!

  • 92
    Karen Rose says:

    What a fun idea to podcast. I would love to listen to the podcasts and I’m sure that anyone you interview will be great. I LOVE the sneak peek at your new store!! How much better can it get??!! THANKS

  • 93
    Clouds says:

    what a need idea Nichole, it’s so cool, PTI radio on the go! I’ be nice to get podcast and hear from all the awesome DT member plus you!

    Clouds πŸ˜€

  • 94

    Wow! I never imagined that!! I would love to hear all the PTI DT members interviewed!!

  • 95
    chrisitne says:

    Wow, how exciting. The first person I would like to hear from is Melissa Phillips as well as the rest of the DT. They are all so talented.

    I can’t wait to see what else is coming this week. It has sure been an exciting week!!!


  • 96
    Michele F says:

    You have done it again! You never cease to amaze me! Papertrey Radio sounds awesome! This sounds like it will be tons of fun. Congrats on your 3rd year. I am looking forward to more terrific ideas and innovation with Papertrey Ink!

  • 97
    Harriet Skelly says:

    PTI Radio – very cool! I am wanting to hear all of the DT’s voices! That would be so cool.
    I am also looking forward to the new store/website.

  • 98
    Tammy Harp says:

    How fun! Inspiration will now come in all forms! Exciting!

  • 99
    jennifer says:

    Congratulations and I can’t wait to listen to the pod casts on Papertrey Radio!

  • 100
    Vanessa Cadman says:

    Where do all your clever ideas come from?? I want some of the cleverness!!!! Congratulations and the very best of luck for your new radio idea.

  • 101
    Shannon T says:

    I look forward to the podcasts and what you can teach us!

  • 102
    Adoree says:

    Papertrey Radio….WOW Nichole I finally got to connect your name, face and voice…..It’s like meeting you in person!
    Shopping made easier….Fantastic
    IPod prize…would love to have one in that color and listen to all Papertrey Radio podcasts!
    All things Papertrey….Priceless!

  • 103
    Samantha says:

    What fun! I think the new radio program will be loads of fun. I can’t wait to hear who you have lined up for the first show!

  • 104
    Sylvia says:

    Papertrey Radio, Awesome.I recently retired, started Paper Crafting, found Heather Nichols Blog and have not looked back. The energy and excitement @ Papertrey and with the Design Team Keeps me Young at Heart. Keep up the good work and all the great NEW ideas.

  • 105
    Amanda H says:

    What a great idea. It’s ideas like this that set you all apart from the rest. The new designers and products have me excited for the year to come!

  • 106
    Lori West says:

    This is SO EXCITING! I am a podcast freak! I have several subs to podcasts and thank goodness I have a 120GB ipod to hold all my STUFFS! LOL! So I cannot wait to add the Papertrey INk Podcasts to my collection!!!!! I would love to hear all the stamp designers interviewed, where they get their inspiration, how they learned to draw, etc. Oh I just can’t wait!!!!

  • 107
    Riccia T says:

    PTI always fascinates me with creative ways to engage their customers! Great Job PTI! and Happy 3rd Birthday.

  • 108
    Hilde says:

    What an INCREDIBLY exciting time at Papertrey! Radio! You amaze me- always the innovators, and you never, ever disappoint! I am looking forward to hearing interviews with all the PTI designers and learning even more of their creative process. And thanks for inviting us all to participate. What a great way to connect with your customers!

  • 109
    jewels says:

    That is absolutely amazing! I love the idea that I will be able to download interviews and here some exciting things while I run at the gym or even while I sit and create in my room! I also have to say (as a person with a career in web designing) I LOVE the glimpse of the new store it too looks amazing!!

  • 110
    Laura Finnegan says:

    What will you gals come up with next? Just another way PTI is staying “up with the times!” Way to go!

  • 111

    What will you think of next?
    Love the look of the new online store.
    Interview? Let’s see, anyone crafty?

  • 112

    It’s fun putting a voice to your picture! I can’t wait to hear all the fun questions!

  • 113
    Kelly Adams says:

    I think Papertrey Radio is a fantastic idea! How fun to be able to hear some of my favorite crafters (and fans). Two thumbs way up! πŸ™‚

  • 114
    Colleen says:

    I love the Papertrey Podcast idea! I definitely would like to hear you interviewed first…and then I would like to hear Michelle Wooderson interviewed, then Heather Nichols, Dawn McVey and all of the other DT members and stamp designers. Oh, it will be so cool to learn from the podcasts. And a feature I would like to be included with the podcasts is a Tips feature – I know you all must have zillions of tips and tricks that you use daily without even thinking about it. Another feature would be picking colors to use together, for this feature in each podcast perhaps a different color combo could be discussed and why it works, etc. I can’t wait to listen to your first broadcast!!

  • 115
    Joan says:

    Bummer!!!!!! NOT WORKING FOR INTERNATIONAL customers. Can you help???

  • 116
    Joan says:

    ooops, I commented above about not being able to call for the other contest. Bummer, but glad I can comment about this one.
    Happy Anniversary. I am in awe of your company, what you have achieved in three short years and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us loyal customers. All the best!

  • 117
    Jane says:

    WOW WOW!!! This is so exciting!! I assume that calling from Croatia is a no no! πŸ™
    Wish I could join in the fun!!

  • 118

    Oh my goodness. I am loving all your fabby posts! This is amazing. I cannot wait to hear your podcast. This is a totally exciting thing to happen. Lesleyx

  • 119
    elana says:

    Wow! One of the things I love about PTI is the innovativeness and how you keep up with technology. I can’t wait to hear more tips and tricks from designers live.

  • 120
    Sofia says:

    That is sooooo exciting!!! Radio??? I would love to hear the voice of all Papertrey designers!! Visiting around their blogs so often feels like they are close friends and would be awesome to hear them out too!!That’s a reason to get an Ipod (if I don’t get the one you’re giving out!!! LOL).
    Thanks guys!!

  • 121
    Sandi Tedesco says:

    Papertrey radio! How different! I would have never thought of using that medium. Looking forward to see how you will use radio to teach us more about the world of stamping and papercrafts! πŸ™‚

  • 122
    Angy Hughes says:

    AWESOME! I would actually love to hear from each member of the design team – maybe once or twice a month feature a member. Asking the questions we all want to know – how did you get started? Big inspirations? Where do you get your cool, vintage items? Will papertrey ever carry some of those items? Etc. Just love the fact that we will be able to put a face with a voice now! So cool!

  • 123
    Janine says:

    Fabulous idea!!! Looking forward to all the new and innovative ideas!!

  • 124
    Nadia says:

    A radio ? Nichole …”Una ne fai e cento ne pensi !” that means: you do one thing and you think about one hundread more” said to someone who is always comeing out with something, better something unexpected.


  • 125
    Ann says:

    Nichole its great to HEAR from you! It will be another way of making all your fans feel part of PTI. Of course we want to hear from all of the team – but someone who we never hear from is David – what does he think about it all?

  • 126
    Lorraine says:

    You know I haven’t been involved in podcasts before (I know – I’m way behind) but am looking forward to having a try – imagine all the accents – exciting!

  • 127
    SueB says:

    Wow! You are always on the cutting edge. This is fabulous. I’d like to hear the owners be interviewed.

  • 128
    Faith B. says:

    I don’t know what to think, it sounds great though!

  • 129
    Steph says:

    What a fabulous idea! It’s great to connect to human voices rather than just reading. Once again, Papertrey is leading the way on innovative ideas to connect with customers. I love it, can’t wait to have a go and listen in. x

  • 130
    Stephanie Niavez says:

    Wow!!! How cool is this?!?!?! I am not even sure what I want to hear or who I would like interviewed. I am just amazed at this. I learn something new everyday. And, I am so excited about the new, improved Papertrey online store.

  • 131
    Linda says:

    Wow, the list of surprises seems to go on and on…how lucky are we to enjoy all these special things you have up your sleeve for us. Good luck to you and Erin in this new venture Nichole….sounds very exciting. I’d love to hear interviews with Debbie and Dawn especially:-)

  • 132
    Yvonne says:

    Papertrey Radio… what a wonderful idea!

    I think an interview with Becca Feeken from the Amazing Paper Grace blog would be great.

    I’d be interested in how she plans a project and where her inspiration comes from… also maybe e.g. ten tips she has learned the hard way or through experimentation that she can pass on about esp her vintage/elegant projects.

    The interactive possibilities of the media interest me e.g. down the track maybe an interviewee and then questions from listeners (live and/or recorded), or people ringing in about a particular topic/technique etc. to share ideas.

    All sounds very exciting.

  • 133
    Alice Roushia says:

    OMG, it was GREAT to leave a message on the Radio. I think it is a fantastic idea. This way, people have a “VOICE” in the new and improved Papertrey. The new store sounds like it will be exciting. Thank you for sharing all of your inspiration and talent. I can truly tell you LOVE your work and your company with all of your heart and soul. Congrats again on the 3rd Anniversary of PTI>

  • 134
    Dana F. says:

    Wow, that’s exciting news to wake up to! I loved to actually HEAR from you and look forward to more PTI podcasts. Also the website sneak looks AWESOME!! Lots of food for more CSI: PTI threads on the forum until the final reveal :-))

  • 135
    Melissa McF says:

    A bit of sour grapes from me…
    Those of us still on dial up won’t likely be listening to the podcasts.
    Yes, in rural areas – even just an hour away from Silicon Valley in California – not everyone has access to high-speed internet. Just browsing the graphics-laden stamping blogs is a lesson in frustration… though yours Nichole is worth it. Won’t kick the kids off the computer doing their homework to wait for a podcast, even from Papertrey. (didn’t even bother with the stamp designer birthday graphic contest – two days? It would take me all of two days to get their blogs to come in, much less download their graphics) Told you, sour grapes!

  • 136
    Lisa Swift says:

    Papertrey radio is an amazing idea! You girls are always ahead of the game!

    I can’t wait to hear the radio shows : )

  • 137
    Martha says:

    How exciting! I don’t have an ipod but my children do. Maybe they can help me hear the podcasts! I’m looking forward to learning more through this new “for me” technology! I’m also excited about the new store!

  • 138
    Valerie C says:

    Seriously’ you guys keep getting better and better. I know I’m a true PTI fan! I’m in a hotel room getting ready to go to Dartmouth-Hitchcock for back surgery and I want to make sure I checked out what was going on at Nichole’s blog before I left! I’ll have to connect with the radio when I go home! Awesome idea! You guys are amazing!!

  • 139
    Loydine says:

    I would love to hear interviews with you and your design team members. Being 60 and not very techy, this sounds very cool. Happy Anniversary!

  • 140
    Amber says:

    Very cool Nicole! Such a fun way to be interactive with all PTI’s followers! I’d love to hear Melissa Phillips interviewed, she is so creative and I’d like to hear her process in her own words.
    Can’t wait for the new store site to be up! Should be fun!

  • 141
    Julie Jones says:

    Another GREAT idea to get to know PaperTrey! I love this. I love to put voices with faces and learn more about people. I dont always have time to sit and read but could listen while I’m working. I look forward to hearing more.

  • 142
    Maryanne Degiorgio says:

    A very exciting concept. It would be great hearing everyone instead of just reading.

  • 143
    bonnie says:

    Oh my goodness what will be thought of next….super idea and one I most defintely know will be well received….cannot wait to see the new website!! πŸ™‚ Bonnie x

  • 144
    Susan says:

    I think this a great idea. I’m excited to hear from the whole design team and “put a voice to the name”

  • 145
    Kristin says:

    I love the idea of PTI Radio!! But, I must say, what I really want is to have Mish, Dawn, & Nicole with a LIVE mic :-)… I follow all 3 blogs and have “those” kind of girlfriends that you can stay up late with and laugh all night with and do it again the next day.

  • 146
    Tricia Dee says:

    Papertrey Radio – Amazing! I can’t wait to hear all the designers talk to us!

  • 147
    Maureen says:

    Very cool Nichole!! Can’t wait to hear from all of your team, you are such an inspiration πŸ™‚

  • 148
    Joan says:

    WOW! Papertrey radio! That is sooo cool. I would love to hear interviews of all af the designing team members. And maybe you can make a challenge and interview the winner. I wish you all the good things for this new year. Thanks so much for this celebration, it has been very fun and interesting. I have always love your stamps but you have captured my heart this week.

  • 149

    It’s very good to hear your voice and it would be great to hear more interviews with yourself and the DT members, especially about their crafting journeys!

  • 150
    Marilyn says:

    Creative, fun and we get to hear all the PTI Team..
    WOW-ZA, what a great idea! Can’t wait.
    I would LOVE to ‘hear’ an interview with Lisa Johnson. I just love her creativity.

  • 151
    Sarah says:

    Amazing! Your creativity and drive to constantly make Papertrey better…well…blows me away! So cool to put your voice with your face. Pretty excited about the new store, too!
    Thanks for all you do…

  • 152
    Heidi S says:

    How exciting! I really look forward to your podcasts. Now I can take PTI where ever I go. I’d love to hear from all of the members of the PTI family including Jane and Julie offering some insight from their perspective. The new website looks amazing too!

  • 153
    Julie E says:

    What a fun idea! I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s voice. To think that we used to only communicate over the phone, so voice was the only thing to build a picture of someone by. Now, we have pics and words, but no voice…until now! Can’t wait to try it out.
    Plus, I am looking forward to the revamped store – I could never find the twine LOL!!

  • 154

    This is a wonderful idea! I love pod casts and these will be so much fun to listen to while stamping! Congratulations in your new adventure. I can hardly wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!!!

  • 155
    Cass says:

    Wow – how cool! I loved listening to that first message. Can’t wait to hear all the rest of the DT’s voices! I have never owned an Ipod, or anything more modern than a CD player really, but I assume they all be available to listen to on my computer?

  • 156
    Susie N. says:

    Pti radio!!!! How exciting!!!! I would love to hear from each design member and what they are currently inspired by and how their project ideas progress from there. All the ideas that brew from you and the team are amazing!!! Starting with you Nichole! Can’t wait to hear your voices!

  • 157
    Carol says:

    I would have never guessed Papertrey Radio but it’s a great idea. How cool! Although I don’t want to hear my voice, but hearing the PTI team is so cool. The new website looks like it’s going to be great, I love the sneak peek you’ve given us.

  • 158
    Melissa Hungria says:

    What a fabulous way to keep in contact with us! You said it best – we can listen to you while we stamp??? My husband will never believe that I’m actually listening about stamping! I can’t wait to hear all the things I’ll learn!

  • 159
    Kendra Wenzel says:

    Woot! Woot! What a great idea! Is there even anyone else out there doing this in the industry? Cutting edge ladies…I love it! Can’t wait to put a voice to all of the faces on the team!

  • 160
    Angela K. says:

    OH.MY.NAME!!! Papertrey radio. I may have just died and gone to heaven This is exactly why you guys are my favorite stamp company. I cannot wait!! This anniversary bash has been way too much fun and excitement – thanks for bringing a ginormous dose of joy to the start of each day! xo

  • 161
    june says:

    beam me up scotty!! sounds so futuristic! can’t wait to see what it’s all about:)

  • 162

    Wow – how fun! I would love to hear from the designers and have them share ideas and how-to’s in a podcast – can’t wait!

  • 163
    Kelly says:

    Love the podcast idea. I will follow PTI regularly through this medium. I look forward to hearing the voices that go with these creative minds – questions to be answered – how does Nicole come up with her new and different techniques, how does Dawn come up with such wonderful color combos, how does Mish take it beyond card making and put together her kits, and how does Heather decide on a paper design. Just a few of the questions running through my head! Can’t wait.

  • 164
    Maureen D. says:

    I LOVE podcasts!! How fun it will be to hear and learn about the Papertrey team, their inspiration and their methods! I will look forward to it.

  • 165
    Alexandra says:

    Wow, this sounds exciting! Looking forward to hearing all your voices and hope there’ll be lots of tips for us crafters! Love, Aexandra

  • 166
    kristy c. says:

    wowzers! all those great announcements today
    !! cant imagine what you have in store for tomorrow!

  • 167
    DeborahD says:

    How exciting! PaperTrey radio, I can’t wait. I would love to hear interviews about stamp/craft room setup and organization. I struggle with that so.

  • 168
    sara says:

    Amazing idea πŸ™‚

  • 169
    Melissa F. says:

    PTI Radio – How fun will that be. Now we will have a voice to go with everyone’s picture. The new website sounds great too. Can’t wait to see it.

  • 170
    Andrea says:

    Wow! What a great idea. I’d love to hear the designers talk about their new releases. It’s so inspirational to hear someone speak about something they’re passionate about. How did they come up with the ideas? What fun ways do they have in mind to use them?

  • 171
    Diane says:

    I think this is an awesome idea! Now listeners can take Papertrey where ever they go and keep updated on the latest trends and events happening in the stamping world. Congratulations on your new website and the podcast adventure! I know I’ll be subscribing to your podcast!! Thanks for sharing! Diane

  • 172
    Terri E. says:

    This is an interesting idea. I guess I would like to hear from not only papertrey greats, but other influential people in the industry. It would also be wonderful to hear inspirational stories and ideas.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 173
    Mariah says:

    Wow! How cool. What a great idea…I have learned so much through PTI, the Forum and all the blogs, this just brings everything to a new exciting level. Can’t wait!

  • 174
    olenka says:

    How cool is this! The radio!!!! As for who I would like to see interviewed would be of course all of you of the paper trey ink team. And maybe some people who had been part of the team, that would be nice to hear what they thought about it and what they found difficult if any.. You all do so much to help us create so thank you very much.

  • 175
    irene says:

    I would love to hear an interview with Dawn McVey. How does she have so much inspiration to make a card almost every day.
    Bye Irene

  • 176
    Jen A says:

    Hmmm…to be honest I’m not really sure what I think of the Papertrey Radio….but that ipod shuffle sure is tempting me…=).

  • 177
    Shelly says:

    Wow! I never would have guessed that one! I’d love to hear an interview with Debbie Olson and Lisa Johnson. PTI has such an amazing team that any member would have me tuning in πŸ™‚

  • 178
    Patty W says:

    Holy cow! The blog post today totally took me by surprise – I never would have expected Papertrey Radio, how FUN!!! I’m looking forward to matching up voices with names. It would be fun to have call-in Q & A sessions with the team and I look forward to exploring this new way of getting to know the PTI girls even better. Totally inventive!!!

  • 179
    Rose A says:

    Wow. I really enjoy getting glimpses into all your lives, so top on my list would be interviews with all the DT ladies!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 180
    Amanda mcadoo says:

    I would love to hear mish, dawn, and Betsy explain thier creative juices!! I love your whole team and will be excited to hear thier voices and ideas!!

  • 181
    Kelly B says:

    I never would have guessed it, but love love love it!! Now we can hear voices of all our favorite people, and even bring you with us on the go. What an innovative idea …. can’t wait!

  • 182
    Serendipity says:

    RADIO!!! And Papertrey Radio at that!!! Very exciting and I can’t wait to hear all of the design team members! Thank you for your generosity!

  • 183

    Wow!! This is really a GREAT announcement!! Hearing the people who inspire you connects will connect us even more to the fabulous products offered at PTI. The ability to download and listen whenever I want will help a great deal on the days when I am out of ideas. THANK you!!! I love the idea of Papertrey Radio!! Another great idea from a great company, with a great group of people and great fans. SO EXCITED for this to begin!!

  • 184
    Sue Ann says:

    Move over Martha!!!!

  • 185
    Kim Jennings says:

    Wow, so much going on in the first days of the Papertry anniversary celebration, I can’t imagine what else you have in store for us. It was great to hear your voice on the radio and I would love to have you interview each and every Papertrey team member to learn more about their creative style. Thanks, you make my day!

  • 186
    Diana W. says:

    Wow…how cool is that? A Podcast! What a wonderful idea. I am also happy that you’ve redesigned the website. I am looking forward to shopping! What a great way to celebrate your third anniversary.

  • 187

    Reading people’s blogs allows you to feel some of their personality, but hearing someone’s voice pulls you in that much more and makes you feel even more connected to them. You talked about making all of us become more a part of the Papertrey family, and the radio/podcast idea definitely does it. You have proven once again that Papertrey is the most innovative papercrafting company out there!

  • 188
    Dorothy says:

    Another great idea!

  • 189
    Marica G. says:

    Amazing! You are always thinking outside of the box and I can’t wait to see PaperTrey Radio put to use! Sounds like so much fun is in the works. Looking forward to another great year with PTI!

  • 190
    Avril Tanner says:

    ok – I can not tell you how seriously cool this is… I would never have thought in a million years about doing something like this but so cool if you are on the go! I am also very excited to see the new Papertrey Store! With respect to the Radio podcasts… anyone and eveyrone is who I would like to hear from… I can not wait to hear all the interesting things people have to share with us in the coming year! Congrats on Reaching 3 years!

  • 191
    Cia Tate says:

    This is awesome. Podcasts – woohoo! It would be great to hear from all the design team members. I feel like I know some of them from their blogs, but in person would add more depth.
    Thanks for the innovations.

  • 192

    What a unique and innovative concept! I look forward to hearing the podcasts and learning something new. I’m also excited about the new web site. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • 193
    Maria says:

    That’s certainly innovative! But that does not surprise me coming from CK’s former online editor…

  • 194
    Isabel Z says:

    Just when I think I can’t be more impressed with PTI than I already am something new and unique comes along. This is an amazing opportunity for all of us. Who would I love to hear interviewed? Why you, of course, the one who started this incredible journey that I have been following since almost the beginning. I would also love to hear from the other DT members who along with you inspire me daily.

  • 195
    Chris Cross says:

    How do you sleep at night!?! So much going on in that head. You just keep coming up with new things to entertain us, whether it is a new product, a new technique, or Papertrey Radio to listen to. Love your stuff girlfriend!!

  • 196
    Holly says:

    Well I’m in the dark. I have no clue what the news is today, as I am deaf and can’t hear whatever the announcement is. It would be really nice if there was some sort of written transcript so I can share in the fun too.

  • 197
    Carmen M. says:

    Pretty interesting news! I am very intrigued by the whole PTI radio idea, and hope that I win, since I’m the only one in my house that doesn’t own an ipod yet…

    I would love to hear you being interviewed and Lauren Meader… she designed such amazing templates while working with you.

  • 198
    Karen from Ontario says:

    I also say WOW…..what a wonderful venture….so exciting and fabulous. I would love you to interview Dawn McVey…love her blog or Kritina Werner.

  • 199
    laura j says:

    What an exciting time for all Papertrey inkers! So much to look fofward to in the upcoming weeks and months!

  • 200
    Gail says:

    Wow! How exciting-I would love to actually put voices with all of my favorite PaperTrey designers. Since I read all of their blogs regularly-to hear a voice too-would be a bonus. I remember when I initially stumbled upon Nichole’s blog and purchased the very first Paper Trey ink stamp set-which I still use ALL of the time. Wow has this company grown-I am so excited for you all!

  • 201

    Papertrey Radio is not anything I would have ever guessed in a million years, but I like it! I already feel like so many of the PTI gals are friends of mine, it’ll be fun to hear their voices!

    And I’m very excited about a new, improved website! I wonder what kind of goodies you’ll have in store for us then? Looking forward to lots of pretty pictures to get the creative juices flowing!

  • 202
    Cathy Boeche says:

    How exciting! I can’t wait to call in and wish you a Happy Anniversary! I would love to hear from you and all of the designers, especially Michelle Wooderson. It would be so neat to hear their design ideas and steps rather than just seeing pictures. Thanks!

  • 203
    Jeni says:

    I can’t wait for the future installments of Papertrey Radio. It would be great to hear from the memebers of the design team & the designers of Papertrey stamps. I would love to hear how they come up with all of their ideas.

  • 204
    Mary Duffek says:

    WOW…that is pretty cool and inovative! I think the radio idea is some and something I’d like to hear are interviews first from your wonderful DT to get to know them and other uber talented card makers/scrapbookers. Thanks and good luck!

  • 205
    Sharon Knitter says:

    I think the idea of PTI radio is great. I already left a message and it was as easy as can be. What a fun celebration!

  • 206
    Jennifer K says:

    Papertrey Radio – what a cool idea! Maybe we’ll have Papertrey TV next year with all kinds of how-to videos!

  • 207
    Rose R says:

    Wow! What a novel idea! It would be great to hear from all of the design team. You are certainly a great team!

  • 208
    Kim Z says:

    What a fantastic idea! I hope we get to meet and watch each of the designers show off their techniques along with their “tricks” of their trade. I’d also like a Q & A for each designer!
    Thanks ladies, my Ipod awaits you!!!!!

  • 209
    Karen says:

    It just amazes me what you and your team come up with! As well as hearing from all the designers, I’d love to know a little more about the background processes we don’t ever see, and maybe a show about the history of Papertrey. I can’t wait to see the new “store,” because frankly, I thought the current one was pretty easy to use already.

  • 210

    How exciting!! PTI Radio!!! Wow–the possibilities are amazing! I’m looking forward to the new website, too! Rock on girls!

  • 211
    Erin Vandervelde says:

    I love it! What an innovative idea! Thanks Nichole and everybody else at Papertrey.

  • 212
    cynthia says:

    I love hearing everyones voices. It gives me a feeling of real friendship. Its like I don’t really know someone until I hear their voice. I loved hearing Dawns voice in her new videos. Shes my idol and I would love to hear her interviewed. Thanks so much

  • 213
    Chris says:

    I think the podcasts will be great fun. I’ve really enjoyed the videos from Dawn and Becky lately on their blogs, so I’m sure this will be a great addition to the information that you already put out there for us. And a new shopping site will be wonderful, too.

  • 214
    kara says:

    Congratulations on this big venture! I wish you success with it. It wouls be fun to hear from all of the PTI DT members and you, of course!

  • 215
    Lisa Kind says:

    Wow! This technology thing is really being taken to new heights! Congrats, PTI! Best wishes for your future endeavors!

  • 216
    Debbie Nelson says:

    What a great idea…to be able to hear the voices of the people that you feel like you already know each day when you visit their blogs…how exciting..have loved being able to hear Dawn on her videos. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 217
    Ann H. says:

    PTI Radio, how cool is that! Hearing everyones voices will be so neat. That would be a great contest, having us guess who’s voice it is out of the PTI Team. Also, the new website looks awesome.

  • 218
    Laura F. says:

    I think I’m more excited about the website than Radio even!!! The preview looks great! Although I’ve had an iPod for awhile, having asmall more portable one would be great too, and I haven’t really gotten into the podcast thing yet, but perhaps the idea of podcast merged with my other love (stamping) will get me started!

  • 219
    Tiffani Hughson says:

    You’re on a roll! As Papertrey continues to grow, this seems just a genius way to make the stamping’ community’ seem smaller. Love it!

  • 220
    Kelly Schirmer says:

    Oh my gosh, get outta here! How fun was that? And an IPod in Aqua, swoooooon! I loved hearing your voice, and I must stay, it is as smooth as your projects, giggle! I would love to see Jessica Witty share some ideas and laughs with us on a podcast…she’s had me in stitches with her blog posts!

  • 221
    Anita says:

    What an exciting announcement. I love the idea of being able to hear the voices of the design team and other callers. It will make the whole PTI experience (which is already AMAZING) even better. Having the podcasts stored on my iPod might be a bit problematic though. I may never listen to my husband and daughter again because “Shhh, Nichole is talking” – Just kidding. πŸ™‚

  • 222
    Sally says:

    Wow, what a great idea. can’t wait to see what is next, and thanks for a chance to win an ipod.

  • 223
    Theresa Grdina says:

    I am really liking your forward-thinking concept! I love the idea of the “Papertrey Radio”! It sounds like a lot of fun as well as filling a really functional need. Great concept! I can’t wait to see the new “store”!!! It sounds fabulous! Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary and I wish you much continued success.

  • 224
    Sara Mac says:

    What an innovative concept! This is certainly an idea that we never considered after all our guessing on the forum. I love that we’ll have even one more PTI resource at our fingertips. Looking forward to it!

  • 225
    Val says:

    You really are ahead of the croud. PTI radio is a great idea! Would love to win your I-Pod to listen to it — I’ve always wanted one. Thanks for the chance. Val from IL.

  • 226
    Sue McKibben says:

    PTI radio is a great, and very innovative concept! I like the idea that I can listen to the podcast whenever it is convenient for me. I would love to hear interviews with the design team – especially to get some of their tips and tricks for designing cards.

  • 227
    Stephanie Washburn says:

    WOW! Not at all what I was thinking, but so innovative and new for our industry! WAY TO GO! I can’t wait to get my Papertrey Ink podcasts on my IPod!

  • 228
    Deb says:

    I never would have guessed radio. But I love podcasts & can’t wait to hear what’s coming next. I would love to hear from you & others in the industry about what inspires them & gets them motivated to make all of these wonderful papercrafts.

  • 229
    Jamie Greene says:

    Wow! I am really excited to put voices to all the faces I see on a regular basis! By the way Nicole your voice is very sweet!

  • 230
    yvette says:

    What a great idea I never thought of it I could take you ladies on my daily walk now.Thanks so much for all you share

  • 231
    Stacy says:

    Podcasts! So exciting! I am especially looking forward to how interactive it is going to be….having my questions answered by you guys!!!

  • 232
    carole says:

    You rocks girls !!!!!

    Welcome “in the air”

  • 233
    Lisa Henke says:

    how exciting! I’m very intrigued to see how it all works, Knowing you and PTI-it will be fabulous!!! thanks for a chance at another great prize!

  • 234
    Julie W says:

    Congrats on radio! How exciting!! Looking forward to easier shopping, I really don’t like the shopping experience right now. And great prize!

  • 235
    dee says:

    Wow! papertrey radio? I guess I’m going to have to figure out all this Ipod stuff. I don’t even know how to turn one on. Yikes! But I can learn for good radio!

  • 236
    Kathy G says:

    What a unique idea! I would love to hear from everyone on the design team. I know everyone would have a ton of questions about their design process.

  • 237

    Get outta here? PTI Radio?
    You are so cutting edge! I can’t wait. Finally an avenue for us crafters!!!

    Next, PTI TV!!!

    I am excited to meet and hear each PTI DT member. I can’t wait to hear how the stamp designers got their start. Also, I am interested in hearing how you, Nichole got your start too. What an undertaking. And you do it all so well!

    Happy Anniversary PTI!!!

  • 238
    LizzieD says:

    I love the idea of Papertrey Radio! In addition to interviewing the Design Team, I think it would be great to interview Cath Evalson to discuss trends and inspiration.

  • 239
    Kari D says:

    You and your team HAVE been very busy! OH MY! Is this a great anniversary or what??!!!! and we, your crazy, inky-fingered customers get all the benefits! Woo Hoo! Can’t wait to hear the downloads and play on the new site. THANKS for another wonderful 3rd anniversary day!

  • 240
    liza friesen says:

    Papertrey may focus on simple and clean designs in stamps, but your technology is anything but! I love the fact that you are reaching for the next big thing with Ppaertrey radio! Looking forward to it!

  • 241
    Vanessa says:

    Radio! Great idea I would never have guessed. I can’t wait to hear interviews with the design team. I look forward to all the great ideas the podcasts will inspire.

  • 242
    Jeannine says:

    this is amazing news. what a progressive company you are. it will be so nice to hear all of the designers and find out more about them & hear their personal hints.

  • 243
    Sandra B. says:

    What a great idea! Can’t wait for the podcasts! I would love for the design team to be interviewed and of course yourself. What an exciting adventure! The website looks like it’s going to be great.

  • 244
    Erin says:

    Wow!! This is such an exciting day! I can’t wait to hear the pocasts! I hope you will start by interviewing the design team and maybe give some tips/pointers on their particular design style. Such fun!!

  • 245
    Kellie says:

    Wow, I’ve never heard of such a thing. This will be fun! I can’t wait to see how you use the radio in your business!

    And I’m so excited to hear about the new shop!!!

  • 246

    You guys are totally keeping us guessing.. Neat idea! I would love to see you interview Sally Lynn, Lori Craig, or Sharon Harnist they are awesome creative girls. If you can get Sally Lynn to stay still she is a motherload of information!

  • 247
    Debbie Fisher says:

    This is the coolest idea!

  • 248
    Julie Smith (grace01) says:

    holy cow. how exciting!!!! i love to download podcast to listen to while running/walking. THIS is so exciting because after my walk/run i will be pumped with new info and get my creativity on!!! woohoo thanks PTI! you guys think of everything!

  • 249
    Dana says:

    Leave it to PTI to be always on the forefront! I can’t wait to hear the podcasts…and love your idea of “giving back” a little by letting your customers call in. How clever!
    Honestly, I’d like to just listen to interviews, tips and hints, and general “chatter” among you and the team, Nichole. You are amazing PTI.

  • 250

    Well, that came out of left field but OH.MY.GOSH. Podcasts on stamping from my one of my favorite stamp companies! LOVE THIS! But then, you’re always blowing me away with your creativity and innovation, Nichole!

  • 251
    mary ann says:

    What a great idea! Now I’ll be listening to stamping ideas while I am actually stamping! My poor husband – there is no escaping it!!!

  • 252
    Janet B says:

    Wow–two great ideas. Love the new store idea. I can hardly wait to see it. And the radio……kewl……

  • 253
    Lisa says:

    How exciting is this!!??!!?? What a fantastic idea, and an easy way to help answer the many (many, many, many) questions I am sure PTI fans have!

  • 254

    Wow, you are always full of surprises and thinking totally out of the box again! Who would have ever guessed a radio show! Please interview Mish…I love her style and we seem to have so many things in common!
    The iPod would be handy to have as I train for my triathlon!

    Can hardly wait until tomorrow!

  • 255
    Geri Freeman says:

    Let’s see…I think my comment yesterday had something to do with how FRESH you gals are always keeping this business…now here you go again…this should be fun!

  • 256
    aimee says:

    Papertrey radio… how awesome is that … achance to hear our favoirte designers and be inspired to use those stamps even more… Thanks for so many great designs

  • 257
    Alanna says:

    This is seriously too cool. I can’t wait to hear the podcasts. I’d love to hear directly from each design team member along with other names from the stamping industry.

    And I’m super excited about the new shopping experience. Can’t wait.

  • 258
    Jolene S says:

    HOW FUN!!! I LOVE this idea! I love how PTI puts itself out-there in front of us customers in as many ways as possible and this is just another one of those ways!

    One thing that I think would be fun is to have the winners of the “I want it all package” after every release, to call in and have a short little interview about why they love PTI, a certain set…. something along those lines.

    Same thing with the GSS… pretty much have the q&a that is emailed in the newsletter in audio form!

  • 259
    Suzanne says:

    This is totally amazing, exciting, and FUN! I am so impressed by how much thought and effort seems to have gone into this. I can’t wait to see the new website!

  • 260

    PTI radio? That sounds very intriguing! It will be great to hear the voices of all the DT members. What a cool way to connect!

  • 261
    Denise says:

    I am very excited about Papertrey Radio! Again, you are thinking outside the box in regards to papercrafting. It will be fun to be able to stamp and listen to the podcast at the same time. It will also be fun to attach a real voice to the people we have grown to love through the blog world!!

  • 262

    I think it’s a very cool idea and I’m looking forward to it! I just called in and left a message even though I hate to hear my southern accent on tape!

    Besides interviews with the design team, I would also like to hear interviews with you, Nichole, and other industry insiders.

  • 263

    How very exciting! I’m a HUGE fan of podcasts, so I can’t wait!

  • 264
    Marcie S. says:

    This is unbelievable. You take Papertrey Ink to new heights every day Nichole! I am continually astounded by your creativity and inventiveness…am I gushing?? πŸ™‚

  • 265
    Loydene says:

    While I sense your excitement, I think that paper crafting is a very visual medium. I hope that fact isn’t lost in the excitement about pod-casting. I love SEEING your cards, and those of the design team and the visual step outs are relevant and important teaching tools.

  • 266
    Leslie E says:

    Wow PTI radio will be so fun! Cannot wait to hear all of my idols!

  • 267
    Sallie says:

    It will be fun to put voices with the pictures/names we have seen for so long… all the added info! You keep surprising us all with innovations to make your site one of the BEST!

  • 268
    Julia Derksen says:

    that is so cool! I love listening to podcasts so I’m so excited to have one about my fave company! πŸ™‚

  • 269
    Linda M. says:

    Wow! What an innovative idea! You and your crew just keep coming up with great ideas!

  • 270
    Melissa Ladd says:

    What a cool idea–so cutting edge! It was so fun to hear your voice Nichole!

  • 271
    Dyan Gillean says:

    Love the radio idea. Sounds like a great way to have us interact with you all. Sharing ideas, styles and techniques should be AWESOME. Thanks so much.

  • 272
    Kathy Steele says:

    How awesome is this! You are so “cutting edge” and for a company to be as customer service oriented as you gals is a breath of fresh air. It is one of the many reasons I love PTI so much. The website looks great and I can’t wait!

  • 273
    Karin says:

    Wow…Talk about innovation! You are taking things into the stratosphere with this concept! Looking forward to what this year will hold…I would love to hear Nichole, Dawn and Mish all together! They seem like such great friends and I’m sure it would be a blast!

  • 274
    Nancy L says:

    Wow!! This is amazing!! How awesome is this!!! Can’t wait to leave my message and see what you have in store for us!
    Happy 3rd Birthday to everyone in the PTI team!!!!

  • 275
    Tracey says:

    WOW!!! How cool is this!!!!! Fantastic idea for the radio podcast!! I will so look forward to listening, and checking out your newly formated store!!!

  • 276
    Julie Mutch says:

    What a fun new way to connect with everyone. I look forward to listening, it’ll be nice to finally put a name to the faces of all the talented DT members. Best of luck with this new venture! πŸ™‚

  • 277
    Theresa says:

    Wow! What exciting news! I can’t wait to hear the first PTI radio show. For me I can’t wait to hear from everyone on the PTI team. It will be an honor just to get to know each of you better! What an exciting anniversary.

  • 278
    Angela says:

    Well isn’t that fun. I don’t have an IPod and wouldn’t know the first thing about downloading a podcast, but it was really nice to have a voice to go with your face that I see beaming from your website. I’m actually just amazed at all of the directions this craft can take you, and so excited for you and your team as you take us along with you.
    Thanks for being so very clever and innovative!

  • 279
    Susan says:

    I didn’t hear a thing. Help!!! Great idea, maybe something is just wrong with my end. I do not know. Cannot wait to hear the announcement!

  • 280
    Sally says:

    Love the idea of the Papertrey Radio. I would like each guest designer interviewed during their 2-month stint with PTI. Also, each design team member as they each have such a unique style. So exciting! What a great idea.

  • 281
    Jennifer Delaurier says:

    This is the coolest idea I have ever heard! It is going to be so cool to be able to tune in and listen to your interviews and design members. I think you should hold a contest with your team and we have to try and guess whose voice it is or something to the effect. I think it will make them all seem more like friends than they already are! Can’t wait!

  • 282
    andie... says:

    haha, what a fun idea! i think it will be neat to hear what everyone’s voices sound like…it will be more personable…so now we can put a voice to the pretty faces!

    xoxo andie…

  • 283
    Laura Bassen says:

    This is amamzing! I never thought I’d be able to listen to papertrey radio, how cool is that??? What fun it will be to hear all the interviews with designers and just get to know you all better, very cool!!

  • 284
    Colleen says:

    Wow this is interesting and really cool! I look forward to being a part of it! I am so excited to see the new website as well! I’d love to hear interviews from each and everyone of the DT members! I enjoy each and every one of their blogs, they all have their own signature style.

  • 285
    Sue Symens says:

    So cool! I would love to hear all the PTI girls interviewed. Thanks for all your work!

  • 286

    Love hearing everyone’s voice! I just bought an Itouch a couple of weeks ago and have never listened to a pod cast. I’m so excited to be able to listen to Papertrey Ink for my first one. Thanks and you girls Rock!

  • 287
    Joyce says:

    Papertrey Radio? – great idea! Improved shopping? – can’t wait (it’s been great so far!) I-pod? – too cute.

  • 288
    Karen S. says:

    This is so exciting! I’d love to hear from each of the designers talking about what inspires them…etc. Really excited about the new website too!

  • 289
    Erika Hyde says:

    This is awesome!! I think it would be amazing for you to interview members of the senior design team and the stamp set designers so they can give some insight into their creative processes and how they get inspired to create the images for their sets. I think that it’s a wonderful breakthrough in technology and that you are definitely thinking outside the box and staying ahead of the curve!

  • 290
    Sara Lincoln says:

    Radio?!?!?! That is such a great idea.. i can hardly wait until Spring!! I truly think that is a great idea. PTI is and the Team is always so helpful, with their amazing Blogs and How To’s, a radio station will only increase the creativity!!! Again, what a great idea!!!!! What will you think of next…

  • 291
    Leigh Ann Routh says:

    PT Radio – what a novel idea. I will be cool to have the ability to ask questions. Love the new look of the website, too. It looks very “user friendly”. Can’t wait for Feb. 15th!

  • 292
    Tracey McNeely says:

    How incredibly exciting!! PTI radio is the next step to even more wow. Excited that I can listen on my iPod. Can’t wait to hear from the whole PTI design team. Always fun to connect a face to a voice. So exciting!

  • 293
    Susan Block says:

    Love it! What a fabulous next step for Papertrey. I would love to hear how a stamp sets gets to my hands. It is easy to think it is a simple process but I know it is far from it.

  • 294

    Wow, what an amazing idea! I can’t believe I’ll actually get the chance to hear all of your voices so I can really feel like we’re all BFF’s! πŸ™‚ Good luck with this new venture, I know it’s going to be awesome!

  • 295
    Mary W. says:

    WOW!!! This is HUGE!!! Papertrey Radio!!! AWESOME!!! Really looking forward to the podcasts and interviews and demos with your Design Team Members. Looking forward to the new website too!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  • 296
    misse336 says:

    What a great idea. I can’t wait to hear your pod cast (after borrowing my dh’s iPod!). I’d love to hear how people on the dt create their masterpieces – the creative process, steps to making things, how they get started, etc.

  • 297
    Joan E. says:

    Papertrey is like the energizer bunny, your ideas keep going and going. Fabulous!! So many fun and innovative projects.

  • 298
    Carrie T says:

    This is a really great idea! I have to say that part of it is curiosity as to what everyone’s voice sounds like. We see your pictures and read your words, but it will be cool to hear your voices. I’d love to have the design team interviewed first, especially Mish. It was her blog that I came across first in 2008 that led me to PTI. I love her style, creativity, and her awesome sense of humor!

  • 299
    stephanie Stobo says:

    Very clever. What a great way to find out where some of your fans are from and hear their voices too. I’ll have to give this a try when I get home.

  • 300
    Lennie says:

    Radio…what an awesome idea! You never cease to amaze me with all the creative ideas. I can’t think of a particular person I would want you to interview, there are so many talented people that you already showcase and they are equally amazing. Thanks for sharing all the talent with us!

  • 301
    Amanda C. says:

    I am so excited about PTI Radio! I can’t wait to find out when to submit a question. I want to hear from everyone. They are so talented. Congratulations PTI Radio!

  • 302
    Connie M says:

    What a clever idea! I am so looking forward to your podcasts. I wish you much success!

  • 303
    LeAnn says:

    I am so excited as many paper crafting podcasts start and then stop about as quickly as they come. Also, Papertrey is known for quality and that makes me happy!! Thanks for the great ideas to keep us interested on whole new levels.

  • 304
    Jodi Herchold says:

    what a wonderful idea! I love that i will be able to download them from iTunes so that I can take them on the go! Great idea-I am also overly excited about the new website! Can’t wait to try it out.

  • 305
    Alyssa Walters says:

    Woo hoo! You guys are always coming up with something so cool, and I think to myself, “Now why couldn’t I think of that?!” I can’t wait to “see” all the things that you can do with it. I would love to see Lisa Johnson interviewed!

  • 306
    Barb Moyer says:

    This is fantastic!!! Just more ways to keep us inspired and tapping into our creative side! Can’t wait to hear more from the Design team!!!! I’d love for you to have more interviews with them on their scrapbook style, organization, tips, techniques, etc.
    Barb M. in PA

  • 307

    I think you’ve got a great idea going on.
    I’d love for each designer to talk about what they do when and if they lose their mojo or if they ever lose their mojo. Also, how each one finds the time to craft and still have time for family.
    I can’t wait to go shopping on the new Web site.
    Thanks for the chance to win something.
    Debbie Reaves

  • 308
    K Hutchinson says:

    OH my heavens Papertrey Radio- it will be great to listen to while in the studio. Giving more inspiration! Hoe fun!

  • 309
    Lauren says:

    Oh how fun!!! Can’t wait to see what you girls have in store for us! PTI Radio, a new website…awesome stuff!!! The hits keep on comin’…Great job!!! I’m so excited!!

  • 310
    Pam Wilson says:

    OH MY STINKIN’ WORD!!! This is sooo exciting. I am looking forward to the podcasts – FUN.

    Now this little matter of upgrading the store to make it easier to shop – I can see that being a very dangerous thing for my wallet.

    See ya tomorrow!!!

  • 311
    Sheryl Cook says:

    I love the idea of being able to store the Radio “Announcements” on my iPod for future reference! Keep those great ideas coming!

  • 312
    Kathleen Pennington says:

    This sounds so fun. I am excited to see all the changes that are taking place. I am so glad I found Papertrey Ink. It has given me hours of pleasure.

  • 313
    Wendi says:

    Unbelievable! Wow, what a great new fun tool to share with us. I love all you are doing to keep the inspiration coming to us. Keep up the great ideas and thanks to the whole team at Papertrey for the amazing ride!

  • 314
    Niccole_K says:

    PTI radio how WONDERFUL. It will be awesome to hear all the creative people involved with PTI. Interviewing eachother would be an awesome start. You guys truely ROCK!!

  • 315
    Tanya says:

    Sounds exciting. I’m not sure I understand what it does or means but I am excited to learn and as always I’m sure you will find some clever way to hook me.

  • 316

    What a cool idea – I love to at least “hear” you guys in real life. I can’t wait for the radio to come to life. I would love to have interviews with “the heads” of the industry…. Tim Holtz, papercraft mag crew, your DT, …. Thank yu for the hard and wonderful work you have done.

  • 317
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    I’m very excited about Papertrey Radio. I just got an iPhone & am subscribing to podcasts left & right; can’t wait to hear you & the design team on the new program.
    I’d be interested in hearing a timeline of the process of getting ready for each month’s new release – from the views of the DT, Nichole & the office/warehouse people.

  • 318
    Patty Chalas says:

    Wao!, Wao! PTI Radio that’s an excellent idea…. you guys are always on the look for keeping us interested. I would love to heard as a first interview You Nicole you are so creative and talented and also the other DT gals would be wonderful to heard about them and from where they get all the inspirations from. The new of the store looks wonderful eventhought i can’t see much details but looks atractive to eyes.

    Thanks for keeping up the creative inspirations!!!

  • 319
    Laura Sneden says:

    Way cool! You’re always coming up with cool, new things.

  • 320

    I’m right there with everyone else….WOW!?!?! Amazing!! It was great to hear your voice, Nicole! I can’t wait to “tune in” to each and every podcast!! How exciting!! Can’t wait for the new store, either! Just when you think it can’t get any better…..PTI knocks your socks off!!

  • 321
    Kim R says:

    How cool! I can’t wait to hear the interviews.

  • 322
    Alison Yarrish says:

    What an AWESOME idea! I would love to hear stories of how you started the company, how you choose your design team, and what you look for in designs for new sets. Can’t wait to try it out later!

  • 323
    Wendy (songbirdwc) says:

    Nichole and the DT to begin with, of course! And the illustrators… can’t wait!

  • 324
    Terry says:

    Who would have thought! I need to retire – there is just not enough time in my day to do it all!! I would love to hear about all the new gadgets! i love gadgets! Goodluck and looking forward to the debut!

  • 325

    What a fantastic concept!!! I’m really excited to see what Papertrey Radio has in store. So many possibilities. I would love for a Q & A segment with you (Nichole) and the design team members. I have soooo many questions!

  • 326
    Laura G. says:

    Wow, just when we think it can’t get any better…it does! What will you ladies think of next. I’m not going to suggest one single thing because I know nothing I could suggest could be any better than what (I’m sure) you already have planned for us. I can’t wait!

  • 327
    Jen Vogt says:

    I cannot wait to hear the podcasts, how exciting! I feel so much more connected to people I “know” online when I can hear their voices.

    Congratulations on this new endeavor!!

  • 328
    Maria M. says:

    What a great idea!!! You guys never cease to amaze me on how many different ways you try to connect and inspire us!

  • 329
    Jayne says:

    Papertrey Radio? How cool is that?! Great idea!

  • 330
    Lindzie H says:

    What a great idea! It will be nice to hear your voices. We love to see all the DT people be interviewed. You ladies are a creative bunch!

  • 331
    Carol R says:

    Papertrey Radio will be an awesome way to connect better with the masses and to bring the latest trends verbally to us! I love this latest idea. Somehow it will make PTI seem even more ‘friendlier and personable’ to me. Like having the team right there in my home chit chatting away. Love the idea of the new and improved shopping experience too!

  • 332
    Tricia S. says:

    FANTASTIC IDEA! You are just so “creative” πŸ™‚
    Who would I love to see interviewed? How about yourself & all the great designers on your team! It would be great to get to know what inspired there work…rather than just in type. It has been a fun week!
    Have a wonderful day!

  • 333
    DebJ says:

    What an awesome idea! How fun to hear participation from your fans!

  • 334
    Kim Faucher says:

    Wow what a fantastic way to share information!!! Sometimes us crafters get soooo excited and you cannot express it through a blog entry so adding this technology will be amazing for you all… congrats at coming so far !

  • 335
    Stephanie says:

    oh multi media – too cool! Need to call in

  • 336
    Marcy says:

    What a great idea! It will be a fun way to keep current on all the new trends. What a super give away too.

  • 337
    Laurel S says:

    Wow, what a great idea! I can’t wait for more!

  • 338
    Luanne tenHarmsel says:

    Great idea! I am looking forward to it! I would love to listen to an interview with Michelle Phillips – love her style!

  • 339
    Betty-Ann says:

    …so VERY COOL! I’d love to hear from any of your design team members, especially Dawn.
    Keep up the great work!

  • 340
    Julia Aston says:

    Wow – you are always a step ahead Nichole! this sounds interesting!

  • 341
    Cathy M says:

    How exciting!! I’m computer illiterate but I’ll learn quickly about podcasts!
    Please interview all your designers and guest designers AND of course, YOU!! Your voice is exactly how I imagined it would be…..just lovely!

  • 342
    Luanne tenHarmsel says:

    Oops – I meant to say Melissa Phillips!

  • 343
    ChrisTea says:

    This is really wonderful and amazing. Of course, I’d really love to hear interviews from all of the design team, maybe fun announcements about upcoming events and contests or challenges, maybe even hearing some of people’s favorite music to craft to… Thanks for expanding our bubble! πŸ™‚

  • 344
    Brenda W. says:

    Papertrey Radio… what a neat way to hear from Nicole herself sharing her creativity. It would also be great to hear about new and popular products on the market for stamping and paper crafting.

  • 345
    April says:

    The radio feature is so neat!! It was cool to hear Nichole’s voice, having not ever met her in person. Looking forward to learning new things through the radio shows!

  • 346

    You ladies NEVER cease to amaze me!! I think PTI Radio is a fantastically novel concept and I’m anxious to follow along with this adventure. We’d love to hear interviews about every team member, sprinkled with loads of tidbits and trivia about how life brought them to PTI, “audio sneak peeks”, and of course tons of ideas & inspiration. Congratulations on yet another fabulous venture — best of luck…and happy anniversary, too!

  • 347
    peggysue says:

    No way, this is completely unexpected! I never dreamed of you doing a radio broadcast, how cool!! Do you absolutely have to have an I-Pod to be able to listen to them? I’m going to try it through google and see what happens.

  • 348
    Marnie H says:

    I find the idea of Papertry radio intriguing. Interested to see how it develops and where you guys take it. Stamping is such a visual artform, I never would have thought of incorporating radio into the website/artform. Can’t wait.

  • 349
    Nysse says:

    Oh my, Oh my, Oh my….you have truly out done yourselves, congratulations and can’t wait to hear you personal voices to so many of your pictures…it truly is a virtual world!

  • 350
    Sarah H. says:

    I usually listen to podcasts while I stamp anyways, so what a great way keep the creative juices flowing. Listening to Papertrey while I stamp with Papertrey!!! Of course, I would like to hear interviews from all the stamp designers and PTI team. It would be great to put a voice with the faces!

  • 351
    Roula says:

    Awesome idea!!!! Can’t wait!!! You are full of surprises as always!!!

  • 352

    Well this was not on my short list of guesses! What a neat concept, it will be so fun!

  • 353
    Stephanie J says:

    Really?! PTI Radio?! AWESOME!

  • 354
    Laura.K says:

    Papertrey radio!!!!!1 This is very interesting. Interviewing?? This is cool. Just start with the Papertrey DT.

    I can’t wait to see the new shop.

  • 355
    Hope Jones says:

    SO EXCITED! How great-where you can listen to a PTI podcast while walking on your treadmill….I am not only doing my body good but also my creative side as well! πŸ™‚

  • 356
    Melissa Bove says:

    Wow! Papertrey Radio! How cool and exciting is that!! And what an awesome giveaway! I can’t wait to hear more!!

  • 357
    Anika says:

    Sounds fun! I can’t wait to put a voice with the names and faces of all the Papertrey girls! You definitely threw something unexpected our way – yet again, but that’s why we love PTI so much!

  • 358
    Staci Miserlian says:

    There has never been a podcast that I was interested enough in to download, but one from PTI, sure! I am very excited to hear from your whole team about how they create such wonderful things.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 359
    Kristi says:

    a Papertrey Podcast?!?! YAY!! Super excited! Nichole you never cease to amaze! Love you, love your store, love your blog, LOVE your design team!!

  • 360

    What a fabulous addition to this already fabulous site. I can’t wait to hear the girls being interviewed and all the wonderful and creative ideas you will have. I can see me now…. coffee in hand, creating a card, and listening to my favorite company talk about my most loved hobby. Yeah!!!

  • 361

    PTI RADIO – WOW! Now there’s an innovative idea for sure! I wish you much success with your new business ventures and cannot wait to see what PTI has ‘in store’ for all of us in 2010! Enjoying the ride πŸ™‚

  • 362
    Jane says:

    That “sounds” great. I listen to the Diva Craft Lounge blog talk radio and your program will be a welcome addition to my workouts.

  • 363
    Mendi M says:

    I can’t wait to hear all of the designer’s voices!! I think it will really make me feel more connected. I think you should be the first one interviewed!

  • 364
    Karen Compas says:

    Way cool! I love podcasts. Woot Woot! They make cleaning so much easier! πŸ™‚

    I hope that you have a “wish list” section in the new store. Please please:)

  • 365
    Vanessa says:

    What an incredible idea! Just listened to the announce and you sound great. Professional and fun!

  • 366
    Jodie says:

    I have never listened to a podcast before. Kudos to you all for something new.

  • 367
    Alyssa S says:

    This is so exciting! I’m super excited about the store being revamped too!! Can’t wait to hear all the fabulous designers interviewed and show even more of their wonderful personalities!

  • 368
    Diane U says:

    Super cool idea! I cannot wait to try it out when I get home. Boy, work sure does get in the way somedays! LOL!

  • 369
    Amy says:


    I am astounded at the directions you are taking your (already) booming business. Congrats to you for wowing and surprising me with the totally unexpected. Although I’m by no means an iPod aficianado, I do know what they look like when my teens leaving them lying about the house and I’m moving them to higher ground and out of my 2 yo’s hands…I would love this prize to get me up to par.

    I would love to hear daily challenges via podcasts…my wish!


  • 370
    Katie Skiff says:

    Of course!! It’s about time we go this route and PTI will make this perfect. Good luck girls. I think you will have excellent tips and I hope you can interview lots of great talents… I have lots of faith in ya!

  • 371
    Peg C. says:

    What fun! I can’t wait to hear your first pod cast….Of course I want to hear from you, Heather. Dawn, Kim, Kelly, Niki, …oh why list everyone. I can’t wait to hear from everyone!

  • 372
    Tami McBeain says:

    SHUT UP! Papertrey Radio WOW! It ranks right up there with coffee and chocolate, what more could a girl want? I’m so excited about this and can’t wait until your first official pod-cast! And a new website…It’s your birthday but I think we’re the ones getting all the presents!

  • 373

    Wow!! What a celebration! I am so excited about your new adventures here! I think what you are doing is wonderful. Amazing how following your own heart, can make so many others happy! Thanks for all you do!

  • 374
    Kris says:

    The age of technology…who would have thought I could listen and learn about my favorite hobby…away from my craft desk…while out running…on my iPod. Life is good! I can’t wait to see the new store!

  • 375
    charityc says:

    Wow papertrey radio! Cool! That’ll be fun! What a great idea!!!

  • 376
    Julie Batta says:

    Wow, what a great idea, one I would have never thought of in a million years. I am looking forward to hearing from all the designers.

  • 377
    Kim Skarren says:

    Awesome idea! I would love to hear interviews from all the stamp designers for Papertrey and how they get their inspiration to create such beautiful stamp sets.

  • 378

    I think a podcast for each individual PTI DT member would be great to help us get to know them better. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 379
    Mindy says:

    This sounds like it will be a lot of fun! Can’t wait to seek all that you have planned and I know it is exciting for you all! I also love the new website and look forward to seeing all of those new ideas as well!

  • 380
    Jean Cross (naturecoastcrafter) says:

    Leave it to Papertrey to “invent” a new medium for us paper fanatics. Welcome to the world of podcasting. Congratulations and best wishes for the new venture. I’d really like to hear about new products and hear people speak about how they are using their craft to enrich the lives of others!

  • 381
    Robin Powell says:

    I love the idea of PaperTrey Radio! It will be good to hear voices attached to those design team faces we see everyday on their blogs and yours. I’d like to hear what the process is to design a set of stamps.

  • 382
    Kim says:

    pti radio, next pti can rule the world.

  • 383
    Rhonda says:

    What fun to put a voice with a name! I’d love to know more about the techology tools/design tools that the design team has been learning for creating such fabulous products.

  • 384
    StephG. says:

    Radio, interesting. I like the idea of interviews with different designers and maybe craft industry personalities. It is GREAT that you are taking questions from the “audience.” I generally prefer to watch something, but I will definitely give this a try for a couple of weeks. Please also consider making the podcast available in a non-itunes format.
    Thanks for all your creativity!

  • 385
    Dixie C. says:

    This is very cool!I guess I’ll be calling in “Mommy privledges” on my son’s I-Pod! As for interviewees…besides PTI team members…Jennifer McGuire is really interesting. Congrats on year 3!

  • 386
    Stampin Pam says:

    Woo hoo – radio! How fun – something to listen to while we stamp and craft. Great idea – wonderful concept – I’d like to hear interviews of all the DT – if they could share with all of us how they come up with their inspirations it would be fab!

  • 387
    jennifer r says:

    boy…this is cool! not quite a how-to video, not quite a blog post…what a neat, fresh idea. thanks so much for continually reaching out to us and teaching us everything you know!

  • 388
    Michelle U says:

    I love everything you’re doing and I really love the radio idea. There are so many neat ways to connect with customers and I think this is going to be huge! I’d love to hear from the DT – what inspires them, what their creative process is, etc.

    Thank you for your great products and for being a leader in new innovation – and your fast shipping. I just had a huge box of your scrumptious paper land on my door step last night!

  • 389
    Melissa Sutton says:

    I love this idea! :O) I would love to hear from the DT also….

  • 390
    laurlynn says:

    Wow, first seeing people now hearing them, what a concept!!

  • 391
    Kristin Burge says:

    How cool is this! Love it! Love having podcasts on while working in my craft room. Would love to hear all the talented designers for PTI! Another lady whose style is so awesome (and I know she also loves PTI products) and would be fun to hear from is Jennifer McGuire!
    Congrats on your anniversary and this new leap forward!
    -Kristin B

  • 392
    Darla says:

    Wow, does the creativity of PTI never end?! I hope not!! Way to go gals! Cannot wait for the podcasts and the new web design for the store!

  • 393
    Rebecca Resch says:

    What a great idea! I am looking forward to being inspired. I like the convenience of putting it on my ipod so I can listen while doing boring stuff, like dishes. Thanks for all your hard work. I love your products!

  • 394
    Jackie says:

    Papertrey Radio rocks!!! I can’t wait to see the new releases and I would love to see some videos in the future.

  • 395
    Tanya C. says:

    This sounds very exciting, looking forward to this new idea! Can’t wait to see the new website too! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • 396
    Leslie V. says:


  • 397
    Mila says:

    The innovative ideas keep coming… love it!!

  • 398
    Sarah Fisher says:

    What a neat idea! I never thought of podcasts and stamping going together. It was so neat to hear your voice Nichole. I am also very excited about the new store site. You certainly have been BUSY!

  • 399
    Shawna says:

    Woot! Now I will be able to take PTI with me to work. What fabulous news! I would like to see you interview some of the icons of crafting, like Carol Duval, etc.

  • 400
    Rachel says:

    Papertrey Ink is The. Best. Stamp. Company! What a great idea! I’m so excited to get those podcasts! Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  • 401
    Carol B says:

    What a very cool concept! Looking forward to listening…I am sure they will be uber trendy and enlightening! Can’t wait!

  • 402
    Melanie says:

    WOW! Seriously…what will you think of next?!?! This is awesome! I love hearing the voice of someone you’ve never met, although you think you know them so well from reading their blogs! Congrats on this new journey and I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for us with Papertrey Radio!

  • 403
    Paula Laird says:

    oh wow! what a cool idea! Can’t wait to hear everyone’s voice!

  • 404

    To be honest, I was so excited about Papertery Radio and the new site, I almost forgot to comment on here! Haha!!

  • 405
    Jodi says:

    Oh my goodness. The next thing you know PaperTrey Ink will be having a daily talk show….maybe to replace Oprah? Congrats on this fun new adventure. I can’t wait to participate. And a new shopping experience? Just what we needed!

  • 406
    Susan B says:

    Oh my gosh, how fun is this! What a cool idea. I’m looking forward to listening in the Illinois styx (not so styx-y that we don’t have internet though)…..

  • 407
    TishSch says:

    Radio? Wow, that’s certainly an interesting and innovative concept! You guys are always thinking “out of the box!” Who would I like to have interviewed? How about starting with all of the PTI design team, current first, and then past. Seems like a logical place to start!!

    Can’t wait to see the new website, too!

  • 408
    Linda says:

    Nicole, you constantly amaze me with your new improvements and ideas but I never imagined a “radio spot”. I think that’s what makes PTI and your blog so impressive to come back to over and over is that you are sincerely listening to your readers and always looking for ways to improve and inspire. You are amazing.

  • 409
    Mindy says:

    Coooool!!! It’s so neat to be able to hear your voice, and the interviews sound like so much fun. Can’t wait for PTI Radio! The improvements to the website sound great as well!

  • 410
    Bridget says:

    Pretty’s so amazing to see how far PTI has come in the last few years..I’ve been here since the start and couldn’t be more happier for you!! It goes to show that with a “lot” of hard work and dedication anything is possible..Best wishes!! Loving the new radio! It was great to be able to put a voice to Nichole’s picture!! Can’t wait to hear more…

  • 411
    Danielle says:

    How exciting! I cannot wait to hear interviews from all the design team members. It seems like a great way to get to know the team a little bit more. I just bought my first PTI stamp sets and I am in love!!!

  • 412
    Mel H says:

    This is really cool. Got to wait until I get home from work to actually record a message of my own for PTI, but it really sounds neat.

  • 413
    Elaine says:

    Wow, what an adventure this will be! I would love to hear interviews of all the PTI team and how they got into this fun industry!

  • 414
    Laura says:

    I’m excited about this — I love listening to podcasts and this one will be so specific to my interests that it will be a “must listen”.

  • 415
    MadMoose says:

    I think Papertrey is so innovative and definately the leader in the the creativity market! I look forward to the pod cast and the all the goodness PTI will bring in 2010! You continue to amaze me! Thank you!

  • 416
    Kris Lindsay says:

    Yeah Papertrey Radio! I can’t wait to HEAR everyone involved with Papertrey Ink – you of course, the designers, the computer people, the pickers, the packers, I think it would even be fun to have an interview with some of the more active forum members. Everyone is so talented and fun – I’m so looking forward to this venture of yours as well as the new website!

  • 417
    Kelly Braund says:

    Very exciting! I’d love to hear from the stamp designers about how they came up with a concept for a set. I’m sure everything on it will be fun so I’m just excited to see what’s coming!

  • 418
    Anna Wasierski says:

    A new website layout, a radio announcement.. so many new things! I can’t wait to see the “new” PTI! Thanks for your continued inspiration and it is so fun to have a voice to put with all of the creative talents!

  • 419
    Kimberly L says:

    wow – you may be on to something here…great idea and so many teaching opportunities this will allow…

  • 420

    This should be something different and new to add to the industry. I’m looking forward to “hearing” all about it!

  • 421
    jan metcalf says:

    Your podcast announcement is awesome, the colors amazing, and I swear they were different the second time I listened!! That in itself will get the creative juices flowing! Would love to hear more from YOU yourself! PTI is rockin it!

  • 422
    Katie M says:

    Fun! I would love to see design team interviews, guest star stamper interviews and reviews of new products/templates/techniques.

  • 423
    Susan Pease says:

    Create…inspire…grow. This is what I feel embodies a happy person and a great business plan. PTink is doing it all! Great job ladies…

  • 424
    Sue says:

    WOW!!! Radio. It is a new and exciting idea and I’m ecxited to hear what you guys have to share

  • 425
    Bernice says:

    I think that’s so awesome! And totally unexpected. I love being able to hear (and see) people describe their work. I’d be super interested in subscribing to your podcasts!

  • 426

    This is so interesting. Would be fun to hear the interview with all the amazing ladies on the design team. Looking forward to the improved shopping site.

  • 427
    Chelle McMaster says:

    Wow, let me just say that Papertrey Ink and it’s talented crew never fail to surprise, impress and inspire me with constantly new and creative ideas… Radio… who would have guessed, you ladies are ‘da bomb!!!!

  • 428

    I love the idea of PTI podcast. I plan on planning on taking each one on my daily walk. I see my ipod being taken over with PTI pod casts. Move over Lady Gaga!

    I would love to hear from a featured forum member each week. I love getting to know everybody, and wouldn’t it be great to have a voice with a name.

    Then maybe a segment on product reviews by real folks, not by people in the industry that say everything is great because they are getting paid to say it, but by regular folks that are honest.

    I’m wondering if the replacement GSS spot will have something to do with Radio PTI.

    A photography segment on how to take better pics of your projects for regular folk with non-professional equipment. A kind of a how to with what you already have around the house.

    And maybe a monthly try a new technique challenge just for Radio PTI listeners.

    Happy Anniversary PTI! Each day keeps getting better and better!

  • 429
    Tina H. says:

    Papertrey Radio – WOW, what a unique concept, feels like being back in the olden times BUT still very much in the present. It’s great to hear the voices of you all that we normally just “see” on the net.

    Tina H.

  • 430
    Lori says:

    this is awesome!! I can’t wait to have the podcasts it will be such a welcome addition. Thank you for making our stamping/creative side so exciting, easy and accessible.

  • 431
    Amy says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to tune in! It would be so fun to listen to the Papertrey designers talk about the inspiration behind their designs. This is gonna be fun!

  • 432
    Marge R. says:

    Wow, what a totally new & “creative” concept — whatever you present, whomever you interview — can’t wait to “hear” all about it!!!

  • 433
    April Z says:

    Wow! You guys just knocked my socks off! I’ve been so in love with PTI since I discovered you guys 2 years ago that I didn’t think you could get any better, but you never cease to amaze me. I can’t wait to start listening to these podcasts. I’m hoping to hear from all your designers at some point. After reading everyones’ blogs for so long it will be nice to hear their voices!

  • 434
    Kim Prakken says:

    What exciting news, Nicole. PaperTrey Radio. When I listened to your announcement, my thought was that your voice didn’t sound like what I thought it would. You sounded great, just not what I had in my head. I think PaperTrey Radio will be fun and inspiring.

  • 435
    Holly O. says:

    The ideas you have come up with are just amazing and I would love to hear all the PTI designers interviewed – good luck!!

  • 436
    Lynn Brown says:

    I’m always hooked up to my iPod listening to podcasts, so this is a FABULOUS idea! It’ll be so cool to hear all of the voices of PTI!

  • 437
    Barbara Ax says:

    I am amazed once again. What a great way for us to connect with the glorious Papertrey team. I look forward to listening to the podcasts. I am so impressed with your vision, Nichole.

  • 438
    DENISE M. says:

    I just left a voice message for PTI! How cool was that!? I am totally excited for PTI radio! Happy Anniversary again! I can’t wait until the new release!

  • 439
    Liz in MO says:

    Wow, how exciting!! I would love to hear from all of you guys. Especially the gals that sign the little white papers in our boxes!!! :.)))

  • 440
    Kim Brown says:

    I’m very excited about PaperTrey radio. I love listening to podcasts, and only have 1 craft podcast that I listen to. This is filling a huge void in my life! It makes sitting at a desk all day so much more enjoyable.

  • 441
    Carla says:

    How cool is this!! You just keep getting better and better…

  • 442
    Lesa says:

    Nichole, you keep coming up with the greatest ideas for Papertrey. I am looking forward to hearing from all of the design team members, it will be great to put a voice with the face. Also the peak of the new web site looks great.

  • 443
    Lacey says:

    I love crafting podcasts, but I’m especially excited for this to be a radio program so I can craft while I listen. Otherwise I end up just watching the podcast and don’t get any crafting done! Please make one of the topics about finding inspiration and how the DT members make time to stamp.

  • 444
    Deb M says:

    Wow! I’m excited about this. I used podcasts from a couple in Spain to learn Spanish. So the thought of hearing tips and techniques while I’m driving (I plug my iPOD into an adapter that plays out my tapedeck) is awesome! I love Dawn McVey’s blog and would love to hear you feature her in an interview.

  • 445
    Christine Rogus says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWW!!! I am over the moon!!!! Boy oh boy I can’t wait to start listening to you gals. What a treat this will be. I would love to hear Mish and Debbie and Dawn and the whole design team at that. I did have an Ipod, but my daughter has taken over that, so I might have to steal it back if I don’t win this one.LOL!!!

  • 446
    Regan says:

    Now I can but a voice to a face…LOL

    sounds fun

  • 447
    Cat says:

    OMGosh! What an exciting break through concept for the papercrafting world! Just all too fabulous! What an amazing way to share your creativity and that of your team! Congratulations!

  • 448
    laura rangel says:

    Before reading anything, my eyes went straight to the little COOL is that. I would like to hear an interview of all your team designers on how they started in papertrey and what would they like to accomplish…Can I be part of your team? LOL

  • 449
    Kris A says:

    OH MY!!! What a TOTALLY AWESOME announcement. Love that we will be able to “hear” from the DT. I would love to hear from Michelle, Dawn and Debbie. Guess this means I need to either win or purchase an IPOD!

  • 450
    Carrie Mathison says:

    I’m sure it would be great if you are at the right place at the right time. I do most of my papertrey communication on a public computer without sound, so unfornuately i won’t able to listen much. Way to go on keeping up with current technology and ways to reach all people.

  • 451
    Deborah Titus says:

    I am so excited to have you doing podcast!!!!!I just knew my new laptop would be perfect for this fun stamp and ink thing I have gotten myself into. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

  • 452
    Denise says:

    very cool idea. I would love to hear you interviewed as well as mish. Great concept!

  • 453
    Amy says:

    Holy Wah! Papertrey is always on the move. What a whirlwind! Interviews with Papertrey artists, designers, and support folks are a must. I listen to many podcasts on my ipod or copied to cd to listen to in my car. Stamping is so visual, I can’t “picture” the types of podcasts you will have. Perhaps some reviews and opinions about various products.

  • 454
    Stephanie King says:

    Papertrey Radio sounds really exciting! It’s neat that the company is branching out to bring the “entire package” to its customers. I’m so excited for the first podcast!

  • 455
    Nancy Nelson says:

    Saying this will show my age but, I am always amazed at the technology that is available today! Putting a voice to your face was so fun. I can’t wait for this adventure to start! I just want to take this opportunity to let the whole PTI Team know how much I appreciate them from you (Nicole)through to the people behind the scenes, specially the people that pack up the orders and get them out to us. Without our product where would we be! So at sometime I would like hear from someone who works behind the scenes that we don’t know but keeps the process moving.

  • 456
    Banu H says:

    Interesting Concept πŸ™‚ Would be nice to see what kind of podcasts you come up with πŸ™‚

  • 457
    Cheryl I. says:

    I love this idea. The internet world is so large and this is another way to get better connected and feel like it is a more personal experience. I look forward to tips and tricks for your products as well as the whole creative process. Thanks so much for including us!

  • 458
    Tracy York says:

    Wow, radio! I’m sure it will be great, because everything you do is great!

  • 459
    Nicki says:

    Wow! It never ceases to amaze me what fabulous new ideas you come up with! I am really looking forward to all the wonderful interviews with our favorite designers and get the opportunity to interact with everyone in a more personal way! Thank you!!

  • 460
    Shay says:

    I am excited about Papertrey Radio and being able to hear from all the fabulous and talented ladies on the Papertrey Ink team! I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 461
    Mollie says:

    I love all the amazing announcements. I’m not up on all the technology. I can’t say that I’ve ever listened to a podcast…so I am really looking forward to it! I’m super excited to hear from Lisa:o)

  • 462
    Stephanie P. says:

    I love how cutting edge your company is! I don’t typically use this type of media (podcasts), but I think it is a great tool for you to better communicate with your customers. I think it would be wonderful to listen to interviews and be able to submit questions “live”! Very fun!

  • 463
    Delorse Sword says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait for the first on-air interview!

  • 464
    J. Runge says:

    love the radio show, makes getting the great information just a little easier.

  • 465
    Lisa Ann Yim says:

    Not only do we get to see all the wonderful ideas of PT’s creative team, we get to hear their lovely voices too! How fun!!!

  • 466
    Susan MC says:

    Wow – who would have ever thought to put radio together with stamping??? YOU!!! πŸ™‚ Good luck – this sounds like so much fun. I would love to hear shows about inspiration – I always need ideas for layouts and color combos. Good luck!

  • 467
    Tammie Koehnen says:

    Wow PTI radio… what a great idea!!! I think it would be great to hear interviews of your PTI design team & guest designers (how they got into paper-crafts, what their process is, etc). I love how PTI is growing! It has been awesome to watch my favorite stamp company evolve! Thank you for all your hard work and passion, in providing great products for us paper-crafters to use.

  • 468
    Jocelyn G. says:

    WOW! What a GREAT idea!!! Would love, love, love to hear interviews with your designers (I love them all!). They all seem like wonderful people and I would love to know them better! I’m looking forward to the new Papertrey website!

  • 469
    Victoria C says:

    I love the concept of PTI Radio! Now I can listen to how I can create gorgeous projects and get other neat tricks that I can use on my projects – from home decor to scrapbooking to card making! Very exciting and very techno trendy! Yippee!

  • 470
    Cassi says:

    this is awesome! always on the leading edge of craft trends. what a great way to interact with your customers.

    the new site looks fabulous, i’m really looking forward to the improved navigation.

    Happy Birthday PTI!

  • 471
    Cyndi Zeman says:

    Radio never even occured to me, but now that I think about it – what a great idea! I would really like to hear about how people got started in the industry, how “amateurs” find time to make projects and keep up a blog, what inspires them, how they ‘play’ with a new stamp set, etc.

  • 472
    Denise Erickson says:

    I am very excited about Papertrey Radio. It will be great to actually hear your voices in the comfort of my own home. It is just one more way that as customers, we will get the chance to know each of you even better. And quite frankly I can never get enough PTI in my day πŸ™‚


  • 473
    Donna K says:

    What a great idea – pulling us all into the 21st century! πŸ™‚ I would love to hear how others like to sit down to work on a card, tips for organizing all our stuff, and of course I always love to hear about new techniques and products. Thanks for sharing.

  • 474
    Joyce Wilson says:

    PTI Radio!!! How cool is that. I totally need to get that! So cute, what a great idea & I love the color!

  • 475
    Lee says:

    What a great innovation. PTI is amazing. Looking forward to lots of great info ‘on the run’ IYKWIM LOL!

  • 476
    michelle ip says:

    Wow! This is a really cool idea! I especially like the “call me” feature! Never heard of that before.

  • 477
    Tina S. says:

    Cool idea! This will allow me to scrap and listen to podcasts about scrapping at the same time!!! I’d like to hear from some of the ladies who started this scrapbooking phenomenon and industry. I’d like to hear their thoughts on why they started to scrap and what they think about the way the industry is evolving. Hope I win that iPod!

  • 478
    Marjorie Henseler says:

    I would never have guessed about this one!
    It sounds very intriguing, and also very cool.
    Once again PTI blows us away!!!!

  • 479
    Wendy says:

    I can’t wait to learn more from you and your amazing design team. What an amazing opportunity for all of us to be able to interact with each other. Best wishes in your new endeavor!

  • 480
    Laurie Doherty says:

    I love podcasts, download and listen at your convenience! I can’t wait to hear other fellow stampers’ questions and the creative answers from the design team. I’d love to hear about some more tips and tricks with the stamps sets, like the suggestions you give with each set. You are soooo on the edge!

  • 481
    Valerie H. says:

    Papertrey Radio…what a fabulous idea. You guys are always ahead of the game. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  • 482
    Charmaine says:

    AWESOME! I want to hear interviews of each of the PTI crew…how they get their ideas, inspiration…how they decide on what embellies to use. This is going to be fantastic!


  • 483
    donna calamari says:

    PTI is soaring not only because it has superb products at a reasonable price, but, also, because it is always innovative. Radio is a great way to reach out and “touch” all the customers out there.

  • 484
    Sarah A says:

    I think it will be so cool to actually here from you guys spontaneously- not edited posts.

  • 485
    Janel says:

    Good Luck everyone! What an exciting time for Papertrey. This is so awesome.

  • 486
    paula e says:

    just like pti to bring another media – radio – into the mix. i can always count on you for the new and innovative. it will be fun to have each of the designers on so we can put a voice to a picture and their individual styles. so much to look forward to in the upcoming year.

  • 487
    Marni says:

    Radio – how interesting! I’ll try anything at least once, so I am excited to give this a whirl. And the new website for shopping sounds fantastic – I am pretty sure I will try that LOTS more than once!

  • 488
    Jara says:

    Here’s what I think about your radio announcement… WAHOO!!!

    So cool. So hip. Mad love for PTI! πŸ™‚

  • 489
    StephanieW says:

    How cool!! I can’t wait! I would love to hear interviews with all of the DT.

  • 490
    Leslie says:

    Great idea–papertrey radio! I think it will be amazing for your readers to be able to interact with you in a forum that elicits a direct response/reaction.

  • 491
    Suependous says:

    You always keep us alert and interested with new ideas! This one sound fabulous!
    I have a question already for you!

  • 492
    Michelle L. says:

    How exciting…to be able to put a name with a face with a voice. What a great way to get to know the Papertrey team even better!

  • 493
    amber says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to listen to these podcasts as I work out. I find that using my workouts to come up with creative ideas helps them fly by. I can’t wait to hear about design ideas and ideas for using your great products in new ways.

  • 494
    Lee Anne says:

    Wow! I would have NEVER guessed that PTI Radio was in the works! How fun will it be?! I would love to hear you highlight some of the different designers as they have stamps released for that month! What was the inspiration and motivation behind their designs? That would be so fun to listen to. I can’t wait!

  • 495
    Patsy Villareal says:

    Who would have thunk it….PTI Radio…are u getting into the technology age or what!

    This is great announcement….can hardly wait to get the latest in stampin’, scrappin’ news!

    Congratulations on all the changes – you’re the greatest!

  • 496
    Susan McRae says:

    Such exciting news! I would love interviews with all the design team members and with Nichole. It would be great to know what inspires you and how you can create things on a day to day basis without getting into a rut. I can’t wait until you launch the show!

  • 497
    Kathy K. says:

    Pretty thrilling idea….I think I’d like to hear how the stamp designers are inspired for their designs and what their “career” backgrounds were that led them down the design path.

  • 498
    LuAnn in AZ says:

    Fabulous! You just get better each year PTI team. What a great new idea. I think this will definitely take Papertrey to the top of the stamping world! I can’t wait to start saving all the podcasts and hearing the voices of all my favorite design team members. I love the chance we have to ask questions and receive answers in real time! I marvel at your creativity Nichole and friends…

  • 499
    Ruth Allmart says:

    Wow this is so exciting! I can definitely say I didn’t see this one coming. I look forward to listening to your podcasts while working out at the gym. Maybe this is the year I finally get back in shape! Ha! Congratulations on your huge success πŸ™‚

  • 500
    Robyn W. says:

    This is so exciting! I would have never guessed that a radio show was coming! Papertrey Ink just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait for this new source of inspiration!

  • 501
    Renae C. says:

    This is a very unique idea! I would like to hear from all of your Design Team. I love following all of them on their blogs.

  • 502
    Katerfly says:

    It would be wonderful to finally put voices to faces. And it would be great to hear the conversations and have them answering questions and talking, rather than trying to keep up with the conversations on the forum. Can’t wait to see…scratch that…can’t wait to hear everything!!!

  • 503
    Allison Taylor says:

    What a clever idea! I would love to hear about the thoughts that went into designing particular stamp sets. Maybe an interview with the stamp designer so they can explain the behind the scenes process about the set and “why” the set is the way it is?

    Looking forward to this new feature – I can’t wait to start downloading so I can listen while I am at the gym!

  • 504
    MaryBeth says:

    This is a very innovative way for us to get more of PTI. I think it’s fabulous and can’t wait to listen to all the podcasts. I think you should be the first guest, followed by the rest of the PTI design team.
    Let the fun begin!

  • 505
    Karin says:

    Wow. What will you think of next. Love your inspiration and style. It will be fun to hear all of the interviews. Can’t wait for the new website.

  • 506
    annette abrahamson says:

    what a cool idea πŸ™‚ makes us all just a little more connected to this addiction… i mean amazing hobbie!!!!

  • 507
    Kathy says:

    Wow! What will you guys come up with next?! PTI Radio sounds awesome. Would be fun to alternate hearing interviews from different designers with hearing from all of us. Whatever yall come up with will be wonderful! The new design for the store looks fantastic too!

  • 508
    Kearneykrafter says:

    Wow, way to go PTI! THere’s no stopping you now that you’ve got a radio segment added to your fabulous connection with the world! Thanks for your “communication” and good luck with your release!

  • 509
    Brianna says:

    I love that you can download it later! On my phone I do podcasts so I hope I can somehow get it on my phone, unless I win of course!! That would be awesome!!

  • 510
    Christine says:

    Wow, not only are your products and card samples simply amazing, but now we get to hear about them!!! Can’t wait! Thanks for the chance!

  • 511
    Amy Wanford says:

    Woo Hoo!!! Yet another way that I can incorporate PTI into my daily life! I love the idea of being actually able to hear you guys – though we never like the sound of our own voices recorded I just know I’m going to love yours!
    Off to think of some toughie questions….LOL!

  • 512
    Ginna G says:

    Love It!!!!!
    Technology is so WONDERFUL. Way to go gals.
    Papertrey Radio!! and a new web design!!!!!

  • 513
    Elizabeth Burke says:

    How cool!!!!! Would love to hear from each of the Designers on what inspires them to create the beautiful work they do!!!

  • 514
    Christi says:

    How cool is this?!! What an awesome idea!!

  • 515
    Cindy D. says:

    PTI Radio! What a Great idea! I love the idea of “hearing” what everyone has to say. I would love to hear how everyone begin there design journeys and what keeps them motivated. Can’t wait to visit the new website!

  • 516
    Donna de Peyster says:

    How fun! I’m looking forward to it. Are you all as glib and polished as I think? Or are you normal and stumble over your words like me?

  • 517
    Erika says:

    After this anniversary, I don’t know how Papertrey is going to top any other anniversaries in the future! Papertrey RADIO?! How stinking amazing! I am so in awe with the way this once small company has contiunued to blossom into a more user-friendly, supportive, beautiful and UNIQUE medium for a very simple goal of CREATING ART. Thank you for all you guys continue to do for the papercrafting world!

  • 518
    Janette says:

    Interesting concept, and a fun way to connect with those of us that love everything PTI. It will also be fun to be able to ask questions. I am excited about this!

  • 519
    Lillian Child says:

    What a great concept. To have daily inspiration streaming in my ears – YES YES YES!!!

  • 520
    Dana J says:

    OMG! This is SO COOL!!!! I have never listened to a podcast but will now!

  • 521
    Michelle Ward says:

    I think it will be so fun to here what all of your voices sound like! I think the human voice conveys so much of who people are. Being a big books on tape fan, I can’t wait. I hope instructional videos aren’t far behind:)

  • 522
    Sally says:

    OMG, OMG what big news, never imagined this would be the next thing on the horizon for PTI. Love the idea, now I can capitalize on my morning walk by getting my creative juices flowing. Interview he whole DT, interview customers that show up and coming talent, Interview the members of the PTI family that are not always in the spotlight, but are essential to your success. I want to hear about the design process for stamp designers, the process for picking new colors and how to use tools. Do some audio scavenger hunts or website tours.

  • 523
    Cheri Mosgrove says:

    Oh my goodness! I cannot believe all the stuff you PTI girls are coming up with! Good for you! I can see from the PTI Radio that I am going to have to get a good deal more techie savvy than I am now!!!

  • 524
    Susan says:

    PTI Radio!!! Wow! You guys don’t seem to sit still for a moment! Love that they’re going to be podcasts!

  • 525
    Mary C says:

    I didn’t see that one coming but best of luck with the podcasts. I love technology don’t you?

  • 526
    Karen says:

    How fun. Nichole is was so nice to hear your “voice.” Can’t wait to hear some tips and tricks from all the Papertrey girls.

  • 527
    Stacy S. says:

    PTI radio – very cool! I would love to hear what inspires all of the PTI design team. How do they come up with a project? Do they follow a sketch, first gather materials, etc.

  • 528
    Barbra says:

    Fantastic, Papertrey Radio! Love that! It was great to hear your voice too Nicole! Looking forward to the new website also!

  • 529
    deb--s says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine what everyone sounds like! Leave it to Papertrey to come with something this unique and fun!

  • 530
    Laura Bargwell says:

    So cool! I can’t wait to hear the guest speakers. FUN!! I am looking forward to the new website. It already looks great!

  • 531
    Wanda G says:

    Blow me away! Sounds great – I will look forward to really ‘hearing’ more from you!

  • 532
    Ketha says:

    What a cool idea! From someone who grew up listening to the radio and now I’ll get to listen to podcasts… I can’t wait. This is going to be a grand and exciting year for PTI. It will be so awesome to hear the “voices” of the team… YAHOO !!!

  • 533
    Rachelle Hineline says:

    Radio, wow, I never would have guessed that. It will be fun to put a voice with all the designers faces. I also love the idea that I will be able to listen while I am creating. πŸ™‚

  • 534
    Jennifer Bruce says:

    This is so awesome!! Ya’ll just get better and better! It is a joy to check the blog everyday and see what exciting new thing will be posted! Can’t wait to hear from all of the designers and see what they say! But I can’t wait to hear from you, Heather Nichols, and Dawn McVey.

  • 535
    Terri Benskin says:

    Very innovative! Something that I didn’t expect (which is nice). I love that Papertrey thinks outside the box! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • 536
    Amy says:

    So fun! It will be fun to hear how the DT gets their inspiration!

  • 537
    Mandy From Canada says:

    what an innovative idea, I can’t wait to hear your first pod cast.

  • 538
    Michelle Michael says:

    This is a great way to stay on top of new & current trends and all the information about them.Talk about immediate gratification – this rocks!

  • 539
    GingerL says:

    Papertrey Radio is a fabulous idea! I’m excited to see the dynamics provided by this new media. I also can’t wait to hear the voices that go with the faces on my favorite blogs. πŸ™‚

  • 540
    Amelia B says:

    What a fantastic idea. Would love to win and listen on the ipod while i am taking my walk.

  • 541
    Anne Ganguzza says:

    PTI Radio – way cool!!! would love to hear an inspiration tip of the day from all of your awesome designers, as well as interviews!!! love love love all things papertrey!!!

  • 542
    PeggyO says:

    Great News!!!!!Looking forward to the podcasts and all your creative ideas. I enjoy visiting your blogs and learning about new tips and techniques.

  • 543
    NancyK says:

    Now you are making it even easier to be connected to the best stamping inspiration…what a great idea, Papertrey Radio!!! I’m a fan of all on your design team and I look forward to getting to know them better through the podcasts.
    Way to go Papertrey, you are leading the way with this fun innovation!

  • 544
    Naz says:

    How cool! I would love to see/hear an interview from you–how it all started. And from Dawn–cause I just love all her work. And Becky about her new endeavor. Can’t wait! (P.S. The new website looks amazing.)

  • 545
    QC says:


    That’s PTI for ya…always a step ahead of the others! πŸ™‚

  • 546

    Well, it’s definitely a unique idea, which is what PTI is known for, being unique and trend setting.

  • 547
    Judy Cook says:

    This is so exciting! I loved hearing your voice. What a great idea. Who would I like you to interview? Hmmm That’s a hard one. I’d like for you to interview all the different designers to start so we can get to know them a little better. It’s hard to think of anyone else except maybe YOU. I love you all. Congratulations on ALL the changes you have made. I look forward to seeing the new website. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  • 548
    Amber S says:

    Papertrey just keeps getting better and ladies rock…blessings.

  • 549
    Anita Hiltz says:

    I loved it…awesome job! What a unique idea! Thanks for doing that!

  • 550

    I used to think I was on the cutting edge of creativity when I bought my first glue gun in the 80’s and watched the Home Show with Carol Duval. I would love to hear from her on the show and know what she thinks of all the tools available 25 years later.

  • 551
    Anne S says:

    WOW! How exciting! I think that the best thing about PTR (Papertrey Radio) is getting to hear everyone’s voices! It makes things so much more personal! I can’t wait to hear from all of your designers and design team members, and of course Julie and Jane! Would really like hearing about what inspires them, and what sort of inspiration they used for designing particular stamp sets, etc. Oh, and the ipod would be great too! My daughter just washed hers – WHOOPS! Learned a valuable life lesson there – always check your pockets BEFORE you put things in the washer! Still waiting for it to dry out before we try to see if it works!

  • 552
    Julie O. says:

    This is very exciting and definitely the wave of the future. Very exciting that PTI is on board!

  • 553
    Peggy Sue says:

    PTI is so ahead of the times. What a exciting and wonderful idea. Nicole, you would be the first person I would like to speak to. Your ideas are so amazing. Then give us a chance to speak to all of the creative gals on the team. I need to get busy and learn how do Papertrey Radio!!!!

  • 554
    Barbara says:

    What a fun idea! And you sure have the right person for the job with Erin! LOVED her at CK and have missed her talent and great sense of humor! So excited to be able to listen to the podcasts and interact with them too!

  • 555
    Annie says:

    What a concept-PTI Radio! Love it. It sounds like there are many innovative changes in store for PTI. I am very excited about all of them and am looking forward to experiencing them. Nicole, I think that you should be the first to be interviewed. Michelle Wooderson would be another choice.

  • 556
    Gail E says:

    What an exciting and interesting concept! It truly will be a wonderful way for all of us to connect with all of you! Since you all are so creative and such an inspiration, I’d love to hear just about anything from all of you. Fun – Fun- Fun!

  • 557
    Bora Pogeler says:

    What a great idea! I would love to hear about how the designer’s come up with some of their fabulous stamping ideas and hear how excited they are about them. I would tune in all the time while crafting.

  • 558
    Lori W says:

    In all honesty, I’ve never listened to a podcast before. Guess that is about to change! I love how PTI is always inspiring and teaching me and I’m sure Papertrey Radio will take it to new heights. I am so excited about the new website too! I can’t imagine what you have up your sleeve for tomorrow.

  • 559
    Ginny says:

    Oh this is so cool! I love scrapbooking podcasts. This is a great concept though, a twist to it!

  • 560
    Heather says:

    Radio podcasts sound so fun! It’s always neat to be able to hear the voices that go along with the photos. Congratulations on the new venture and I look forward to hearing everyone soon!

  • 561

    Papertrey Radio is sheer genius! Now is the time to buy stock in Papertrey because just like eBay, it’s going to sky rocket! I’m looking forward to podcast interviews with the entire PTI design team. And I love the fact that the podcasts will be archived and also available on iTunes! TouchΓ© PTI!

  • 562

    Nice one, I’ve learned a lot from here and I think they are also cool!

  • 563
    Ginny says:

    the PTI radio is going to an amazing resource for every stamper, beginning or not! now i’ll know where to direct my newly converted ‘stamp addicts’ when they have a question or two! πŸ˜€ great idea!

    also, the store looks like it will be simply amazing–i can see how much work you’ve put into it–WOW.

    great job Nichole! you and your team are such an inspiration πŸ˜€

  • 564
    Teresa F. says:

    How cool is this! No other company has anything like this. I love your blog and can’t wait to see what’s new every day. So excited about the new site coming too.

  • 565
    Heather says:

    Papertrey Ink has always been a step ahead of other companies and it’s great to see you still enjoy rounding up new ideas – like the radio! How cool is that?! I also appreciate that you have us, the customer, in mind as you continue to grow and evolve.

  • 566
    Monica says:

    Nice twist on being more personal – can’t wait to “hear” from your guests!

  • 567
    Kathy Benson says:

    Papertrey Ink continues to amaze me! A Podcast! so cool! I can’t wait to hear the interviews. This is going to be so much fun!!!

  • 568

    How cool is this! I never would have thought about podcasting, but it’s a terrific idea. I loved hearing your voice today–now I have a voice to go with the blog photo and I feel like I know you even better! I’d love to hear from all of the Design Team members. This is going to be fun!!! Anne, yourmainestamper

  • 569
    Cat Spicer says:

    Wowza, I am constantly amazed at how innovative the PTI team is; I shouldn’t be, but you always leave me shaking my head in awe. LOVE this idea!

  • 570
    Denise L says:

    I think PTI Radio is such a cool idea. Also love the Google ‘Call-In’ concept .. never heard of that before.
    I would enjoy hearing from any of the PTI design team.

  • 571
    Linda says:

    Holy Cow!! What a fabulous idea.

  • 572
    Kim M says:

    I am blown away, radio…what an awesome idea! I would love to hear segments from you and the other designers on how you come up with all your ideas and how you keep all the ideas flowing. The amount of creativity that goes into PTI just continues to amaze me!

  • 573
    Wendy Beck says:

    I love the idea of being able to talk to the designers we love. I can’t wait for this to get going. You guys are great at coming up with fun new ways to interact with us.

  • 574
    HCJC says:

    PTI is so innovative & keeps right up with the times. I live in the UK & wish I had access to all those wonderful products but I admire daily everything on this blog. Best inspiration ever!

  • 575
    Chelsea says:

    What a FANTASTIC idea! I’m excited to see who you will interview over the next few months to kick things off and, of course, here tips and tricks. I think it would be awesome to have audio interviews from trade shows you attend, too.

  • 576
    Kimberly Ann says:

    I think this is going to be really interesting to see how you turn what is a very visual art into an audio presentation. I’m going to tune in and see what I can learn.

  • 577
    judy samples says:

    Lordy! I have no idea what a podcast is, well, sort of, but I am dying to know how it all works! Will Erin come to my house to teach me how to shuffle?


  • 578
    Susan Hall says:

    I love it. To able to listen to eveyone, how cool is that. Susan

  • 579
    angel says:

    WOOOOOHOOOOOO! You guys are INCREDIBLE! I thought last year was amazing – I’m soooooo excited to experience this year with Papertrey!

  • 580
    Elizabeth says:

    Once again, you have surprised me with your announcements. I mean this in the best way but you all do TOO much and I love it! Such committment and dedication; that’s why PTI is a favorite!

  • 581
    Michelle S. says:

    Another great idea! I spend a lot of time driving around and running errands. With Papertray Radio, I can take my beloved hobby with me. People will be wondering why I’m smiling so much when shopping for groceries! πŸ˜‰

  • 582
    Carol says:

    I would love to hear each of your designers and design team members interviews over the course of time. I love the different styles your team imparts – from crisp and clear to shabby chic. I would also love to know a little bit about the process of designing from concept to final stamp set – if it were possible to do that without revealing proprietary information. Sometimes you have shared idea sketches and I am so amazed at how they transform to a final product. And, as a big fan of your clean lines, I wonder how on earth you create such crisp images. If nothing more, it would just be great to hear a little about the creative process in general – from brainstorming to concept development.

  • 583
    Kristie P says:

    What an awesome idea! I can’t wait to hear the podcasts! What an exciting new venture for you as well as all the PTI customers πŸ™‚ I’d love to see a “tips and tricks” type segment for using some of the stamps (especially from Kelly) even the older ones. Best of luck on your new adventure!

  • 584
    Karen N. says:

    Now I can truly take PTI with me anywhere!
    What a wonderful concept. I can’t wait to hear from all the design team members.

  • 585
    Debbie says:

    WOW! What fun to “hear” from you ladies all the fun tips, tidbits and we get to ask questions for future broadcasts. Nichole, PTI is always on the cutting edge of things and I congratulate you on this as well!!

  • 586
    Cheri Howard says:

    VERY cool idea to start a podcast! Maybe someday you’ll add VODcasts with video demos of how you made all those fabby projects? =D

    Happy Anniversary!

  • 587
    Cindy S says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to see what you do with Papertrey Radio!

  • 588
    Lan Amphone says:

    Love the new radio option and so excited about all the new changes to the site!!! I love vistiting your DT’s blog and how detailed they list out the products and steps in creating each project. I wish the site would have a spot to link up all of their projects when you choose a particular product.

  • 589
    julie coit says:

    omg-ooooohhhhhmmmmyyyygggoooosssshhh!!!! You guys are thinking of everything RADIO Wow!Keep up the good work the new shopping site looks great too

  • 590
    Yolanda B. says:

    Papertrey Radio!! That’s so exciting! Looking forward to the podcasts.

  • 591
    Judy S says:

    Wow …. what a great idea …. Papertrey Radio! You just keep coming up with great ideas!

  • 592
    Vivian says:

    This is so cool…I think. But do I need an i-Pod to listen to your podcast? If so, then I NEED to win cause I don’t have one.

  • 593
    Deanne Sanchez says:

    PTI Radio! How cool is that! Can’t wait to literally hear more about PTI designers!

  • 594
    Kerry says:

    PTI Radio! How much fun! I would love to hear from the designers about how they get their ideas, what they use for color inspirations, what their must-have tools are, how much time it takes to work out an idea, how much product they end up throwing away (I can’t be the only one who creates a dud, right?). I think it would be really nice to know that they are people too, who make mistakes and struggle with ideas. Give us hope!

  • 595
    Ginny Schleich says:

    What a very cool concept! It was nice to hear your voice, Nicole. I would love to hear interviews with all of the designers.

  • 596
    Daniela says:

    I think it’s great and something I can listen to in the background while working. I would love to hear all the DT members and about any topic as long as it’s product related, serious and not too long.

  • 597
    Tami says:

    Those are my thoughts on the new Papertrey Radio and new website πŸ™‚
    We just upgraded our website at the company I work and I know how monumental that task is.
    As for the radio – so excited that I will be able to listen to them on my ipod when I’m running πŸ™‚ (multi-tasking at its best)
    I already have the Papertrey Radio number programmed into my phone πŸ™‚

  • 598
    Jen P says:

    This is such a cool idea – we can check out your blogs and listen too! I can’t wait to hear all the new tips and techniques! And like everyone else…it will be cool to put a voice to a picture now! πŸ™‚

  • 599
    Leslie McLaughlin says:

    Hi again, I just left a message on the radio and love this idea! I love to listen to podcasts everyday when I walk my dog. It’s multi-tasking at it’s best – good exercise for my dog and I and learn something new at the same time. Good Luck and I look forward to many wonderful podcasts from you in the future.

  • 600
    Kim says:

    This is so cool! I cant wait to ask some questions πŸ™‚

  • 601
    Lacey Leeper says:

    I think it absolutely fabulous! The styles are great!

  • 602
    Kathy V. says:

    How much fun is this! I’d love to hear you interview Michelle, Debbie, Niki,–oh good grief, all the “girls”! You’ve all become like friends, and to actually hear you explaining a technique or talking about what inspires you (or hearing Michelle actually give a “snort”!!!), well that would just be the best. Looks like 2010 is going to be a big year for PaperTrey AND for us loyal customers. Yahoo!

  • 603

    How exciting! I am looking forward to hearing some of our questions answered!

  • 604
    TR says:

    The radio program sound like a great idea.
    Above Rubies Studio (Meg) would be fun to
    interview. Could you get a hold of Carol
    Duval. I think she would have a blast doing
    something like this since she retired.

  • 605
    Heather says:

    How cool is that?! I’m so excited to put voices with faces. You know, we see pictures all the time, but sometimes you a pre-conceived notion of how someone sounds based on how they look, so it’ll be cool to get my thoughts in sync with reality, lol. But I’m also excited to interact with PTI this way as well! And I love that the Podcasts will be on iTunes, so I can just download them automatically. Really cool concept and I’m excited to participate!

  • 606
    JenniferCR says:

    WOW…Papertrey Radio! What an awesome idea!!! I love the idea of being able to hear and “connect” with all of you, the designers, of PTI. I think that makes you, as a company, so much more personable. I think this speaks volumes as to how much you value what you think of your customers and I LOVE that! And as a side note, I don’t own an iPod yet…seriously, I most be one of the few to not have one yet! Needless to say, I would be over the moon to win this iPod in Papertrey’s signiture color Aqua…I just LOVE that color too!

  • 607
    Laurie Dolsak says:

    You guys are out of control!!!! I LOVE it! I feel like a little kid in a candy store. Now a pod cast WOW! What will you guys come up with next?!

  • 608
    Michele L. says:

    Great Idea!!
    I’m so thrilled with all the different channels you use. I’ll get more use out of my ipod now too!
    Also I’m excited to see the new “store”.

  • 609
    jennine says:

    Wow! How exciting! I love blogging but the ability to hear someone talk to me is so much for personal! This is such a great idea. I can’t wait!

  • 610
    Christina says:

    I think the PT radio is a great idea to get to know ppl on a different level instead of reading an interview.

    I would like to know what inspires them. What’s important to them. How they sit down & get their mojo flowing.

  • 611
    Lisa Rasmussen says:

    Thanks for the chance….Awesome stuff in store…..each year keeps getting better and better

  • 612
    Donna Garvin says:

    Awesome. All of you guys at PTI never cease to amaze me!!!!! What a great idea. Can’t wait to hear from all of the Design Team. PTI is my favorite company and I vist many of the DT blogs everyday. I always have such a hard time deciding what to purchase each month and now it sounds like it will be even harder to make up my mind with all of the new changes. Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win some of your great products.

  • 613
    Ang says:

    how cool!
    I would love to hear about the stamp making process from idea to sale.

  • 614
    Kathy McEntyre says:

    I agree with someone else’s comments that I think it would be fun for your to interview each other first and let us hear your voices and ideas. I love it when I’ve been following along on someone’s blog, and then I get to hear their voice. Congrats on the new store!

  • 615
    Joanne Boys says:

    It’s never boring around Papertrey. You surprise me at every turn. I am so excited about another avenue to enjoy papertrey and be inspired.

  • 616

    I am excited about papertrey radio. I have never used an ipod I am looking foward to winning.

  • 617
    Debbie says:

    Papertrey Radio – Wow, this is REALLY exciting news. I think it’s only fitting that you, Nichole, be the first one interviewed!:) Then, all the design team and guest designers. Thank you Nichole and Erin for creating yet another way for me to feed my addiction – hee!

  • 618
    Andrea S. says:

    All of the changes you are making are so awesome. Congrats to Papertrey!

  • 619

    This is wildly too stinkin’ cool!! I’m still a little in shock. You guys are fearless!
    I’d love to hear some real DETAILED advice on how to get your work published. Maybe an interview from Cath Edvalson or another member of the PC team who helps choose which projects to publish.

  • 620
    Steph W. says:

    I can’t wait to hear all of the DT’s voices , their ideas and backgrounds, etc. Should be great. I’m very excited to “hear” all the news, plus I can listen at work and they won’t know! LOL. Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Anniversary!

  • 621
    Alicia says:

    How cool is this. Is it sad I would rather win stamps than an ipod shuffle though. πŸ™‚ I love you guys!

  • 622
    Amy s K. says:

    Radio! What fun! It will be great to hear interviews with each of the team members and guest designers, maybe even with your previous guest designers. Thanks for the fun anniversary party!

  • 623
    Kristin says:

    This is so cool! What a neat, innovative idea! I LOVE IT and I cannot wait for this. I love how the Papertrey team are so accessible to their customers. We all appreciate it so much! πŸ™‚

  • 624
    Clara says:

    Papertrey Radio–very Cool! All these new things are exciting and a great way to celebrate an anniversary!

  • 625
    Andrea Mason says:

    Seriously? Papertrey Radio is awesome! Very exciting!! I’d love to hear from you and all of your designers. Specifically – where you all find the time to be so creative and business savvy, while keeping the homefront in order!

  • 626
    Leslie says:

    I’m always in awe of of PTI. Your creativity is endless. Papertrey radio?!?!This is is so cool! I can’t wait! I’m sure each of the PTI team will be interviewed at some point, but I would love to hear Betsy, Debbie & Heather. PTI rocks!

  • 627
    Laurie W. says:

    Wow! What fun news! You have all been busy for sure! Can’t wait to see how the PTI radio works! And what a fun prize today! Thanks for all the amazing inspiration!

  • 628

    What a cool idea! I can hardly wait to see what is to come in 2010. I love your PT stamps so this will just add to the excitment.

  • 629
    Heather C says:

    What a revolutionary concept! I love it. I am a huge fan of podcasts and what fun to listen to one from my FAVORITE store! As for suggestions on topics, I am always up for hearing about creative processes. I would especially like to hear from a scrapbooker.Kelly Purkey would be good! Thanks and kuddos for the innovation you are showing!

  • 630
    Janice C. in NY says:

    Hi there! “Paper Trey radio” that is a interesting idea. I just listened to your introductory message and I asked myself where is the visual image. I am not “into” radio or pod casts, unless I am in my car. I would tend to expect a post to You-Tube, so that a demonstration or interview can be seen AND heard. I would also think from a marketing perspective that a visual image along with the interview would help you to “sell” your stamps and accessories. I know I like what I see, but just hearing about it…eh- not so much.
    I hope I am wrong and that this new endeavor is a huge success for you.

  • 631
    Joni Kix says:

    Seeing that it’s a stamping site, I would have thought you’d be using something with video for demos, interviews, and inspiration. I’m going to be listening in to “hear” how it all works out!

  • 632
    Anya says:

    What an incredible idea! I can’t wait! I am looking forward to not only all the information and inspiration to be had from the program, but also hearing all the DT members’ voices! It might sound silly, but it has been such an endearing experience to actually hear Dawn’s and Nichole’s voices that I can’t wait to hear the rest of the groups’ as well!

  • 633
    Carla Grace, Middleburg, Florida says:

    What an interesting concept!! I love the idea of hearing interviews and inside details on the concepts of papercrafting at its best!

  • 634
    Michelle Caldera says:

    Wow… I have no idea what to expect from Papertrey Radio, but am confident that it will be fab! Be sure to include Michelle Wooderson as soon as possible; she is reputed to be SO funny, I’d love to hear her interview!

  • 635
    Kendra H says:

    LOVE IT!!! Very inovative of you as I haven’t run across a stamp co. with a radio station before. I appreciate your forward thinking.

  • 636
    Diane Cramer says:

    Podcasts sound like fun! I couldn’t open the announcement in IE but it wodked in Safari…now I know what Nicole sounds like!
    I am really looking forward to your new website. From a designer’s point of view, I struggled with the old one. Anxious for the new stuff…will be lurking!

  • 637
    Helen F. says:

    Radio…pretty exciting INDEED! Interviews? How about people in the craft industry who inspire you and the Papertrey Design Team?
    Looking forward to the new and improved Papertrey store also.

  • 638
    Linda w says:

    Ok now I am starting to feel so old. I have never heard of this radio thing. I do not own an ipod and have no idea how it works. But I am sure the new website will be fantastic. Now that I know. Too well…..:O)

    stamp on…

  • 639
    Krista says:

    Just when i tought things couldn’t get any cooler around here – a new shopping site, and radio!

  • 640
    Anita Lycos says:

    This is such exciting news. Now I can listen to the podcast while I’m at work. How fun!!

  • 641
    Tonya Peters says:

    What a cool announcement! Beyond my wildest imagination. I think it will be such an interesting and “techie” addition to PTI. Looking forward to it. I’d just look forward to hearing from you, Nichole, and all the other great designers for PTI.

  • 642
    Fleur says:

    That is so cool – I can’t wait to get some insider tips from your amazing design team πŸ™‚

  • 643

    PTI Radio is a fabulous creative idea. I would love to ask a question and have an insider answer it. I love learning new tricks and tips and techniques so it should be great!

  • 644
    doramiyi says:

    More power to you. Love it, can’t wait to hear and see the new store front.


  • 645
    Nita says:

    What a cool idea! And I love Erin’s work so I am loving the idea of her being involved. I can’t wait for all the cool ideas that will be shared.

  • 646
    Erin M says:

    Very cool! You never cease to amaze me! It is so exciting, and makes everything feel that much more real! Congratulations.

  • 647
    Crystal M. says:

    I never would have thought of anything like Papertrey Radio. I think it’ll be cool. I would love to hear an interview with Mish. I check her blog daily. Love her!!

  • 648
    Kelly G says:

    I almost didn’t listen. I have a hearing problem and thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to hear it. It was so clear and easy to understand!! Keep up the good work

  • 649
    Rhonda Zamora says:

    PTI has some VERY cool stuff going on . . . radio, wow!

  • 650
    Kim says:

    PTI rocks!

  • 651
    Mindy says:

    PTI Radio – sounds like so much fun! I’d love to hear all of the designers & design team interviewed. It’s fun to get to know the voices behind all of the beautiful, creative work that they share month after month. I’m so excited to see the new format of the store.

  • 652
    Wanda says:

    I am sooooooooooooo excited how cool is this.
    I would love to see some tips on coloring with markers(copic, waterbrushes etc)
    Would love to learn some tips…
    Congrats and Thanks for the radio…


  • 653
    Britiney says:

    What an amazingly exciting announcement!!! I can’t wait to listen to PTIRadio while I craft!!!

  • 654
    Mia says:

    What a great concept! Can’t wait to hear who you’ll have on the podcast… anyone from the design team will surely have lots to share with us!!

  • 655
    Vicky Boesenhofer says:

    PTI Radio – AWESOME ! I love your company and it just keeps getting better and better!

  • 656
    Jamie says:

    WOW!!!! I would have never thought about radio!!!! Too cool!!!! Sounds like a great idea!!! Love the chance to win an iPod!!! Thank you!!

  • 657
    carmen says:


  • 658
    Betty C says:

    I knew when Julie helped me place my first order to Papertrey via phone, you were going to be successful and operate on the cutting edge of technology as well. Your website has always been so user friendly. Now I need a buy an Ipod so I can listen!….unless, of course, I am the lucky winner! Congratulations!

  • 659
    Ellen says:

    What a great idea!! You keep coming up with innovative, exciting happenings!!! I love you guys!!! You make paper crafting and card making so much fun and give us all such great ideas and inspiration. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • 660
    Linda C. says:

    You gotta be kidding!! Now PTI has thought of everything!! I wish you were on XM while I’m stamping!! I’d love to here you Nichole be the first interview!

  • 661
    Barbara Hale says:

    Papertrey Radio – now that is really innovative. What fun to hear interviews with the people who make Papertrey such a great place to spend time while getting inspired by all your creative ideas! Also, I can’t wait to have the new store unveiled. How cool is that?

  • 662
    Becs Attwood says:

    What a fun idea. I’m looking forward to putting voices to the faces in the Papertrey team! And this time next year maybe Papertrey TV??!

  • 663
    Colleen K says:

    There is soo much going on with Papertrey! It will be so cool to hear the voices of all the design team. I wonder if they will sound like my mind imagines them!

  • 664
    Tracey McNeely says:

    What an exciting new idea. I love the thought of a Podcast. I am so excited to hear interview with the PTI designers. Love to put voices and names together. The new shopping site sounds so intriguing.

  • 665
    Perla R. says:

    this is such a great idea! can’t wait to hear interviews! yay

  • 666
    Vanessa Pena says:

    Papertrey Radio is certainly a different concept that no one is using when it comes to paper crafts. It will be interesting to see how it goes once its up and running. Lots of luck on your new endeavor.

  • 667
    Michelle says:

    Papertrey on the Air!
    Perfect! I can’t wait.
    I listen to several podcasted programs every day amd I am thrilled yours is going to be one of them! Congratulations!

  • 668
    Terri Bills says:

    This is just so exciting. I am not sure how it all works but it would nice to see a little video of everyone on the design teams to get to know them a little better. It is fun to follow their blogs but it would be interesting to hear about their lives in their own voices. Also, it would be great to have some tutorials.

  • 669