Day 3: Introducing Kelly Purkey & The BIG Contest!

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All of you have shared with us how much you have enjoyed our Distinguished Guest Designer program that we began last year.   We are excited to continue the momentum into 2010 as well.


I feel like a giddy little school girl with this year's first introduction.  Miss Kelly Purkey, (also known as KP) scrapbooker extrordinaire, will be joining us for the next two months on a ride that will surely be unforgettable.  Not only does Kelly's creativity have an amazing depth to it, but so does her personality.  I have enjoyed reading her blog for a while now, kind of feel like a long time friend with the way she reaches out and grabs the attention of her readers.  It is my honor to introduce you to her today, as we all wait with baited breath to see what wonders Kelly creates using Papertrey products!  She will be sharing some of her masterpieces with you on the 14th, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Without further ado, here's Kelly!


Kelly says, "I remember the day I discovered my Grandmother's scrapbooks and was so delighted to have this glimpse into her life.  It all became clear exactly why I take so many photos, save each piece of paper, and try to record every aspect of my life as a young single girl."


"I am lucky to currently live in New York City, where there is inspiration around every corner.  Besides scrapbooking, I love traveling, curling up with a good book, laughing with friends, and cupcakes with lots of icing.I'm honored to be designing for American crafts and Fiskars, as well as being a part of the 2008-2009 Creating Keepsakes Dream Team and 2007-2009 Garden Girl at Two Peas in a"


"The thing I love most about this hobby is the amazing women that I've met in the industry.  I've made best friends for life with people I've only met online and one of my closest friendships was formed on a design team five years ago.  One of the pleasures about teaching is meeting women around the world and seeing how much they love this hobby.  I'm so lucky and thankful to be able to do this as a full-time career and couldn't imagine doing anything else."

Thank you again for joining us, Kelly!  I know I am not alone when I say that it is truly an honor to have you stopping by for a visit!  

Now's YOUR chance to let Kelly know how happy you are to see her here! Stop by HER BLOG today to have your chance at winning an amazing prize package!  $100 worth of Kelly's Papertrey Favorites!


Here's how to win!

1. Go to Kelly's blog (and if it's your first visit, be sure to click around a bit and explore!)

2. Leave a comment ON HER BLOG before 7am EST, Thursday, February 4th, welcoming her to the family! (Leaving a comment here on my blog, although welcomed, will not enter you to win her prize package!)

3. Stop by the February Release Winners page after noon EST on Thursday to see if you've won!

Now there's ONE more announcement to make before I leave you for the day…


We've offered this prize each year and we decided to continue the tradition in 2010.  Only this year, it is a bigger value than ever!  A retail value of over $2,000!  


1. All you need to do is CLICK HERE to go to the special database we have set up on our website and enter to win!  Be sure to stop by before noon EST on February 14th to get your entry in to qualify!

2. Everyone is eligible, no matter their location around the globe!

3. We have automatic filters set up to delete duplicate entries.  If you are concerned that your entry did not go through, please feel free to resubmit.  Our software will omit your second submission if the first one has already gone through.

4. One lucky winner will be randomly selected from all of the entries we receive.

5. The winner will be announced on our homepage on release night!  Just think, you could see YOUR name in lights AND never have to decide which stamps to purchase again, because you'll get 'em ALL!

Thanks for stopping by today and playing along with all the fun & games!  Tomorrow I have something really BIG to share with you!  Something all new for Papertrey that's gonna allow you to become even more involved in the Papertrey family!  

So tune in tomorrow!  Oh, and I'd love to hear from you!  Are you having a good time so far?  Are you getting up a bit earlier in the morning like me to see what the latest excitement is (I love getting up early just to read your comments!).  What do you think might be in store for you over the next week? Only time will tell!

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  • 1
    Kellie B says:

    PTI is so generous! Sharing your incredible talents & a chance to win a years worth of stamps! Wishing you many more years of success!!!!!

  • 2
    Sharon D says:

    Yes! We’re having a good time! Thanks for all the excitement and fun! And prizes!

  • 3
    Lindzie H says:

    Free stamps for a year…wow! How lucky are we! Happy birthday!

  • 4
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    Thanks for all the fun! We’re having a blast.

  • 5
    Lori M says:

    Hi Nichole!! I’m not getting up earlier, I’m staying up later!! LOL!! I’m in central time zone so it isn’t too late. Yes, thank you, I am having a GREAT time!!! I so LOVE PTI!!!! I just joined a blog group from the forum, I mentioned to them the other day, I’ve been buying since the 2nd release I think, for the longest time I was scared to use the stamps, now I can hardly think of making a card without your stamps!!! I so love everything PTI and it was such a pleasure to meet you in Orlando last year, you and the rest of the gang are truly the nicest and sweetest ladies!!! Thank you for all you do and your generosity!!!

  • 6
    Mindy Eggen says:

    Wow! How exciting! I don’t think I had discovered PTI at this time last year but so glad I did! I love love love your company and have to admit I’m a little obsessed! The creations are so wonderful and I’m sitting by my computer down to the last second when the new post will come up – I’m so pathetic! But its so much fun! Can’t wait for the big announcement! My guess is some digital stamps!

  • 7
    Ngan R. says:

    I am having an incredible time with this celebration. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and chances to win my absolute favorite line of card making and crafting products out there. I know you must spend so much time behind the scenes setting this up, so thank you for all your work–the blog and cards definitely put a smile on my face!

  • 8
    Kris says:

    This is the last place I check before going to bed every night (EST)! I’ll be dreaming about winning big!

  • 9
    Nerina says:

    YES!! This is fun, but I can’t remember when I had quite so much tension in unresolved excitement before – this is like two weeks of Christmas Eve :0) !!

  • 10
    Jo Eades says:

    Nope, don’t have to get up early. It’s 4.00 pm the afternoon here in Australia πŸ™‚ It’s been great so far, I’m excited that KP is joining Papertrey as guest designer and can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

  • 11
    Kim says:

    I think my boss must be catching on to my tired eyes at the same time of the month each month. He probably thinks it’s something “female,” but it’s all about PTI! I stay up to see the new posts each night during a countdown and on release night. I am relatively new to this addiction, and my addiction includes so many Papertrey Ink products! I absolutely love the style and all the inspiration from Nichole and the entire design team. Thank you for all of your generosity during this anniversary release. I can hardly wait for tomorrow night. πŸ™‚

  • 12
    Yvette F. says:

    YES! Having a great time!

  • 13
    Becky P. says:

    Congratulations! I have only been a devoted customer for the past two years, but you and your DT have taught me so much, and my stamping style has grown and improved dramatically in that time. Thanks!

    I have seen a huge push in video tutorials over the past couple of months, so I am going to guess that you are going to make your countdown projects on video, to teach us even more. That would be great by the way, if I am right!

  • 14
    Rebecca J. says:

    Thank you for a super fun chance to win some amazing things!!!! Gloomy February is a little better because of all the fun Papertrey stuff going on!

  • 15
    Linda w says:

    Well I’m not getting up earlier but staying up later. I am enjoying seeing all of the new things that are happening at PTI. I just wish I had the courage and get up to start posting cards in the gallery or maybe even starting my own blog. But you know we are always our own worst critic. Am looking forward to see what’s coming up next.

    stamp on…

  • 16
    Victoria S. says:

    WOW! Yes I’m having fun. This is great! thanks so much!

  • 17
    Katie {aka choc0holic} says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one staying up late (not waking up early!) I’m absolutely loving the anticipation! I’m really hoping to see more about cutting the click simple templates on digital die cutters!

  • 18
    Shirlann says:

    Hi Nicole…I am staying up later! I work during the day and then blog, make and add my creations to your challenges at night. No sleep for the weary…oh well, I’ll make up for it next week! LOL!
    Loving everything so far…FUN!!!

  • 19
    Susannah says:

    This is a blast! I have to say I dont think I have ever stalked/visited a blog as often as I do yours πŸ˜‰ PTI keeps me coming back. CONGRATS on 3 years!

  • 20
    S Fink says:

    Thank you for your generosity and for making such great stamps!

  • 21

    This is a lot of fun! I can’t wait each night to check my reader to see what is in store for the day! Thanks for making this so fun! πŸ™‚

  • 22
    Stacy says:

    So loving the celebration! I can’t wait to see what’s next- this contest really takes the cake! I love everything PTI! Thanks for all of the tutorials, new techniques and awesome ideas. I’m so glad my friend told me about Nicole’s blog and PTI, I’v een following for almost a year now and I love all that do every release. Thanks for pouring your heart and talent into a passion that we all share! Kudos

  • 23
    YISHAN L says:

    I too am not getting up earlier, but staying up later. Yes. I am having a great time with everybody celebrating PTI’s 3rd birthday. Thank you for all your work for the great celebration and fun. I am really really glad that I found your blog and PTI. And thank you for the prizes, too. I can’t believe my eyes when I saw the prize of a whole year free stamps. PTI is really generous. Happy Birthday!!!!

  • 24
    Pat Marsh says:

    Congratulations on your third year! I was one of your earlier customers and have loved every minute of it…PTI ‘s inspiration, creativity, and anxiously awaiting the releases each month. I am in CST, would go to bed about 10:00 P.M., and would sneak into my scrap room to log on (after midnight) just to check on the new releases on the 15th of each month. Of course I could not go back to sleep because I was too busy making a wish list in my head!! Congratulations again, and keep those new releases coming!!!

  • 25
    Brooke says:

    I’m certainly giddy with excitement. At least until my hubby comes home to find that dinner isn’t cooked and the dishes aren’t done! I can’t wait to see Kelly’s projects. One thing I really love about PTI and the design team and guest designers is the range of styles they cover. It’s incredibly inspiring.

    One little question: is it possible to put a clock on our blog? I’m in Australia and am always getting mixed up with time zones, etc.

  • 26

    Good morning Nicole! I am still up on Tuesday night. It isn’t terribly late yet in Kansas and I always love to peek at the latest announcements. In answer to your question, I am having a super great time! Loved the downloadable images by all the Senior Design team and actually made 4 cards today! Probably the most exciting recent event for me was when I joined one of the PTI blog groups. They are such a supportive, friendly group of women and I have enjoyed the chance to share my little obsession with fellow stampers. I found PTI 2 years ago and love everything about your wonderful company–the fabulous products and priceless inspiration. Huge thanks for all you do. Hugs!!

  • 27

    I was thinking about the anniversary celebration all last week and couldn’t hardly wait to see all fun new things pti has up their sleeve! Thanks for all the FUN!

  • 28
    Elizabeth B says:

    I am having so much fun already, but instead of waking up early, I’ve been staying up late (which makes it very hard to get up for work!!)! Thanks for such great opportunities to win such awesome prizes! Thanks for 3 years of inspiration and amazing projects from you and your wonderful design team! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the celebration will bring!

  • 29
    April C. says:

    You certainly know how to throw a birthday bash and make it so exciting! Since I’m on the West coast, I don’t have to stay up late to check out the fun. Thanks for all the cool contests! As far as guessing what the big announcement is for tomorrow, I’m not a great guesser so I’ll just check in again tomorrow night and find out, lol! (Although since Kelly seems to be a scrapbooker, does it have something to do with scrapbooking?) Cool party, Nichole – thanks!

  • 30
    Mary A says:

    Ahhh, yes… I’ve actually been a customer since early the first year — back when my inspiration notebook AND budget could keep up with the monthly releases! Gone are THOSE days! πŸ˜‰ I happened to see last night’s post and stayed up WAY TOO LATE to crank out some cards… SO, I should already be in bed but that would mean I’d miss tonight’s announcement… Free PTI for a year?!?!? I cannot even begin to dream what that would be like (but oh, how I would LOVE to find out!). You have built an amazing company and community — a paper-crafting “force” really — and your Team is amazing! I look forward to release week every month! Thanks for all you do!

  • 31
    peggysue says:

    This is a fun ride, yes I’m enjoying it!!! But like some of the other posters, I’m staying up later instead of getting up early!

  • 32
    ChrisTea says:

    Hi Nichole – yes, this is the best time of the year! I love how you build suspense at the anniversary release – and do not disappoint. I only wish I had more time to browse all the blogs, read every comment on the forum, make one of every challenge card… Congrats to you for being so FABULOUS.

  • 33
    Karla Kroese says:

    Staying up later to keep up with the excitement. I happened upon PTI last summer, and am so glad I did. Your excitement about this coming year is infectious! I can’t wait to see what’s in store! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and dedication to this hobby!

  • 34
    irene says:

    You are celebrating your 3rd anniversary in a very special way and I love it. First the blog hop, yesterday the challenge and all the lovely free downloads and today KP so great. I’ve been reading her blog for a while now, most of the time lurking without commenting, and I have to say I agree with you, even though I don’t know here in person, she’s such an inspiring young woman and love her fun style of scrapbooking and vardmaking. Can’t wait to see what she’ll make with the Papertrey stamps. Bye and thanks for an other great day. Bye Irene from the Netherlands.

  • 35
    Rachel VP says:

    This is really fun. So neat how people can connect through these means. I’ve enjoyed watching you all grow this past year and look forward to seeing what you present in this new year. My creative juices are truly pumped! πŸ™‚

  • 36
    Winter says:

    WOW, all of the stamps for 2010! I really want to win this one, because I know there is going to be some AMAZING stamps! Thank ya’ll for all of the fun so far! πŸ™‚

  • 37
    Jackie says:

    Nothing exciting going on here, just a little snow and ice, and some cold rain. Is it Spring yet??? I love Papertrey products and have a long wish list for after our personal economy takes a turn for the better.

  • 38

    I so enjoy the party!!! I wish I had more time to use the free images provided yesterday πŸ™‚
    Wonderful new Guest Designer, her work is amazing! Can`t wait to see all the new releases and to hear the big news tomorrow!

  • 39

    Nicole, just when I think “WOW”, you blow my mind! Excited to see all the new and lovely creations and inspiration to come.

  • 40
    nina says:

    Oh, I just love the idea of adding a scrapbooker to your talented lineup. I hope this means there will be more scrapbooking stamps… please please please! Off to enter the BIG contest now!

  • 41
    Wahinelei says:

    I am having so much fun with all the anniversary festivities!! I also love all the new additions to the PTI family. You really have such a good eye for talent and who wouldn’t be thrilled to have a chance to work with you? I like how you keep us guessing and then WOW us with your next post…so keep posting!! Can’t wait!! ;o)

  • 42
    Becs Attwood says:

    I’m having a lot of fun!And so much more great stuff to come. Here in NZ the new posts come up just after dinner time so I’m enjoying checking in every evening in the countdown to our birthday! Thanks Nichole for all the hard work you put into making this fun for us!

  • 43
    chrisitne says:

    Wow, since I only found PTI this year, I didn’t know about this wonderful prize!!! You are so generous.


  • 44
    Joan B says:

    congrats on 3 years. Sad to say, I dreamed about you last night! I have PTI on the brain!

  • 45
    Shelly Kettell says:

    WOW! SO much fun!
    What an exciting celebration with an exciting company…and one that is SO generous!

  • 46
    Lea Lawson says:

    What a fun addition Kelly will make as a guest designer! Can’t wait to see some projects!!


  • 47
    CamillaBK says:

    waaaaauw, it is so fun to get up and out of bed these days!! I love this PTI anniversary.
    You definitely know how to build up excitement and curiousity.

    I love your stuff.

  • 48
    Linda Carson says:

    It is very exciting to see PTI grow & flourish w/beautiful new designs & creative artists! It’s fun to celebrate success! Congratulations on your 3rd birthday!

  • 49
    Jane says:

    Okay!!!! FIRST where is my heart medicine!!! Second…..HOLY COW!!! Oh I sooo hope I win….every time my Goddaughter goes to Arlington to visit her parents I ALWAYS get her to bring me back a few sets of PTI stamps and some of your yummy buttons… avoid international shipping….mind you I have paid the international shipping because PTI products are so worth it but since she offers! πŸ˜‰ This is soooo much fun!

  • 50
    Vanessa Cadman says:

    Yes, Nichole, this is so much fun! I am in South Africa so just check in everyday (a few times!!) to see what’s new! have been so inspired by all the designers and styles. Can’t wait to see more. Good luck and oh, … CONGRATULATIONS on 3 wonderful years.

  • 51
    Cheri Howard says:

    Lucky me, Alaska is 4 hours behind EST, so I get to see your posts before I go to bed! =D

    I always look forward to release weeks at PTI – there’s always so much wonderful inspiration and eye candy. And I keep hoping I’ll win my very first PTI set…..

  • 52
    Sofia says:

    Super exciting so far!!!! Thanks for the great prizes (although it would have been better if they became mine!!! xixixi)!! And welcome to the guest designer!!

  • 53
    Laura.K says:

    I check your blog every day. Are so many interesting stuff here. but now………… I love it.

  • 54
    Taheerah says:

    This is my first February with PTI but I had already looked back on your blog to see what last year’s anniversary was like!! I’m loving the festivities this year, so very exciting!! You girls certainly know how to build suspense and excitement to a crescendo!!!

    I’m not offering any guesses as I know I’ll be way off, but I know that whatever it is I’ll more than love it!!

    And thanks for the chance to win free stamps for a year!! I know I’ll never be that lucky to win it but I’m praying I’ll be proven wrong!!

  • 55
    Nadia says:

    I’m in Italy and I read your blog in the morning with a “cappuccino”.As Brooke from Australia said .. it’s hard to understand what time is it for you .. and for me πŸ™‚

    Happy to see Kelly here: I appreciated her layout on TwoPeas some years ago.


  • 56
    Jessica says:

    I’ve already gone over to her blog, but I wanted to say WELCOME to Kelly here as well.

    And of course I’ve already entered the contest. How amazing is that prize???

  • 57
    Jo R. says:

    Ah Nichole, you’ve done it again! You keep teasing us with these tantalising snippets of goodness. I just love the buildup to release day each month, and this month is more exciting than usual. Keep up the exceptionally fabulous work!

  • 58
    Ann says:

    I can’t believe I only found PTI one year ago this month. You are now my No 1 blogger Nichole – I’m a follower and Capture the Moment is the first hit I go to every morning to see what wonderful projects you and the team have come up with. The only advantage to being in the UK is we don’t need to rise early to be here early – but I never can stay awake for the release party….. unless its at a weekend. Hmmm big news? What about a competition to design a stamp set!

  • 59
    Heidi S says:

    This is so much fun Nichole and the prizes are very generous!! I love reading about everyone on the new team. Your designs for the anniversary logos are stunning!

  • 60
    Susan says:

    Are you kidding? This is my favorite time of year! It is better than Christmas. So excited that KP is joining the Papertrey family for a few months. Thank you all that you do and I cannot tell you how much fun the release has been already. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • 61
    KeeKee says:

    OMG! This just keeps getting better and better! I LOVE KP! I’ve taken a few of the classes she’s had on another site and enjoyed them. I’m sure she’ll do an excellent job as your guest designer.

  • 62
    Cassandra says:

    Thank goodness for Paper Trey Ink, you are an amazing inspiration. Long may you keep producing such great work, and I am really looking forward to see what’s in store for 2010. I second Brooke’s comment about a clock, at the moment in Australia we have 5 time zones (for 6 months of the year) and that messes with my head, I guess you are all quite used to it.

  • 63
    Terri E. says:

    I do adore this time of the year thanks to your wonderful company. I am prego right now, so 4 in the morning is my normal time. You are sure adding some pop to my boring 4 am LOL!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 64
    Mary from OH says:

    I am having a great time! Thanks for all the excitement as I wake each morning and dash through my routine just so I can get to the computer! And prizes…oh wow. Last year was my first birthday celebration with PTI and I had forgot about the stamps for a year!! How lucky are we!!

  • 65
    Courtney says:

    I’m giddy with excitement over all the contests and give-aways you are having, I’m thinking it’s my turn:) (postive vibes):)

  • 66
    Marilyn says:

    I am so loving this. I love:
    1. the new format
    2. the design Team bios and links
    3. the cool teasers
    4. the contests
    5. the manner you have invited us all in to be a part of the PTI family
    6. the new guest designer
    7. the prizes are just out of this world!
    Thank you for making everything inviting and FUN!

  • 67
    Monique H says:

    Wow … this REALLY is generous, and to have the chance to win a year’s worth of PTI stamps is absolutely thrilling. Although I have many, many sets already, there are even more that I still do not have and so badly WANT!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • 68
    Mariah says:

    Call me crazy but I slept with my IPhone next to my bed so I could read your blog first thing in the morning while I was feeding my little one. Exciting news and can’t wait to go to KP’s blog to look at more of her creations! And thank you PTI for all your generous contests!

  • 69
    Julie E says:

    I love games and challenges, so yes, I admit, I have been getting up early! And then, I will be staying up late on the 14th!!

  • 70

    Thank you for such a fun week so far!
    I am new to Papertrey Ink, but when I received my first order last week, I knew there was no going back!
    Love everything Papertrey has to offer.
    Great choice in Kelly….I’m sure her projects will be amazing!

  • 71
    Sandra B. says:

    What a fun celebration! I always look forward to release time. I’m excited this countdown is 14 days long.

  • 72
    Carol Ballinger says:

    I love your stamps and can’t wait to get more. Happy anniversary on your third year. I love your new releases and look forward to release day every month.

  • 73
    Karen says:

    I love every month’s release, and I do plan extra time to explore all the PTI sites each day. This anniversary celebration is topping them all, and we haven’t even begun to see the new stamp sets!!! I was totally bummed yesterday that I had so many commitments I could only play with one designer birthday element, but I saved them all and plan to play later in the week! (And I did get up early today to check it all out before an 8:00 appointment!) Congratulations on your anniversary. This is the most inspiration site for card makers, and I love your products–each and every one!

  • 74
    Valerie C says:

    WOW,what an amazing oppurtunity!! I just can’t imagine being the winner of all the stamps. It would probably be like winning the lottery! PTI really is amazing! I truly enjoy coming here to your blog everyday and to the DT’s blogs. Thanks for everything!

  • 75
    Annette S says:

    This is so much fun! Thank you!

  • 76
    Laurie P. says:

    Wow, Nichole! I’m blown away by the prizes you’re offering for your 3rd anniversary. I just LOVE Papertrey Ink and have been spending a huge portion of my craft budget on your great stamps & products for a couple of years. I think you have one of the most creative and inspirational design teams out there, and your own projects continue to delight me each month. Keep up the great work, and all the best for 2010.

  • 77

    I’m having so much fun with this celebration and it is so exciting to see what’s happening early each morning! I can’t wait to see what’s in store πŸ™‚ Thank you for your tremendous generosity and the fun that you’ve infused into your business, making this such a great place to be!

  • 78
    Cathy M. (Cathymac) says:

    Congratulation on three wonderful years! Your blog is one of the few I look forward to every day…can’t wait to see all the inspiration and talent diplayed there! I eagerly await the count downs each month until the release and then I’m up to place my order…always amazed that you’ve done it again! My poor pocketbook! Thanks for all the gererous opportunities for free stamp sets and supplies!

  • 79
    Oralia says:

    WOW! Pick me, please!! πŸ˜‰ What an awesome prize package!! I LOVE the ideas that come out of the blog, the PTI gallery, the designers, their blogs, etc. SO much to love about it all!!

  • 80
    anne says:

    Good Morning. I thought you might get a chuckle out of this. Last night the water main in front of my house burst. I have been up most of the night because of the noise (they had to dig up my driveway). At 5:30 a.m. I came on line and have been reading your blog and enjoying it. One of the workmen had to ask me a question and when he looked in the window he said I had a grin from ear to ear and he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t mad. I told him I was visiting friends and he just shook his head. So you have taken the stress off what could have been an irritating and frustrating situation. Look forward to the anniversary celebration as I do your blog every day.

  • 81
    Rose says:

    Nichole, i’m itching at excitement for what tomorrow brings…part of the PTI family ……are you hiring ??!!

  • 82
    Susan says:

    I am loving every minute of this celebration! It’s great to see I’m not alone – I try so hard to stay up until midnight, but if I fall asleep early, I bound out of bed when my husband’s 5:00 a.m. alarm clock goes off. I’ve been a PTI fan (and customer) for years and I’m amazed that it just keeps getting better and better. My blog hopping is started everyday by visiting the PTI designers. To sum it all up… “A day without PTI, is like a day without sunshine”

  • 83

    Good Morning Nichole
    It is 7am here in Pittsburgh and here I sit at my computer excited to see what today’s contest will bring. I have had such fun participating in this birthday celebration. Thank you for the opportunity to win such wonderful prizes. I am so inspired by PTI’s products. Happy third Birthday and I wish you many many more to come,

  • 84
    Carol L says:

    I’m always excited every time I see a new entry on this blog, because there’s always new inspiration to be found here. Of course the past couple days have brought a new level of excitement with such generous give-aways, but I always come with a heightened sense of anticipation, wondering what I’ll find! Kelly has such an interesting blog and I’m glad to have added another good read after today’s post! I started with scrapbooking and gradually drifted into cardmaking, so I enjoyed seeing how she creates pages of herself… something I’ve never figured out how to do on my own. I can’t stop thinking of how those pages will be treasured keepsakes to leave for those who come after us! There’s always a great reason to stop by here, so thanks for it all!! πŸ˜€

  • 85
    Janelle says:

    Getting up early… yes. Checking your blog is a must before work. PTI releases are always exciting, but the best time of the year is PTI Anniversary time. I’m positively giddy and thinking the gushing may be spilling over into my blog — I know it did yesterday. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all you do! You’re amazing.

  • 86

    I am having a blast. Now wish dd wasn’t on crutches so things could get back to normal around here! Thanks PTI team you rock!

  • 87
    Steph says:

    Something BIG tomorrow? Wow hun, you can’t get bigger than what you’ve offered so far, can you? Your stamps are just the best, kep ’em coming. x

  • 88
    Kelly Pitzlin says:

    Nichole, it’s been amazing so far! Now, I can’t wait to see some projects! You have me so excited now!

  • 89

    Again, another AWESOME giveaway! I think if I won this prize, someone would have to pick me up off the floor.

    I’m looking forward to more inspiration in 2010 than ever and I know you and the rest of the PTI gals can do it!!

  • 90
    Jessie says:

    Good Morning Nicole!! Loving all the fun and excitement going on! I look forwards to getting on my computer first thing when I arrive at work. I go straight to your blog to see what you have for the new day! Looking forwards to the rest of the days! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • 91
    Michele L. says:

    WOW that is such a wonderful prize and great news about KP!!!
    I’m so thrilled!

  • 92

    My kids have been out of school for several days now due to the weather and have I slept in? No. I’m up to read your blog! Thank you for such a wonderful anniversary celebration! Last year was so much fun and I missed all the activity when it was over.

  • 93
    Stephanie J says:

    Oh Nichole, I am SO looking forward to this next year with PTI! I’m really hoping I can afford to add your wonderfulness to my life, and I’d like to thank you for all the opportunities you that you give to win! As for getting up earlier – I was up at 6 this morning, on here by 6:30 – and I am NOT a morning person! (lol)

  • 94
    Kari D says:

    Wow! Every month I wait in anticipation for the trend of the month on the 1st, the sneak peeks, the release party, and all of the amazing inspiration. Each month I think you can not do more than before…and each month you, your stamp/paper designers, and DT exceed my expectations. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your creativity, your artistry, and your generosity. I appreciate the opportunity to win stamps for a year! OH MY GOODNESSES! Even Decker, my puppy, is excited! Regardless whether I win them or not, I am sure many of your new sets will find their way into my collection. Can’t wait for the new year to begin!

  • 95
    Vickie H says:

    Am I having a good time? You bet! I run to your blog first thing in the morning, in my robe and with my cup of coffee in hand, anticipating what fun will be in store today! I really enjoyed my first visit to Kelly’s blog today.

  • 96

    Wow, you guys have gone in head first this year. Papertrey is such an inspiration for all women, to strive for what is really important to them and keep trucking. Papertrey has become such an empire in the crafting world, I am so proud to be a woman. You ladies rock!!

  • 97
    see mary stamp says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this year’s anniversary celebration since discovering PTI shortly before last year’s anniversary celebration. I love getting to hear about the new design team and stamp designers. I get excited about the wonderful Papertrey goodness to come and the contests and prizes are beyond compare. As for getting up earlier, my morning routine is always, get up, turn on the computer and relax with a cup of coffee or tea while I visit the blogs of my PTI friends. No need to change a good thing, although it does take me a little longer to get through the posts during release weeks and the Anniversary postings. {Grins} You do a phenomenal job of building excitement, and what’s even more important, you deliver on what you promise!!! Many thanks for letting us share in all this fun.

  • 98

    Congrats on three wondramous years! I have been inspired with each new release and am always in awe of the products and designs. This celebration has been so fun!

  • 99
    Kelly Schirmer says:

    Great stuff this week, Nichole! Kelly’s blog is awesome, can’t wait to see her creations! And FREE stamps for one whole year…oh MY oh MY OH MY!!!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  • 100
    Bernice says:

    I am so excited for this year! I’ve been following KP’s blog for a while and I absolutely love her style. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  • 101
    misse336 says:

    One of the first things I do each morning after getting the kiddos all settled is check to see what’s new with the countdown!

    I can’t wait to see what all you guys have in store for the anniversary and for the February release.

  • 102
    Julie Batta says:

    WooHoo, I love Kelly Purkey!!! This anniversary celebration is the best. It has only been three days and I am having tons of fun!!!

  • 103
    Jayne says:

    Another fabulous and very generous giveaway! I get so much inspiration from your designers — thanks so much!

  • 104
    Melissa Ladd says:

    OMG! I had forgotten about the BIG contest!

    I love Kelly’s style and I am most definitely getting up earlier each morning to see what’s happening each day!

  • 105
    Rebecca B. says:

    Holy Schnikeys! This is the mother load of all prizes!!!! With all the new stamps coming out from your great designers, adding Kelly to the roster, and the potential to win free stamps for a year….I think I’m having palpitations! Need oxygen – STAT! LOL

  • 106
    Peggy Sue says:

    What fun. I really am not getting sleep. Work night turn then hurry home to tune into PTI site, to see what is stamping!!It certainly is a joy!

  • 107
    Monika Davis says:

    I am having fun. :o) Can’t wait to see the new DT’s work and the new images from the ‘new’ team. :o)

  • 108
    Sarah M says:

    Wow, what fabulous giveaways! I love Kelly’s work and can’t wait to see what she comes up with using PTI stamps!

  • 109
    Deirdre says:

    ADORE KP’s creations – delighted to see that you are featuring her work. woohooo!!!!

  • 110

    winning would be right up there with

    1) getting a Nobel prize

    2) meeting Brad Pitt

    3) becoming the Queen of England.

    Thanks you sooooo much for the chance to win!!!

  • 111
    andie... says:

    haha, you nailed it…i’ve been drinking an extra cup of coffee because of my early morning wakeups…

    thanks so much for doing this. i know this must be a lot of work for you, but i just wanted to thank you. this is so much fun! xoxo andie…

  • 112
    Chrissy L says:

    This is so much fun … I either want to stay up too late to check out what’s new or get up early!

  • 113
    Alyssa S says:

    PTI is such an amazing company! I am so excited for the new stamp designers and curious about the tantalizing little tidbit you mentioned at the end of this post. I’m just plain happy to see that this business is going so well for someone who seems to have such a caring heart! Thank you for all of the chances to win free stamps, paper, buttons, etc.!!

  • 114
    Deanna says:

    Shut, this is so much fun… people are wondering why I am smiling so much at work!
    The digi image challenge was awesome! πŸ™‚

  • 115
    jan metcalf says:

    The excitement of Papertrey shows!! Thank you for keeping up with trends and finding great designers!!

  • 116
    Tracey McNeely says:

    So far this has been so much fun. I can’t wait to grab my coffee and see what is in store for today. Thanks for having the best blog ever.

  • 117
    Sue Symens says:

    I say it again and again…”You are the best!” I was a demo for another company for 10 years but you stuff is so great that I get excited each month and can’t wait to have you tell us what is next. Thank you for continuing the love of stamping!!

  • 118
    Jennifer K says:

    I am VERY excited! At times I think my head is going to spin off. πŸ™‚

  • 119
    Debbie Fisher says:

    Having a great time! I look forward to seeing what fun things you have for us each day.

  • 120
    Wendi says:

    Oh my goodness! It just keeps getting better and better. I can’t stand to wait until your new post comes up each day! Thanks so much for sharing your excitement for rubber stamping and creating with us. You are amazing!!

  • 121
    Gabriele says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday PTI. Your prizes are amazing. Thank you for being so generous, but an even bigger thanks for your blog and all the work you put into it. I enjoy coming by and looking for ideas. How can you not buy the stamps after you see all you those ideas? I love the links to all the designer’s blogs. I have received so much inspiration for projects from all of you. Thank you, thank you.

  • 122
    Lee Anne says:

    Hi, Nichole!
    I’m loving this week! It’s my first anniversary celebration with you since I discovered you in March of last year! Since then, I have jumped head-first into cards and contests! Thanks so much for all the inspiration you bring to us!

  • 123
    Carrie T says:

    Every morning I am checking your blog as soon as I can. I can’t wait to see what goodies you have in store for us each day. I want to thank you for doing this for us. You are very generous with your time, talent, and your products. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  • 124
    Sue Lelli says:

    Wow! I think if I won this contest I would be SO EXCITED that I would have a heart attack and die and all of my winnings would go to my friend who inherits all of my crafting stuff when I die! Honestly this is THE MOST GENEROUS and MOST EXCITING contest I have EVER seen! Thanks!

  • 125
    Karen Compas says:

    my, oh my, how cool is this? wowsa!

  • 126
    Amber says:

    Nicole I adore your stamps! No others compare! You really do make us feel like part of the PTI family. Loving your celebration!

  • 127
    Geri Freeman says:

    I certainly am a little more excited to get the kids out the door and off to school right now! (Shame on me–I do love my critters, honest!) You and your designers do such a good job of keeping things FRESH so I look forward to what the next several days and the new year will bring.

  • 128
    Amy says:

    Oh I love KP I am so so excited to see her as a guest designer on PTI. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings around here. πŸ™‚

  • 129
    Chris says:

    I love the fun element of your competitions and was delighted to find Kelly’s blog today which is new to me. Thanks for all the chances to win great prizes and the inspiration from all your designers. πŸ™‚

  • 130
    Helen F. says:

    This is the BEST birthday party for a three year old EVAHHHH! You and the design team never ever disappoint, whether it’s a new month’s Release or an Anniversary Celebration (this is my third with you)or just an ordinary day! I have to check out everyone’s blog on a daily basis just to feed my “craft habit” :O) Thank you, thank you, thank you for so much joy and inspiration!!!

  • 131
    Amy Coose says:

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway!!! I am such a huge PI fan!!

  • 132
    Janet says:

    Wow! The prizes this week are awesome! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see what you girls have cooked up for this month’s release!

  • 133
    Shellie Hartsock says:

    A year’s worth of stamps! Oh my, this would be heaven. Happy Birthday PTI!

  • 134
    Susie says:

    Thank you so much for… well for everything you do! You are my biggest inspiration, I have been following you since day one. I have so much admiration and respect for what you have accomplished over the past 3 years !! I love your products like no other, and was a very good customer for a while. Unfortunately hard times hit this house hard and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to purchase anything, but luckily your stamps are timeless and I can always find new ideas and uses for them. Thank you Nichole !!

  • 135
    Marge R. says:

    I cannot even IMAGINE winning every stamp set for a WHOLE YEAR — simply cannot wrap my head around that unbelievable possibility!!! Had a fabulous time yesterday entering cards for the challenge & LOVE getting up early to see what you’ve dreamed up for yet another fun Anniversary suprise! Can’t imagine each day how you’ll top the one before, but you always do!!!

  • 136
    BethieJ says:

    I am having a BLAST! (and sharing the FUN with my crafty friends!)!! Loving all the fun your announcing each day.. cant WAIT to see what you have in store for us!

  • 137
    Stephanie S. says:

    Just loving the ideas and contest. This site is on my top Blog list and I look forward to the fun. The birthday celebration has been fun and exciting. Looking for many more years to come.

  • 138
    Beth M says:

    This is the best anniversary party evah! Just spent the last hour reading KP’s blog. Can’t wait to see her contributions to the Papertrey team.

  • 139
    Barbara Ax says:

    You are so generous to offer this prize and many, many others each month. Who wouldn’t want to win PTI goodies!

  • 140
    Shay says:

    I LOVE this time of year and sometimes I will stay up a little later to see what is posted or I will anticipate the mornings. I hope to hear about new products, new programs or anything else Papertrey Ink decides to do in 2010. Whatever you do is always fabulous!

  • 141
    Kelly says:

    I don’t know how you’re managing these contests – but this one! You are far too generous! Thank you so much for all the monthly inspiration!

  • 142
    Heidi Stock says:

    Wow, apparently I need to get up earlier and startchecking every 5 minutes so I don’t miss out on these great prizes!!! LOVE papertrey ink more and more. You guys are just getting better and better at this (just when I think it’s not even possible).

  • 143
    Deb says:

    Yee Haw! A big Texas holler for an astounding give-away! I’m fast becoming a new Papertrey fan! Now that I’m following all the new release news I see how many of your beautiful designs I’ve admired in so many places without realizing it! Simple and stunning!

  • 144
    Becca Payne says:

    How exciting! I love PTI stamps and this would make my year! πŸ™‚

  • 145
    Maureen says:

    I love making cards, but I love scrapbooking too. I am so excited to see that your guest designer this month has scrapbooking ideas. Thank you so much for all the fun blogging this month. I am truly addicted to all the PTI goodies.

  • 146
    Kris Lindsay says:

    This is the best work week ever! My boss is out of town and I can hang out here and on the forum as long as I want. PTI is my favorite place to shop – just ask my husband! He’s hoping that I don’t acutally reappropriate the grocery money like I keep joking about = this may be the month though! I can’t wait to see what all you have for us.

  • 147
    Laura says:

    Nichole, yes, I’m *definitely* having fun! It’s great to have something to look forward to on a cold, dreary winter day — and I’ve been eager each day to see what was new. (I had planned to play along with yesterday’s fun challenge with the designers’ images — I even got some printed out and supplies chosen, but the Lost premiere was two hours long! Yes, TV lured me away from crafting for once. ha, ha)

  • 148
    Kristin Burge says:

    Hi- Great celebration so far! Can’t wait to see what else is coming!!!
    QUESTION – sometime (when things aren’t quite so crazy for you) could you put info on the blog about how & where to submit for the guest designer challenge? I’m thinking many of us would totally appreciate that. Thanks!!!!

  • 149
    Brenda Lee says:

    I’m not the luckiest person when it comes to winning prizes, but I’ve had a GREAT time participating. Thanks PTI and Happy Anniversary!!!

  • 150

    WOW! Yes I’m having fun. This is great! thanks so much!

  • 151
    doramiyi says:

    I’m still waiting for a chance to jump on the PTI wagon. But so far what I’ve seen has me captured.

    I live in CANADA and right now with the way the economy is I just can’t justify the high shipping costs (not PTI’s fault of course).

    It would be totally awesome if by some far out chance I win the stamps for a year, that way I can really jump on the PTI wagon.

    Keep up the good work and keep spreading the letters PTI all over the industry.


  • 152
    Sarah Fisher says:

    Nichole, I always love checking out what’s on your blog, so every day it’s the first thing I do when I turn on my computer. It’s exciting to have Kelly Purkey as a guest designer. I always love seeing her layouts in Creating Keepsakes. You always make releases exciting and the anniversary party is no exception!

  • 153
    Helen says:

    i just love visiting your site your stamps are always amazing, never disappointing, and I look forward to all your new ideas.

  • 154
    Tami Swenson says:

    Thanks, Nicole and PTI! This is a great company and you are so willing to invest in your customers – it makes me excited to invest in YOU. Thanks again!

  • 155
    Susan B says:

    I am so loving your birthday celebration. It is like a birthday present for me every time I look at your blog. Thank you for being so generous

  • 156
    Connie Fisher says:

    This has been so much fun! I have to check first thing every morning to see what’s new! I can’t believe you are giving away an entire year’s stamps! That is so awesome and soooooo very generous! Hope I win!

  • 157
    Deb Else says:

    I certainly cannot wait to see more. I’m not getting up any earlier, just making more time to visit your site every morning for the next installment. I love all of the beautiful examples & inspiration you send out via your blog, along with the blogs of the design team & guest star stampers. I love the style & images. Keep the good things coming! Thanks for the past inspiration & look forward to the future!

  • 158
    Kelli B says:

    thank you for sharing your ideas with us and the fun games and chances to win. I really love your stamps and hope to buy more in the future. The DT is just awesome and so inspirational!

  • 159
    Mara says:

    I am loving everything here at PTI!!! I’ve been buying stamps and being inspired for about a year now and loving every single second of it. SO fun to see what you have in store for us next. THANKS for all the inspiration!! I know I have wow’ed my friends and family with cards and projects that were all inspired by the PTI family!!

  • 160

    Nichole – of course we’re having FUN! You always do something amazing for your anniversary! THANKS so much.

  • 161
    Dana says:

    This is the first PTI birthday I’ve been around for and it’s been so amazing and fabulous! What terrific ideas! I loved the card challenge! You all do such wonderful work! I look forward to all the new releases!

  • 162
    Jara says:

    This is why we love PTI- it’s amazing, gets our creative juices flowing, and it’s FUN!!

    and, we get introduced to amazing people that inspire us… Kelly is no exception. I’ve just spent the last two hours on her blog, poring over her amazing depth of creativity. She’s a keeper!!

    Thanks, Nichole.. for having the gumption to start this lil company that has become a part of our daily lives. Goodness abounds!:)

  • 163
    Kathy says:

    I’m absolutely loving it! I only found PTI this past summer but fell in love with it immediately. My birthday is this month as well and I’m telling DH that all I want is a PTI gift certificate. Free stamps for the year – omg!!!!!!! I don’t know of anyone that does that. Thanks for this opportunity Nichole. Happy Birthday PTI!

  • 164
    Amanda C. says:

    Happy Birthday PTI! I am so excited about your anniversary and all of the events leading up the the latest release.

  • 165
    Heather J. says:

    Hi Nichole!

    I have been following PTI since the first release and I still love all of your products to this day. I love the countdowns and I love the outstanding customer service you provide. Thank you for evolving members of the design team to stamp designers b/c it’s so exciting to see these talented designers grow with the company and create such diverse stamp sets. I also want to thank you for being such an inspiration to so many – have a great day and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us.

    Heather J.

  • 166
    sarah says:

    nichole…this is so much fun!! i look forward to what the next challenge is but lucky for me, i don’t have to wake up earlier…i’m in maui so i just stay up later in the evening! that way, i can get a head’s up on the newest post…but then i check the next morning anyway!! this is super fun and i look forward to what else is in store this month.

  • 167
    Stephanie P. says:

    I am very excited to check your blog every morning!! I love, love, love the supremely talented individuals involved with PTI and gain so much everytime I see their creations with your wonderful stamps.

    Congratulations on 3 years, Nichole!!!

  • 168
    Jessica says:

    I love the anticipation of this time of the month. I’ll be crossing my fingers that I win the big one! Happy 3rd birthday to PTI!

  • 169
    Youa says:

    Unbelievable prize! Congrats on three wonderfully creative years.

  • 170
    Connie says:

    I check your blog daily to see what new and exciting things are in the works. I even feel a twinge of disappointment on the day that you don’t post. I guess I am also living vicariously through the lucky designers on your team. I love their blogs and designs, too! BTW, I am a Valentine baby so winning your 2010 package would be a vunderbaar birthday present!!

  • 171
    wanda50 says:

    Thanks for making this so much fun and the chance to win! I love PTI paper and once I tried it…I am hooked for life. You guys are the best!

  • 172

    You’re SO awesome! I’m crossing my fingers, biting my nails,& wishing on ALL the stars…. (how great is this giveaway)
    You deserve big hugs for this.

  • 173
    Jeni says:

    Happy Birthday PTI! I’ve having a wonderful time. You are so generous! I can’t wait to see what’s new in the days ahead.

  • 174
    Kim says:

    Having a great time! PTI is so amazing with all thesse giveaways, its so nice to see a company actually doing promotions that are attainable by anyone!

  • 175
    Nancy L says:

    this is so much fun!!
    thanks for being so generous and talented πŸ˜‰

  • 176

    So Exciting and FUN. Love the new stamps sets and new design team. Can’t wait to see all the new creations this 2010.

  • 177

    I love Kelly. Great to have her here and see her work.

  • 178
    Angie Hall says:

    What fun this week is. I love your stamps and the fact that so many artists are designers. That makes for more variety. Thanks for all the neat prizes.

  • 179
    Amy Wanford says:

    I’m trying to hard to keep up with all the partying but work is getting in the way!!!
    Congrats to Kelly, her work rocks!
    Keep up the fantastic celebrations – I’m loving it even if I can’t participate fully!

  • 180
    Susan W. says:

    I just want to say that you are truly an amazing company to be offering so many wonderful prizes. I am a very loyal customer as it is, but seeing how generous you are makes me love PTI even more. Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!

  • 181
    JenniferCR says:

    I’m having so much fun with all of this! Congrats to Kelly, her work is amazing…just stopped by her blog for the first time! And every stamp set for a year…WOW, now that would be an amazing gift or should I say dream come true! =)

  • 182
    Barbara Howell says:

    What an awesome anniversary celebration. I look forward to seeing all the announcements of new talent, ideas and products each day. Thanks for your inspiration and generosity.

  • 183
    cindy says:

    Thank you, Nichole, for all the fun and excitement you’ve been creating for us. It is truly amazing and a mark of who you are. This has been THE highlight of my week.

  • 184
    Bonnie says:

    Nichole, I love this time of year when we celebrate my fav stamp company’s birthday!! So many surprizes and great contests, I love your design team, they are awesome and so very talented!!! Happy Birthday Papertrey Ink !!!

  • 185
    Stacy S. says:

    I am having a GREAT time! Thanks for all the giveaways, it is so fun. No idea what you have planned but I am sure it will be good!

  • 186
    Juanita in Ohio says:

    I couldn’t begin to imagine the things that you have come up with. There’s “shopping” which most women LOVE to do, and then there is “PTI Shopping Over the Edge!!!”! PTI doesn’t just go from on year to the next it “Leaps and bounds like a speeding bullet”! You make every month feel like Christmas which is FABULOUS. Yes, I am having fun. It is an honor to be a customer.

  • 187
    Karen from Ontario says:

    wow…what a totally unbelievable, awesome prize….I really need some luck just to enter as I have tried about 500 times and different times of the day….
    maybe your computer has crashed??

  • 188
    Mary Ann says:

    I am away at meetings all week, so I rush down to the business centre every morning to see what is new on the blog. I am relatively new to PTI – but have fallen head over heels in love with the products! Hope I can win the stamps for a year – that would be a dream come true!

  • 189
    JackieL says:

    This has been so exciting for me. I find myself going to this site throughout my work day and loging in to see what else is going on. I love all the stamps that Paper trey releases and want them all. Don’t know if my husband would agree but he’s very supportive none the less of all my stamping time. Congrats on 3 years and look forward to many more with you.

  • 190
    Alice W. says:

    I am having so much fun visiting here everyday for your birthday celebration! Thank you so much for the link to Kelly’s blog. She is so inspiring. I can’t wait to see her project using PTI products for the next two months! =)

  • 191
    nancy says:

    Count me in on the “countdown”!!!

  • 192
  • 193
    Kelly in Canada says:

    I’m having a blast! I loved the scavenger hunt! I can’t believe you are offering a prize package with all of the 2010 released stamps. That’s crazy (in a very good way)! I visit your site daily and love the warmth, caring and personal touches that make you and the PTI designers feel like family rather than some anonymous person at the other end of a business transaction.

  • 194
    Janet F. says:

    OMG…I think my heart skipped a beat….what an opportunity. Love all your stamps and all the inspiration that comes with them. you have the best design team ever Congratulations on 3 years and many, many more

  • 195
    Priscilla from California says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how generous you are with your contests. I’d love to win a year’s worth of your stamp sets even though I’ve only been using them for several months.

  • 196
    Stephanie S. says:

    Oh my gosh-I think I would die and then would not be able to use the stamps at all. I guess I will be so excited to win a wonderful prize and be so blessed. Thank you for a wonderful gift to win.

  • 197
    Suzanne says:

    This is an awesome prize for an awesome line of products! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to win, but I’m having problems with the site telling me that I don’t have permission to view the page!
    HELP!!!!!! Before it’s too late!

  • 198

    All the new developments are so exciting! BTW, I’m not sure my big contest entry is going through — I get a blank page when I submit, not a confirmation.

  • 199
    Melissa says:

    WOW…what a year you have in store for us. Its going to be a fun filled ride! Can’t wait for the fun to begin!!

  • 200
    Caroline Croy says:

    I have now confirmed for at least myself, that the MAC web browsers SAFARI and FIREFOX do not work for this contest. I had to submit my entry at work where I use a PC and Windows Explorer. Just thought you may want to know about that.

  • 201
    Suzanne says:

    Oh, Thanks Caroline! I use Firefox and tried to submit with Explorer….but now I’m getting a message “Sorry, the page you requested was not found.” ARGH….

  • 202
    Margaret C says:

    Honestly? Just as excited about your normal countdowns – that’s not an “ooh, you think you’re so special…..!!” but more a “ooh, you ARE so special !!!” (Plus I have a 3yr old DD, so I know how important being 3 is !)
    Congrats. You rock. Now go for world domination and open a store in the UK !!!
    Margaret C xx

  • 203
    Victoria Trembath says:

    This is such fun. I love the PTI stuff and find your blog (and all the other gal’s blogs) so inspiring. I don’t get to play anywhere near often enough – but I have “plans” for 2010.

    Congratulations – and keep that creative juice flowing.

  • 204
    Joyful says:

    WOW!! This is an amazing contest! Imagine…getting free PT stamps for a whole year…..WOW!!

  • 205
    Elaine says:

    I’ve missed out for a little over a week…I come back and POW!! Amazing, and yes, I love this!! πŸ™‚

  • 206
    Jamie says:

    that is really great, cant wait to see what comes next!

  • 207
    Laura says:

    Congratulations on another anniversary! I have been trying to enter your contest for several days, but can’t get through! I can’t imagine anything better than winning a year of PTI stamps!!

  • 208
    Roxanne says:

    I have been on vacation since January 28th and without access to my computer. This celebration is so insanely amazing, I can hardly believe it. Wow, I may have missed my vacation had I known this was going to be so BIG!!!!!!!! Thanks for being the great company you are – willing to try new things and take on new challenges. Very cool.

  • 209
    jen says:

    I’ve been out of town for the past few days. Returned last night so today I’m going back over the blog to see what I’ve missed. Having a great time reading about all the new goodies PTI is bringing our way in 2010!
    THANK YOU for all you do.

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    Lisa Bohler says:

    Is there any way for you to fix the entry form? I’ve been trying to enter since this last week and continually get the error message….

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