*Official* September Release Party Contest

We are SO thrilled that you are joining in on the party tonight!  As a special treat for those of you who took the time out of your busy schedule to join us (and sacrificed some sleep!) we are offering up an amazing prize package to one of you!

The September "I Want It All" Package (a $168 value)!!!

All you have to do to be entered to win is answer the following question:

"What part(s) of this month's holiday countdown did you find the most helpful or inspiring in planning your own holiday projects & purchases?  What types of presentation & ideas would you like to see next year?"

We want to gather all of your input so we can apply it to plans for next year!  You have until 11:30pm EST to leave your comment here to be entered to win.  One comment will be randomly chosen shortly thereafter and posted here, on this post.  The winner is responsible for contacting Customer Service to claim their prize!

Good luck to everyone and thanks again for joining in the fun!



Congratulations, Denise!  Please be sure to contact customer service with your shipping information so we can get your package out to you!

And a special thank you to all of you who shared your input with us regarding next year's holiday releases!  It certainly is appreciated and it helps us to serve you better!  Have a wonderful night and happy shopping!

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  • 1
    Leslie McLaughlin says:

    Hi, the ideas for small gifts. I usually need many of them and you all do a great job with ideas that I can start with and use them as a base for my creativity. Thanks so much!

  • 2
    Jennifer Delaurier says:

    I really loved how you show cased many ways to mass produce gorgeous cards and keep them under budget. They were all beautiful, and cost effective which is so great. I appreciated the cost breakdown, it helped me plan for my upcoming Christmas season! Thank you!

  • 3
    Tracey says:

    I liked the breakdown of cost! That was awesome! Do the same next year but my wish would be to see the entire stamp set earlier! Hey, a girl can wish!

  • 4

    I loved the breakdown of costs for making the cards AND I loved that little heat pillow and blankie. CUTE! So making some of those!

    I’d love more ideas for homemade gift giving ideas. I’m finding I’m making more and more handmade gifts and that my peeps LOVE them!

    Thanks for all you do and the great samples this month. πŸ™‚

  • 5
    SaraMcJ says:

    I love seeing the mix of alternative colors! It’s so fun, bright and festive!! I cannot wait to place my order and start working on my Christmas goodies!!

  • 6
    Cara S. says:

    I loved seeing the project ideas for gifts! I got lots of ideas and can’t wait to try new things! I really loved the cost break down…it makes it so much more tempting to buy the stamps and do it! I would love to see more gift ideas next year!

  • 7
    Kathy Hering says:

    All of this months holiday countdown was very inspiring and helpful… Love all of your ideas! Not sure about next year though! Thanks Kathy H

  • 8
    Mary Claire says:

    I liked the cost breakdowns a lot! Maybe next year you could show some assembly line card making tips!!

  • 9

    I loved the array of simple and quick cards that can be made with PTI products! Quick and cute is what I look for! I loved all the ideas and love following all the blogs! Great inspiration!! Thanks for the chance to win! I hope to buy my first Christmas stamp set from PTI!

  • 10
    karen q says:

    Love the quick and easy cards that look so beautiful. I like the idea of trying to relieve the stress and get back to basics. I am always interested in homemade projects for the holiday season. Thanks for all the fabulous ideas.

  • 11

    I loved all the simple, elegant, and totally do-able in millions cards! Little touches that made them special, without tons of fuss! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  • 12
    sandy says:

    I love the vintage labels and think that making tags with those and the other sets is a wonderful idea. I would like to see more vintage-type scenes or looks next year. Maybe how to make things have a vintage look to them whether using ribbon or lace or ink and glitter.

  • 13
    Katie M says:

    I most enjoyed the economical card ideas. I need simple ideas this time of year. I make about 100 cards and cannot spend the time and money that I normally would on an individual card for a different special occasion. I would like to see more non-traditional color schemes and more integration of the patterned paper. I would also like to see more homemade gifts featured in addition to the beautiful cards. Thank you for this chance to win. This month’s release is amazing!!

  • 14
    Wendy Beck says:

    I liked seeing the cards and gift ideas that the designer team came up with. Not only do you have cute cards you can make with the new stamps, but the entire package to give away.

  • 15
    Babies- Beth says:

    I loved the EE Christmas tree card the best, I think- But also the stockings… gosh, I just love it all. I just love all of the cards so close together; I get inspiration for months afterwards!

  • 16
    Avril Tanner says:

    I enjoyed the concept of quick and simple cards! They all looked so nice but were still simple and quick to make! Next year I would like to see a Button Bits Christmas Set! I just love the Button Bits set that was released recently and it would be cool to have one with a Christmas Theme to it! Thanks for all your inspiration and amazing products! I am always simply amazed at what products you release and the inspiration behind all the great products!

  • 17
    Dana Klinkner says:

    I absolutely LOVED how you kept the cards simple this year and gave us the breakdown of cost for each design. This was SO helpful! Next year it would be nice to see categories of ideas like – tag ideas, small gift ideas (for teachers, neighbors, etc.) and then card ideas. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us – it’s inspiring!

  • 18
    tanna says:

    I LOVED all your posts this week, but the thing that really motivated me was the clean, simple cards and tags. Your use of non-traditional Christmas colors really excited me as well. You proved that elegance doesnt have to be busy. Thank you!

  • 19
    Jill Nuqui says:

    Woot the new sets are awesome!!

    I just love seeing the packaging templates! Lauren has fabulous ideas, mixing the templates with the stamps!

  • 20
    shelly p says:

    What stands out the most is Dawn’s cards that she made background with the new stamps! I especially liked the non-traditional colors!

  • 21
    Terri E. says:

    I LOVED all of the gift giving ideas. I would love to see more with food involved. (What is it about the holidays that makes me want to bake and make food?) I would also love to see cards that are geared for kids and what they can send to their loved ones on the holidays.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 22
    Pat says:

    I loved all the quick easy card ideas that are easy for mass producing for the holidays. I love the fact that you can take one stamp set and do so many different things with it and all of your designers always come up with such unique ideas. Love to see lots of holiday card and gift ideas in the future.

  • 23
    Nita says:

    Well, this is the first time I have ever been to the blog at sneak peek and countdown time. I really loved the card ideas and the fact that you showed the inside of the cards too. Having step by step directions was awesome as was the per card cost. I really enjoyed this and plan to be back.

  • 24
    Christine Rogus says:

    Oh my, I did love everything that came out, but I did fall in love with Nichole’s idea for the flannel blanket and heat pillow. I love to sew as well as papercraft and I think this is just a fabulous project where you can do both. I had never heard of that way to make a heat pillow and can’t wait to try it out. I’ve already been looking at the fabric store for good patterns. I really don’t know where to begin for next year, I am simply amazed every month, so I will leave it to you talented women!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • 25
    Jackie W. says:

    By far the best part was your run-down of each project and how much it would cost to re-create! What a help this is! It lets us see that we can create beautiful, heartfelt Christmas cards at such a reasonable price! Homerun!

  • 26
    Rebecca J. says:

    I loved seeing “simpler” styles of cards. Granted, I gravitate towards that style all year long. But especially at Christmas, it is great to see cards that can go together quickly, and still look fabulous!

  • 27
    Darla says:

    I loved the easy examples you gave us as inspiration. The holidays are always so busy, so simple is good!!

  • 28

    I liked the small gift items with coordinating cards. Next year I would like to see a mix of reproducible cards and some technique driven cards.

  • 29

    My favorite and most inspiring post was Dawn’s Day 3 peek. I believe that was the number of the one where she made all the different patterned papers with just stamps! And with the reformulated pigment inks, these kinds of custom papers are going to be even more awesome!!

  • 30
    Karen Hayden says:

    I loved the holiday card ideas along with the price breakdown. It showed me that you do not always have to go overboard to make a beautiful card to send. Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  • 31
    Brenda Z says:

    I really appreciate the dimensions on the projects – when I’m short on time, I know this will be so helpful! Thanks again for what is shaping up to be another great release PTI!

  • 32
    Laura D. says:

    The absolute best thing was the card ideas that were simple, but elegant and special. I’m actually inspired to make some cards this year, after five years of just doing the “photo card”.

  • 33
    Rita says:

    Deep thoughts during a party? Hmmm…I loved seeing the simple cards and gift ideas that can be mass-produced. I also enjoyed seeing the different color combinations used in the designer’s samples. Every blog that features PTI sample cards/gifts is an inspiration. Keep those talented designers on board and I’ll be a happy stamper!

  • 34
    Katie says:

    I was most inspired by the tags that Dawn made using the new Vintage Labels set. Homemade tags are such a sweet finishing touch to any present, and I’m looking forward to making my own this year!

  • 35
    Alanna says:

    For me, the best part of your presentation this year was the relative simplicty (yet fabulousness) of your cards. That means a lot when time is short, as it often is around the holiday season.

    I’d love to see even more crafty gifts presented next year.

  • 36

    The question should be more like…what did I NOT Find helpful/inspiring…and then my answer could be, “absolutely nothing!” Everything I saw was SOOO super inspiring, from the samples, the actual sets, and right down to the cost breakdown per card. You and your design team are just top notch and this release just did a complete doozy on me. I do WANT IT ALL!!! πŸ™‚
    I couldn’t even begin to say what I’d like to see next year. This year is tops.

  • 37

    Mass production and cost breakdowns were great for me. Great release tonight.

  • 38
    Amanda says:

    Everything the design team created for this release was just gorgeous – as usual. Dawn’s samples, particularly, were incredibly wonderful and inspiring. I cannot get over that girl’s talent! I also loved the handmade gifts and packaging as well as the simple and cost-efficient designs. I’d definitely love to see more of the hand-made gifting again next year! Maybe some decorating ideas too!

  • 39
    Regan says:

    I love all the “thrifty” card ideas..keep it coming

  • 40

    I really liked the simplicity of the samples. I make about 100 Christmas cards and am always wishing that I would go easier on myself. Next year I would love to see more samples of cards using photos in a unique way. I love to incorporate a picture of my family with my cards.

  • 41
    Chris says:

    I love that there were so many cards that were absolutely fabulous but not quite so heavy with layers or embellishments. Simpler to mass-produce and easier to mail, which is great this time of year. I would love to see more of the mass-production instructions like were posted last year around Christmas time. Those were totally awesome!

  • 42
    kara says:

    What I love most about this months release is how well all of these new sets coordinate with previous sets. I loved all the simple yet stunning mass producible holiday card ideas. Each set has such versatility! I want them ALL!!:)

  • 43
    Mary H says:

    I really have been inspired by all of the beautiful cards. I usually think that making my own Christmas cards would be too much work and take too long, but the step-by-steps and beautiful color combos help eliminate my hesitation. Looks like another fantastic release – congratulations!

  • 44
    Jenn Fontaine says:

    I loved how you showed to cost of the projects! What a great thing to do! It showed us fab can be done without breaking the bank! You also took into account keeping things flat for shipping- that is a BIG downfall of mine! Wonderful projects from everyone!

  • 45
    Teresa Farmer says:

    The quick and simple cards are great! Can’t wait to get the sets and start making my own cards with these ideas. More ideas like these would be great any time of the year!

  • 46
    Kris says:

    I really enjoyed all the beautiful yet simple cards because you don’t want to spend tons of time on just one card when you have many to make. I also liked seeing the price breakdown per project. You certainly see the value of stamping when it’s broken down like that! Wow, I’m trying to figure out something for next year but I’m drawing a blank! You guys do such an amazing job now I can’t imagine how to improve it!!

  • 47
    Melissa says:

    All the card ideas were great – I loved that they were low cost and yet weren’t boring in any conceivable way. I also like the way you added the decorative insides and envelopes – it turned them into something with a little extra wow-factor

  • 48
    Melissa Ladd says:

    I love seeing all the homemade gift ideas and how to package them using the supplies we have on hand.

  • 49
    Meredith K. says:

    All the cards and projects were FAB, but my FAVE was the new Keeping Tabs template on Lauren’s blog that showed how she fit 16 Merci candies into perfectly on each side. I love helpful gift ideas like this that have taken the math out of it for us. I also liked how Nichole focused on CAS cards with their cost breakdown for us. Thanks for the chance to win this INCREDIBLE release!

  • 50
    Amy Everson says:

    Nichole – you and the girls have been so inspiring this month – and I’m ready to take on home made Christmas cards and gifts for the family. You gals provided just the little bit of push I needed! Thanks for all you do!

  • 51
    Holly says:

    I totally loved seeing all the clean and simple and FLAT cards. When you are mailing out 75 to 100 Christmas cards every year, flat cards are a priority. Nobody wants to go to the PO at Christmastime to have their cards weighed and then fork over extra money for extra postage on bulky cards. Your cards were beautiful and elegant and perfect for mailing. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • 52
    Margaret says:

    I liked seeing how to make stunning cards without lots of coloring and layers. It will make mass producing a cinch.

  • 53
    Katie M says:

    I loved all the ideas to keep the cards thin enough for mailing.

  • 54
    Sandye Curry says:

    I loved that the cards were quick and easy–and were able to be mass produced. If the cards are too time consuming, I get over-whelmed since I have 50+ to make. All of these cards were just perfect!

  • 55
    Ingrid says:

    I loved the advice, simple designs, and cost breakdowns. It was nice to see a whole new set of possibilities and simple styles. Each release is a feast for the senses – this one was no different.

  • 56
    Kim Jennings says:

    Three things which were most helpful were 1- the many examples of fast and inexpensives cards to make, 2- the ability to mix and match ALL of the Christmas stamp sets,and 3-tag and gift giving examples. I would like to see more examples of fun gifts to make with coordinating tags and cards.

  • 57
    Stephanie S. says:

    I really liked the simplicty of giving ladies a fast way to do your cards for a busy schedule. I would like to see something to do with the beach and vintage.

  • 58
    Kate W. says:

    I really liked how you incorporated elements from other stamp sets into some of the sets releasing tonight. That really got my creative juices flowing. I love the versatility of Melissa’a set.

  • 59
    Caren B says:

    I like to see the different ways the stamps are used and the cost breakdown of each card.

    I would like to see more gift ideas. This is the first time I joined the realease party and I’m enjoying it. Thanks!

  • 60
    Cammy says:

    First, I loved your sets in this release. I think my favorite was the hand/homemade gifts. I love seeing the different ideas.

  • 61
    Amy McNulty says:

    I loved the simple-yet-elegant card ideas! And to see how cheaply they can be made is totally fabu! Now that I’ve had to go back to work full-time, I was considering doing the Snapfish thing this year, but with the simple ideas presented here, I’m totally CASE-ing them!!

  • 62
    Sarah says:

    Ahhhh, there were SO MANY great ideas! I think the thing I liked best was the focus on keeping things simple. I was amazed at the beautiful creations that can be done with minimal time…and expense. I think my favorite was the enchanted evening “joy to the world” card. Love that one! Sincere thanks for the great inspiration.

  • 63
    C Burke says:

    I like seeing all of your sample projects! They inspire me to start on my own holiday projects. Next year, I would like to see more of the same! I truly believe your projects sell your products even though the products are of great quality and can stand on their own.

  • 64
    Ruth Allmart says:

    I loved the simpler designs for mass producing projects and I loved, loved, loved the cost breakdown. So helpful. Next year I would love to see some home decor projects for the holidays. Thanks Nichole for a fabulous release as always πŸ™‚

  • 65
    carmen says:


  • 66
    DebbieZ says:

    I loved the all blue cards using Enchanted Evening paper. I had purchased the paper last month and now really want to start my cards. Thanks for the inspiration to get started with such classic cards.

  • 67
    Donna says:

    I like seeing the use of non-traditional holiday colors that are creative and yet still festive.

    The only thing I would change is introducing the Christmas sets sooner. I have to have mine all designed (at least the original one) and and supplies ordered by now. I do lots of cards and I need a good start by first of Sept. at latest.

  • 68
    Karen says:

    I liked all the card and gift ideas, and the cost breakdown.

  • 69
    Karen C. says:

    What I loved the most were all the simple yet elegant card ideas. The cards were all so wonderful and so affordable to do with little supplies! I love that!

    I love to see packaging ideas for baked goods or easy gifty presents. Like Lauren’s templates this month have made for some simple and wonderful gift ideas.

    Keep up the excellent work! :O)

  • 70
    Michelle A. says:

    I love seeing all the different techniques and ideas that everyone comes up with. It shows how versatile each set can really be. I also loved how you created cards that can be easily mass prodcued for the holidays.

  • 71
    ssweat says:

    I loehow the design team gave us wonderful ideas for quick gifts and simple cards using the new stamp sets. I am ready to start with my projects! Keep giving us these wonderful ideas!

  • 72
    Diane Aubrey says:

    I love the colors used on many of the designs. It’s especially nice to see non-traditional color combos like pink Christmas Trees — Thanks Dawn McVey! You ladies are all awesome! I’m officially addicted to PTI thanks to you all. Can’t wait to fill my cart. My favorite posts are for gift packaging ideas — Lauren Meader’s Timeless Templates are the best. I have almost all of them and I just discovered PTI a few months ago.

  • 73
    Wendy says:

    I loved seeing the cost breakdown for simple cards and projects… and also the color combos – those are always great to have!

  • 74
    Lisa Henke says:

    I love how you broke down the cost of each card. they were all fabulous samples and it helped remind me to keep things simple, find a great color combo, and go with it!

  • 75
    Patti says:

    I enjoyed seeing and hearing about everyone’s ideas for Christmas gifts. I love to make handmade items for my family and friends and am always on the lookout for new ideas. I love all your new sets and would also like to see some more vintage Christmas sets. As always you all do a wonderful job and make the middle of each month something to look forward to.
    Patti P.

  • 76
    Dana V. says:

    I loved your cost break-down… what a help when determining which designs were feasible for mass production and which ones were for those special someones. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 77
    Carol L says:

    To begin with, your latest stamps are so versatile for all kinds of projects – that’s a huge plus. Secondly, I love how you broke down each project into cost per item. For next year, surprise me! You always come up with genius ideas and tremendous inspiration! Keep on doing exactly what you’re doing!!!!

  • 78
    Jen Carvajal says:

    I loved the Trim A Tree Trio gift ideas by you and the Design Team! I’m buying everything tonight to make Lisa’s Bath salts tins as a project for a girls craft night. Everyone’s ideas were great and the variety of projects was amazing! Yeah Papertrey!! πŸ™‚

  • 79
    Maureen P says:

    I love, as always, all the different samples from the set designer to your ideas here on the blog. I also like seeing how the sets can work with other sets. Easy, simple designs are always best for Christmas as it’s a busy time and usually one makes several cards and gifts. I also loved seeing Dawn’s non traditional Christmas colours…I love using all kinds of colours for Christmas πŸ™‚ I would like to see a set done with the nativity…a very elegant one that also includes a wise man image and star. Congrats on the great release πŸ™‚

  • 80
    Julia says:

    Definitely combining tools, even if it’s just a craft knife, with the stamps. Also love the templates–great for gifts! As far as next year, please continue to provide the variety of sentiments–they’re the toughest to find!

  • 81
    Wendy says:

    I love the idea of matching the tag to the gift packaging that a few of the girls have shared this month. I’ll definitely be using that idea this year. I also love the simple and elegant cards under budget with cost breakdown -I’d love to see more of that next year. Thanks for another awesome release!

  • 82
    Lisa says:

    Where to start? I loved that everyone tried non-traditional colour combos because they encourage me to break the mould. I loved that you went for a homeade gift challenge for the team, because it gave me a lot of great ideas for my own gifts this year! Oodles of inspiration this month!!! THANKS!!!

  • 83
    Robbie says:

    I love the swirly stockings and the set by Dawn (words). These are so cute.

  • 84
    Kristin says:

    The mass producing is what helped me most (honestly!) for this year… already planned out what I am doing. For next year, I would ask that you PLEASE have a green that remotely resembles a traditional Christmas color to accent with your Scarlet Jewel. I was desperate for that this month! πŸ™‚

  • 85

    I am always looking for a way to cut down on time when I have to mass produce. You guys offered some GREAT ideas that will surely help me this holiday season. I also loved the “untraditional” colors used, FABULOUS!! I can’t wait to get started on all of my projects. Next year, I would love to see an easily produced 3D project that can be sent out for an occasion or holiday. Thanks again you guys for being such great inspiration.

  • 86
    Kathyc on SCS says:

    I am really inspired by Michelle to get things prepared in advance and to keep it SIMPLE!!!!! Thanks for all of the ideas you presented this month!
    Kathy Camasso

  • 87
    Lori McAree says:

    Hi Nichole!! I LOVED your simple cards!! I seem to be more into that lately. It was great to have the cost breakdown to!!

  • 88
    Colleen says:

    I definitely enjoyed the simplicity of your samples this release as well as the cost breakdown. That really puts things into perspective and helps me to make my purchase a little bit more justified. πŸ™‚ I also enjoy all your simple gift giving ideas.

  • 89
    Laurel S says:

    I love how you do the cost run down, so helpful and of course all the fabulous ideas!!!

  • 90
    Keisha H says:

    I really like the card ideas, and how the pictures are from different angles. Inside, outside and envie, love the complete look! Thanks so much for the awesome ideas!!!


  • 91
    laura j says:

    I’m a huge fan of clean and simple cards. The breakdown of costs for the supplies to make the cards is so helpful and so are the wonderful projects created by the PTI design team! Looks like another amazing release!!

  • 92
    diane mcvey says:

    I loved the quick and simple cards, the cost breakdown, and the wonderful packaging ideas! Of course, everything you ALL do is FANTASTIC!!! I am inspired by all of the designers, and all of the projects! πŸ˜€

  • 93
    Jewels says:

    I really like the Quick and easy style that you presented in your cards. It is such a busy time of year and although we all like to be crafty with our PTI products we also need/want to spend more time with our loved ones. Your Q & E cards allow everyone to create beautifully and reserve that special time with our families!

  • 94
    Yvette F. says:

    I loved seeing all the variations of each set with all the different designers styles! The cost break down was cool and I really appreciated the shopping lists!
    Hard to top this year…but maybe a couple more ideas for gift giving?
    Love PTI!

  • 95
    kprakken says:

    I loved all of this months projects, but the ones that can be mass produced are my favorites. I like that you posted the per card cost for all of your projects.

  • 96
    Dawn says:

    I love that you showed how other PTI stamp sets work with new releases. It just goes to show that PTI is timeless! Also loved the price breakdown, very helpful! As usual, so many wonderful samples this month. You make it to hard for a girl to behave, lol!!!

  • 97
    Sammie says:

    What I like most about this month’s releases is that they can be used so seamlessly with past stamp sets. They look like they were made for each other!

  • 98
    Monica L says:

    The beautiful cards demonstrated simple concepts at a low cost helped me to realize that I don’t have to spend a lot of money to send an elegant Christmas card. I would like to see some holiday inspired guideline stamps.

  • 99
    Nancy Davis says:

    I love to see all the different samples and ideas of the cards & gifts the design team comes up with and I love the card samples. I got several wonderful ideas from your samples! I also liked the price breakdown for the cards. Thanks for giving us a chance to win. πŸ™‚

  • 100
    Leora says:

    I especially loved the card ideas. Beautiful and still doable. Wow. Time to get into the spirit.
    Good luck to all, Leora

  • 101
    Marilou says:

    I liked the tags…I always forget about them until I wrap a gift or fill a bag. So much easier if I would make a bunch of tags ahead of time! I also liked the wide variety of cards that could be easily made. Next year, just do the same thing…inspire me to get started on Christmas early so I can enjoy the holiday with my family!

  • 102
    Karen says:

    I loved the card with the same stamp design but different colors. I love the idea of how the same card can be used over and over again through out the year. Talk about easy. Of course I love the cost breakdown. Reminds me that I can do this and not spend a ton of money.

  • 103

    I really enjoyed all the creative gift ideas because they are all beautiful and things that I really could make myself. I also liked that you priced out the cost for each holiday card…very helpful. And of course, just being mesmerized by all the gorgeous stamp designs and samples! Another release well done!

  • 104
    Youa says:

    I recently discovered Papertrey Ink a few months ago and I am really impressed with everything; the stamps, the paper, and especially all the creative designs. My favorite part this time around was the cost breakdown and also showing us how to make beautiful cards that are equally cost-effective. Thank you!

  • 105
    lainey says:

    I like that all of your cards/projects are easy to make and anyone could do them. The breakdown of the costs is really nice too – it shows that making handmade things doesn’t have to be expensive to impress people.

    Of course all of the stamp selections are great this year as usual. For next year, it doesn’t matter, everything you do is exceptional!

  • 106
    Ginny says:

    oooh, i would love to see some animals… i know they would have to be classy, and somewhat hard to pull off, but i know you could do it!

    i loved the swirls and Dawn’s handwritten messages–they’re perfect!

  • 107
    Sue D says:

    I like how you considered that it is a busy time of year and tried to show us simple ways to make cards. I also really appreciate the gift ideas. Since many of us craft for and with our kids/grandkids how about ideas for gifts for kids or ideas for them to help make.

  • 108
    Jerri K says:

    I loved the simplicity of many of the projects so they could be mass produced easily. It was especially nice to see cards that didn’t need extra postage to mail. The new designs are very inspiring.

  • 109
    Michelle says:

    I am so inspired by your creative color choices for the holidays!
    I also appreciate your clear style and reasonable cost breakdown for each card.
    What would I like for next year?
    I would love to buy a Papertrey Magazine that I could dream over and keep next to my craft room.

  • 110
    Cat Darling says:

    I like the breakdown of costs too. I also love all of the DT samples and of course, Lauren’s templates and gift suggestions.

  • 111
    Becs Attwood says:

    It was all so helpful and inspiring! I really appreciated the focus on simple & cost-effective cards on Nichole’s blog, and all the fabulous colour schemes that Dawn shared. I wouldn’t really change much…maybe as well as card & gift ideas a few more decorating type ideas (ornaments etc?). Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • 112
    Gatormom3 says:

    I really appreciate your ideas for gift giving. The stamp sets in this release are perfect for all kinds of gift options! Thank you so much for all your efforts!

  • 113
    Janin Huerter says:

    Gosh there is so much that I loved. I think my favorite was how you showed how to make a lot of cards using one stamp set for the Christmas season. I have to make over 50 cards to send out and you showed me how easy and affordable it would be for me to make them using your stamps. Next year I would like to see quick gift ideas I can give to teachers, bus drivers, and such that I can do on a budget.

  • 114
    Vivian says:

    I like the simple elegance of the projects this time. I like the breakdown of the price, tips for mass producing, and the versatility of the sets. I would like to see more hand made gift ideas, and more of the simple but elegant projects.

  • 115
    Jackie says:

    The cards and the breakdown of the cost involved. I liked seeing the inside of the cards as well, I always forget to do that part. Just keep up the good work, I say!

  • 116
    Kelly Pitzlin says:

    I love the simplicity! That was my favorite! I also loved the handwritten sentiments, and the tags that some of the design team did! I can’t wait to see the holiday button bits set! I am so disappointed that wasn’t out this month!

  • 117
    Sue C says:

    I appreciate the great (and thrifty!) gift ideas since I have a lot of small gifts to give at the Holidays. It always makes me feel good to give something handmade! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  • 118
    Katerfly says:

    I especially loved the breakdown of cost. I was just at the bank today, and had a bit of a surprise. So I am trying to come up with cute projects that don’t cost a lot of money. I plan on doing a lot of small hand made gifts this year. My whole order tonight is on paper and stamp sets to put togther my projects. I always am seraching the design teams blogs looking for inspiration and even looking at old posts.

  • 119
    Becky P. says:

    I loved all of the simple, but chic Christmas card ideas, and the not so typical color schemes. I have so many ideas running through my head, and I am definitely going to go the simple route this year, but I know my recipients will think I spent hours doing everything, because the cards will look so nice.

    I think it would be great to see sentimental family gifts next year, kind of like the mother’s day post, but for the holiday season. Next year is supposed to be even more economically leaner than this one. Sentimental, heart felt gift ideas would be great to show loved ones, even though times are tough, I wanted to give you something with meaning. This has been a fun and inspiring week.

  • 120
    Linda O says:

    i loved the simpleness of your cardss and the cost breakdown!! i would like to see ideas for small gifts! or packaging.

  • 121
    Lisa M says:

    I really loved all the suggestions for cards. This is the first year I’m making my own and found the perfect stamp set and theme. I also love all the suggestions for how to use the various sets. Keep them coming! Thank you!!!!

  • 122
    Sue Plote says:

    Keep up bringing us those great, quick, easy and oh-so-fab holiday gifts! They are the best!

  • 123
    Kerri Michaud says:

    I just love the clean and simple cards that can be made in bulk, as well as the cost breakdown! That was fabulous!!! Please do the same next year : )

  • 124
    Amy O. says:

    Loved the simple cards with complete break down and measurements…I also loved the gift ideas. So many great simple ideas. Y’all are the BEST! Thanks again for the count-down!

  • 125
    Aimee says:

    I loved seeing all the cards and seeing the cost break down on the projects… laurens templates are to die for as always… wonderful release this month…

  • 126
    Nimue says:

    I really liked how you presented an item and then broke down the cost. I loved all the ideas for cards (with the cost break down) and all the variations thereof. It made the whole card thing simpler and more doable. The whole release trip was great – Nimmy

  • 127
    Melissa Fech says:

    I loved your blog and Dawn’s blog for sure! I am so inspired by Dawn’s ideas when she uses a single stamp (like the label stamp)and repeats it to make a background. Beautiful! I cannot wait to get the vintage labels! Next year I would like to see more holiday gift ideas with more colors that are not so traditional, like hot pink with lime and white, or blue and black. Awesome job!

  • 128
    Maeghan M. says:

    I think my favorite part of it all was watching how versatile seasonal stamps can be! I often stay away from Christmas stamps (beyond sentiment sets) because they seem so limiting to me. Now I know better, and now I’m inspired to use non-traditional color combos. Please pick me, and thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  • 129
    Debbie Olson says:

    I actually had a sneak peak accidently of the stamps coming out because they sent the package to the wrong Debbie Olson but i must say that looking at the stamps and seeing them made up into a card or something else just adds that extra pizazz to them. Now i want them all. I would love to see more snowmen, different sizes and shapes. I love snow men they melt my heart:)

  • 130
    Karen says:

    I loved your card using the poisetta set that was a one layer card…those are the best cards to mass produce as Christmas time for me since I’m so busy with other things as well. Simple yet elegant is always good for me!

  • 131
    Anne says:

    It would be hard to pick out just a few things I found the most inspiring but I loved the gift ideas. I have always used traditional Christmas colors and I am going to do something different this year thanks to you and the design team for the inspiration. You seem to have covered everything, it would be hard to give a suggestion for next year.

  • 132
    Banu H says:

    I really loved the simple cards that can be mass produced quickly but still has that wow effect. This showcase with the new products really had me going and made me want to get these cards.

    Some ideas I personally would love going forward would be,
    – Give like some design ideas by DT. Like how you do for the templates, for each of the stamp sets that you release.
    – Showcase how some of the earlier stamps sets can be used with the new ones being released, which gives us an idea of how we can use our existing sets with the new ones.

  • 133
    Jill H says:

    I loved all the easy, but elegant cards! You made it look so easy to make beautiful cards.

  • 134

    I love the quick and easy ideas for mass production of cards and projects. You always have such creative ideas for projects … that make me say ‘duh, why didn’t I think of that’ … I’d like to see more themed ideas for holiday parties next year.


    Teresa C

  • 135
    Anna Wasierski says:

    This month I was thrilled to see how clean and simple all of the projects were. I also liked the fact that most of the cards could be made for less than 50 cents. Another inspiring fact was the non traditional holiday colors. Dawn’s use of pinks and reds. Nicole’s use of blues. I love all of the inspiring ideas! Next year, I would like to see more simple, clean lines with lots of card samples!

  • 136
    Ann D. says:

    I enjoyed seeing each design used in so many ways and seeing the colors used in creative ways. The cost breakdowns were interesting — and very supportive of this habit of buying stamps and making cards. Oh yes, clean and simple rules!

  • 137
    colleen foelker says:

    I loved your classy yet simple designs and the cost breakdown was really inspiring to create one’s own cards instead of purchasing store bought. I would love to see more ideas and the recipes for the “little” gifts that you all thought up to give away to family and friends. Thank you so much for sharing and for the inspiration to take it to the next level.

  • 138

    I was definitely inspired by your simple, one layer Christmas cards. I also got inspired by the interior of your cards. That is such a struggle for me. And the envelopes; gorgeous! Dawn also provided tons of inspiration with her unique style. I love how she mixes colors and makes her own patterned paper. I can’t even imagine how you can top the wonderfulness that you did this year!!

  • 139
    Kris says:

    I appreciated your “simple” but elegant approach. The ideas presented for a flatter layering for mailing purposes was wonderful. I also liked the fact that you incorporated some older stamp sets and the coordination with the Nestabilities Labels One was fabulous! I would definitely like to see more marriages with the nestabilities. Thanks for another great countdown.

  • 140
    Liz says:

    I love how easy most all of the cards were on your blog and the other designers. It shows that we can do it too! I also love all the different ideas for packaging and tags!

  • 141
    Wendalyn says:

    I like how easy you showed it to make simple cards without alot of work but yet they were still very elegant. I would like to see the same next year, Elegant and Simple they were perfect.

  • 142
    Genevieve says:

    Christmas all the way loved the tone on tone cards vintage and the background papers Dawn prepared for us . The tree timming is sure to be a full of fun kit But most of all your projects are realistic in a mom busy world

    Thank you for keeping traditions alive
    Be merry

  • 143
    Jess says:

    Oh gosh, I loved all of it! I love that you focused on simple, yet still gorgeous holiday cards that are easy to mass produce. I also loved the group post with the matching card and gift. So many fabulous ideas!

  • 144

    The quick and easy card ideas were great! I haven’t been making my Christmas cards for a couple of years because it’s too time consuming (I need about 80), so maybe I will try again this year using some of your wonderful ideas. Next year I’d like to see more gift ideas.

    Thanks for another wonderful release!

  • 145
    Terry M (aka flipfloplady) says:

    I loved how you (Nichole) showed us mailable cards-not too many layers. Love aall the sets and I need to decide which ones I am getting. Oh maybe “I want it all” is the way to go…LOL

  • 146
    laurie hunt says:

    Gosh Nicole, each month you do such a great job showing the versatility of the stamp whether in cards, gifts or home decor. I always love to see what everyone comes up with. This year as I looked at the holiday cards, I continued to try to convince myself that Christmas cards don’t have to only be shades of red and green! I have real issues with this and I can’t explain it. All of you make such lovely cards in all different colors. I also like the little project you put together with the throw and the heat pad. Thanks for the opportunity and I might cry if you pick me!

  • 147
    Terri Garrett says:

    I loved the large number of examples from all the talented designers. I was able to see a wide variety of ideas and the emphasis on cost savings was excellent and kept it ‘real.’ This really got me excited for the holidays!

  • 148
    Shelly says:

    I really liked seeing how a small gift can be presented in such a simple, yet beautiful way. I have always liked the “gifts from the heart” best and these truly show the thought that goes into them. For next year I’d like to see more snow themes

  • 149
    Sharon Basel says:

    I loved the showcase of unique color combinations instead of the standard red and green. And the focus on simple, easily mass-produced designs that still were elegant. All the DT projects really got me geared up for Christmas – can’t wait to get my order and start my own!

  • 150
    kim g. says:

    I’d love to see a holiday card (or two!) that incorporates a photo. I like to make my holiday cards and I’m always looking for cute ways to add the family or kids x-mas photo that isn’t just throwing in the inside.

    Another (big) wish would be more do-it-yourself gift ideas for family and friends. I love making homemade creations to give at the holidays and I’m always looking for innovative, inexpensive, and usable ideas.

    Congrats on another great release!

  • 151
    Maureen says:

    I am inspired to make my own cards. I made cards before my children were born, and it is time for me to get back to it. I love the Trim the Tree Trio set, can’t wait to use it. As far as next year, I wish I had that much forethought!! I’ll leave that one to you guys, the experts!! Thanks so much for all of the inspriation!!

  • 152
    Mimi H. says:

    I love your ideas on making cards that are mailable. What I’d like to see in the future is using your holiday stamps on Lauren’s templates to create decorative gift packages for the holidays. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 153
    Ang says:

    I really like how you show the cost breakdown for each card. Keep up the variety of inexpensive gift ideas, it is really helpful.

  • 154
    Judith Rose says:

    All the samples were gorgeous. I thought it was cool to see the breakdown of the low cost per card to make it. Very helpful when you are making so many holiday cards. And Lauren`t templates are always awesome! Can`t wait for tonights release. PTI rocks!

  • 155
    Stampin Sue says:

    I liked the ideas of simple designs that could be used to make many cards. I liked seeing the finished inside of cards and the cost breakdown (it helps to see how inexpensive it can be to make a card). And I liked seeing non-traditional colours, it was a real treat from the standard red and green!

  • 156
    carissa calhoun says:

    I absolutely love the alternative christmas color choices! The cost breakdown also makes it seem viable to do more handmade christmas cards and tags. I’d love to see a scripture-based sentiment set for christmas–but done in a trendy way. So often, anything “religious” ends up looking old and boring.
    On a totally separate note, I’d love to see a gingerbread men/women set!

  • 157
    Heather P. says:

    I *loved* that you created gorgeous cards that may have been simple in design, but had a killer impact!

  • 158
    Donna D says:

    I love the simple cards and great gift ideas! The cost breakdown is very helpful. The mass producing ideas are exactly what I need. Can’t wait to put in an order and start producting!

  • 159
    Andrea says:

    I really like how you break down the cost of each project. I also love how the projects are simple but GORGEOUS and easy to mass produce – a huge plus for the holidays. Presentation ideas, hummm, more gift ideas and other applications for the stamps and products. I love all the inspiration πŸ™‚ Great job to all the DT!!!!

  • 160
    Janis says:

    I’m so grateful for the many ideas for simple, yet beautiful, cards that can be mass produced on a budget. I also enjoy getting ideas for handmade gifts…or how to customize purchased gifts. I’ve made nearly all of my gifts for several years now and am always looking for something new and different, both for men and women. Thanks for all your efforts!

  • 161
    kearneykrafter says:

    Wow, how much fun is tonight!?!? My favorite parts of this release are the fun, new Holiday stamps and the wonderful, simple yet elegant ways to turn them into heartfelt messages for all to enjoy! Thanks for the chance to win! Enjoy yourselves tonight….how fun!

  • 162
    Andrea says:

    I love all the examples of cards you gave. What an inspiration!! It made me realize that I don’t need to make super fancy cards that I need to begin in July to get done in time for Christmas. Sometimes the “wow” cards are the simple ones. Thanks for reminding me of that. Also, loved the price list.

  • 163

    I love the simple and easily re-produced cards you created. Many times I found myself saying “that is SO EASY, why didn’t I think of that?!?” The way you coordinated the insides and envelopes makes them look very professional. The cost breakdown is so helpful in planning. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 164
    Candice W. says:

    I loved how you did the cards with a price breakdown on each one! I love seeing that beautiful cards don’t have to cost a fortune! I am very inspired to do my Christmas cards now!! Thanks!

  • 165
    Amy G. says:

    I love the emphasis on card samples that were simple and mail-able. I also love the design team’s take on the simple little gifts. Their ideas will help me so much as I begin planning gifts for my son’s daycare teachers, Sunday School, Mission Friends and music teachers. He has a lot of teachers to be only 3!

  • 166
    Kelly in Canada says:

    I really appreciated the projects that featured simple yet beautiful cards that can be mass produced without hours in the craft room and at minimal cost. The cards and envelopes were stunning yet easy to make and affordable. Thanks, as always, for the chance to win!

  • 167
    Martha says:

    I loved the cards. I found all the card samples to be very inspiring. Lots of ideas that I hope to use when I make this year’s Christmas cards. Or even on every day type cards. So many of the ideas were clean and simple that could be used for mass producing and mailing holiday cards.

  • 168
    Charmaine says:

    I loved all of the variations of cards, the ease to make and the cost breakdown. This will really help in getting my cards made this year. So many wonderful new sets, I’m going to go broke this month!


  • 169
    Hilde says:

    I loved the tips on mass production. Also very helpful were the many ways you showed how previously released sets can be incorporated with new ones and in so many different ways! As always, the entire DT did an amazing job with creativity and showing versatility (and on a budget, too!). Loved and looked forward to it every day!

  • 170
    Ally V. says:

    I love all the simple, beautiful and easy to recreate cards you showcased this year. Having the cost breakdown really helps as well. Next year I would love to see some multi-denominational sets. Coming from a family that celebrates two customs and with many friends in the same boat, the versatility would be great!!

  • 171
    Kalyna says:

    I think the most helpful were the pictures. You can get lost with just text directions, but having several pictures showing close-ups or an actual step really helped me understand exactly what you did, and how I could apply that technique elsewhere.

    For next year, I think you should stick with the simple cards+gifts. A lot of us don’t have the time to mass produce extremely difficult cards for our whole Christmas mailing list. Those cards LOOKED difficult and time consuming, but they really weren’t. The matching gifts are just too cute not to do next year πŸ˜€

  • 172
    Jennifer M. says:

    I really appreciated how simple you kept the cards and the project cost breakdown too! I look for things that can be used out of season as well – not the entire set, but one or two stamps.

  • 173
    mary Ann says:

    I love how the cost breakdown for the cards and gifts is given. I also love that the stamp sets coordinate with other tools like punches and nestabilities. And to boot – they are beautiful!

  • 174
    Debra B. says:

    i loved Dawn’s stamped backgrounds! Oh the possibilities!! I’d like to see more quick and easy projects.The fewer the supplies the better!!

  • 175
    Rieca says:

    I loved all the gorgeous pictures, the money break down and of course the step by step tutorials some of the PTI team did. Everything was just EXCEPTIONAL!
    What a great job all of the PTI ladies did!

  • 176
    Emmy says:

    I liked seeing the holiday card directions and cost break down. All of the cards were so elegant and simple. Awesome job!

  • 177
    Candyf says:

    I loved the fact that all of the holiday cards you showcased were very cost effective and would be easy to mass produce. I also like seeing “non-traditional” colors being used.

  • 178

    I love the simplicity of the projects, and of course the breakdown of cost! Thanks for that! I am really striving to make all of my Christmas cards this year, and it is very helpful to have WOW inspiration that is quick and affordable!

    Organization tips are ALWAYS helpful, and everyone can benefit from them…that’s all I can think of for next year! πŸ˜‰

  • 179

    I found new ideas, such as Heather’s button necklace extremely inspiring because I have probably all of the buttons and using things I have on hand to create handmade gifts is perfect! Thanks for the color combinations as well, that is always helpful! The price breakdown makes me feel at ease!

  • 180
    Charlie B says:

    I loved the low-cost cards that look like a million bucks! I really like how you decorated the card front, inside and the envelope. It’s just more special.

  • 181
    Lynne says:

    The simple but elegant style of the cards shown, along with the cost, is very inspiring. I also really enjoyed seeing all the great ideas for gift giving – it’s definately putting me in the mood to get an early start.

  • 182
    Elizabeth S. says:

    I love all your cards and how you broke down the price for each card and even the evelope. I am loving the vintage look and would like to see more of how to create that look. This was an amazing release (as always) and can’t wait to see the stamps in their entirety!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 183
    Ashjoy says:

    I love the simple cards and breakdown of costs. It makes it so easy to say look what a little bit of time and a smidge of talent can do to wish someone a joyful holiday. I love the template ideas as well, it would be great to have one Christmas idea a month next year. I tend to love everything and get overwhelmed with all the new ideas just before the holidays. But if I make small gifts throughout the year I’ll have a nice stash until Christmas. And if you can help with that I would be so grateful!

  • 184
    Peg C. says:

    I loved your samples and the step by step instructions for making them. Often the dimensions are not included and your instructions are most helpful.

  • 185
    Carla Grace, Middleburg, Florida says:

    I enjoyed all of the samples this month. Having the cost per project was really helpful and showcasing the different colors and techniques is always so great!

  • 186
    Diane S. (momoffive) says:

    I really enjoyed all the simple yet gorgeous cards. It shows that we can make very elegant cards without spending a ton of time or money.

    Keep up the great work of showing us projects that anyone can do!

  • 187
    Anette Eakins says:

    I really liked the thrifty cards you featured. I loved all your ideas for cards that are beautiful, easy and quick to make and won’t cost a fortune to make and send. I also liked the way you combined some of the older stamp sets with the new ones- like Pine’s branches with Beth’s ornament etc.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • 188
    Anita says:

    I loved the cards. The gift ideas were great, but I really enjoyed ideas of all of the many ways to use the stamps on cards. I’m always looking for ideas of easy to mass produce Christmas cards and there were some great ideas (as always) this month. Having the cost breakdown was a big help too. I think next year I’d like to see more ideas for traditional color schemes if I had to make a suggestion. I’m still a red and green Christmas girl.

  • 189
    Sue Taylor says:

    The best part was our use of colors and not just Christmas red and green and also showing us how to decorate the envelopes.
    I don’t know how you will top this years stamp collection but I know you will.

  • 190
    Regina M says:

    I always look forward to PTI releases, but this one was particularly terrific because of the Thrifty Holiday Cards “receipts” – everyone is feeling the economic pinch and it’s so gratifying to see that homemade cards really DO make sense (for both the love AND the pocketbook!) Thanks again for such amazing ideas.

  • 191
    Cam says:

    The cost breakdown was helpful, but most important was the beauty of the cards.

  • 192
    Linda says:

    I loved the ideas you shared not only with the cards but how they incorporate into matching projects and gifts. I also feel inspired to step outside the box by seeing how to mix and match non traditional holiday colors together to make great looking projects. Thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas.

  • 193
    Lynne Ciavarra says:

    I loved seeing all the designers unique ideas for holiday cards. I also love Lauren’s templates, she always has beautiful gift giving ideas. They all inspire me! The cost breakdown on the cards was great, too. ….i love checking all the designer’s blogs…they are all so creative! As far as next year, keep on doing what you’re doing!

  • 194
    Donna says:

    I loved seeing the more simple cards. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in making more involved cards. This countdown really showcased the beauty of simplicity. I really enjoyed seeing cards that were less involved in both supplies and time.

  • 195
    Belinda says:

    I loved when you all shared ways to package Christmas gifts! Cards are great as well but I really love seeing how you all package gifts (or create your own like the blanket and pillow!!!!) I’d love to see more homemade gift ideas! Thanks for all the great ideas and for all the inspiration!

  • 196
    brenda raleigh says:

    I liked the way you showed the cost of each card. I plan on making my cards this year and love all the cards. They’re great!!!! Show us more ideals for small gifts, & cost effective ways to make and give. You girls are so smart. Keep us the great work.

  • 197
    Bev S says:

    I really like the card and envelope ideas. You provided many simple and easy ideas that we can reproduce. Also, the gift ideas was great inspiration. Thanks for the inspiration and the ideas. The same next year is all that I could ask.

  • 198
    Ann says:

    The most helpful for me are the Timeless Templates. I believe that the presentation makes everyone say ‘AAAAH’ knowing that they received such a lovely package. Not to mention that the project was hand stamped and package by you; curtesy of the deisgn team!!! I would also like to see more card ideas and presentations in using the stamp sets and templates.

  • 199
    Kim Ross says:

    I LOVE the new stamp sets! I really appreciated the price breakdowns for the various projects. It was also terrific to see projects that were less elaborate that we could easily duplicate.

    Thanks for all the inspiration and for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  • 200
    Kristi Lewis says:

    I loved that you had the cost per card broken down-that is awesome. I love all the gift ideas and the vintage labels stamp set is high on my list. Love all you do.Would love to spend in an hour in your creative brain!!!

  • 201
    Samara Ferdinand says:

    I really enjoyed the way you showcased the versatility of these stamp sets. I love making cards but I also scrapbook and enjoy making handmade gifts. Please continue to spark our creativity with your fabulous products.

  • 202
    Peggy Nickelson says:

    I really liked the thrifty card feature. It is a great reminder that hand made cards can be an economical choice, as well as a beautiful one.
    Next year I would like to see some three dimensional projects.
    Peggy Nickelson

  • 203
    Megan Lock says:

    The thing that inspired me the most was the simplicity and minimal layers. I can do that! I usually do all kinds of layers, but I can keep it simple!! Thanks for these sets!

  • 204
    Rikka D says:

    I loved the simplicity of all of the cards. You are always so inpsiring as you take “old” sets and combine with the new ones. It sure helps me to see more possibilties! Thanks for another fantastic release!

  • 205
    Paulina says:

    I loved all of Dawn’s cards- so cheerful, non-traditional and used a variety of stamp sets! For next year….I would love it if all the DT did lots of projects and showcased them all 5 days leading up to the release. Is that too much to ask for? πŸ˜‰

  • 206
    Mandy says:

    I loved that all week you were showing us projects that were not only thrifty but beautiful! I am definitely going to be CASING your card done in enchanted evening with Tree Trimming Trio. I think my recipients will love these!

  • 207
    Barb W says:

    Love the simple and quick yet classy cards that can be mass produced. Dawns instructions on the backgrounds was fantastic, but I love everything Dawn does. She has a way with colors, designs and makes you want to try each and every one of her cards.

  • 208
    Kelly says:

    I love the number of samples along with the supply list. I also like the cost specifics for each card. I am hooked and really enjoy the monthly countdowns.

  • 209
    Amy McNulty says:

    I loved the simple and economical card ideas! Now that I’ve gone back to work full time, I was considering going the Snapfish route. But now seeing the simple-yet-elegant ideas presented here, I can totally whip them out in no time!

  • 210
    michele huey says:

    I love every countdown, and with that, all of the creative projects that follow with it. But most of all, I liked the cost consciousness with the breakdown. I hope you’ll do it again next year, or perhaps at another time other than the holidays! I can’t wait to see the reveal…!!!

    thanks…michele h…

  • 211
    Brooke says:

    I loved how you kept the cards simple and also took into account the thickness of the card for posting purposes. I also loved the cost breakdown because lets face it we are all on a budget and cutting costs in making cards and not having to pay extra postage to send it are important.

    Your blue tone Joy to the world card was one of my favourites. I even started making Christmas cards last night and as hard as I try I’m NEVER that organised!

    I don’t think you need to change anything for next year. You really think about the projects you show and it is the variety and thought that goes into them that most of us love. = )

  • 212
    Lee Cockrum says:

    I liked the clean and simple cards. Ones that really pack a punch visually, but do not require a ton of steps, or complicated processes or fancy materials!

    I cannot think of any requests for next year, I enjoy everything that comes from PTI!!

  • 213
    Natasha says:

    I always enjoy seeing the entire design team’s take with the challenge using one set. It was also nice to see the cost breakdown of the holiday cards.

  • 214
    Stacy H. says:

    I love that the projects, particularly the cards, were simple, yet beautiful. The price breakdown helps to confirm what crafters already know–things that are handmade are often cost-effective yet still very special. For next year I’d love to see more of the phrases for holiday greetings in the beautiful fonts that you feature.

  • 215

    My favorite part was the showcasing of simple holiday designs. It makes it that much more likely that this card maker will become a card mailer at Christmas!

  • 216
    Sue Lelli says:

    I LOVE how you made these absolutely stunning cards and then gave a price breakdown for supplies. I also LOVE the color variations used so you can think outside the box and make a Christmas card that doesn’t have to be red and green!

  • 217

    I love the variety of stamps this month! The cost breakdown was great, also! You are quite the inspiration and the DT does a fantastic job each month! Keep up the great work!!!

  • 218

    This month was so amazing. I really loved how you featured cards that were easy to mass produce on a budget. AND you were still able to show that Papertrey flair that keeps us coming back month after month.

  • 219
    Lisa mosher says:

    the cost breakdown was very helpful and love all the homemade gift ideas, it was great to see simple but beautiful cards as well. thanks for a chance to win.

  • 220
    Malyssa says:

    I loved seeing the cost breakdown. But I loved seeing the ‘mailable’ or ‘mail-friendly’, simpler cards! That’s totally my style and sometimes I worry that less looks like less. I loved seeing that yes, even on hand crafted cards, less really can be more! You don’t need big ribbon bows and 3D embellishments to create a beautiful card!

  • 221
    Jo Ann Mooney says:

    I love all the wonderful ideas that you offer each month with each designer showing their cards using the same sets. I also love how you show the breakdown of the cards and the supply lists. I hope my family and friends enjoy the homemade cards I send them as much as I enjoy making them with your beautiful stamps. Love them!!

  • 222
    Rachel says:

    I really love the simplicity of the projects I’ve seen. I think it’s easy for me to get bogged down by making every card “over-the-top.” I am always looking for great ideas to keep it more simple, and pretty. I think choosing what colors I want to use, backgrounds, and main images now will really help me get a handle on those Christmas cards! Starting early never hurt anyone! But why, oh why, do I still procrastinate?!? lol Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!!! Toodles! πŸ™‚

  • 223
    Jessica says:

    I loved all the thrifty card ideas, and all the awesome inspiration, of course.

    Next year I’d love to see more ideas for handmade decor, like tree decorations, table decor, handmade gifts, etc.

    Can’t wait to see the entire release!

  • 224
    susan s. says:

    I love the breakdown of the card costs. I also love seeing the different designers’ ideas for the sets. So many different styles and all so unique. Next year I would like to see just one or two new ideas for older sets that we love and would like to use again.

  • 225
    Sharon says:

    I’m a newbie. My first release. I’ve tried for three months now to make it. Once I had the wrong day. Then the wrong time. Well, better late than never. I love the samples you wave under our noses. I don’t need any stamp sets but now I need them!!!LOL!
    Sharon L

  • 226
    Romaine says:

    I loved seeing the non-tradish colours (though I AM a tradish person, I may have been inspired to “take a chance”! I loved the break down of simple cards that can be mass-produced. I would love to see more “food pkging” gift ideas. I sadly did not get through all the blog posts, though I try! Takes a long time for pics to load on dial-up. Loved actually being here for the release! My first time! (and i don’t eve have to stay up, it’s 7:30 here). Must get my kidlets ready for bed though! Keep up the FAB work, ladies!!

  • 227
    Catherine says:

    I think I really liked seeing the more basic designs. I love the cards with the big ribbons and such…but not practical to ship a bunch of those! So, seeing examples that will actually go into a regular envelope was really great! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win!

  • 228
    Jessica L says:

    The use of non traditional colors helps me to move out of my comfort zone (rut) when creating holiday cards. And I really love the use of Dawn’s handwriting mixed with text since I HATE my handwriting. I would like to stamps of appropriate size to use on the inside message.

  • 229
    Barbara M says:

    For me signature Christmas will be the most helpful for me. Nice sayings and the handwriting is elegant. I will be stamping tags and such with that.I love pure poppy and use that as my red with scarlet jewel plus cream. How about a green (for next year) deep but not avacado, something rich not bright or yellowish? Happy Holidays.

  • 230
    Kathleen says:

    I loved the cost of each project being included—that really helped me. But I was also glad to see so many great cards that could easily be mass produced. This is about the only time of year I really do that and I usually do a much too complicated card and end up really hating myself by the time it is over—I saw some amazing ideas this week with little bulk/layers—thanks so much!

  • 231
    Susan says:

    Wow, well, it’s hard to narrow it down… every stamp set seems to “catch my eye” and gives me such inspiration, thanks largely to the talent of the designers.

    I think that the addition of a “somthing Santa” set would be awesome for next year. In the mean time, thanks for all the ideas!

  • 232
    Kimberly O. says:

    I definitely appreciated the cost breakdown. πŸ™‚

  • 233

    I definitely LOVED the cost breakdown. What a great way to justify our crafting habit… “see hunny, we CAN save money by my stamping!” LOL!!

  • 234
    Sheree says:

    I loved it all. Everyone is feeling the economy pinch this year and to have the variety of creative gifts, packaging (love Lauren’s Templates) and mass producing cards with a dollar break down is so helpful. Gets everyone excited for the season to see that you can afford to purchase and have the time to create something special during this stressful time of year.
    Great release party ladies. You out did yourselves again.

  • 235
    Marisa G says:

    I thought the simple but beautiful cards and the price breakdowns were very helpful. I also enjoyed the ideas for inexpensive gifts with stamped packaging. I would love to see both of those return next year!

  • 236
    Kim H says:

    When it comes to holidays I love ideas for incorporating stamping with my gift giving and holiday baking. Maybe next year a focus on how to memorialize the holidays in scrapbooks or mini albums with Papertrey style. The samples were all so pretty but Dawn’s plaid backgrounds really stole my heart, as did your tutorial for the flannel blanket gift set.

  • 237
    Sheila A. says:

    I really liked how you showed us the cost breakdown… we can see that we can achieve fabulous handmade results with a small amount of money.

  • 238
    Jennifer K says:

    I make 50-60 cards each year so seeing card designs that are easy to replicate and inexpensive was a huge benefit to me. Do that again!

  • 239
    Merry S. says:

    I have to say I loved all of the projects, but Lauren Meader’s gift ideas were the most inspiring to me. Would love to see more ways to incorporate different colors together in the future.

  • 240
    Joyce C. says:

    I liked the simplicity and low expense of the Christmas cards. The projects were beautiful and the directions made me feel they would be easy to replicate. As for next year, more of the same! Thanks for your team’s hard work and creativity.

  • 241
    Amy says:

    I really appreciated seeing your take on one layer cards that would be quick to produce and easy to mail. I also loved seeing everyone’s homemade gift ideas and how sets could be used for things other than holiday cards.

  • 242

    I am a big one of a kind card person….I abhor mass-producing. However, for Christmas, making 100 different cards will take me foreverrrrrrrrrrrr. So for those that can’t get in on my one of a kind cards, they get mass-produced ones and I love that there were great ideas and different layouts especially for non-bulky/mailable Christmas cards. Lots of different color combos too – – loved seeing all the variations from just the standard red and green.

  • 243
    AnneSATX says:

    I loved all the simple cards and the great gift ideas. I definitely want to make one of Nichole’s heat pillows — for ME. I really enjoy seeing all the color combinations and how you all mixed the new sets in with old sets. And it also seems that you are reading, listening to and delivering on your customers’ requests and suggestions! What a responsive, customer-oriented company!

  • 244
    Leslie says:

    I was inspired by the simplicity of creating these beautiful cards and the great step by step instructions. I truly appreciated the cost breakdown of each card. Seeing that such amazing cards could be created at such a low cost really motivates me to get going on them! Another fabulous job this month! Way to go!!!

  • 245
    Sandy Kay says:

    I have been inspired by the simple, cost-effective, but beautiful cards – they are all just breathtaking, but my favorite is the one with Winter Swirls and the leafy branch from Beyond Basic Borders! I love the colors you put together as well!

  • 246
    Sonya says:

    I always enjoy the monthly releases but there’s something about ALL the Christmas sets this year. I really love the entire release. The sets are so contemporary yet timeless. I love how you can mix old and new sets together for something completely different.

    Excellent release – my favorite so far.


  • 247
    Helen F. says:

    I really loved how your showed us how to “mass produce” Christmas and Holiday cards. I have always been so intimidated in the past because I send out so many cards. The cost breakdown was fabulous and your cards are so elegantly put together ~ I seriously want to give it a try this year ;O) Also loved the homemade gift ideas. Thank you and the design team for sharing your amazing talent!

  • 248
    Linda w says:

    I have to say that Nichole your cards inspired me the most. I just loved every sample you created. You have such a talented group of designers that make it easy to create such beautiful pieces too. I just love it all.

    thanks much

  • 249
    Angela H. says:

    It was really cool to see the combo of simple card design, card interior, and envelope: the whole picture! The gift ideas from the team were great too — I’ll be sure to use them well! Great job this month, as always!

  • 250
    NavyWyf says:

    My FAVORITE post of the entire countdown was Piney’s “Secret Santa” tags. We do this every year in my large extended family. The tags are such a fun way to draw names, and then use on each gift!

  • 251
    Sue C says:

    Do I really have to pick a favorite?! I loved the breakdown on how much each card would cost. That helps you realize that a homemade card does not have to cost much to make and is more special then a store bought one. I also liked the step by steps and pictures.

  • 252

    I loved the budget holiday cards. I would love to see ideas for streamlining mass production.

  • 253

    I love all the cost breakdowns for cards. And the great ideas for mass producing. I send about 80 Christmas cards every year. I also make baked goods for my neighbors, so I liked those ideas as well….loved Dawn’s PINK banana bread ensemble!!!

  • 254
    Stefani says:

    The best part of this countdown is the timeliness! I love that I’m motivated so early in the holiday season to get started!! I think the thing that most appeals to me is mass-producing. I love ideas that look like they have lots of steps and take lots of time but actually go together quickly. I make way too many Christmas cards to send out each year (80), so this is always how I plan.

    I’ve learned you just can’t go wrong with PTI…. ever!!!

    Thank you for all the wonderful product – this is so fun every month!

  • 255
    Genevieve says:

    thank you for making realistic mom busy projects that will get me to Christmas on time from tone on tone vintage to lively backgrounds will suprise everyone

  • 256

    As always all the example of cards, so beautiful!! I make my own Christmas cards and loved how you showed how to make many cards and keep it in a budget. Next year I will enjoy the same, because all the beautiful cards never get old to look at!!

  • 257
    Cindy Holshouser says:

    I really liked the design team posts that showcased cards and simple hand-made gifts. Handmade gifts really are appreciated. And the ones you all shared are inexpensive and simple to make. I also LOVE the idea of stamping the vintage labels {and other little images} on the envelopes. What a simple but beautiful little addition to an otherwise plain envelope.

  • 258
    Sallie says:

    You really offer all of us such wonderful examples of what can be done with the new releases. The cost break-down is great…altho’ I’m not really doing this to save money! : ) If my husband ever realized what I spend on my stamping supplies, he’d know that making cards is not a “savings”(at least for me). It’s a hobby that I love and it seems to give joy to those who receive my cards…that’s priceless. ; )

  • 259
    brittany says:

    i really like the cost per card and all of the great christmas card examples. i love to hand make my cards and you have some great ideas.
    i agree with the handmade gift ideas for the future. i would really like to see more…you are very creative!

  • 260
    Nicki says:

    I enjoyed seeing the simple cards put together along with some gift ideas as well. When making lots of cards for the holidays, it’s nice to see how you can just do a few simple things and have a beautiful card that looks like you spent a lot of time on it. Plus, it’s always great to see gift giving ideas as well. It was also great when the countdown started and seeing little bits of the new product. It already gives us a head start on how we can make these products work for us. Thanks for all that you and your team do! It is greatly appreciated by all!

  • 261

    I don’t usually make our Christmas cards but what I found really helpful was the budgeting costs and cute gift ideas!

  • 262
    Maria says:

    The sneak peaks! The samples that the DT members did! The cost break down was GREAT to have!

    More sneak peaks would always work for me. lol

    You always do such a GREAT job on everything, not sure what more I would want to see next year. Just keep up the FUN!

  • 263
    Kathy says:

    I loved the quick and easy yet beautiful ideas for holiday cards! Keep up the awesome work! Thanks!

  • 264
    Rhonda says:

    I appreciated the simple but elegant card projects. I like seeing the card insides and envelope designs as well. The simple ideas keep me from being overwelmed! I would love to download the design teams’ creativity into ME! Thanks!

  • 265

    I love so many things that you have incorporated into this release… the emphasis on simple designs that can easily be mass produced, the extra touches you have added with the envelopes, but most of all I have loved that you detailed the cost per project. With so many (including my family) tightening their budgets, this is a HUGE helper in deciding how to spend our holiday dollars.

    Projects for next year — I would LOVE a Button Bits set for the holidays as well as emphasis on gift tags and packaging.

    Thanks for all the inspiration! I can’t wait to start creating all my holiday goodies!

  • 266
    Denise Grider says:

    I really like the kraft paper cards that were done during the countdown, especially when the cream ink was used for backgrounds. I was inspired to do kraft paper Christmas cards this year. Having not yet seen the Christmas stocking set, I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying that to use on next year’s Christmas cards, with kraft paper! One stamp set I would love to see is an old-fashioned Santa set, with at least 4 different santas (or even a mix & match set), and sized so that the santa would span 3 Hershey nuggets. That would make a great nugget box presentation!

  • 267
    Ange Kelly says:

    The Christmas sets and gift ideas have really inspired me to get organised for the holidays early this year! and I loooove the new colour ‘Orange Zest’ !!!!

  • 268
    Ronna E. says:

    I really appreciated the cost breakdown for cards, really helpful for those mass producing large quantities. I would love to see more gift ideas that incorporated both the use of paper and fabric. I also enjoyed the non-traditional use of color for the Holidaya-always looking for new inspiration.

  • 269
    Nancy says:

    While looking closely at the images to see what’s in store with this release, I’ve also loved the colour combinations and the variety of product used to create beautiful projects within budget–not that my order this month will be!! So much inspiration… I also appreciated seeing the sets and Lauren’s templates used in year-round samples and not just for the holidays.

  • 270
    Dawn says:

    I think showing how everything could be kept simple and cost effective and STILL stunning was great! I love that about PTI! I would like to see more types of “projects” like the blanket/pillow combo next year. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the fabulous work!!

  • 271
    glorie says:

    The cost analysis helped me the most, as well as the gift ideas that the DT presented. Next year, maybe kids presents ideas can be the focus. TFS!

  • 272
    Donna says:

    Okay, where do I begin with the ideas that are flowing through my head. I loved everything about the samples of the cards. I love simple but elegant cards and you have shown me soooo many! I love how they coordinate with the envelopes that was probably the most creative to me was when the envelopes got a cute stamp too. I would not have thought do that but now it looks so complete with it. Some ideas for next year would be to see the stamps used with gifts like you have done before with other stamps. Also using the stamps on wreaths, tableware, and ornaments would have been nice. I need to start on those Christmas gifts already and more ideas for that would have been fun! But all the cards are beautiful and your designers are amazing. Please keep the ideas coming!

  • 273
    Dona S. says:

    I liked Dawn’s blog where she used the same stamp set to create a card and presented a gift giving idea with the bread. I alos loved the idea of making the Christmas thank you cards! I’m very inspired to start my Christmas projects early!!

  • 274
    Shawn Wenrich says:

    All of the ideas were helpful but the card designs will definitely help me in planning next years cards. With Papertrey’s help I’ve already completed this years cards based on last years release.

    Thank you for offering fashionable, reasonably priced products and giving us the best designers in the industry to inspire us!

  • 275
    Karen Wegner says:

    I really liked how you decorated the envelopes to go with the Christmas cards. It was fun to see the cost breakdown of the gorgeous cards you created. Thanks for all the great gift-giving ideas!

  • 276
    Vintage Ritz says:

    I loved the simple card ideas with the variety of color examples. I’d like to see you continue this tradition of showcasing simple, easy-to-make holiday cards every year.

  • 277
    Barbara says:

    I never tire of looking at home made gift tags and little “thinking of you” xmas gifts. Continue the cost to create. Looking forward to seeing the entire release

  • 278
    Andrea says:

    I loved Nichole’s “thrify” card ideas with pricing, for beautiful and afford card options that are well-suited for mass production. Paired with the wonderful sets released this month, it’s perfect!

  • 279

    I think my favorite part was your simple one layer cards… I’d love to use that idea to do fun thank you card sets like Dawn suggested.

    I can barely wrap my brain around this year… next year, I have no idea! Lol!

  • 280
    Karen H. says:

    I really appreciated seeing simple cost-efficient projects. I usually shy away from making my holiday cards because I have so many to do and it seems like it costs more than just going out and buying…seeing such awesome cards and the associated prices really makes me look forward to planning cards this year!

  • 281
    Muriel says:

    I love the mass production details and how simplicity makes so beautiful results. All of this month sets seem fabulous.

  • 282
    StΓ©phanie says:

    Quick and easy cards for mass production is a must. The color palette that all used is so inspiring. Like also the detail cost for each card, and the detailed pictures along the project. I always like getting new ideas for homemake gifts/homebaked goodies .

  • 283
    Kimberly says:

    The economical break down was very helpful!


  • 284
    Olenka says:

    I love how you showed the way that we could make these inexpensive gifts and just wonderful gift giving ideas for our friends and family. Also how you broke down the price of everything! I am not a big spender so when I do I love to make sure I get a deal and with everything you all did to give us the greast price it helped immensely.

  • 285
    Pat Quinet says:

    I really like the idea of using different color combinations that several of your designers used. The idea of using pastels gives such a calm feeling to the designs. Loved the swirly snowflakes and all the new tree designs.

  • 286
    Debbie G. says:

    I loved all the ideas. The colors were awesome and the creativity was amazing! The countdown had so many ideas I saved, and I’m looking forward to using some of them for my own cards and gifts.

  • 287
    Ivette Melzer says:

    I like how you break down the cost of the cards. It’s nice to see that you can make cards fast, easy and reasonably priced. I would like to see some sample cards done by different artists using the same sets. Everyone has such different styles, it is fun to see what they can come up with.

  • 288
    Becky says:

    I love the design team challenge! So many talented crafters all with such different styles. Anyone is sure to come away with a perfect idea for their own Christmas gifts after browsing the blogs of your creative crew. My favorite this year was the button necklace that Heather created. Awesome!

  • 289
    Amy McNulty says:

    I loved the simple-yet-elegant ideas! I will totally be CASE-ing them for my holiday cards this year!!

  • 290
    Polly says:

    I really like the vintage labels and the use of quick and easy cards. The cost breakdown was very helpful.

  • 291
    Laura S says:

    I loved the blanket & heat pillow idea – it inspired me to go out and purchase material for a baby blanket as we have a new baby in the family. I used to makes these a few years ago for baby gifts all the time, but haven’t in a while!
    Always love the projects that include gifts!

  • 292
    Maryanne Degiorgio says:

    I loved how all the cards that were shown were nice and easy and cost effective,and made lovely gifts. Loved all the new stamps this month

  • 293
    Hlee says:

    I love the ideas of how to mix & match stamps from different stamp sets to create the perfect card. It was also nice to see the cost breakdown. Oh goodness, all the ideas that were shown were awesome and I absolutley can’t wait to get my hands on these sets.

  • 294

    I loved how many different designs were shown each day! It always seems to amaze me how many very different cards can be made from the same images! It definitely shows the versatility of PTI stamps!

  • 295
    Linda W says:

    I loved the sweet, simple samples that we can make. I love everything the DT does and I have tried to recreate many, but sometimes you just need one layer cards to mass produce at a reasonable cost. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  • 296
    Peggy says:

    I loved the different color schemes. I live in Florida and do not use the traditional colors at Christmas. I also liked the way you all kept things economical and the clean and simple cards were awesome!
    For next year … You tend to go along with what is going on in our lives at that time of year. So who knows what next year will be like? But I am sure you all will drum up fantastic offerings!

  • 297
    Suzanne says:

    I loved the fact that you focused on many cards that used a more simple design. I tend to make the same card for my Christmas recipients and just change up the colors. I loved the simplicity of many of the cards that make them easy to mass produce. I would like to see more simple cards next year, including the cost/card which helps with the budget. It would also be a huge help to include the dimensions of the papers and perhaps a shopping list for various numbers of cards (i.e. what is needed to make 20, 50 or 100 cards). These would help make the ordering much easier!

  • 298
    CarolLynn says:

    I really like Melissa’s Peaceful Poinsettia set and all of the simple, affordable ideas for Christmas cards. Thanks!!

  • 299
    Anthonette says:

    I loved all the ideas and I really loved the cost breakdowns. No one else does that level of detail. Awesome!

    Thanks for a chance to win, Nichole!

  • 300
    Jeneen Lloyd says:

    I loved the variety of cards, tags, boxes, gift ideas you really had something for everyone. So many ways to mix and match as you sets this much really seem to compliment each other so well. you can tell you have a great team. Thanks Nichole.

  • 301
    Kristyn Sinnott says:

    I loved all the wonderful, quick, easy cards that were created. They inspired me to get my Christmas cards out. They you all for the wonderful ideas and all the work that each of you put into this release.

  • 302
    Amy says:

    I loved everything presented, but I especially liked the cost breakdown for each card, and the ideas for homemade gifts. I know I struggle every year over giving people more STUFF, so it’s nice to have some alternate ideas, especially in this economy!

  • 303
    Roxanne says:

    A phenomenal set of stamps this month with lots of variety and coordination to other stamp sets already in my line up. Loved the heartfelt consideration for keeping things simple and low cost given the economic downturn and sets at various price points. Can hardly wait to see what next year brings. Maybe a bit more silver and gold – in terms of accents for next year? Am I behind the times? Or ahead of the next trend wave…seems like it cycles in and out. Thanks for a fabulous release this year.

  • 304
    Lee Anne says:

    I loved how you focused on simple, yet beautiful examples. The versatility of all the sets was so clearly highlighted every day. You showed so many different and fresh color combinations that were clearly ‘aha’ moments for me. Next year? Please! I always think that you and your team can’t get any better and you always do I can’t even dream of how PTI will be a year from now I have to recover from this year and my first attempt at making my own cards, thanks to you. And I cannot wait!!!

  • 305

    The card break down was great and I always love to see how you build on a theme or an image. The die labels and all the different uses were my favs.

  • 306
    Maria M. says:

    The most helpful part was the project breakdown. By seeing the cost and how simple yet elegant the projects are, they were truly inspirational to make my own Holiday cards! Thanks for the wonderful eye candy!

  • 307
    Kellie B says:

    I loved the gift ideas. It’s fun to get into the Christmas spirit with things you can make for others!!

  • 308
    Armie says:

    The best part is showing us how we can definitely save sooo much $$$ by creating those beautiful cards ourselves and they’re quite very easy to do too. Thank you!! It really helps to compare them to actually buying them at the store. Another thing is, how and the way you dress up the inside of the cards with the same stamp images you’ve sneak peeked so far! Beautiful and very clever I think! Thanks sooo much for the chance to win some fabulous goodies!! :o)

  • 309
    SusieJ says:

    I loved your simple cards this year and how you finished the inside and the envelope with the cost per card to show that heartfelt cards don’t have to be expensive. I loved your gift project ideas and would love to see more. Thank you for the chance to win it all. I am in awe of your talents.

  • 310
    Karen S. says:

    I liked that you kept the cards simple and inexpensive! Also I loved that you had your designers show a gift idea…everything you do is always inspiring! Thanks so much!

  • 311
    Squeaks says:

    I loved the gift ideas. Lots of inspiration for creating simple yet attractive cards and other things.

    I love how Mish and Pine show their ideas for producing multiples.
    Melissa Phillips’ ideas are always so beautiful, yet doable.

    Next year, more gift ideas with whatever wonderful ideas your team dreams up.

  • 312
    Suzanne Milam says:

    Just loved all the neat ideas and being able to see so many things done with one set. Loved seeing the cost breakdown of each card. Just keep the wonderful ideas coming…you all are amazing !!!

  • 313
    Cherie says:

    I really appreciated how you and all the girls showed so many projects that were simple to put together during a busy time of the year!
    I would love to see for next year something to use for a party theme much like your your First Fruits from last year had so many great ideas for the Thanksgiving Table I would love to see some designs for the Christmas table with Holly Berries and in traditional colors.

  • 314
    Deborah Samuelson says:

    I very much liked seeing the insides of cards and the beautifully embellished envelopes. Also the cost breakdown was so helpful. One suggestion for next year is projects for the home. thank you for the chance at winning :o)

  • 315
    Josee says:

    I like the clean and simple cards and how to mass produce. It would be nice to see more small gift ensembles. Everything you create is amazing and very inspiring !

  • 316
    Cindy says:

    All the samples are so pretty – I think the best part is getting ideas from what others create and then tweaking them some to suit your own style. As far as ideas, I am in love with all of the templates and would like to see more. Thanks for such beautiful creative work!!!

  • 317
    Teresa says:

    With the current economy I really appreciate the cost breakdowns for the holiday cards! I am a loyal Papertrey Ink customer but it never hurts to stretch those dollars!!!

  • 318
    Jeni Barbas says:

    I really loved the focus on the non-traditional color schemes and the simple cards that are easy to mass produce. For next year I would love to see even more handmade gifts..it’s so much fun to make papercraft gifts. Also, can’t wait for another Holiday Tags set!!

  • 319
    Karen Ramsey says:

    It’s always such fun to see the wonderful ideas on the countdown. I really appreciated the price breakdown. The cards were beautiful and so easy to do that I am excited to get started on my holiday cards right away. I like the cards that are elegant, yet simple to make in large quantities. LOVE Dawns Signature set.

  • 320
    Kelly S. says:

    I loved the simpler card designs just perfect for quick assembly during this wonderfully hectic season. As for next year, just keep up the great work! Everything you present is such a work of art!

  • 321
    Kristine says:

    I really appreciated that you focused on cards, and especially the price breakdown on each project. Next year I’d like to see gift tags, or card sets (using the same stamp set) to give as gifts.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some amazing stamps, and thank you for the inspiration!!

  • 322
    Cecelia says:

    I like Dawn’s sentiment stamp set. She has a great sense of appropriate/ needed sayings, and ties them together with her handwriting so well.

    I’d like to see more options for Christmas greetings.

  • 323
    Tonya Dirk says:

    My top most favorite part was how simple yet elegant your focus was on the cards, I think it really made everyone feel like they could make all of your projects themselves. FOr next year I would really love to see more Holiday/Xmas decor items. I can only imagine the fabulous things that your brain would come up with to share with us all!

  • 324
    Marcia Truslow says:

    I loved the simplicity and elegance associated with all the cards you showcased The cost breakdown amazed me! I think the Tree Trio is my fav, especially since you can change out the ornaments and use the page pebbles to make them 3D, yet easily mailable. Love, love, love!

  • 325
    Mary from OH says:

    The most inspiring part of this countdown(besides all the beautiful cards) were the beautiful way the envelopes were stamped to make a gorgeous and finished cards for me to mail this year.

  • 326
    Amy s K. says:

    The card ideas are great for inspiration. Ideas for sets of cards to give as Christmas gifts would be helpful next year. Thanks for all the helpful info and wonderful stamp sets, and colors and creativity!

  • 327
    NancyAF says:

    What was most helpful was definitely the cost breakdown. Knowing that small yet significant detail makes creating the cards more achievable. What was most inspiring was the emphasis on simplicity. As a newbie to paper crafting, I get overwhelmed with all the techniques in making a “great” card. When it comes down to it, when you are working with top quality product like PTI, it is easy to create. πŸ™‚

  • 328
    Beth Watson says:

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the gift ideas paired with the cards that you and all of the designers shared – I really got some great ideas for what I am going to create for family, friends and co-workers this Holiday Season! Thanks for all of the inspiration – I can’t live without the Trio of Trees set!

  • 329
    Jill R says:

    I liked how you had a price break down of each card, it is helpful for planning mass quantities of cards. Perhaps next time, I’d like to see the price break down of one of your regular ‘jazzed up’ cards, in addition to the style you shared this time. Keep up the good work!

  • 330
    sarah says:

    i really enjoyed all of the samples for quick and easy mass-producable cards. they were beautiful and inspiring and showed how simple can be stunning.

  • 331
    Rose antonopoulos says:

    I loved the cost breakdown that you frequently do, but I REALLY enjoyed the nontraditional Christmas colours you used. And my favorite one was Kraft and pure poppy !!
    Thanks so much for a chance to win

  • 332
    Carmen says:

    I found it very helpful that you gave us the price of the projects, and I found very inspiring the fact that all of your projects were very simple, but beautiful. I wish that you would keep both of those things for next year’s release.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 333
    Isabel Z says:

    My favorite part of this month’s countdown was seeing how a card can be mass produced for a reasonable price but still be beautiful and unique. I would love to see more gift ideas along with the cards–gifts for co-workers, teachers, babysitters, etc. As always I enjoyed every minute of the countdown.

  • 334
    GINA says:

    I loved how easily these cards can be mass produced!

  • 335

    I enjoyed the mass production ideas for card making!!
    So fun, quick, easy to produce.
    thanks so much for sharing

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    I loved the simple cards and how quick so many of them can be made, and I never put anything on the inside of my cards so I love how you carry some of the outside theme into the inside, it flows nicely. Sometimes I feel like it’s a real chore to get a card done but I really love the clean look you’ve shown us. I’ve never used Kraft Paper (i’m a newbie!)and I really liked how you used that for the holiday cards so I ordered some this weekend and I can’t wait to get it!

  • 339
    Carrie T says:

    I love the simple but elegant card designs that would be so easy to mass produce when you’re short on time and let’s face it Christmas time is busy, busy, busy! The cost breakdown was great, too, especially when justifying to the DH the need to purchase new stamps!!! Next year – I don’t know – maybe a few more gift ideas. It’s so hard to think about next year when I’m worried about getting through this year!

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    Cheri Mosgrove says:

    Hi Nichole!
    I really, really enjoyed seeing cards that were 1) flat and postage friendly and 2) cost effective. It was great to have the cost breakdown right there with the card! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do! It is MUCH appreciated!

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    Emma says:

    I loved the ideas for simple, yet elegant mass produced cards. I also really liked how each set of cards had a matching envelope – this really makes the cards that much more special. The vintage labels set seemed perfect for this purpose. As for next year – just keep doing what you’re doing because it’s AWESOME! (although I’m still hanging out for some cute gingerbread men!)

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    I loved all the fabulous, easy to use stamp sets. They were all just perfect for showcasing quick, easy, and elegant cards. I loved the new holiday color schemes as well. Thanks, Nichole on helping us with step by step instructions. I know that made more work for you, but that is a tremendous help to all of us who CASE. I would like to see more gift packaging ideas using past and new My Timeless Templates. Maybe challenge the design team to use one for each stamp set along with a card. We all love their work, and those could be shown during the countdown or after the release.
    Thanks for asking for our input. It’s nice to know we are heard and you care about what we want.


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    Victoria N. says:

    I loved the ideas for quick, easy to mass reproduce Christmas cards, as well as gift tags. I’ve been stamping for nearly 16 years, and I’ve only made my own Christmas cards once! I’m usually too overwhelmed and have too many activities going on, but I think I may have to try to make my holiday cards this year. Thanks for the never-ending inspiration!

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    Terri Bills says:

    I just loved all of the blog posts with everyone’s gift ideas. This is a great time to get started on holiday projects. Then there isn’t such a rush later on. Next year, I would say just more of the same, great products, great ideas. I am truly impressed with the quality of your products and the design team is amazing.

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  • 351
    Odette says:

    I enjoyed the concept of quick and simple cards! They looked so nice and still keeping the simple and quick to make look! I really loved the small cards that Pine made on the “holiday jumpstart” post. Specially loved the Stocking Prints set.
    For the next year I would like to see a pretty face of Santa πŸ™‚

  • 352
    Susan says:

    I liked so many things this month. First, I liked that the cards were quick and easy. Second, I liked seeing the inside sentiment and the design on the envelopes. And last, I appreciated seeing the price per card. Thanks for another month of inspiration!

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    I personally loved the DT’s Holiday jumpstart posts. I got lots of great ideas for gift giving this year, and I loved the use of non-traditional Christmas colors! I also found it very helpful to list the measurements for each card in the supply list. It will make shopping for supplies so much easier! Next year, I’d love to see more of the same! =)

  • 354
    Debi U says:

    I loved the use of “non-traditional” holiday colors and I loved the use of other stamp sets for holiday cards (i.e. the Damask set). I didn’t really think of using that set for Christmas cards, but it gave me new ideas. Can you show the whole sets ahead of time so we can plan ahead?

  • 355
    TammyB says:

    I love the simplicity of the cards you showcased (and the cost breakdowns). I also really enjoyed all the gifts that the design team made – some awesome ideas for those you want to let know they are appreciated but don’t want to spend that much on. I also enjoyed seeing how versatile the poinsettia stamp set is – that it’s not just for the holidays. For next year, I wouldn’t mind seeing some ideas/accents for including a picture on a stamped card. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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    Karin M says:

    Like the cost breakdown along with the cards.

  • 357
    lee says:

    I can honestly say that I loved everything…the cards, the gift ideas. I am so in the mood for Christmas. Just a thought, maybe next year do some gift giving ideas for children. Either for the kids to make or receive.

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    I really enjoyed some of the nontraditional colors used in your cards this year and also how much mileage Dawn could get out of 1 small stamp for backgrounds. Loved how the projects could be utilized for gifts. Maybe you could have a contest on mass producing quick cards for the holidays. Sometime simple is best.

  • 360

    I love the cost breakdown you gave for each card. I always think that my home-made cards are too expensive. This just helped prove to me that they aren’t!

  • 361

    I really liked seeing the simple beautiful cards and the breakdown in price. Seeing the steps in making them was very helpful too, enabling me to estimate some timelines for myself to re-create. I always feel calm and even optimistic when reading your blog. The flannel blanket and heat bag was also a great idea and lovely package! Thanks to the whole team on all of the presentations and peeks!

  • 362
    Kristy says:

    I really like how your focus for this month’s presentation was on economical cards. Your lovely style and elegance perfectly illustrates how being thrifty doesn’t mean cheap or unattractive. I loved the inspiration!

    My favorite part of this month’s presentation was each designer’s spotlight on Tree Trimming Trio and their ideas for this holiday’s gift giving. The projects were as varied as each designer and I love them all!

    Oh, and the orange zest color line is a beautiful addition. Fall isn’t the same without orange!

  • 363
    Wendy Fox says:

    I loved the homemade holiday gift ideas. I came away with lots of ideas from the designers and can’t wait to get to work! Also, I love the specific “recipes” Nichole provided for her projects – so helpful!

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    Alice says:

    I really enjoy seeing the simple but elegant cards. There’s always that one (or couple lol) person you’ve forgotten and it’s nice that there are simple cards to produce quickly. I love the vintage lables as those look like they can be used all year round. Fantastic work =)

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    I thought the breakdown of costs for holiday cards was a great idea!

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    Silke Ledlow says:

    I really liked the breakdown of the cost to create the cards!!! I loved all the new images and I also like how you can coordinate them with your background stamps!!!

    For next year I would love to see some angel images!!! Hugs ~S~

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    TaraG says:

    I loved how you showed the many uses of the same stamp for multiple uses, not just Christmas. I also loved that you included measurements for making mass producing Christmas cards so much easier. I tend to send out about 50 or so, so being able to cut everything at once is so much easier!!

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    Anya says:

    The cost breakdown for the projects was incredibly helpful! I also love it when the entire design team participates in an assignment – the gift and card combo put together by each of the team members was great inspiration!

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    I love each and every countdown..it’s seriously the first thing I check when i get up if i didn’t already stay up too late to peek at night:)
    I think my favorite this month was all the card ideas for quick and inexpensive ideas that you can MASS produce! I love that you showed how to dress up the envelope too! thank you for all the inspiration and the chance:)

  • 370
    rachael says:

    There are so many things I loved about the countdown! This is my first countdown/release that I have followed and it was awesome to see so many projects and ideas on your’s and the DT’s blogs. Next year I am sure the designs will be amazing, again, so the only thing I could ask for is “More!”

  • 371
    Donna says:

    You have been sensitive to the economy and given us some fun ideas for low cost gifts – always a great thing because even when times aren’t tough we need ideas for those simply thoughtful gifts we all need for people.

  • 372
    lynn says:

    cant’ pick a favorite–it all too good!
    next year–more small gift ideas? thanks for the chance!

  • 373

    I think it was so helpful to see the cost of each card – it will help justify my addiction! It’s around the holidays that I realize just how beneficial making your own cards and gifts can really be. I also enjoyed seeing the unique color combinations for Christmas projects.

  • 374
    Eileen M says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head with stunningly beautiful, but easy and inexpensive, card samples. I keep going back to the trees in enchanted evening, I think that is my fave.

  • 375
    Deb says:

    My favorite part was the many fantastic ideas for elegant cards & small gifts that did not take a lot of time or money to produce. I loved the use of some very non-traditional colors as well. One of the other ideas I found to be most helpful with the use of some other sets, released previously to complete the cards.

  • 376
    Angie Tieman says:

    I loved seeing all the gift ideas and different materials used!

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    I love the simple elegance of all of your designs. I am so glad that I waited before I purchased my holiday card making supplies!

  • 379
    Tracey C. says:

    I always love when you give the cost breakdown — it really puts things into perspective — next year?? hmmmmm…some ideas on non-food treats for kids??

  • 380
    Karen Oates says:

    I loved the step-by-step directions on how to make each card, and also how they were very simple, yet beautiful! (That’s great for those of us who are just beginning and don’t have a lot of supplies.) I also loved the handmade gift ideas. All of you are SO creative! Maybe some present packaging/wrapping ideas for next year???

  • 381
    Joan E. says:

    I liked all the gift giving ideas that mean so much to friends and family. The decorated tags seem to be the finishing touch to a lot of the packaging ideas. Great projects again this release. Thanks.

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    cynthia says:

    I loved everything this month. So many great ideas and great instructions on how to reproduce them. Probably the thing I liked best was the blanket. I quilt and sew so that to me was fantastic and i can’t wait to make those pillows Thanks Cynthia

  • 383

    I loved how you focused on cards that are easy to mass produce. Gotta love the cost breakdown as well. So much inspiration and you guys have all got me in the holiday mood. Can’t wait to fill my cart with these holiday goodies.

  • 384
    Terri Moore says:

    Having you provide measurments and supply lists.I also enjoyed seeing all the homeade gifts.

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    Betty says:

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  • 387

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    thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prize….

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    I loved all of the simple but amazing and budget friendly card ideas. I think it’s great you gave measurements for everything. My favorite things were the blanket, heat pillow, and bag ensemble! Would love to see more handmade gift ideas like these next year. Thank you for giving us lots of holiday inspiration!

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    Oh goodness it was definitely the part about jump starting the holiday gifts – I looked at every DT member’s ideas and posts – and was SO inspired. Having breakdowns on the costs was helpful too.

  • 391

    I loved the simple cards. I make simple cards and to see simple done ‘Nichole style’ was pretty fun. I got tons of ideas and plan to incorporate them into my holiday cards. I don’t know what else you could possibly do. Well, I never know and then you just come up with the perfect things!

  • 392
    Rhonda H says:

    The fabulous color scheme ideas were so helpful. I even thought of other occasions for which some of the colorways could be used in addition to the Holiday ideas shown!

    Oh, and the cost breakdown.

    AND the fact that the labels are made to fit the Spellbinders Nestabilities label dies. Terrific timesaver there.

    Uh, is that enough of an answer to qualify, cuz I DO WANT IT ALL!!!

  • 393
    Sue C says:

    I loved the creative and thrifty gift ideas. And early enough that I can maybe get something done! I have lots of small gifts to give at the Holidays so I appreciate all the ideas! Thank you!

  • 394
    Angela says:

    My favorite part was seeing each project broken down in process and cost; the engineering part of me enjoyed having this companion to creativity. Next year, I would love to see some attention to preparing photo cards since I always struggle to balance creativity with mass production. Thank you for the chance to win this month…my birthday is next Monday, so I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  • 395
    Peggy says:

    Along with seeing the many ideas of how each set could be used, I really liked seeing the price break-down lists. You have helped inspire me to get going on the 100 holiday cards I plan to make, and reminded me that simple can be very nice. More of the same next year, thanks!

  • 396
    Mary Edmonds says:

    I LOVE the blue cards with the flourish trees! Very elegant!!! I also LOVE the snowflake stamps!!!!

    Next year I would LOVE to see more stamps that fit the Nesties! What a wonderful idea!!!!

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    Ritu says:

    I loved the alternate colors.
    I loved the versatility of the designs and their overall simplicity
    I loved the handwritten sentiments.

  • 398
    Betty says:

    I always like to see how you do the cost per card to make. I loved all the different looks. I would love to see more vintage style images. It is a good start with the vintage labels.

  • 399
    Nichole M. says:

    Honestly I just loved it all, but my favorite has to be how you showed how affordable handmade cards can be. I make tons of cards and think to myself how expensive they are, but then I guess I never get around to comparing it to the cost of actually BUYING cards πŸ˜€ Plus, having a handmade note inside is so much better than simply signing your name to a prewritten sentiment!

  • 400
    Renee says:

    Loved seeing the cost of each project! Sometimes, ok every year, I always feel like I’m putting so much money into my cards, and you made it easy! And, it’s really easy to convince my husband that it IS cheaper to make the cards:)

  • 401
    Crystal says:

    YAY this is so awesome great job!! I would really love to see the start of card making for the holidays done a little sooner because I feel we rush it. But you yourself did the best run down on each project and I am excited to see if I win!

  • 402
    Kelley says:

    I loved how you showed some simple cards at a great price! The amazing stamps you are providing is inspiration enough!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

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    Elena says:

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  • 404
    Rosemary says:

    The ideas for quick and simple cards is so helpful. And I think that showing the projects using non-traditional color schemes was great, too. Always a ton of ideas each release!

  • 405
    Dottie K says:

    Love the breakdown of the cost for each project. I would love to see more tags and some other small gift ideas. Also some scrapbooking ideas with your stamps. Love the page Nichole did on CK. Thanks for a chance to win. πŸ™‚

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    Leilani says:

    This month’s countdown was so inspirational!!! The wheels are a turnin’ for what will be on my project list for the holiday season. I think my most favorite part was the presentation of all the holiday gifts. Sometimes my yummy home-made treats … well just aren’t that yummy. So store bought, from the heart gifts, will just surely be enjoyed by my friends and family. The PTI’s design team just made the most beautiful, simple, elegant tags/packaging!!! I just can’t wait to start creating!!!

  • 407
    Harry says:

    As a guy, I’d like to see more ideas for us–what can my wife make that I’d like? Well, the pink and red is all well and good, but it’s not exactly my style. It would be great to see some branching out in that respect, but really, you’re doing a great job, and these stamps look incredibly versatile from all I’ve seen.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 408
    Nic V. says:

    The countdowns get better and better with each release, there were so many great ideas from all the designers but what I’d like to see more of are the creative handmade gifts that can be shared using these wonderful products! The price tally of each item is also a great feature –shows just how much value you can get over and over!

  • 409
    Lori Y says:

    I enjoyed seeing all the elegant, clean, and simple examples with the stamp sets. I like how so many of the sets coordinate with each other. It’s so nice to see how sets we already may own can be used in a ‘new’ way. And the cost breakdown is so helpful. It shows that a beautiful, elegant, handmade card can be extremely affordable. Thanks PTI.

  • 410
    Cassi says:

    I loved each of the homemade holiday gifts sets from each of the design team members. And the receipts for each of the card ideas was great too! We can all use a bit of help cutting holiday costs.

  • 411
    Kristin Yong says:

    I love all the gift giving ideas and appreciate the breakdown on cost. I enjoy browsing through the quick and easy no-fuss cards, clean and simple designs which I can immediately get going to make one of my own too and make my day! I am just so ready for Christmas and am on the lookout for all christmassy creations now.

  • 412
    Sherry says:

    I loved that you concentrated on simple, do able cards and gifts. It is such a busy time of year and I really appreciate that most of these samples can be mass produced. Thanks for all you do!

  • 413

    I LOVED the price breakdown. It’s a great thing to know exactly how much mass produced cards would cost you. . .especially when you have a very long Christmas list! πŸ™‚ I thought the presentation for all of the new sets was wonderful and, as always, the projects were PERFECT!

  • 414
    Lisa Stenz says:

    I loved the budget projects! They are going to be very helpful. I would love to see the same thing next year! In fact, it would be great to have a couple of budget projects with each release. Thanks for the chance to win so many great goodies! *Ü*

  • 415
    Carol R says:

    The thing I liked about the examples of cards shown were how simple yet beautiful they were and very cost effective. And getting a head start on making everything now is a goal of mine this year! I also love seeing different ways to package gifts. From tags to embellishments, to the boxes to place items in. Maybe some more ideas for these starting again in September next year.

  • 416
    AnnElise R. says:

    Hi! I think the best parts were the small gifts, the time-saving tips and of course the budget breakdown!
    I LOVE reading your blog! Thanks so much!

  • 417
    Diana says:

    I loved seeing the gift-giving ideas with matching gift cards. It was neat to have the actual directions for making the gifts!
    I also liked the tips for mass-producing holiday cards.
    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and inspiring me. I can’t wait to get started on my holiday goodies now πŸ™‚

  • 418
    Maria M. says:

    I like the price breakdown of each card. I love every single project you displayed. My request for future projects: cards, cards and more cards. Thanks a bunch!

  • 419
    Renee V. (happystamper05) says:

    I think you did an awesome job (as always) with the sneak peeks, projects and card ideas.
    In fact, my favorite was all the wonderful gift ideas from you and the design team.
    I don’t think I could even add to what you already do…maybe more food related? or classroom ideas for children?
    Seriously you do such a wonderful job…
    Hugs… and thank you!

  • 420
    Emily Simpson says:

    I have loved seeing cards that are inexpensive and easy to duplicate. It’s been so fun seeing cards that I could put together for Christmas myself! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 421
    Wahinelei says:

    What I loved seeing this year was all the homemade gifts and the cards that went with them. Totally feel inspired to do a homemade Christmas this year! I hope to see that again next year too. Sometime in the future I wouldn’t mind seeing an “All around the World” type of Christmas set done PTI style. You have a lot of international customers and I’d think it’d be fun!

  • 422
    miriam says:

    I really enjoyed that you let us know how much each card cost to make. With the economy being what it is, it’s nice to see that you can do something special for some one you care about with little money. I also enjoyed how you made thing other than cards. The decorative label on the banana bread and the tin. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great ideas!

    Miriam from California

  • 423
    Jada says:

    I love seeing the breakdown of how much it would cost to create each card! Seeing the peeks of the Tree Trimming Trio set really peaked my interest. Seeing Dawn’s card in Enchanted Evening using this set, the vintage labels and her Signature Christmas sets put me over the edge. I will be purchasing these 3 sets and making my Christmas cards this year. I would love to see what the fabulous PTI DT could come with using only CAS (clean and simple) and OLC’s (one layer cards)!

  • 424
    Kerry says:

    I really liked that you broke down the cost. I know it’s hard to do because you are using the samples to promote your stamps, but next year I would love to see a simple card that could be produced many times in assembly-line production that uses only one stamp set.

  • 425
    Sharon D says:

    I loved seeing the insides of cards and the envelopes. I also loved all the ideas for inexpensive projects. I know I’ll love whatever you do for next year–you’re so talented and creative! Thanks for all the inspiration you always provide!

  • 426
    Steph says:

    I really like how you showed projects that could be mass produced but were still beautiful as a single card. This month’s count down really got me into the Christmas creative mode. Thank you!

  • 427
    Ally says:

    I enjoyed the gift ideas and “whole package” look… From the tag to the box to the gift itself… But also doing it on a budget. I was drawn to quick and easy(yet elegant) and easy to mass produce!

  • 428
    Shellie Hartsock says:

    I love the simple yet beautiful cards that can be easily mass produced. Any unique yet simple embellishment ideas are appreciated. I also loved the pillow and blanket gift idea. Practical and cute gift ideas are awesome.

  • 429
    Christy B. says:

    I really loved your ideas for making gorgeous Christmas cards that are easily mass-produced – and breaking down the cost for them! Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  • 430
    Julie says:

    I’d have to say all of them! I loved how you broke down the cost of each project to show that you can make a beautiful presentation and it not cost a fortune! I loved all the ideas this month especially love the tree trimming set and the vintage labels. So fun – all of it!

  • 431

    I liked how you did the cost breakdown of each card and I loved the day when everyone presented a handmade gift idea. So super cool. I loved everything about this month’s countdown. Everyone is awesome!

  • 432
    calliezant says:

    I loved the simple cards…they looked great and the simplicity really is important when they are to be mailed.

  • 433
    Jennine says:

    Seeing how easy it is to make AMAZING cards and tags has truly inspired me to get started on my cards as soon as I get a couple of these sets. I really liked the cost break down… knowing how inexspenive it really can be is that much more motivating.

  • 434
    MakiJ says:

    I love that you showed us how much each card costs as well as your simple, yet beautiful creations. I hope you will sell some Holiday card kits that contain all materials to make about 10 cards w/ envelopes.

  • 435
    Shirlann says:

    The most valuable part of the countdown was the simplicity of the projects that I can mass produce at little cost. Love the price breakdown! Love that the set Vintage Labels matches the Label One dies….perfect! Next year, I would like to see a button bits Christmas set with a vintage feel..maybe using more fabric in projects?

  • 436
    Joey says:

    Anything quick and easy is SORELY needed. I see too many family members desperately wanted to put forth effort and care into their gifts, but have to “settle” because of stress or time constraints. Keep posting fast projects. Great job, and keep it up!

  • 437
    Ida says:

    My favorite part of this release was seeing the different economical and easy to reproduce cards. When I am pressed for time it’s nice to have a CAS layout to fall back on.
    As for next year…I never like to think ahead that far.

  • 438
    Glee says:

    You and the DT do such wonderful work each month showcasing the new stamp sets. I go from one blog to another and just *gasp* at all the creations. This month, with your emphasis on simplicity and low cost, was especially wonderful; we were shown that one does not have to create a masterpiece of “show” all the time. A masterpiece of “simple style” is easier and much more beautiful! I would just advise you all to just keep doing what you are doing each month: works of anticipation, excitement and above all, works of heartfelt projects. You can’t get any better than that!!!!!

  • 439
    Theresa Tyree says:

    Another one here for the breakdown of the costs. I also love the different non-traditional color scheme inspirations/examples!

  • 440
    Mary B says:

    In addition to the great gift and packaging ideas, I love to have it pointed out how well new sets coordinate and work with previous sets or products. There have been quite a few times when I probably would never have thought to pair certain things together, but when you point it out, I have a “duh…of course!” moment. Thanks so much for the chance to win this fabulous package!

  • 441
    Kristy says:

    I liked that the cards were easy to put together, they won’t be overwhelming to tackle! Also it was fun to see the diffent colors used for Christmas cards, never would of thought to use them, but now I love them!

  • 442
    Kellie says:

    I loved the countdown! I was extremely impressed with all the different variations of color and how differnt the set could look. I am hooked on the Peaceful Poinsettia set in Hibiscus Burst. I like seeing the price break down,although I am new at “collecting” PTI supplies so the $0.36 to make one card really equates to more like $50 once I get everything…but what my husband doesn’t know won’t kill him! I really do want it ALL!

  • 443
    Jennifer says:

    I loved all of the ideas for the easy and simple holiday cards. There were some great ideas that I can’t wait to try out for myself (once I get all the new holiday stamps)!

  • 444
    ljurecek says:

    I loved the Vintage labels. I can really see using this quite a bit for cards and gift tags with this years Christmas gift giving. Please continue to offer the ease and versatility of using cutting tools and coordinating stamp sets. It makes gift giving so much easier and faster!

  • 445

    The samples are ALWAYS inspiring, but I particularly loved seeing the cost break downs. Considering the increasing costs of store bought cards, I am getting a great bargain and having lots of fun doing it!

  • 446
    Donna Dirienzo says:

    My favorite part of the countdown was the gift ideas. Always looking for ideas for cute and creative small gifts. Your envelope ideas inspired me the most! I usually don’t decorate the envelopes on our holiday cards, but oh what a difference that makes! πŸ™‚

  • 447
    Marge R. says:

    The sets for 2009’s Christmas are fabulous!!! For me, I love the simplicity of the featured cards, but also the variety of ways each could be used & the sets combined! The cost breakdown is very helpful also! For next year I’d love a Buttons Bits set and always prefer simple elegance for my one Christmas card I send to all our family & friends — because I make one so many times over, I have to LOVE it!!!

  • 448
    BethieJ says:

    Oh I LOVED everything this release (Ok EVERY release I LOVE it all!! LOL!!)
    I really enjoy seeing all the fun gifty ideas.. the food ideas are GREAT too…
    So looking forward to tonite.. back to the boards…
    Happy RELEASE night!!

  • 449
    Robyn says:

    I liked seeing step by step instructions and ideas on using the new stamp sets. The cost breakdown of each card was also helpful. These sets are truly beautiful.

  • 450
    jayH says:

    everything was perfect!! i would like to see Homemade projects for next year.

  • 451
    Rachel H. says:

    The cost breakdown and gift ideas were FABULOUS!!! I love the Christmas cards of course!!!! All just amazing.

  • 452
    Jeaneen says:

    I loved seeing the cost breakdown for the cards – a great idea!

  • 453
    Verda says:

    I loved that you showed easy but elegant cards to make in mass production. The holidays are so hectic and it really helps when ideas are shared on how to beat the stress by keeping things simple.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize.

  • 454
    hal2009 says:

    I am inspired by the simplicity of the cards I have seen in the countdown….they are so sweet and yet so elegant. I like to see the simple cards around the holidays and would actually LOVE to see Christmas released in July. I would really enjoy a set or two made that children would enjoy both using and receiving on a card (or wrap the stamps as a gift) to introduce children early to the excitement and possibilities of stamping.

  • 455
    Andi Sexton says:

    The tags and super fun way of using the labels with tags or journal spots.. Love all the simple, yet ever so elegant cards, too!!!

    gorgeous gorgeous ideas!!!

  • 456
    Rachel Bosworth says:

    I really enjoyed the blanket project and matching card. I am always inspired by your projects! I am a fan of projects like these anytime of year. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 457
    Julie Smith (grace01) says:

    totally loved the cost breakdown and the super easy to mass produce cards. Christmas is a very busy time of year and to be able make cards quickly but with a wow factor is awesome. next year maybe see a little more examples of small gifts/gift ensemble. thanks!

  • 458
    jaime aldridge says:

    i really liked how you showed us simple, elegant cards that wouldn’t break the bank this holiday season. i often tend to add a lot of layers and embellishments to my cards because i think it will make them more beautiful. they end up costing me a LOT more money than if i would have(dare i say)just bought them from a store!! so, thank you, nichole for your wonderful, inspirational, low budget cards! and for next year, just do what you do every release and it will be a knock out as always!

  • 459
    Katie K. says:

    I liked the examples of Christmas cards that could be made in quantity–not just from a price standpoint, but all for speed of completing them. And I love the images & sentiments, too. Thanks!

  • 460

    I like everything! One thing that I would love to see is something to do wtih the cricut, it seems like everyone has one these days! I would luv to see papertry gals with it too! I would love to see the homemade gifts and stuff that incorporte with the cricut!! Thanks Denise U guys Rock!!!!

  • 461

    I too definitely enjoyed the breakdown of prices. I believe you have inspired many people to make their own Christmas cards this year!!! I also enjoyed seeing everyone’s color combos that weren’t always traditional Christmas colors.

  • 462

    I would have to say the most helpful part of this month’s countdown was where you listed the cost to create each card…and when you made a valid point about sending cards with less layers (while showing us just how striking they can be) to save on production time and shipping costs.

    Next year? Hmmm…I’m hesitant to mention anything I might like to see because I KNOW you and your amazing team will far exceed any ideas I come up with! So, I would like to see the new releases, the homemade projects, the cost to create…and whatever you dream up :O)

  • 463
    Suzanne T says:

    I really enjoyed how you showed the different options with each set and how in-expensive it would be to mass produce these cards.

    What would I like to see next year? maybe the same card made in different color combinations!

    Now decision time – which to get, the swirls and stockings are my favorite but I love the notes from Dawn.

  • 464
    MamaReebs says:

    I loved that everyone put together ideas that were simple and quick – things that can be mass produced easily. I found many ideas and I can’t wait to get crackin’. Next year I would like to see the simple, mass production applied to little gifts. I’m always looking for unique gifts to give so I can spread holiday cheer while saying thank you for a job well done.

  • 465
    Jaime Seiter says:

    I love love love all of the fabulous Christmas card ideas! I want to copy them all! I also love all of the non traditional christmas color combinations!

  • 466
    janie c says:

    Hi Nichole, I loved everything you and the team have put forth. However, what I like most are the holiday ideas that are not necessarily cards. This inspires me to create more gifts versus buying gifts. I would really love to see a PTI warehouse sale before the holidays next year. I’m in Chicago and I think my friends and I would drive down for this event! Keep up the great work!

  • 467
    Laura says:

    I really did like the way the cost per card was calculated. Sometimes I think that it would be way more cost effective to just buy a box of cards to send out at Christmas (seeings as I always need a lot), but you showed that it is possible to make a lot of beautiful cards for just a bit of pocket change. I can’t wait to get started. =P

  • 468
    Angie says:

    Creating the charm of a handmade project and at an affordable price … rocks!! These sets are versatile from cards,tags,boxes and bag to wrapping papers…lov’ em.

  • 469
    LindaH says:

    I loved the beautiful gift ideas all of the team came up with. I am always looking for small gifts for the many people at work I try to make something for. I love the way all of their gifts had a matching card…that is so me! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas during the countdown.

  • 470
    Kathy says:

    I like how the design team talks about the stamp sets they’ve designed. And I love the card ideas and the price breakdown on each card.

  • 471
    Peter says:

    My sister pointed out the pointsettia set to me, but I think that I like the swirls set the most from all the samples I’ve seen. Maybe you could make an “addition” stamp set that has similar swirls.

  • 472
    Nancy N says:

    I love all the Holiday gift ideas, all the guidelines and measurements for recreating the cards you made and all the great color combinations that were used by all the designers. I would love next year if you had an addition to Made of Snow. With a female and child snowperson etc.

  • 473

    The project breakdown was for sure the best. Sometimes it seems like we spend so much and to see each project broken down into what each would cost put it all into perspective for me. And of course the projects were all fantastic!

  • 474

    I liked the “simple” theme that you choose plus adding up the cost for us. I also liked all the different color combos that were presented – that really shows how the same set can create so many different looks. I also like how you showcased simple gifts. I found that to be very helpful.

  • 475
    Elaine says:

    I loved the entire series because it reminded me to get my act together NOW and start thinking about what I want to make/do for our closest friends, neighbors and family! Loved seeing the delightful ideas – thanks to all of you! πŸ™‚

  • 476
    Lesa says:

    I have enjoyed seeing the somewhat simple cards that have been on the blogs this week. I make a lot of cards that have to be mailed so the thinner ones are going to be great for me. As far as what I would like to see next year is a repeat of the way you did the Holiday Card Making 101 last year. That was so easy to print out and have for making my cards last year. Please consider doing that again next year. Thanks.

  • 477
    Kimberly S says:

    I really liked the simplicity of the cards shown. For next year, I’d like to see a more religious set, such as angels, holy family, wise men, etc. I am getting Silent Night tonight, but would like some images to complement.

  • 478
    Lee Mills says:

    I loved all the ideas – so many of them – you have all been so busy – but most of all I liked the fact that it got my creative juices flowing – the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the ideas is always a major consideration for me and you guys delivered on both accounts – well done and many thanks x

  • 479
    tchrtiff says:

    I loved the simplicity of the cards (in making them) but they didn’t look simplistic. And I loved the price breakdown you showed for each card.

    Next year I’d love to see some gift cards/tags. I’d also like to see how you can incorporate a photo in designing a stamped card since so many families send a photo with their Christmas cards.

    Thanks for the chance to win an amazing set of stamps this month!

  • 480
    Janice Marcham says:

    I loved the fact that elegant doesn’t have to be difficult! Everyone’s samples were beautiful, as usual! I truly enjoyed all the wonderful gifts that were showcased this month and the ideas for mass producing beautiful cards. Thank you again for another awesome countdown.

  • 481
    Rachel says:

    I think what I liked best was the simplicity of the cards that would make it easy to mass produce them, and also the breakdown of cost.

  • 482
    Alison says:

    I liked how you had each design team member create a homemade gift to go with their card or tag. They were all so creative and gave me the incentive to get started early on my holiday gifts! Thank you for being such a creative company!

  • 483
    Lacey says:

    I would love more ideas for simple gifts. I really appreciated that most of the gift ideas were for people in your life who you want to do something special for, but don’t have enough money to give all those people a big gift. Using the packaging ideas shared by the PTI team, even a small item can seem very special for not a big cost.

  • 484
    Michelle Caldera says:

    I loved the simple projects, easy to mass produce, but still with a wow factor!

  • 485
    Janis says:

    The best part of this countdown was the inspiration. All the beautiful projects has gotten me really excited for Christmas…even though it is only September. I will definitely be using the projects as inspiration once I receive all my new Christmas Papertrey Ink stamps. Keep up the excellent work!!

  • 486
    MeganJ says:

    I loved the simple one (or very few) layered cards! When I am making cards in bulk it is so much easier to have less layers without losing great “WOW” factor. Your posts this week have done that! Next year, I would like to see bigger sentiments. I sometimes scrap 5×7 cards and the tiny sentiments sometimes get lost. I can’t wait to order!

  • 487
    Jennie says:

    I enjoyed the breakdown of the holiday cards and the cost for each. You made it seem so doable, especially if you start NOW!

  • 488
    Kathy McDonald says:

    My favorite part of the countdown was the great homemade gift ideas given by you and the design team. I got some GREAT ideas and inspiration! I also loved the cost breakdown for your cards (and gift).

  • 489
    Kim says:

    The most helpful and inspiring ideas were the projects that went beyond the {beautiful} Christmas cards. I love making my own gifts and packaging, and pair that up with a handmade card and I’m in paper crafters’ heaven. The number one thing I want to see next year is more “out of the box thinking” ~ (or in the box with those great templates!) ~ with more gorgeous stamps, papers, inks, ribbons, buttons and more! I want to know what else I can do with Papertrey Ink’s great products in addition to making cards. Keep those innovative ideas coming!!

  • 490
    Renee S says:

    I truly enjoy seeing how each person incorporates her style in designing the projects. This showcases the versatility of the stamps, inks, ribbons, etc. The samples are always topnotch and help jump start more ideas.
    Thank you for providing so many distinctive and creative ideas!

  • 491
    Kate says:

    I loved the cost per project! What a great idea!

  • 492
    lexi says:

    I enjoyed the simplicity and creativity of the cards and gifts. They would be great for mass producing with little stress for such a hectic time of year. Thanks ladies for all your great ideas.

  • 493
    Lori W says:

    I love that you were cost and time conscious. Those two factors matter so much when making so many cards. And I loved the group gift post. So many spectacular ideas! A wonderful Christmas realease. I can’t wait to start making my Christmas cards!

  • 494
    Mary W says:

    What great ideas this month!!! The cost breakdown was great! I can’t wait to make lots of Christmas tags and and anxious to get the timeless templates for this month and start creating!

  • 495
    Gail says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed all the posts this countdown week. I loved all the cards along with the cost breakdown and benefited greatly from the gift ideas. From the simplicity of the cards, to the use of non-traditional holiday colors to seeing the gift card ideas, was all so inspiring. Thank you all.

  • 496
    Liane says:

    I loved how you used all of the non-traditional color combinations for the holiday cards. The cards are so festive without and creative!

  • 497
    Luci says:

    I loved the minimal layering on the cards you showed, to make them more mailable. I also like that your designs are so flexible that I can easily add a twist to make it my own.


  • 498
    Jaime O says:

    I really liked the cost breakdown. Very helpful! In the future, I would really like some tips on how to mass produce cards. Like maybe a whole post with a step by step process. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • 499
    Margaret S. Romero says:

    I really like the Christmas Tree Trio set! Guess I just love trees!! Next year….more really elegant and “special” cards please…..maybe with embossing, jewels, more glitz, etc. I also love the Christmas Stocking set a lot!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • 500

    This month has been so full of inspirational pieces that I can’t wait to get a wriggle on and start my Christmas crafting! I have just loved seeing the clean and elegant cards that could be easily mass produced and your price breakdown each time helps me judge how much I need to spend too!

  • 501
    Susanna says:

    I love the gift and packaging ideas. I’m always looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of effort or money but packs a big punch. I adore Heather’s button necklace, Dawn’s Banana bread and Melissa’s patchwork star ornament. All items going onto my gift giving to do list. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  • 502
    Alicia says:

    Love the break down of the cost!

  • 503
    Tina says:

    I was so inspired by all of the simple layouts for the cards; especially for mass production. It was incredibly helpful to see the cost breakdown as well. The entire design team at Papertrey is amazing. I am in awe at all of the unbelievable creations that are displayed on your blogs. Thanks for all of the great ideas for the upcoming holiday season. I already can’t wait to see what you have in store for us for next months release!

  • 504
    Mary C. says:

    I always appreciate the small gift ideas. I like to share holidays gifts at work and often make 25 cards and gifts for the girld in the office. Thank you for the heartfelt, frugal ideas that still have a huge WOW factor.

  • 505
    Maureen L. says:

    I think the best part was was the simple clean lines of the projects – they would be so easy to replicate, and yet were SOOOOO beautiful

  • 506
    Gaylyn says:

    Your projects are beautiful and simple to replicate! This is very helpful when planning the plethora of cards, packages, and other gifts that I will need for the Holidays.

    Thank you for breaking down the individual cost, as this helps to gauge how much I can prepare for everyone on my list.

    I love having labels to put on everything and anything I come up with at the last minute. It will make personalizing easy!

    I would love to see more label shapes, and design backgrounds that follow the shape or fill the shape of the label. That and a favorite recipe would finish it off! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 507
    Jenn says:

    The stamp sets speak for them selves… anything you show us is just above and beyond! I am looking forward to this release… and I love how you show how several sets work together. I like muli-task stamps!

  • 508
    CraftyKJ says:

    I always look forward to the challenges that you give to the design team members–I find it very inspiring to see how different and cool everyone’s projects are. I also enjoy how you do a couple different projects with each set–definitely shows the versatility of each set!!!

    Can hardly wait for the reveal tonight!!!


  • 509
    Jamie Greene says:

    I loved the simple, elegant easy to make in mass production card ideas! I love all the stamp set releases this month. Next year I would love to see an all in one kit with stamps, coredinating paper, ribbon and ink.

  • 510
    Lori says:

    I really liked the ideas you shared for cost-conscious holiday cards and gifts! This will definitely come in handy when planning for the upcoming holiday season.

  • 511
    Sharolyn says:

    Loved the quick cards for mass producing and the cost break down.

  • 512
    Jill says:

    I loved so many things about the countdown, but it can all be distilled down to one word: versatility. That is the genius of PTI products and is showcased so well by the design team! Next year, I’d just like to see continued perfection, LOL! ;-D

  • 513
    Carrie says:

    I love all the cards. I love how you showed the cost of each of the cards. That is so important when your going to be mass producing a bunch of cards to send out for the holidays. I can’t think of anything to change for next year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 514
    Nancy says:

    Ideas for gifts for teachers and bus drivers…especially hard sometimes…love them all!!!

  • 515
    Janet says:

    I loved the color combos– both new and traditional- and the simple, but beautiful cards.

  • 516
    Barbara J says:

    Love ALL the ideas! I especially liked the easy cards! Everyone wants to send special cards, that are beautiful, fun, fast, and economical.

    I would love to see some bride and groom/wedding stamps..it seems a lot of my friends and family are having weddings next year. It would be great to have some ideas for gifts and cards for the newlyweds.
    Thank you!

  • 517
    elaine says:

    The cost breakdown is excellent for anyone making large quantities of cards. And the samples that use the stamps that will be released are all so easy to make – not a lot of complicated steps.

  • 518
    Marjorie Henseler says:

    I loved being able to see the inside of the cards you made, and how you decorated the envelopes. It was neat to be able to see easy ideas for making it all go together in a cohesive, elegant, but inexpensive way.

  • 519
    Kelly Silva says:

    I loved all the homemade gift giving ideas. It’s nice to see all the stamps used for things other than cards.

  • 520

    Hmmm… favorite parts were the no layer projects and creative ways to make cards interesting but still easily mailable (i.e. flat). I make around 140 Christmas cards each year (with a bonus baby announcement this year, ha!) so those two features speak to me! Loved all the ideas this year, though!

  • 521
    Debbie says:

    Very difficult queston, because I love all the new stamps….I really loved Lauren Meader’s Christmas stocking with the Stocking Prints tag – can’t wait to get the Stocking Prints set! The Peaceful Poinsettia set too. I really loved that you provided a shopping list & the cost of producing a particular project!

  • 522
    Sharron Gregory says:

    I loved the simplicity of the designs. Just seeing how classic, elegant creations can be done at a minimum cost really is inspiring. And sometimes we forgot to look at sets we already have to find the perfect stamp to use–love how different sets were incorporated in the designs! Congratulations everyone on a fantastic job!

  • 523
    Clouds says:

    I really enjoyed seeing how you used the Stocking stamp set using the many different stocking, very inspiring and fun! Will def have to use them on my holiday cards! I think you do a very good job at showcasing yer products and making them practical!

    Clouds πŸ˜€

  • 524
    BarbaraB says:

    For some reason I really like the Vintage Labels stamp set. I like the way you used the stamp as a bprder without having to have the Labels One die cut – which I happen to have anyway πŸ™‚
    The Tree Trimming Trio and the Winter Swirls are really cute too!

    For next year: angels holding different items or with different wings, gingerbread men,women,children and houses, decorate your own wreaths.

  • 525
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    I liked the card designs that would be easy to mass produce. Also I appreciate the you consider mail-ability in the designs.
    The mix of traditional & non-traditional color schemes was also great for inspiration.

  • 526
    Theresa says:

    For me the break down of the cost of each project was the best! It was such a great help especialy when you are on a budget. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  • 527
    Ann Lind says:

    I love all of Laurens samples and look forward to using all of my templates to make my own gifts this year. With the recession we can all use good ideas for economical gifts. Ann Lind

  • 528
    Andrea McCulley says:

    I found your presentation so very helpful because you shared the cardstock cut sizes, hints on making cards more mailer-friendly, and the cost per card to reproduce. I was most inspired by your ideas on finishing the inside of the card and envelope, and by your traditional and nontraditional color combinations (and Dawn’s too!). I loved the whole focus being on SIMPLE! Thank you so much for your great customer care!

  • 529
    Janette Platt says:

    I really enjoyed the workshops by Dawn and Michelle on producing bulk items, like gift cards, greeting cards etc. I found these really helpful and have printed them out to use the ideas for my own Christmas projects.
    Janette Platt

  • 530
    Lincoln says:

    wow, your stamps are amazing! the cards are show-stoppers for sure… this release has to be one of the best yet–i’m DYING for Christmas to arrive so people can see the cards i’ll be helping to make with these ideas. thanks for all the effort into detail: cost break-down, envelopes, gift ideas, etc…

  • 531
    Laura N. says:

    I loved the CAS – easily mass produced card samples that Nichole posted… Saves me time, and makes it more likely that I will actually mass produce mine this year!!

  • 532
    Linda M says:

    I loved the economical, simple, yet gorgeous cards!! Your cost breakdowns added so much ‘reality’ for me. Thank you!!

  • 533
    shari walker says:

    I especially liked the breakdown on the cost to make each… I also liked the simplicity of the cards, with the holidays near, I need to have the quick cards…

  • 534
    Michelle Michael says:

    The simplicity of the creations and designs will help make my holidays easier to prepare for.Such detailed posts on how to make the cards and gifts are a fabulous idea!

  • 535
    Kelly Braund says:

    I especially love the ideas of homemade gifts, big or small. If you do a lot of homemade gifts, like me, eventually you run out of ideas! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • 536

    i always love inspirational ideas and price breakdowns. πŸ™‚

  • 537
    CrazyCurl says:

    I liked how clean and simple and mailable without extra postage the cards were. I’d like to see some simple handmade gift ideas too.

  • 538
    Karen says:

    I loved the clean, simple, easy to create designs that are, at the same time, elegant and classy. As always, I love seeing the versatility of the stamps and the different ways they can be used (backgrounds, non-holiday cards, etc.) For next year, I’d like to see some holiday papers in browns, reds, and greens and to see them incorporated into the cards.

  • 539
    Elizabeth says:

    I liked the easy-to-mass-produce ideas and cost breakdown of each card. I love creating special cards for individuals, but the thought of mass-producing our holiday cards has always intimidated me. I appreciate how you simplified the whole process.

  • 540
    Artha Nafie says:

    Breaking down the costs/card is an exceptional customer service as I try to understand the supplies I need and what I can afford in mass production of the 100 cards I need to send out. Thanks so much – the inspiration is outstanding and I could never find such an exceptional value with the personal touch and creative outlet all wrapped up in one holiday package! Greetings for friends and family and fun for me! Everyone wins….me most of all!

  • 541
    nina says:

    I love the simple card designs – it was great to see how you could make simple yet elegant cards without a lot of layering. Perfect for snail mailing! I also loved the way you stamped the envelopes – it’s a really nice touch.

  • 542
    Mary B says:

    I just love the gift idea. I can’t wait to make that blanket and warmer for my family this year. Thank you for the wonderful idea. It’s pratical and not too expensive. Thank you.

  • 543
    Renee says:

    I always enjoy the different looks using the same stamp that the designers come up with. Also, the same design in different colors and, of course, the revealing of one stamp at a time – love that. πŸ™‚

  • 544
    Kathy W says:

    I really appreciate the card/project samples showcasing simplicity. Easy to re-create, yet special and beautiful. Real can-do cards that look fun to make, pretty to send, and fit within the time constraints of the busy holiday schedule. Thank you for all the inspiration and time you and the design team put into the countdown.

  • 545
    annie says:

    I especially liked the quick and simple card ideas and the cost breakdown for each card. I also enjoyed the simple yet heartfelt gift ideas. The color combinations were fabulous. I would love to continue to see more of the same in the future.

  • 546
    Mary says:

    I love that you showed some economical, easy to mass produce cards and I love the unique stocking set – keep bringing unique images!

  • 547
    peggysue says:

    The affordable gift ideas are fabulous, with the costs that you include for how inexpensive it can be? Those are great! This is definitely leaning more towards a homemade Christmas for so many reasons, so I find those ideas particularly appealing.

  • 548
    Shay says:

    The breakdown of price was very helpful as well as showing how easy it is to reproduce or even create likewise economical, yet terrific holiday cards. I also appreciated the group challenge in which everyone made a card and coordinating gift. Another sure-fire hit would be seeing the gifted Papertrey Ink team come up with holiday invitations for open houses, cookie exchanges, secret santas, parties and the like. And perhaps even party favors. Sensational countdown as usual! Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 549
    michelle says:

    Two things this release that I loved: the monochromatic cards you did – especially the blue and scarlet ones! – and the clean and simple designs. It reminded me that elegant holiday cards don’t have to be elaborate! Next year I’d love to see more alternative sizes/shapes/folds. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 550
    kim says:

    I loved the stamped envelopes that coordinate with the card – quick to do but really pulls it together!

  • 551
    Lindsay Sommerfeldt says:

    I loved seeing how easy it could be to mass produce cards that still look really elegant. I also loved seeing the packaging ideas that everyone came up with!

  • 552
    Amy says:

    The simple one layer cards!! The breakdown of cost was great too!! This month’s releases–simply amazing!!

  • 553
    Kristy says:

    The most inspiring part of the release for this month was the use of the stamps on the envelopes that made them look so nice and it’d be so easy to just stamp all of the envelopes to give it a little something extra. I think next year, I’d like to see what kinds of ideas you’d have for inexpensive gifts for family members when you are tight on money. Thanks!

  • 554

    I especially liked the hand made stocking that Lauren created, but really all the ideas for the hand made gifts. It shows that you don’t have to go broke to give a nice, heartfelt, thoughtful gift.

    Keep it coming with innovative ways to use the templates and stamps to create gift items.

  • 555

    I loved the cards and the breakdown of price.

    I would love to see a holiday calendar/planner.


  • 556
    Beth W. says:

    Love all of the simple elegance that everyone created for this Holiday release along with the non-traditional color schemes. With the economy the way that it is, it is great to see a company that strives to make the most of their products to benefit the consumers! I live in Florida, so next year I would LOVE to see a Beach/Seashore themed stamp set with shells and fish, etc.

  • 557
    Kelly says:

    It was so inspiring to see the easy and inexpensive card and gift ideas from the whole team. The cost breakdown and simple mass production techniques made me really feel like I could do it this year – maybe even ahead of time!

  • 558
    julie coit says:

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    Cathy Groden says:

    First, I love tags! We all use them and I hate to use store bought. I loved seeing how Heather Nichols incorprated various sets to create wonderful pieces of art.

    Second, was your step by step instructions to make economical cards, simply. This becomes especially important during the hectic holiday season and during tough economic times!

    Thank you!! Your team showed us wonderful projects.

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    This month I really loved Lauren’s template ideas. The felt stocking will be a mainstay of my Christmas gifts for co-workers this year!

  • 561
    Jessica says:

    I really really like Vinatge Labels, Peaceful Poinsenttias and Holiday Signature. The projects where all fa-beau-low-so!!! But again I am head over heal for the tags. I have such a hard time decorating gifts and it’s the lack of good looking handmade tags. With these sets I can dress up my gifts and create a coordinating card. Who can beat that?!?! As for next year. Oh dearies, can we possibly have any juice left for that with such phenomanal performance??? But if you insist I think Holy City theme sounds good I know it might seem played out but we’re talking Papertrey Ink here πŸ˜‰ Now just one wish to Mr. Random Chooser please bless me tonight (fingers crossed) LOL :0)
    Thanks for all the inspiration

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    Sandi Tedesco says:

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    The heated pillow was a great idea, I plan on making a few of those for family and friends, and one for myself!

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    Jennifer Breaux says:

    My favorite was the cost breakdown & especially the decorated envelopes – that’s something I don;t think to do & it makes SUCH a difference in presentation! You are all awesome, I tell ya!

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    Susan says:

    The most helpful was showing us how in this economy we can use simple ideas to make a really great end result. The only thing I would change is to have a “silver and gold” theme to show an elegant simple Holiday and Snow theme.

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    Judy S says:

    I liked the fact that you kept the cards rather simple as it is so much easier to mass produce for Christmas. And also you gave us a monetary break down. Appreciate the fact that your posts are always detail oriented … so easy to follow. Thanks.

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    Heather Curoe says:

    I loved the design team’s different gifts. It is so helpful to get us thinking ahead about our Christmas projects. The individual cost per card was helpful as well. Thank you for seeking ideas to keep it simple and low cost this year! Love it! Truly this is the best time of the year (and month)! Blessings!

  • 569
    Robin C says:

    I loved that the focus this year was on ‘mass production’ and costs were included. We’re all pinching penny’s where we can these days, so all of this was important to me. Not sure what to tell you about next year, but the sneak peak’s are a huge tempatation come release day. Thanks for all that you do!!!

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  • 572


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    The cost breakdown for each card type is so helpful, and also the design team’s thrifty gift giving. I would love to see more gift presentations next year, and especially cards that can be mailed without extra postage. Fabulous job this year, I am excited to get started!

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    Deb Rymer says:

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    I enjoyed seeing the more simple cards (but still beautiful!!) and the breakdown of cost. Every year I think about making my own cards, but then I get overwhelmed with the time and cost, so I end up buying them. And regret it.

    Hmmmmm..not sure what I would like to see next year – packaging is always something I love.

  • 580
    Stefanie says:

    Nichole, I have to honestly say that I was completely inspired by your “simple” line of Holiday cards. It is so hard for me to do simple and you showed me how elegant they can be. And at this time of year, saving time is a must but cutting corners in not acceptable!
    Of course I also love all of the other projects from your design team. Pine, I’m making your button necklace and bracelet for a gift, for sure. Thanks for the daily inspiration – can’t live without my PTI !!!

  • 581
    Terri B says:

    There were many things that I loved about this month’s release. I am in love many of the new sets being released this month – but the projects were wonderful. I was in awe over the nontraditional color combinatinos that were featured this month. However, by far my favority things about this month’s release were the break down in cost for all of the projects. I have added many of them to my idea file, especially the blankets and heat pillows. Thanks Nicole et. al.!

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    Sandy Curtis says:

    I liked the break down of cost and very clear instructions on how to create the projects. You sll make everything so easy and fun. I can’t wait to get my Christmas cards started!

    Sandy C

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    Loved that you made simple but beautiful cards that were time and cost effective.

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    I loved the step by step directions and the simple cards that make it easy for mass production. My absolute favorite project, though, was the card along with the blanket, heat pillow, and drawstring pouch. I am already planning how many of those I’d like to make . . . .

    Thanks for all the great inspiration!

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    Edna says:

    I like the thought given to combining mass production cards with matching gifts, it is great to be able to hand make small gifts for friends and work colleagues… as for next year, more of the same please, perhaps with a dash of 3D Christmas Decorations!!

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    Suzanne Daniels says:

    In this day and age when everybody is budget conscious, I really loved the cost breakdown for each project. Alot of people have the misconception that handmade can equal expensive and you guys at Papertrey show us time after time that this is really not the case. I personally loved the fruitful collection and look forward to a “savory” selection.

  • 589
    Gerri K says:

    My favorite projects were those with traditional colors. I especially liked Melissa’s pointsettia cards. I love making cards and I like my Christmas cards to be extra special. Although I appreciate quick and simple cards, I love the card ideas that are more detailed than I could have imagined on my own.

  • 590
    Karen says:

    First of all it would be hard to decide the favorite this time. I do really like the Tree Trimming Trio and the Vintage labels. The color combinations you girls used to create the samples was so inspiring. I want to use some of these colors this year for the Christmas cards and not the traditional colors. Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize. Thanks also for your great company and your blog.
    As for what to do next year. I guess I would have to say I would be disappointed if I said something because I know your ideas are better and like the anticipation of what is being released. Do not buy any holiday stamps until after the PTI release.

  • 591
    Cassi says:

    I really enjoyed the use of non-traditional color choices and small gifts. I’d like to see some more holiday cards that I can send to all people regardless of their religious belief — that would be a big help to me!

  • 592
    Mandy S says:

    I liked that you suggested easier cards for the holidays. It seems that I put myself behind because I spend too much time making them. This gave me a sense of freedom. AAAHhhhhhh!!!

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    I loved the gift giving ideas as always. I already tried my hand at Lauren’s stocking. Next is the rice pillow. It made handmade Christmas gift ideas so easy this year…please keep this going next holiday season. I think the cost break down was a neat feature so people can plan according to their needs. Once again, PTI is soo in tune with their customers. Thanks to you and your team for inspiring us.

  • 594
    jackie M. - Oregon says:

    It was great to see how exciting a simple, quick and economic card can be so stuning. Always love the versatility that every one of your stamp sets bring to my stamp room. I especially enjoyed Dawns contribution. Her samples are fabulous!

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    SusanH says:

    I always love seeing the card ideas – and the step by step instructions are great! (I really like the cost breakdown too – I never think to do a break down like that!)

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    It was great to see how beautifully, yet inexpensively, you were all able to keep your Christmas creations! Great inspiration, for sure!! πŸ™‚

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    Valerie says:

    For this month’s countdown I really appreciated all of the simple designs you used in the cards you created to showcase each of the stamp sets. When I make my Christmas cards, I like to make all different cards instead of mass producing the same card and I can get so many more made when they are of a simple design.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize!

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    Jennifer Speanburg says:

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    I loved all the inspiration and the simplicity of many projects. The cost break down is the best! It’s amazing what one can do with a little ink, paper and glue. A BIG Thank You to you and your design team for all the inspriation and dedication you give to us.

  • 602
    Deb C says:

    As much as I love to look at the “over the top” creations of the DT and you, I really found the simple, easy to recreate in bulk cards that you showcased this month.

    Thanks so much for that!

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    charisse says:

    This is my 1st release party and I am so happy to be here! I loved the Vintage labels the best because it is so versatile and beautiful. The inexpensive cost breakdown is also amazing to see, and I loved how all the cards are simple yet amazingly beautiful and easy to mass produce. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  • 604
    Patty says:

    I have never sent handmade Christmas cards out because I never thought I would have the time. Your examples of basic, yet elegant cards and non-traditional color examples have encouraged me to try my hand at my own cards this year. Please continue to offer these type of examples for next year too.

  • 605
    Jody C. says:

    I really liked that you showed the insides of the cards and the coordinating envelopes. I think both of those make the card look so much more professional. I never thought of it being so simple to add just a bit more to “finish” the card. Thanks for all those ideas!!!

  • 606
    Erika Taylor says:

    Three things really caught my eye this week. First the small gifts that make gift giving a little more special, second all the beautiful tags to go with all your gifts and third the price breakdown. Genius I say.

  • 607
    valerie says:

    What was very usefull for me was the way Dawn demonstrated how you can make your own pattern paper with your stamps. She always has great samples to show

  • 608
    Cyndee says:

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  • 610
    Carol (HB) says:

    I loved your simple, yet beautiful approach to the holiday’s this year. Life is SO crazy that coming up with something to mass produce easily is such a challenge.
    Next year? I would never even begin to think I could out think of what you’ll think of (wow, did that make sense?) so I’ll leave it up to your uber creative brain!

  • 611
    Laura Carter says:

    Honestly, the most helpful was the breakdown of costs and the beautiful samples. I have such a hard time sometime thinking of something that is simple but elegant without costing a fortune in supplies. You hit the nail on the head with your gorgeous samples.

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    moster says:

    I always love the countdown projects, but I really enjoyed the gift presentation ideas. I really think I may pacakge some small bundt cakes like Debbie and Dawn. I love that!

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    The best part of the release for me was seeing the different Christmas styles of all of the designers. It was neat how each person had their own ways to make things look festive. All of the projects were completely different, but they all gave me the same warm fuzzy holiday feeling!

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    Kelly Marie says:

    I loved the pricing sheets. It was so helpful to see that making your own Christmas cards doesn’t have to cost a bundle. I also liked seeing cards that could be mass produced. It just really helped to see gorgeous Christmas cards that could be done over and over again!

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    Monica K says:

    I loved how you mixed the new stamp sets with the old stamp sets. It made it easy to understand how the new stamps would fit in with my existing Papertrey stamp collection. Also loved the break down of cost per card! It helps justify crafting to my economist husband who understands numbers. πŸ˜‰ Finally, I also loved how you coordinated the unveiling with the other design team members. It was quite exciting to see how each of you had such unique ideas using the same new stamp set. The new sets all look beautiful!

  • 616
    Melissa F. says:

    I loved that you show cased ways to make cards that were easy to mass produce and economical to send to many people. As always PTI sets are so well thought out and versitle.

  • 617
    Antoinette says:

    I loved how simple, yet classy everything was! The cost breakdown is also great, it really helped me figure out exactly what I need. What I love most about PTI is not just all the great ideas the DT comes up with, and all the great things they share on their blogs, but most of all the versatility of the stamps. I’d love to see maybe some sets with the basic sentiments in Spanish, or a few words here and there in French, etc. I so enjoy the shared recipes and ideas for homemade gifts, so I’d love to see more of that!

  • 618
    Tricia Dee says:

    The cost break down was the most helpful. The different designs and color combinations was the most inspiring!

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    Kim Howard says:

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  • 620

    I love how informative it was!!!! WOO HOO for new PTI πŸ™‚

  • 621
    Kiera says:

    I loved the non-traditional colors and the “simple” designs. Great for the times when we’re mass-producing and often in a time crunch, too!
    Thanks for so many fantastic ideas!!

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    Diane McCaffrey says:

    I thought the cost breakdown was very helpful. I would love to see some tips on mass producing cards for holidays!

    Great release!


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    antjeegypt says:

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    Can’t wait to buy some stuff!!!

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    Loved the economical, yet beautiful, card options. I so often get overwhelmed by the ornate, costly cards. Love them, yet just don’t have the time or funds to create them all the time :). Also very much appreciated the flexibility of all the sets – useful during the holiday season and beyond.

  • 627
    Stephanie says:

    Gosh – a tough question…all while I’m trying to decide what to order and what can wait until next payday πŸ™‚

    My favorite part (as it is with every release) is seeing all the designers’ takes on the same set – I love to see the versatility and the creative genius πŸ™‚ kudos!!

  • 628
    Barb Kys says:

    I think your Thrifty Cards price breakdown is a great idea, and I love their simplistic beauty. I’m still learning so I wouldn’t know what to suggest for next year…maybe a video tutorial? Thank you for the chance to win a prize.

  • 629
    Christine Villacarlos says:

    I love all the holiday cards and stamp designs for this year, just like I did last year πŸ™‚ most of all, i love how you’ve now included a breakdown of how much it would cost to recreate those gorgeous cards! makes me feel more motivated to make some cards already! For next year, I leave it up to PTI’s talented minds – you never cease to amaze me with your imagination and creativity! Go PTI!

  • 630
    Pat says:

    I love all the gift ideas…very helpful

  • 631
    Alice Roushia says:

    I loved seeing the array of colors and each design members and your quick and easy gift ideas and cards. There are some fabulous ideas in which I will be using. I am working on Christmas projects as we speak, so it was great to see, and jot down ideas to incorporate in my Fall and Christmas crafting. Thanks to all of you for the fantastic tips. It truly is appreciated. Alice R.

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    Danisha says:

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  • 635
    Kristen Carpinello says:

    I loved the extra touches on the insides of the cards this month. I always spend so much time on the front, and then leave the inside blank or just use a plain sentiment. Thanks for inspiring us to take it up a notch! Next year I’d like to see more ideas for homemade gifts, especially card and stationary sets.

  • 636
    Charlene says:

    Showing how to reasonably mass produce Christmas cards is a real plus. Love the cost breakdown. Also love the ideas for gifts. A handmade gift is always more personal no matter what the economy looks like. Thanks for all you do@@

  • 637
    Jo R. says:

    I think this was your BEST countdown yet! I loved the “easy to mass produce” Christmas card designs with cost breakdown, and the gift ideas. I also liked seeing the decorated envelopes. That’s something that I forget to do, and it adds so much to the presentation. I’d love to see more Christmas gift tag ideas next year.

  • 638
    jeanie nieva says:

    the cost breakdown was helpful…:)

  • 639
    cindy e says:

    I liked the very detailed pictures and cost analysis of the cards and projects using this months new releases. Every month its such a treat to anticipate the fun waiting on my computer every morning:) I would love to see more project type ideas next year, and more handwritten sentiments. I think a classic Santa and Christmas themed stamp set would be very fun.

  • 640
    Wendy says:

    I love all of the new stamp sets, so the countdown was fabulous for that reason. I really like all of the simple ideas for Christmas cards too.

  • 641
    Laura says:

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    Leigh Ann says:

    I Love the new holiday sets! I’m really getting in the mood to craft for Christmas. I love your quick and simple gift ideas. I love how the sets coordinate with punches or dies to speed up the mass producing process! And I just love what you all come up with! I’m already thinking up projects, after having looked at yours. Very inspiring!

  • 643
    Mona P says:

    I LOVED Nichole’s Flannel blanket and heat pillow! I may actually be able to make something like that this year for Christmas!!! I also LOVE the price breakdown for each sample card, very helpful. Mona

  • 644
    Debbie Nelson says:

    I loved all the gift ideas and the simplicity of the cards and tags…great ideas…I plan on making my gifts this year and appreciated all the wonderful projects you showed!

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    Lisa says:

    Simple, easy to mass produce card ideas for sure! Thanks so much!

  • 646
    Alissa H says:

    Love all the projects!!!

  • 647
    Gail White says:

    I love when you coordinate stamp sets with punches and dies. I think you did a great job this year with all the samples and supply lists. I would like to see next year my name onthe prize page.

  • 648
    Joyce says:

    I really like the gift ideas and the many ways to use each stamp set. You all do a fabulous job of marketing your product. Every month I say I’m not going to get anything but that is so not the way it happens! You make everything so doable! I think I might be getting my first timplate this month. Love Lauren’s 2 projects.

  • 649
    Katie in UT says:

    I appreciated how simple the designs were…totally doable for mass production for those of us who don’t have time to create a different card for everyone on our Christmas list. As for next year, just keep doing what you’re doing…luring me in and “making” me buy more Christmas sets. πŸ˜‰

  • 650
    Amber E says:

    I liked the simple project ideas. As a student who is learning to become a teacher I don’t have much time for anything unless it is simple. It gave me a lot of ideas and makes me think that I can fit in some crafty time in my busy school schedule.

  • 651
    Shirley K. says:

    Examples of the holiday cards that are easy to mass produce are great. I notice that there are a lot of packaging options on the website – maybe more ideas of little treats to give to neighbors/friends during the holidays would be helpful.

  • 652
    KathyM says:

    I loved the utter simplicity of the samples, not to metion that they were beautiful and inexpensive. Just keep on doing what you’re doing Papertrey – your products are amazing, and your projects inspiring.

  • 653
    Carol says:

    I too liked the break down of the cost to reproduce the projects. I am very visual and always love seeing projects with the stamp sets. Gift giving ideas are the best!
    Thank you,

  • 654
    April C. says:

    I’m sure you’ve heard this a ton but I really appreciate the breakdown of the cost. And all the projects on everyone’s blogs showcased thrifty but lovely, meaningful gifts! Plus I always appreciate the step by step how-tos!

  • 655
    Latisha says:

    I always look forward to you using the set with different looks, it really helps me see how versatile each set is!

  • 656
    Loretta Weltzin says:

    Great inspiration!!! How about more teachers gifts!

  • 657
    Donna Garvin says:

    I loved the way you showed how much it cost to produce each card. It was very helpful. I also liked how the cards were simple but very cute and easy to mass produce. PTI Rocks!!!!!!!

  • 658
    Rhonda M. says:

    It was so thoughtful of you to take the time to breakdown the cost of each project and provide a supply and cutting measurements! WOW! I really enjoyed all the projects, and although I won’t be able to buy all of the stamp sets, I can use your ideas and mix and match with what I have. Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  • 659
    Kristina says:

    Your simple samples were awesome and the cost break-down really showed that making your own Christmas cards can be the most economical. I Love the different color combos! Alsok that gift ideas from the team were fabulous. I will definitley be using many of the ideas this year. All in all it was ALL perfect!

  • 660
    noelani says:

    i loved the cost breakdown and the colors…the non traditional ones. Those are always the ideas and cards I end up making!

  • 661