August Senior DT Challenge

Hello everyone!  I apologize in advance for my silence since arriving here at the CHA events!  Just a few hours of sleep each night is what I've been able to muster up and I am afraid it hasn't allowed for much blogging! 

Today was the first day that the official Papertrey booth opened up for business.  I have some unbelievable stories and photos to share with you at a later date.  Probably when I settle back in on Tuesday!

The real reason I am writing is to share the amazing results of this month's senior challenge.  It was all about patterns and combining different ones successfully.

One of my personal biggest struggles is combining different patterns in a way that is pleasing to the eye and yet maintains an overall clean & simplistic look.  I am always trying to learn from others when it comes to this type of knack, and what better people to learn from than our very own design team!  Be sure to check out all of the wonderful tips that the Design Team members have compiled for you along with beautiful project to support these tips.

Click HERE to read more from Lisa Johnson.

Click HERE to read more from Heather.

Click HERE to read more from Michelle.

Click HERE to read more from Becky.

Click HERE to read more from Lauren

Click HERE to read more from Wendy Sue.


Click HERE to read more from Dawn.

I hope you have enjoyed the inspiration as much as I have!  And that note, I am going to sign off so that I may get a bit of sleep before have to wake again in a few hours to report to the Papertrey booth!  Thank you for stopping by today!!!!

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  • 1
    Kelly Jo says:

    I am glad to hear that CHA is going so well for PTI! I knew you would be a success!!

    I too struggle with combining patterns. Some people just have an eye for it.

    I love all the samples from the DT, but I am absolutely drooling over Becky’s cards- just beautiful!

  • 2
    Nancy S says:

    Boy, did you all read my mind! This is the most challenging task for me. I appreciate all the ideas and insights as to how you all made the choices you did. Thanks so much!

  • 3
    Alyssa B says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration ladies!

  • 4

    Love the inspiration! I always hesitate to combine patterns, I see that is nonsense! Thank you for opening my horizon! (I hope that`s a common phrase??)

  • 5
    Sue Lelli says:

    I was at CHA Friday and let me just say the booth was AMAZING, YOU are AMAZING, the people working your booth were AMAZING, the special stamp set was AMAZING, the t-shirt was AMAZING! And on and on….. Thank you so much for all of the time and work you put into it. Your booth definitely had the biggest buzz! I am SO GLAD I was able to be there in person and I can’t wait to receive all of my new goodies in the mail!

  • 6
    Helen F. says:

    THANKS Nicole, this is just what I needed. I am rushing over to everyone’s BLOG now to check them out. I need all the inspiration I can get combining different patterns ;O)

  • 7
    Stacy C. says:

    Thanks for the inspiration… I too have trouble combing patterns..

  • 8
    Linda says:

    CHA sounds like an exciting place to be and I knew your booth would be the “happening place” with all Papertrey’s talented people showing off the wonderful products. I am so envious of all who got to attend. Maybe someday it will be held in the midwest. Can’t wait to see the photos from CHA.

  • 9
    amber says:

    so great meeting you at CHA! the pti booth was so much fun…i found myself coming back again and again! and, i love the dt challenge! thanks for sharing!

  • 10

    Oh I love reading everyone’s tips! Awesome projects and looking forward to your recap (after you catch up on sleeps)!!!!

  • 11
    Renee V. (happystamper05) says:

    Nichole – It was so wonderful meeting you and the other gals on Friday at your booth! It was totally incredible! Everything was awesome… your booth, your display, your make & takes, the free set…EVERYTHING!
    I’m totally echoing Sue Lelli, I know!
    Thank you for everything!

  • 12
    Taheerah says:

    All the DT have truly excelled themselves with these entries – they are all so fantastic!! Well done girls!!!

  • 13
    muriel says:

    Nichole, it was very nice meeting you on friday at CHA. I was so happy to see how sucessfull your booth was. A looonnng line of ladies waiting to finally meet you all and enter in the treasure cave. everthing there stamps, paper, buttons….it was awesome! Your booth was THE ONE in all CHA !

  • 14
    sue morris says:

    Hi nichole! my name is sue morris and I was the redhead you met at CHA? LOL thankyou so much for taking the time(as well as the other wonderful ladies) to take your pic with me. I love your store and had a blast shopping. Thankyou for all that you do for your customers and I LOVE my new pink bag!!! woo-hoo!! my fav color too!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the wknd. 🙂

  • 15

    Good morning Nichole
    I read every time I can … But I don’t write a lot of comments because my english (as you can see) is very bad. I would like to send you a lot of thank you for share and give me a lot of ideas !!!!!

    I need your help. I have to buy a white ink (for my stamps) and I don’t know what ink I have to buy: I would like that the ink was white and cover all apper. I have white from color box and an another (versa ??? not versafine .. it’s Versa something) but both don’t cover dark paper. CAn you help me giving me your secrets ???

    Also I use a Sakura white pen and I’m happy but I see in a post that you use a another pwhite pen (you design beach shoes and also cocktail glasses with a good pwhite pen).. CAn you give me also what you use ???

    THank you for your help.
    Kiss from Spain

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