The competition was definitely tough this month for our Guest Star Stamper contest!  There were SO many fantastic projects!  It has been so amazing to watch you all grow as stampers the longer that this contest is in place!  I wanted to highlight the winners today along with some of my other favorites!  Enjoy!


Jen Caputo GSS-Winner-heading

Jen Caputo won for her scrapbook layout incorporating various images from Damask Designs.  I loved how the Ocean Tides & True Black color scheme complimented her focal point photo.  Playing on the different scales of damask patterns in the set worked wonderfully together as well.  I was just enthralled by the final product!

Barbara DeBose

Barbara DeBose picked out some choice elements from Spooky Sweets II to accent some beautiful photos of her daughter.  She also added the dotted Journaling Lines image to add some handwritten notes to the bottom corner.

Julie smith

Julie Smith created a masculine page using the large ivy image from With Sympathy as one of her focal points.  I also love the alphabet border she created at the bottom.  There are so many fantastic details to this layout, you'll just have to click on the link to see the rest of the details!

Kacey Elliott

Kacey Elliott paired New Leaf & Raspberry Fizz elements to highlight some of her favorite photos.  Her pull-out tag and incorporation of Damask Designs were some of my favorite attributes that she integrated.

Dana Seymour

Dana Seymour was clever enough to combine Fresh & Trajan Alphabets for her title.  LOVE the way that looks and will have to try it sometime.


jtkshaw used Friends 'Til the End to create this simple, clean layout.  I loved the way she integrated ribbon to represent leaves on the flowers.


Fiona Y

Fiona's project using Friends 'Til the End used some of the brightest & boldest color techniques I had seen within all the submissions.  Her project really jumps out at you from the photograph and begs to be recreated!  I also loved the diagonal lines she stamped for her background paper.  It was the perfect way to anchor the entire project.  Beautiful job, Fiona!

Tammy Butz

Tammy Butz kept it simple with the way she stamped her project, but added a fun ribbon detail that relaly helps to accentuate the sentiment!

Adela Rossol

Adela Rossol used the shape and size of the large blooms to inspire her actual card shape.  The stark contrast of the red, black and white is just stunning as well.


malgirl65 stamped the large floral image onto kraft cardstock using white ink to build a background layer. Then she colored another image with vibrant hues of yellow and orange to add a s a punch of color.  I love the contrast of the two elements.

Natasha Trupp

Natasha Trupp kept it pure & simple with the floral images here.  I loved the way she just added a few flowers sparsely at the top, and then made the addition of a more densely stamped strip at the bottom.  Another great way to get two contrasting looks from one image.

Sheri watts

Sheri Watts created a stunning variegated rainbow effect with her floral image.  She was really able to showcase it by pairing it with a bold black geometric background.


Courtney showcased some hand-stamped patterned paper created with the variety of words found in Friends 'Til the End.  I also liked the matting layers she created for the focal point.  I thought it was really unique, especially the little pop of doodling added in.

Kate W

Kate W used Friends 'Til the End with one of our exclusive Timeless Templates, Lolli-pop Along, to create this fun version.  The colors she chose are so bright and cheerful and would certainly brighten anyone's day!!!

Karen Haman

Karen Haman watercolored the focal point flower on her project created with this set.  I loved the way she paired a simple, clean design with an elaborate image like this.  Such a great way to showcase the flower!


And last but certainly not least, Kristy paired the images from this set with one found in With Sympathy.  I really liked her color scheme as well.  The small butterfly details were a perfect finishing detail.



Heartnhome won in the Best Use of Previous set category for these beautiful candle holders she created from our exclusive small heart tins!  The punched holes are such a nice detail that allows the candlelight to bounce around the room!  Even better is the way she decorated the lids of the tins using Heart Prints!  Be sure to click on her linked name to see the other photos of her project!

Dana G

Dana Gustafson used the adorable ice cream cone image from Love Songs for her colorful card.  I love the way she used alternating colors for the three cones, and of course all the sparkle & shine she created with glitter!

Carolyn King

Carolyn King pulled out the old favorite My Punny Valentine to create this fun little masculine card.  I love how she used some fuzzy felt to echo the fuzziness you might find on a squirrel!


Janelle decided to use a play on words as the inspiration for her project.  Heart Prints Sentiments filled this role.  Her interior interactive element is something you have just got to see!

Dancing Pear Designs

Dancing Pear Designs used one of my personal favorites, Honey Bees, for her beautiful project.  I love the way she used two different sized frames from Borders & Corners to highlight the central bee image.

Maile Belles

Maile Belles was able to create a super simple layout by just using the bitty butterfly image from With Sympathy and a well-loved circle punch.  A few Scor-Pal details and rhinestones make it PERFECT!

I hope all of these amazing entries have filled you with inspiration today! Go get out a stamp set that you haven't inked up yet and create something fabulous!  And while you're at it, you can try your hand at entering next month's Guest Star Stamper Contest

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  • 1
    Jen Caputo says:

    All the projects are so great!!!! I love when you post all of the honorable mentions and reading what you have to say about each entry. Although it must take you a lot of time, it’s truly one of my favorite posts every month! And thanks again for the win, I still can’t believe it!

  • 2
    Deanna says:

    I agree with everything Jen just said! It is so appreciated !

    The projects this month are gorgeous!

  • 3
    Tracey C. says:

    Congrats to the winners and honorable mentions!! Though – when I click on the names, even whem I’m logged in to the PTI site, it’s telling me there’s an error and security violation….weird. Thanks Nichole for taking the time to put this all together!!

  • 4
    Jeanne says:

    Congratulations to all of the winners! All of the entries are winners! Thanks Nichole, for your notes and comments with the entries. I am certain that it is very exciting for you to see so many creations. You inspire creativity! I have had a problem also linking into the gallery.

  • 5
    April C. says:

    Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions!

    Nichole, I’d love to see the entire projects too but when I’m having the same problem as Tracy – click on the links and it says ‘Security Violation’. I tried going to the PTI gallery but only a handful of the projects show up in the guest stamper submissions folder. What can I do? Thanks!

  • 6
    Elaine says:

    Unfortunately I cannot remember what username I’ve signed up with, and I’m dying to see some of the projects and be inspired by all this creative goodness!!

  • 7
    Debbie says:

    Jen said it perfectly! I love that you take the time to comment on the winners and honorable mentions and it really is that personal touch that i love about PTI. Thank you for choosing me as a winner 🙂

  • 8
    Kacey says:

    I agree with Jen as well! I love to hear what elements of the projects you liked so much. The projects are always so inspiring. Fabulous work ladies!

  • 9
    Karen says:

    Even after I log in to the gallery, I can’t get the links above to work. I’d love to see these fabulous projects up close. There is all kinds of weird “stuff” at the top of each page in the gallery. I tried last night and again today: same issues.

  • 10
    Kristy says:

    Ditto with the above comment.

  • 11
    Catherine says:

    Wow, thanks for mentioning my little bee card! It is certainly my favorite set too!

    The other items are all so great, congrats to all!

    (BTW, I posted a comment last night…that isn’t showing?!) So, I just wanted to make sure you know how lucky I feel! *happy dance*

  • 12
    Maile says:

    All the projects are amazing. Congrats to all!! Thanks Nicole for the Honerable Mention, I couldn’t have done it with out your amazing stamps! Jen posted a great comment, I also wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into creating your Honorable Mentions post each month, I am always looking forward to it.

  • 13
    Helen F. says:

    WOWOWOW! Awesome job…everyone’s project is so amazing. Than you all for your creativity and Thank You, Nicole for your continued inspiration!

  • 14
    Sarah says:

    Congrats on this! I’m assuming this was done by you… am I wrong? Either way… go PTI!

  • 15
    Rachel says:

    WOW! You have a gorgeous blog with some AMAZING tutorials. I would love to link to some of these if you didn’t mind!

  • 16
    holly fowler says:

    I would love to be able to use the links to the forum gallery to view pictures and find out more info about items used. thanks

  • 17
    Tammi says:

    I’m also getting a “security” error when I click on the links. Would love to be able to view larger pic & descriptions. Thanks.

  • 18
    Mike says:

    I’m personally a big fan of Courtney’s work. I love the light blue she used. Overall though everyone did a great job. Congrats to the winners.

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