After a release, I always have a lot of cleaning up and reorganizing to do to prepare for the next month.  I thought it might be kind of fun just to show you a few little shots from around the studio after a release is over…

Here is my work station where I do all my stamping.  To get ready for a release, I always put the new products in this sock organizer box I found at Target.  It has three long nooks that work perfectly for holding the new cardstocks, ribbons, inks and other toys.  Since we were debuting the embossing powders this month, I also had my heat gun and Versamark pad in there.  It made it easy to incorporate all of the new things in my projects, since it was all right there, waiting to be used.  I will be getting a shipment all of NEXT month's things hopefully next week.  The current contents of this box will get filed away into the appropriate locations and the October products will take their place!  Such a fun cycle!  I also keep a stack of inspirational magazines & books close by.  This month I had out several of my favorite "gift-giving" books.  They really helped me to brainstorm all of the gift ideas that I incorporated into my holiday based posts in September.

I have a large area of open counter space next to where I keep my photo studio set up.  This is where I like to set all of my recent projects after completion.  It is kind of nice to just look at everything for a week or so after the release, since I put so much work into everything.  Kind of leaves me with a sense of accomplishment, you know? 

David and I are almost done with our big remodel of the new studio.  Sometime after the cruise I should be able to give you a little tour around the new place.  It is coming together fabulously!  Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my post-release world. 

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    Nancy N says:

    I enjoyed the little peek into the happenings behind the scene. I can’t wait for a tour of your new studio! The cruise looks like it will be an adventure of a lifetime, will you be planning a cruise next year?

  • 2
    SusanB says:

    Thank you for sharing your workspace with us! And what a nice idea to keep your beautiful creations out for a bit 🙂 They’re lovely and you _should_ enjoy them!

  • 3
    Jen Caputo says:

    Loved it! Can’t wait to see more!

  • 4

    How fun! I love the behind the scene stuff. My craft room was finished around May and I absolutely love it.

  • 5
    Kathy says:

    Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to see your remodeled workspace.

  • 6
    Mom2Men says:

    I was interested in where you get your inspiration. You state that you keep “Gift Giving Books”. Are these actual books or do you mean more along the line of “Holiday Catalogs”? Would you mind providing some titles or details?
    Love your stuff, keep it coming.

  • 7
    Jeanette says:

    You do such an amazing job with the presentation of your products. It’s quite interesting to see the behind the scenes look to all that hard work.

  • 8
    Denise Erickson says:

    I would love to hear about the books you use for inspiration too. I am kind of a book junkie.

    I love the behind the scenes glimpse. The work you create is so amazing. It makes me happy to check into your blog everyday 🙂


  • 9
    jeanne says:

    Thank you for sharing how you organize your workspace surrounding a release. I love the sock organizer to keep things right there to grab and create. I also like that you keep your projects out for a short time to gaze and enjoy! I really love the work and detail you put into you projects and posts!!!!!!!!!!! Your creativity is so inspiring. I am eager to see your new studio when finished.

  • 10
    Heidi says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us! I appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you!

  • 11
    sarah says:

    You are so organized. . .my craft area is a disaster. No matter how much money I spend on organizers, it doesn’t seem to help out!

  • 12

    What a great idea! I should get one of those boxes!

  • 13
    Karen says:

    Thanks for the “peek” into your workspace at release time! I love seeing what others’ workspaces look like…..its great for inspiration!

  • 14
    LuAnn says:

    It is fun to see how you do things and I especially loved your organized box. I have an entire wall of that exact kind of boxes from Target that hold all my stamp supplies. I love being able to look at everything organized. Can’t wait to see your new space after the cruise. Thanks for sharing…

  • 15
    Sonya says:

    Inspirational as always. Thanks for the excellent tip i.e. the sock drawer for organizing current project items. You’re da best!


  • 16
    Chris says:

    I love the teal and white pillow…is that a recent….would go perfect in my bedroom from what I can see.

  • 17

    Nichole, Thanks for sharing how you organize. I’m always looking for tips on organization! I’m sure you will have a wonderful time on your crafting cruise. I just returned from Dee Gruenig’s cruise and words can not express the absolutely great time we had!!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

  • 18
    Charlotte Hutcheson says:


    In the “after release” picture, you have a white piece that holds your pens, markers, brushes, etc. It appears to be hexagonal…I love it. Would you mind telling me where you got it? Also, you do some of the cleverest designs…I love your blog.


  • 19
    Chris says:

    Love the storage idea of the sock container as toolholder.Can’t wait to see more after the cruise.
    I also collect inspirational books.I always go to the twice a year sale held at the library to find wonderful books donated my the community members. The prices are low and there are always hidden gems.

  • 20
    Beth Atma says:

    I am so excited for a recipe stamp set!!! I love your gift idea and that little box is just so darn cute! I always enjoy seeing what your come up with!

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