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Here are the winners of our 15 for the 15th contest!  Thanks so much to everyone for your kind comments.  I know myself and the entire design team appreciated your kindness and appreciation for the work that goes into putting together a week long event like this!  So without further ado…

WINNER #1: comment 66

have been so excited by all of your holiday posts; however, the rustic
snowflakes, coupled with the sundae treat basket was inspiring, and I
have already begun shopping for baskets so I can try it for myself.
Nichole, you have outdone yourself, I have been staying up late just to
see your sneak peaks, and they are wonderful. Thank you for all of your
talent and inspiration.

WINNER #2: comment 199

month I’m completely blown away by the ingenuity and creative minds at
Papertrey. But this month, you all have out done yourselves! One of my
favorite ideas, as simple as is was, is the way you stamped the Home
for the Holidays windows on the vintage cream paper. The house looks
lit from inside! Truly stunning. I have been really wanting this set,
and hope to see more like it to follow (hint, hint). With all the gift
ideas you’ve presented, I will have lots of happy people on my
Christmas list this year!

WINNER #3: comment 207

my gosh, this is so pretty! I am especially loving the snowman set, but
they are all so beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

WINNER #4: comment 240

are not any posts better than the others! Each day I learned something
new! Nichole — your creativity never ceases to amaze me! You are SO
talented! I love the snowman set the most, although I have contemplated
ordering Boards & Beams and now I not only NEED Boards & Beams
but the coordinating holiday set to match! Thanks for all the wonderful
products! I look forward to checking out your blog every morning!

WINNER #5: comment 264

looooved the merry & bright set as well as the rustic snowflake and
snowman set! Seeing all of the wonderful ideas got me excited about
putting them to work, especially decorating goodie bags, tags and cards!

WINNER #6: comment 353

love the Boards and Beams additions, and although I don’t have very
many Jewish friends, I have to say I have rarely been so impressed as I
am with the detail and accuracy of your beautiful Hanukkah set.

WINNER #7: comment 359

so many great ideas! I love the snowman set and your little pail. Just
adorable. I think the fudge in the tin was just a great idea also. So
easy and the packaging looks so nice. Thanks for a chance to win. 🙂

WINNER #8: comment 438

i love this new addition to the boards and beams, and i love piney’s snowflakes…i can’t decide what i like more!

WINNER #9: comment 439

favorite is the build a snowman set. Nichole, my fav project is the
snowballs in a paint bucket. I think I’ll do that for my daughter’s
teachers for Christmas! Can’t wait till tomorrow to order and then to
receive my new stamps!

WINNER #10: comment 663

am so glad that i "found" papertrey ink earlier in the year..it has
changed my life..i have been to just about everyone’s blog – and have
become a better stamper because of the blogs! and the good "vibes"
between everyone at the forum is very uplifting. What a wonderful thing
to have – creativity and caring "friends". Thank you to everyone at the
forum for sharing your ideas,jokes,families and prayers…

WINNER #11: comment 731

have been looking FOREVER for a set like the snowman set. I am very
excited about this and I think I have to have that set now. Also, I
recently purchased the Boards and Beams set and as I was playing with
it I thought that I needed it to have Christmas decorations in the
windows! So, how did you know what I was thinking? I can’t wait to have
these stamps in my hands!

WINNER #12: comment 769

Oh my goodness, this is my favourite site to visit for inspiration…I love the Home for the Holidays stamp. I have
the Boards and Beams stamp and have been wondering how I could make it
a Christmas scene. Well now I have the answer. I also love the Made of
snow. I collect anything snowman and so now I have to add this stamp to
my collection.
Christine Dol

WINNER #13: comment 799

the ideas were wondeful. I enjoy making cards, but I think I love the
cute gift ideas even more. They are always easy enough to duplicate but
they look like you spent alot of time on them, and I know I would love
to receive any of them as a gift. I really like Michelle’s idea of her
version of the dry erase boards. Using the frames with glass, and the
paper was such a great idea. We leave notes for each other every day,
so I will be making these for my myself!!! So cute, and easy. Thanks so
much for all the inspiring ideas from everyone. I’m already looking
forward to next month!
Beth Winn

WINNER #14: comment 804

just love Papertrey products! They are so elegant and classic, they
will never go out of style. I love architecture. And when I first saw
the Boards and Beams set, I thought, Nichole is going to do something
fantastic with this for Christmas. I was right! The companion set, Home
for the Holidays is perfect! And my favorite projects are the one
you’ve done here, with the tall house and then Debbie Olsen’s, with the
big house. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Thank you so much for giving us the
opportunity to create with such wonderful designs. Nothing ‘cutesy’
here, it’s class, class, class all the way. Be Blessed!~Barb

WINNER #15: comment 906

love these sets. I haven’t ever purchased from PTI before (I know,
shock!!!!) But Dawn has a beautiful clean look to her work and she has
bribed, er, encouraged her PSF’s to check out the sneak peeks each
month. I think I can finally be here for a sneak peek once!!! Love the
blog and the sets that are coming out! Now to figure out if and what to

Congratulations to all the winners!  Please email customer service with your shipping information, username used in conjunction with your post and the stamp set of choice (previous or from this new release).  The subject line of your email should read "15 for the 15th Contest Winner".  Thanks to everyone for playing and being involved in the Papertrey Ink holiday countdown! 

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