Papertrey February 2008 Release News

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Today is the first of February, which means we are only a few days away from the BIGGEST news ever to rock the stamping industry 

Papertrey is celebrating it’s first birthday and YOU will be getting all the gifts!

We have so many AMAZING, innovative, EXCLUSIVE products and features to share with you, the festivities have just got to start early!

February 2nd & 3rd: We will focus on two BIG announcements that you won’t want to miss out on!

February 4th: Project tutorials & product introductions will begin!  Everyday until the 14th new artwork will be added! 

February 7th: Our BIGGEST news yet will be officially announced.

February 11th: Tentative date for the launch of our BRAND NEW website.  There will be so many useful features, you’ll want to stop by more often!

The launch of the new website marks the beginning of the BEST contest ever, with the BIGGEST Papertrey Prize Package on record!!!  Our new site will require each and every one of you register and have a user-name in order to participate in all it’s new features.  By registering before February 14th, you will automatically be entered in our main contest.  The prize will be…


Yep.  You read it right.  And the winner could be YOU!  If you won, you would automatically get EVERY stamp set we release between 02/15/08 and 01/15/09 for free.  EVERY month, a Papertrey package would arrive at your doorstep containing the ENTIRE latest stamp release, and you wouldn’t have to pay a dime!  Isn’t this SO exciting!!!  But wait, there’s more!

February 4th-15th: Prizes and games almost daily!  Each event will only be open for 24 hours, so be sure to stop by daily if you want a chance to WIN!  You don’t want to miss out on all of the INCREDIBLE product that we will be giving away!

So be sure to stop by every day and peek in on what we have up our sleeves.  We are really gonna shake things up and you’re not gonna want to miss a minute of it!!!


FAQ Regarding Upcoming Events

—>How and when do we register?  Do we have to wait until the 11th to register?! 

You cannot register for the Free Year of Stamps until our new website is launched on the 11th and you are able to register as a user.  To register you will just have a simple link to click on our homepage then answer a few questions to activate your account.  Once you are officially registered you are automatically entered into the contest!

—>Where will all of the fun take place?  Here or in the Papertrey Forums?

Everything will be taking place right here on the blog!  There will probably be some fun chit-chat within the forums though!

—>Why can’t I register as a user in the Papertrey Forum?

We have shut down registration since our NEW forum within the NEW website will be activated on the 11th.  You can still stop by and read along until the new forum is ready for your registration!


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