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By February 13, 2008General

As many of you know, we had anticipated the opening of our new website and forum to take place on Monday, February 11th.  The company that we have hired to create our new website & forum has run into a few last minute snags that we are waiting to have worked out.

We have had to remove the link to the old forum because of some modifications that needed to be performed to it.  Please be aware that it will be down for the remainder of the day.

Registration for the new forum & website will begin TONIGHT @ 8pm (EST). 

You will just need to go to our current web address ( to access the new site.  You will know when the updated site has been uploaded when new front page artwork featuring a birthday theme is visible.

There will be a button on the front page that will take you straight to registration. 

By completing the registration you will be automatically entered in our FREE stamps for a Year Contest.

Because of the delay of the new website & forum, we will be extending the deadline for this Grand Prize contest. New customers will have until Friday, February 22nd to register and be eligible for the contest.  The winner will be announced Saturday morning (02/23/08).

If the lucky winner ends up making a purchase of new product before next Saturday, we will refund the cost of the stamps.  We didn’t want you to feel obligated to wait for the announcement of the winner before making a purchase.

Thanks for your patience regarding all of this.  We look forward to seeing you all tonight!

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