Tomorrow night is the BIG moment we have all been waiting for!  This month’s release is especially near and dear to my heart.  The images contained in the 3-1/2 sets that we will be debuting are incredible and I am just SO proud of how everything has turned out.  I know you won’t be disappointed either!  (And yes, I said 3-1/2 sets!  I will be explaining the "half" set tomorrow, so be sure to stay tuned!)

121307_z_becky_brown_logoOn to today’s project!  Many paper crafters ogle the infamous z becky brown purses.  (Note to peeping husbands: GOOD GIFT IDEA!!!)  For those of you who may not be familiar with them, they are clear acrylic purses with customizable lids, handles, inserts, etc.  I think the reason they are so popular is because of the possibilities they hold.  There are hundreds of variations at your disposal, allowing you to personalize it according to your style & taste.It occurred to me last night that you could recreate the same look & effect of a z becky brown purse in miniature form by utilizing our Clearly Creative Card boxes!  And they are cheap & easy to boot!  We sell these boxes in packages of 10 for only $6 (that works out to 60-cents per box!).  Their original purpose was to provide you with an easy way to package cards for gift-giving.  Now you can use them to make adorable purses too! 

121307_cutting_boxFirst, you want to cut the box in half.  From the edge of the main box body (not the end of the tab) the halfway point is 2-7/8 inches.  I used a ruler and craft knife to make the cut.

121307_two_halves_2Then you just assemble the two halves, like you would normally, just on one end.  No adhesive is required to assemble the box halves.  The slits used within the tab system hold everything perfectly in place!  So there you have two purse bases from one box (that’s 30-cents per purse!)

121307_scored_paperNext, you want to create a simple insert.  I chose to use patterned paper, but of course you could use anything, like cardstock, printed transparencies & vellums, fabric, felt; the sky’s the limit!  You want you insert to measure 4-3/8 inches wide by 6-5/8 long.  It is scored from 2-7/8 inches from each end.

121307_inserting_paperAll you need to do now is insert it into your clear purse base! Easy peasy, as my friend Mish would say!  You can use a little tacky tape in the bottom to help hold the insert in place.

121307_polyshrink_stampedNext, I wanted to use some of our new stamps (which will be released Friday night) to create an embellishment for the front of the purse.  I stamped this oval label image onto transparent polyshrink using New Canvas Palette Ink.  The center strip of the label is blank so that you can interchange the sentiments.  I chose to use "Happy Valentine’s Day", which is one of 8 sentiments included in this set to fit this particular label!

121307_polyshrink_in_punchThis oval label is designed to coordinate with the Giga Scalloped Oval Punch.  I inverted the punch and inserted the polyshrink for perfect placement.

121307_punched_hole_in_polyshrink_2After the label was punched out, I added a hole using a 1/4-inch punch.  (When working with polyshrink, remember that EVERYTHING shrinks, including the size of your hole!)

121307_charm_closeupI heated the charm and shrunk it down so that it looked like this!  Isn’t it the cutest thing ever!  I just ADORE the way the scallops shrink down.  Just too cute!

121307_clearly_creative_purseAnd here is the finished project!  I added some ribbon handles by adhering them in place with tacky tape.  I also made a second insert to "line" the interior of my purse.  Because the base of this project is created from our sturdy boxes, you can really put anything in these purses without having to be conscience of the weight.  They would also be long lasting since the outside is waterproof & will resist tearing.  There is all kinds of fun stuff you could do to take this purse to the next level.  The plastic that these boxes are made with is very substantial so that you could add actual hardware such as latches, unique handles or feet.  I am really excited to hear about what direction all of you decide to take this project when creating your own!  Have fun!

Today’s Papertrey Puzzler…

Day 2: What weight is Papertrey’s exclusive Stamper’s Select cardstock?


Ink- New Canvas Palette Ink

Stamps- Papertrey Ink

Paper- "Daniella" by Foof-a-la for Autumn Leaves

Other-Clearly Creative Card Box from Papertrey Ink, grosgrain ribbon from American Crafts, transparent polyshrink from Lucky Squirrel, Giga Scalloped Oval punch from Marvy, silver brad from Paper Studio, Terrific Tacky Tape from Provo Craft

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  • 1
    Victoria says:

    Ohhh, I LOVE it! Like I wouldn’ I can’t wait to see this whole set!!! Hubby says I can order as much as I want!!!! I can’t wait. Thanks for sharing Nichole.

  • 2

    Love it! I had never heard of those purses before, but I think your idea is even better and easier to afford! 🙂
    Great Job! See you tomorrow night at the release!

  • 3
    Dawn Chau says:

    OOOOH, I have yet to use these boxes for cards! I’m soo excited to see some thing fun to make with them:) I just might make some of these up tonight:) YOU ROCK!

  • 4
    Mary Duffek says:

    SO WORTH THE WAIT!!! What an awesome idea and love the stamp that I saw….tooooooo excited for tomorrow!!! and the 15th.

  • 5
    Ana says:

    Beautiful Nichole!! I love it 🙂
    oh and the weight is 110

  • 6
    Beth says:

    This is so… cute! I already have the boxes and the shrink plastic. I’ll have to go play with some PTI stamps I already own right away! Can’t wait ’til the new release. Hate it that I will miss the party (have to work in the ER from 7p- 1a CT) but I’ll hit the website as soon as I get home! Keeping my fingers crossed there will still be some goodies left!!!!

  • 7
    Beth says:

    This is so… cute! I already have the boxes and the shrink plastic. I’ll have to go play with some PTI stamps I already own right away! Can’t wait ’til the new release. Hate it that I will miss the party (have to work in the ER from 7p- 1a CT) but I’ll hit the website as soon as I get home! Keeping my fingers crossed there will still be some goodies left!!!!

  • 8
    Beth says:

    This is so… cute! I already have the boxes and the shrink plastic. I’ll have to go play with some PTI stamps I already own right away! Can’t wait ’til the new release. Hate it that I will miss the party (have to work in the ER from 7p- 1a CT) but I’ll hit the website as soon as I get home! Keeping my fingers crossed there will still be some goodies left!!!!

  • 9
    Shelly M says:

    Wonderful idea!! I have used about 15 of these boxes so far for gift card sets and still have a few left. I’ll be trying this out very soon!

  • 10
    Bonnie Sharp says:

    Oh my gosh….. so very cute Nichole! AGAIN!!

  • 11
    Donna says:

    Hi Nicole!

    I really love everything you do and your stamp sets are amazing, I just wonder if you would consider doing a few cards in your countdowns? The projects are amazing, but I will probably never make them. I’m a “card” kind of girl! Thanks!

  • 12

    “No stinkin’ way!!” was all I could think when I read (and reread) your post. Brilliant, simply brilliant.

  • 13

    Shut up! This is is wicked brilliant! Who but you, would think to do that?
    I was one who jumped on the Z Becky boat-and so wish I would have had this idea instead! LOL! I NEVER use my purse.
    plus this makes just the cutest gift packaging ever.
    Now you got me in a frenzy to try these out. Love that look of the sentiment. You have me SO curious about this HALF set.
    I know Im going to be making LOTS of nuggets this v-day, cause that label set is adorable.
    OK enough drooling.

  • 14
  • 15
    niccole-k says:

    This is just too darn cute ~ You are a so creative Nichole … can’t wait for more :o)

  • 16
    Elizabeth Smith says:

    What a great idea!! As if there was any doubt about your ideas.
    Be ready for when the stamps are released and can see the whole sets.

  • 17
    MonicaB says:

    OMG Nichole!!!! This has to be my most fav reveal so far! So worth the wait. Cant wait to see the final!!!!

  • 18
    Donna says:

    OH MY GRAVY! You continually cease to amaze us with your awesome creations-what a fantastic idea! I need to get my ZBB out of storage so I can use it again.

  • 19
    Kris Tolman says:

    No way! How do you come up with these great ideas month after month?!

  • 20
    diane mcvey says:

    Awesome! Is there ANYTHING you don’t think of doing???!!! LOVE your idea, cannot wait for the new sets!!!!! 🙂

  • 21
    Carolyn King says:

    akkk! I LOVE this project.

  • 22
    Cara says:

    I always like to tell an “artist”(?) what my first impression is of their project. Whether it is a small gasp or whatever. My first impression after seeing the cute scallop sentiment on the purse was, “Oh my hell, how lovely”. Sorry for the swears, but you did it to me.

  • 23
    Sara Paschal says:

    I want to make one right away, I think I am going to try it with a box that your stamps come in. Is it about the same weight as the card packaging boxes?
    Can’t wait to see the new sets, you are so creative I am sure they are going to be awesome.

  • 24
    Emily says:

    OH! MY! GOSH!! I just LOVE this!

    It would have been a million years before I would think to cut those boxes to make little purses!!

  • 25
    Bluett says:

    Great Idea, I have to of those z purse but I like this one better. I definetly order a tons of those boxes. Very Clever.

    Thanks so much for share your creativity with all of us.

    God bless you!


  • 26
    Elizabeth says:

    I already love those boxes anyway. This is a great Idea. i think I will use it to package some cards that I am going to give to my mother in law for Christmas. What a fantastic idea.

    oh and I also use them to store rubber mounted stamps (my loose store bought ones) in my storage drawers. They are the perfect size to hold 4 or 5 average size stamps.

    thanks Nichole!

  • 27
    Maureen says:

    OMG!!! That little purse is the cutest thing EVER!!

  • 28
    Starla (star) says:

    OHHHH!!! I just bought these boxes to put the teacher gifts in!! There are two of them that will be “altered” this way!! How ADORABLE!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou for sharing your creativity!!

  • 29
    Katie says:

    Oh my! The stamp is what jumped out at me first….and interchangeable sentiments? You are not making my DH very happy…I *must* have all of the sets you’ve previewed so far…I am interested to see what the 1/2 set is! Please post at midnight tonight!!!

  • 30
    Melissa D. says:

    I love this purse. It is so cute. I have never heard of the purses but I am just now getting into a lot more of the crafting ideas. I have a neat idea to do with this purse as well. I think I am going to have to try it out and see if it work.

    Oh yeah, 3 1/2 sets!?!?!? I can’t believe it.

  • 31
    Kris says:

    You are just so clever. I knew there was a reason why I kept my clear boxes that your stamp sets come in.

  • 32
    Debbie Olson says:

    Every day you blow my socks off–how incredibly classy and clever!

  • 33
    liannallama says:

    how creative, clever, beautiful and practical too! You rock!

  • 34
    Christine Villacarlos says:

    oh so lovely!!!

  • 35
    Jen Ofiana says:

    Ok, I think your just simply a genius!! All of your ideas on this site just rock! This one is fabulous and now I have to get some boxes!!!

  • 36

    Very fun, Nichole! And you always pull things from so far back in the supply cabinet. I never remember that I have polyshrink! I’m always ‘wow-ed’ by your creativity!!

  • 37
    Julie Masse says:

    Awesome Nicole!! LOVE it!

  • 38
    Melody says:

    You never cease to amaze me! This is brilliant!
    I can’t wait till tomorrow!

  • 39
    Sandy Kay says:

    OH, Nichole, you have outdone yourself with this release – how will we ever resist ordering your stamps?
    Can’t wait to try this latest project and with the boxes the stamps come in – I knew there was a reason I was saving them!
    Sandy Kay

  • 40

    Oh, I love the way you think! This is so cute and I cant wait for tomorrow “evening”, that’s when it’s midnight here.

  • 41
    Jana says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I’m going to have to give this a try.

  • 42
    Cynthia Hodges says:

    Awesome and so easy! Nichole you are the bomb! I just completed one to hold a small Christmas gift and it was perfect!!! I will upload to SCS when I can get a good picture under papertrey purse if anyone wants to look. Will try to have up by Saturday. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • 43
    Krisstee says:

    Nichole……you ARE a genius. You have so many great ideas…….I love them all.

  • 44
    Jill K says:

    I just have to say that you are sooooooo amazing. I LOVE checking your blog to see what new fabulous creations you have. I would kill to have some of your blood in my body. Thanks for sharing your creativity!!!

  • 45
    Beth Silaika says:


    And quoting Mish to boot!

  • 46
    Alice says:

    This is darling, and most of the time I am speachless with all the creative ideas you come up with. You are amazing!!!! Keep up the GREAT work. Can’t wait for tomorrow night!!!!


  • 47
    Kim Leach says:

    And I already have some of your boxes! My new purse for the holidays!
    thanks Nichole!

    The cardstock is 110 lb. isn’t it?

  • 48
    Bee says:

    I didn’t know the original that inspired your project, but I like yours better!! I’m sure you could easily add a lid by attaching part of the other half of the box with holes and ribbons for example…

    I bought some polyshrink but am a disaster with it, I don’t know if I heat it up too much but it curls up badly and become all hard and brittle but it is thiner than yours apparently…

    Also wanted to tell you I received my first PTI order yesterday and I just love everything about it. From the wonderful packaging to the brilliant design and quality of the stamps. Your reputation is well deserved! 🙂

  • 49
    Linsey says:


  • 50

    OMGoodness, this is too cute!! Love that shrunk scalloped sentiment!!

  • 51
    Suzanne says:

    These are awesome! Why not make one from the plastic case your stamps come in also? That would be a great way to recycle them too!

  • 52
    Lisa Turni says:

    You are really incredible!! I mean the things you come up with are amazing. A big thanks to you as these ‘affordable’ ideas are near and dear to my heart and yay I can have a little something for everyone!!!

    I am anxiously awaiting this release to buy myself some Christmas presents!!!

  • 53
    Melissa says:

    Wow! This is such a cool idea. I have some of these and can’t wait to try this. And the shrunken scalloped punch… genius!!!!

  • 54
    Elaine says:

    Wow! This put me over the edge.. just went and got some, and some stamps, paint cans, tins…..I can’t wait to make these!

    Thanks for your great ideas! I love them!

  • 55
    Lesley says:

    Hi, I’m from the UK. Love this idea.

    Where can I find the stamps that you used? Can’t find them on your site :o(

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese help

    Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • 56
    Bee says:

    This is 2010 and I’m still loven it

  • 57
    Valentina Deker says:

    I love this idea and will make some for sure, I just have a question. You mentioned “you also made a second insert to “line” the interior of my purse”. I am sorry, but I don’t understand what you meant by this, could you explain it a little more. Thank you very much.

  • 58

    I love this! Thanks

  • 59
    Sharon Todeschini says:

    Can you please let me know how I can order some of your bags that you have posted here. would love to order about 50 if I can.

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