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As many of you know, we recently hosted a contest in honor of WCMD.  The challenge was to use one of the three digital kits we designed in conjunction with Paper Crafts magazine. These downloads are FREE and available on the Paper Crafts website.  Here are the direct links…

Snowflake Serenade

Spiral Bouquet Boutique

Eat Cake!

If you want to give digital a try, but don’t know where to start, you can check out THIS detailed tutorial I did a few days ago.  Now onto the winners!

I owe these ladies the biggest apology!  I totally intended to have these up earlier today, but I’ve had Internet speed problems today and couldn’t upload anything!  Now that everything is operating at the proper speed, I am THRILLED to share with you the winning projects (in alphabetical order)!

Niki_1_2Niki Estes made this AMAZING scrapbook in a box.  The bow she created with the "ribbon" strip from the digital kit is nothing less than stunning!  When I first saw this project, I was wondering where she purchased the bow for the top, because I wanted to get one!!!

Niki_2_2And here is the inside of her box.  The photos are just precious!

Vanessa_1Next up is Vanessa Febus.  Her ensemble literally took my breath away!  The ribbon she chose really brought everything together.  She obviously put a lot of time and thought into each of the pieces.  The coordination of the looks is just amazing!

Vanessa_2Heck, she even made a bracelet!  I wonder who her friend is that will be receiving all these goodies.  (I can be your friend, Vanessa! *wink*)

Michelle_2And here is a project created by Michelle Martinez!  It was one of the most creative "pure" digital projects in the gallery.  Her layering and use of drop shadows was phenomenal!  What a quick and easy Christmas card to send out too!  Just click & print and your good to go!  Fabulous job, Michelle!

Jackie_1_2Jackie Rakoski created another "pure" digi card that was love at first sight for me!  I loved how she strung together several leaf images to create a pretty border.  She also did some work with highlights that I really admired (I think I need a tutorial on this, Jackie!)  Such a simple, stunning project!

SaraHere’s a FABULOUS project from Sara Redman.  I loved the creative angles of the background.  The proportions of everything are SO well balanced.  I really appreciate the clean lines and the simple beauty of it.  Definitely one I will have to copy in the future myself!

Carol_1And last (but certainly not least!) is Carol Svendson.  This was the most AMAZING cake project in the entire gallery, hands down!  I love how she cut the edge of the card to imitate the layers in the cake.  So darn clever!  (Why didn’t I think of that!  And I’m the one who designed the kit!!!)  I also loved the vertical sentiment.  Everything is so nicely balanced!  And it would be such an easy card to duplicate!

I also want to thank EVERYONE for your contributions to the contest!  There were so many great projects, it was hard to choose the winners!  I invite you to browse through all the entries HERE in the Papertrey Cutsomer Gallery.  You will become SO inspired!

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  • 1
    yoorah says:

    Go Jackie! Beautiful! And the rest of the ladies too – amazing work!

  • 2
    Kathyc on SCS says:

    Oh my goodness, these are amazing! I am definitely inspired!!!! Great work ladies, Congratulations!

  • 3
    Marlene says:

    Congratulations ladies! These projects are wonderful and I can’t wait to try them. Thanks for your inspiration!

  • 4
    Melanie Muenchinger says:

    These were definitely some of my favorties! I’d LOVE to know how to do the shadows, and the layering as well!

  • 5
    Julie Masse says:

    Wow! What beautiful projects!! Congrats again ladies!! I too would love that tutorial . .or about a week alone with my computer! 🙂

  • 6
    Granna on the Go says:

    Totally amazing. Great creativity and such variety.

  • 7
    Carol W says:

    I have had a LOT of time get away from me while browsing the Gallery, because of wonderful creations like these! I’d also like to give a shout-out to the creator of “Melanie’s Digital cards” in the Digital submissions gallery. This is a must-see for 3-D thinking outside the box with the cake image.
    Fantastic digital kits, and fantastic work done with them. Applause all around!

  • 8
    Carolyn King (Cammie) says:

    Wow…what utterly gorgeous projects!!! Congrats ladies!

  • 9
    Debbie Olson says:

    MAN! These are just amazing! Excellent job, ladies!

  • 10
    Katie says:

    Wow everyone’s work is gorgeous! Thanks for the great downloads- maybe I’ll get some time soon to try them out! I just found your blog and site and am lovin it so far. Does the Angel Policy apply to these digital kits also? If not I’ll just keep everything I make for myself 🙂

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