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First, I want to thank EVERYONE for all your comments about my television appearance that I spoke about in yesterday’s post.  It was very reassuring to read through all of them and made me feel at ease about the whole thing!  I was really hesitant to even post a link after a few of you had requested it!  So thanks for all your support.  It is one of my favorite things about this industry, a benefit that I wasn’t expecting.  Hugs to each and every one of you!

Speaking of "the industry", I had an issue come to light today that I would like to take a moment to talk about.  I don’t normally do this sort of thing on my blog, but I really feel the need to share my feelings on the subject. 

And that subject would be creative copyrights.

A particular web-store took it upon themselves to blatantly steal a photograph of one of my nugget tin projects from this blog and use it to sell the tins themselves.  Not only did this anger me, but it also hurt me beyond words.  Anyone that has a creative bone in their body knows the feeling of accomplishment and ownership when they complete a project, or even a concept that they are proud of. 

To have this project taken without permission and used for someone else’s financial gain is one of the most intentionally hurtful acts that anyone has ever committed towards me.

I think one of the reasons that it upsets me so much is that I work so hard to make this place an open, inspiring creative space.  Where people can come to learn new things, explore techniques & concepts.  The time I commit to providing this type of environment is enormous, yet very important to me.  There is no charge to enter here and gain new ideas.  You do not need to pay to have a library of tutorials available whenever you need a creative jump start. 

Everything is provided purely for the LOVE & PASSION I have for this craft. 

The ink, the stamps, the paper. I want everyone to feel like THEY can do this.  Even if they haven’t stamped before, I want this to be a place where they feel everything is doable. 

I want everyone in the WORLD to know and feel the joy that comes from creating something with their own two hands.

The feeling of delight you get when you lift that block from the paper and see a beautifully stamped image left behind.  These are all the reasons why I share everything I do. 

The things I have talked about here today, not only apply to my personal space that I have created here for you to visit, but also to the many creative outlets that are available all over the internet today.  Use them wisely.  Be respectful.  And make wise choices. 

Don’t use somebody else’s work for your own personal financial gain. 

Instead, use the artwork as an inspiration; a tool to help you build upon your own creativity.  That’s what ALL of us share our artwork with others for, so use the resource as it was originally intended. Thanks for considering my opinion today.  I appreciate all of your support so much.  It is because of you that I continue finding inspiration for new stamp designs and project concepts.  Thanks for being a part of this little hobby we call stamping!


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    Debra says:

    Nichole, you make beautiful cards and items and I’m sorry that someone has betrayed your trust. I SO enjoy your site!

  • 2
    Janet says:

    Very well said, Nichole. That is just wrong. Thank you for all you do to make your site so easy to navigate and to inspire others. I hope this doesn’t ‘scare you off’, because so many enjoy your blog so much.

  • 3
    Michelle S says:

    WOW!!! That takes a lot of nerve, not to mention a complete lack of character. I am sorry this happened to you. Did they remove it yet? Thanks for all the free inspiration you provide. I truly appreciate it and I love it here.

  • 4

    GET OUT! I hope you contacted them & that they have ceased and desisted. Unbelievable. ((hugs))

  • 5

    You are absolutely right and I feel for you. It’s awful that others do these hurtful things and I know it really doesn’t help much to picture it as a form of flattery. I hope it doesn’t prevent you from continuing to share freely. You have such wonderful ideas and talents. To those that “borrow” ideas as if they were their own, two words: bad kharma.
    Take care,

  • 6
    Barb says:

    Good for you for speaking out, Nichole! I can only imagine the hurt that you experienced when you discovered someone had stolen your work. Your work is fabulous and I am so happy you choose to share with the rest of us – it is a real blessing. Sending you encouragement and hugs to weather this tough moment.

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    Lisa says:

    So you have to tell how the story ends! Did they apologize? Remove the photo?!

    P.S. Got my first Papertrey Ink order the other day. MUCHO impressed with the packaging. It was like getting a present!

    P.P.S. I think you did a fantastic job on your tv appearance. Your knot tying didn’t last as long as you felt it did!

  • 8
    P. Miller says:

    As a stamper, fan of your blog and staunch supporter of Papertrey, I am very sad and disheartened to hear what happened to you. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of artists like you who take the time to share their creativity and inspire us all through the internet. I hope that this will not detour you from continuing to share your amazing talent with all of us.

  • 9
    Lynn Mercuio says:

    It would serve THEM right if you told us who did this so we could all boycott them!

  • 10
    Ketha says:

    That is so sad. I’m afraid to say, but the words “honest” and “integrity” don’t seem to be in some person’s vocabulary. I, like others, so enjoy your website, blog etc. I get a sense of peace when I come here. It’s too bad others don’t have any remorse for their actions. Do you have any recourse? I certainly hope this doesn’t discourage you to the point that you quit doing some of the things you do that makes your place so unique. I support you 100%

    Ketha V.

  • 11
    Sara says:

    What a disappointment. Sometimes I just wonder what the heck is going on in some people’s minds. I love your quote: “Use the artwork as an inspiration; a tool to help you build upon your own creativity.”
    You hit the nail on the head! This is the reason I blog, because I have gotten so much inspiration by you, and many others that I feel I should “pay back” the favor!
    Thanks for all you do, Nichole. Sorry this had to happen to you.

  • 12
    Michelle S. says:

    Well said! You are so right. This is an industry where people often get confused about angel policies and copyright, but to blatantly STEAL an image of a completed work is something everyone can and should understand! I hope you contacted the company, and that they take it off their website (at the least!!) Thanks for all you do…you are such an inspiration! {{hugs}}

  • 13
    Heather Grow says:

    I understand that you are hurting. Just shoot them an email to “inform them” that they have used your picture without your permission ask “ask them” to “please” remove it. They will most likely feel stupid and remove it. It may have been an honest, although stupid, mistake. Sometimes pictures get passed around and they may not have known the source. Just shoot them an email. I’m sure that most people would respond reasonably.

  • 14

    What a tragedy this is for you. I can’t imagine how hurt you must feel. I hope your bolstered by the good wishes that all of us who LOVE your work send to you. Your success will coninue to grow despite this act and I wish you much much more of it. Keep you chin up. I thought you TV spot was FAB by the way. You are being way to hard on yourself as we women almost always tend to be, Best wishes and continued success Nicole.

  • 15
    Lisa says:

    What a shame that someone feels the need to do this. I so LOVE your blog, your awesome creations, and am PaperTrey Ink obsessive, please don’t let the actions of one spoil the love hundreds of us have for you.

  • 16
    Debbie Olson says:

    Nichole, you are such a giving person anyway! I’m sorry that this happened to you. {{{hugs!}}}

  • 17
    Viv (VivLyn) says:

    Very well said and I hope the person that did this, sees this post and then truly understands what they did! I feel so bad for you!

  • 18
    Krystie says:

    Boooo…Hissss! I’m sorry, I had a Splitcoast picture stolen a couple of weeks ago and used to promote another person’s business, it’s a yucky feeling. Some people think that just because something is on the net, it’s all fair game.

  • 19
    Melia says:

    I am so impressed with the way you are dealing with this situation. I would not be quite so nice. You have an amazing talent. Thank you for inpiring so many.

  • 20
    AmyR says:

    Having had it happen to me (more than once) I know exactly how you feel – and it SUCKS!! I really hope you contacted them and that they’ve removed the picture. It amazes me still that there are people out there who think that everything posted on the Internet is free for the taking (and profiting from) – when it is so NOT like that.

    (((HUGS))) to you! You’ve posted some food for thought and I hope everyone who reads this takes something away from that (the THOUGHTS that is – nothing else! *wink*)

  • 21
    Niki says:

    I am so sorry that happened to you! That just stinks. It’s hard for us honest people to understand how people can do things like that because we would never think of doing it in the first place. I am among the thousands who get so much inspiration from your blog and your creations!! Thanks for all you do and all you share with us!

  • 22
    Sandy Kay says:

    That’s a terrible thing for someone to do to you! I so enjoy your ideas and talent and I hope this doesn’t dampen your enthusiasm to unselfishly share as you always do. I wish you could expose this person/persons who did this, because I sure wouldn’t support them! I’m glad you posted this info on your blog because it’s obvious that it has happened to others as well.
    Sandy Kay

  • 23
    Kathi C says:

    I have your blog saved to my favorites and stop every day. Your artwork, ideas and stamps are all awesome. For someone to take a photograph without permission is inexcusable. To take it for financial gain is unethical. I went on a website once only to find a photograph of mine there, used without permission. While no money was involved, I felt violated. The artwork was mine and certainly, the photograph was mine. You are perfectly justified in your feelings. Thank you for all that you share.

    Kathi C.

  • 24
    Kelly says:

    Oh I am so sad that that happened – I adore dropping by here and seeing all the gob-smackingly wonderful projects. The inspiration is huge! Definitely I hope that the people using your photo have put things right for you. good luck. 🙂

  • 25
    Mendi says:

    Oh, Nicole! How awful! I am so saddened that someone would do this to you. That is reprehensible, not to mention rude and unethical. I completely understand and hope that this doesn’t stop you from sharing your incredible work with all of us–your adoring fans! Just remember-what goes around comes around. They will eventually pay in one way or the other for what they did.

  • 26
    Alli Miles says:

    I can only imagine how frustrating that would be and I am sorry to hear that has happened to you. Thank you for shedding light to the issue of creative copyright. I think it is a refreshing reminder to all of us. Thank you for your continued inspiration.

  • 27
    Granna on the Go says:

    Nichole, I was so disappointed that someone who be so bold and daring. I have had a similar experience but certainly nothing like the magnitude of yours. Why, do people do such hurtful actions? It feels like a mortal wound. I am proud of your well stated response!!!!!!! I truly thank you for all of your creativity and the stimulation that you give to each of us. May you find comfort from all of your avid fans here on your blog an the forum. Take care!!!

  • 28
    Amanda A. says:

    {{{{Nichole}}}}! I love your blog and am always in awe of your talent. I’m so sorry this happened to you!

  • 29
    Dawn says:

    Amen! Well said. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. You go girl.


  • 30
    Cris Anderson says:

    AMEN!! Let us know what happens!

  • 31
    Joan B says:

    Everything you design and sell is so gracious and elegant and unique. I can spot your stuff a mile away — it stands out! Even so, this behavior is outrageous, unethical and illegal. I am in the middle of writing an article on papercrafting and copyright law, so this post caught my eye and gives me more impetus to get the darn thing done!!!

  • 32
    Julie Masse says:

    Very well written and thought-out post Nicole!! A great reminder and a cautionary tale for all of us! 🙂

  • 33
    Suzanne says:

    Nichole – I am so sorry this has happened to you. I love visiting your blog because of all of the great ideas you share! You are such an inspiration to all of us!

  • 34
    Renee V. (aka: happystamper05) says:

    I’m so sorry you were hurt and I’m hurt for you.
    I love your blog, your company, your stamps and your talent. I’m so glad you share all of these with us and do what you do.
    Hugs to you,

  • 35

    Oh this has also happened to me as well. More times than I care to know. It does hurt. I have asked people, when this happened to remove my things asap! I then not only follow through to make sure they are gone, but keep checking back to ensure they stay that way.

    I am at a loss as to why people who are “in” the industry need to clip stuff? Why not make your own? SERIOUSLY!!!!
    Hugs to you! At least you found it.
    Many people say its a form of flattery……..
    I dont alway’s know I feel the same about that.

    At least ASK!!!!

  • 36
    Deidra says:

    I totally agree with you 10000%. Who ever this person is I hope they come forward and tell you that they are sorry for what they have done. Continue to create wonderful designs.

  • 37
    Jennifer says:

    Nicole, I think you are the BEST of the BEST in this industry BECAUSE of your willingness to share your creativity through your many tutorials, your blog, your thousands of examples and ‘how tos’ and ‘where to finds’. I’m sorry to hear what happened. I think you really put it perfectly & I, like others who commented, hope that this doesn’t detere you from continuing what you do & persuing your dream of helping others to find their creative selves. You are amazing, incredibly talented & a WONDERFUL asset to & resource for us stamper/crafters. I think you also put your thoughts & feelings about this issue VERY WELL….unlike others that I have read who rant & rage about IP.
    You are awesome! Thanks for all you do & share.

  • 38

    So sorry this happened to you, Nichole. I totally know where you’re coming from, as it’s happened to me quite a bit, too. That’s why a lot of us watermark ALL our photos we share online — you should probably consider that, too. You’d think people would know right from wrong and think to just ask first, but NO!

    Thanks so much for sharing all that you do!

  • 39

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m not as trusting as some – I’m sure this person knew exactly what he/she was doing and thought no one would find out. Way to go standing up to him/her and stating what is right and honest! Thanks for all of your inspiration and beautiful work!!

  • 40
    Steph says:

    Nichole, It’s a shame that people will steal your work. To protect your art, you should consider adding a watermark to your photos of projects and tutorials on this site. Doing so, or even adding a simple (c) at the bottom corner of the photo, is the best way to safeguard and protect all of your original art over the internet, especially since your work is so gorgeous and popular!

  • 41
    Jeanne says:

    I’m a frequent lurker, but very inspired by your work/art….just had to say I think think this sucks!
    Hopefully, by now, it’s removed from their sight and you have received an apology.
    Terrible, terrible, terrible.

  • 42
    Janet Douthit says:


    I live in what is commonly deemed as “the republic of Boulder” yes Boulder Colorado. We are an odd group of people striving to be the best at what we do.. being thin..and I am so not.. eating healthy, I don’t obviously, but one thing I agree with here is the bumper sticker I see most often which is…


    They do. They are emotional vampires, and suck the life right out of you, and they want to take what is yours. They are TAKERS and you are such a GIVER!

    While a few people are looking for the ultimate bargain at any expense, I feel the majority of your fans support you, the creativity you so freely share with us all and your wonderful enthusiasm for this hobby, creative outlet, whatever you call it thing we all love!

    Visit SCS and look at posts of other’s who have said that they could get the tins cheaper somewhere else. People scoffed and chastised them. People are willing to pay a price for the artistry and inspiration that comes with it.

    Be confident in your design, be confident in your groupies??? dare I say…ha ha ha.. and squash the roaches in life with love! Love em to death! literally! Kill them with kindness.

    Perhaps maybe then they will feel the shame and guilt they should have for stealing your ideas. They will reap what they sow, and the customers will see through this!

  • 43
    Maren says:

    I am so sorry that this happened to you! Please know that you are a great source of inspiration for many! Thanks for all you do!

  • 44
    Maren says:

    I am so sorry that this happened to you! Please know that you are a great source of inspiration for many! Thanks for all you do!

  • 45
    Courtney says:

    I was so saddened to hear this has happened to you – I must say though that we all know you are very, very creative and come up with the most amazing ideas and we know how much time it takes too. So you have no worries in those of us (a whole WORLD of stampers) not recognising your work, as we are so dedicated and devoted to your site and the great ideas you keep on coming up with that it would be and is going to be hard for someone to do this to you and not be found out. Lets face it you are very loved and we will all stand by you as you reach your dreams and help us to reach ours with your great products. Just remember what goes around, comes around! ((hugs))

  • 46
    Julie says:

    Nicole so sorry to hear this has happened to you. I personally love coming on here and seeing your latest creations.

    Unfortunately some seem to think that once it’s on the internet it’s everyones property.

    I had a whole web site copied word for word and all my piccies too – took me to having to warn them with lawyers.

    Flipping cheek and laziness of some people. It does mean though if they are that lazy about one think they’re gonna be lazy about most things concerning their business and in the end they will fail.

    Keep up the wonderful work and gorgeous designs.

  • 47
    Bonnie W says:

    It’s unfortunate that “it only takes ONE to spoil it for the rest”. I’m sure that I speak on behalf of EVERYONE who visits and enjoys your creative works, Nicole, that we soooo appreciate your generosity in sharing this creativity with us and feel very badly for you in this situation.

    Your creativity is an inspiration to all of us and we can only hope that you continue to share it with us, despite these “WORMS” in our world, that have no conscience for acting with deceipt.

  • 48
    Rose Ann says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I know how it feels, and it stinks…..for sure!!

  • 49
    Lynne Hurlburt says:

    How very rude of them. That is just plain awful. I have a neighbour every time I go to a class, she copies down the idea to make. She never wants to take a class though, of course that would cost her. I know exactly how you feel. But I would let them know that it was your idea and not there’s. But of course if they had the nerve to take your idea, they will come back and see the comments we have all made and hopefully it will put an end to it. You are a great inspiration to all of us. Hugs n’ Stuff, Lynne

  • 50
    Carol says:

    The things people do for personal gain astounds me. You are so generous to share your love of crafting with so many devoted readers – it’s just a shame that one rotten apple in the barrel would take advantage of your generosity and try to profit by stealing. Please tell us who did this so that we will never support them in their selfish greed! It’s just wrong, and I’m so glad you addressed the issue!

  • 51
    Beth says:

    THAT is beyond horrible! I cannot believe it! Shame on them!

  • 52
    Michelle Wooderson says:

    Nichole, this sucks!! I’m sorry this happened to you. You share and give SO much of your creative self. I think you should send ALL of your samples you’ve ever made to me so that I can keep them all in safe keeping. Just sayin’! Big hugs sweet thang, you’re doing the RIGHT thing!

  • 53
    Angie J says:

    Nichole, I am so sorry someone has done this to you. I hope you dont let it deture you from posting all your fabulous projects. I love everything that I see. I recently got my first 3 paper trey orders and I love them!! The packaging is so cute! And I have so enjoyed making the nugget tins for my co-workers for Christmas this year. You are an inspiration to everyone! I hope that this other site has taken down the picture and have apologized to you!

  • 54
    Bonnie aka raduse says:

    What an awful thing to do. I don’t understand why people steal others work for their own gain. Nichole, I’m so sorry this happened to you.

  • 55
    Carol B says:

    The lack of integrity of some people is just abominable and astonishes me! It’s an “all about me” & “me, me, me” attitude that is soo selfish and eventually ruins an open, caring and sharing environment for everyone else. I do hope you sent a “ceast and desist” letter to the offender.

  • 56
    Jennifer S says:

    I am so very sorry that this has happened to you. As you can see from the many comments left here for you, you have great friends and supporters who are behind you. What happened is awful and I do hope that the offending web company gets reprimanded accordingly. Please know that you are loved by so many who look to you for inspiration on a daily basis! 🙂 Hang in there as best you can! We need people like you here on the internet to provide the rest of us with your creativity!

  • 57
    Betsy Z says:

    Words fail….so just sending a hug, (((Nichole))). How awful for you!

  • 58
    Karen P says:

    I am truly saddened to read your post. I can not even begin to think of how hurt you are, but you have our complete support. This should not happen to anyone, there are no excuses.

    I also think that this site should be mentioned and that it should be boycotted by us, your faithful friends. If they are unscrupulous enough to do this to you, they do not need the support from SCS or your other industry friends.

  • 59
    Starla (star) says:

    I can’t imagine someone having the nerve to do such a blatent thing! (I feel almost guilty when I make a project off of someone’s templates!)

    I hope that you will continue to share your wonderful creativity with us….wondering if you need (I hope not!) to put one of those watermarks that go in repeated lines over/behind your photos (do you know the type I’m talking about?!)I hope that it doesn’t come down to that, but unfortunately, there are those who have no respect for others and if that is what needs to happen in order for you to share your wonderful work…then so be it!!
    (((HUGS))) for a better day today!!

  • 60

    I am always shocked at the gall of people who do things like this! I feel so bad for you that this happened. I’ve been a fan of yours long before Papertrey started and have been with you from the very first stamp set you created. I love your creative style and so appreciate the examples you provide using your stamps. Hopefully this won’t dampen your passion for the craft and for sharing with your fans/customers.

  • 61
    diane mcvey says:

    I applaud you for speaking out about your hurt and betrayal. People have to know how such an act impacts the designer! Some people on this planet are only out for their own personal gain…this is very unfortunate. I hope there will be an apology to you, and thank you for all you do for your fans! We LOVE you! You are a creative genius! 🙂

  • 62

    Very eloquently said. Thanks for putting it out there.

  • 63
    Phyllis Strickland says:

    This is unthinkable that anyone would be so blatant!
    I hope it was some kind of goof up on their part, but not sure how it could be, since they should take their own photos for their website or secure them directly from the artist.
    Thanks for all you do to make blogland such a wonderful place.

  • 64
    Lori Stilger says:

    Nichole, I SO agree with you! May I post a link to this posting on my blog? I think it’s an important issue in today’s technology – so many times, I think people forget there are REAL people on the other end of a screen name.
    THANK YOU! I hear your company’s name ALL the time lately! 🙂 BLESSINGS on your business!

  • 65
    Jennifer says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you! I love your ideas, designs, and stamp sets. Please don’t let this bad person stop you from sharing your love of stamping with the rest of us!

  • 66
    Lisa Johnson says:

    Oh My! That’s as Blatant as running a read light! I hope they removed it and are no longer going to practice business in this way!
    Hang in there… I know how you feel…it’s very painful!
    Mondo Hugs!

  • 67
    KraftyAunt says:

    Smacks of corporate espionage! I hope they’ve acknowledged their slinky habits. Perhaps we should boycott their site :->

    Please don’t let this discourage you. I’m new to stamping and card crafting and thoroughly enjoy your approach and your sharing of ideas.

    If nothing else, perhaps you could explore adding that “copyright” imprint to your images, that I’ve noticed on some of the sites? In fact, I’d be interested in learning how to do that as well!

    Keep up the good work and we’re all behind you in support! Sincerely….

  • 68
    juliehrr says:

    I am so very sorry that someone took advantage of your hard work and sharing spirit in this fashion. I support and stand behind you 100% regarding the issue of respecting, and upholding Creative and Intellectual Property Rights.

  • 69
    Julie C. says:

    I saw a discussion thread about this on SCS earlier this week. I joined many others in being mad for you! They say ‘What goes around, comes around’ and I think it is true. So thieves have the same thing coming home to them. You keep your chin up, girl…we are behind you!!

  • 70
    Jessica says:

    This is so weird but I did see your nugget tin somewhere else and thought…huh there is Nichole’s nugget tin pic but never thought a thing of it….except that I did know it was your creation… I am sorry that they took the pic. without asking that is so not nice!! Shame on them!

  • 71
    Kathyc says:

    Awww, Nichole, I’m so sorry this happened to you; I understand how hurt and angry you must feel; I too hope that it doesn’t stop you from sharing here and I hope that your words will teach other people that it’s not ok to just help yourself to someone elses work! I am truly inspired by you and hope that this does not change your sharing nature. (((((hugs)))); Kathy

  • 72
    sharon says:

    Oh, Nichole.. I can really feel your pain and sorrow!! It happens to many of us and leaves us overwhelmingly with a sense of mistrust for fellow stampers.. like the whole world has changed, something you perceived as pure and honest becomes ugly, disgusting.. and not anything like what you had imagined your whole life’s work and association to be/become. Been there.. bitten that..

    Although I don’t have answers, I can definitively feel your pain and disdain!

  • 73
    Renee Stabila says:

    I have only recently discovered PaperTrey and I ended up purchaseing a couple of sets and will probably end up buying more in the future. I hope that this incident doesn’t put you off from sharing with those of us who are in it for the inspiration not the almighty dollar. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and making those of us who aren’t as skilled, feel like we can do it too. I do hope that who ever did this will cease and decist and learn a valuble lesson, don’t mess with stampers, you will get the wrong end of a pad! 🙂

  • 74
    Donna says:

    Ok, this is my first comment here but I have been stalking your blog for quite some time. I am at a loss for words. I find it so heartbreaking that someone would do something like that to you. I come here and find so much inspiration in work you so graciously share every day with your readers. It’s one of my favorite craft blogs to visit every day.

  • 75

    Big hugs – I know how you feel, I had this happen to me with a layout I’d created. It made me feel sick to the stomach. Some people have no conscience!

  • 76
    Jill says:

    Nichole, one way to look at it is that a major company needed high quality ideas so they turned to the best in the business. Even though they were wrong, it must feel pretty good to know that your work is an inspiration to all of us AND to the “big boys”. I always try to look on the bright side 🙂

  • 77
    edith says:

    Nichole, I’m so sorry that this has happened to you. I’ve just recently stumbled upon your site and already appreciate all that you give to others.

  • 78
    Maria says:

    Well said Nicole!

    They may steal a photo…. but they can never steal the heart & soul that comes up with the ideas in the first place!!!! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all!

  • 79
    Letap says:

    What an awful thing – integrity and honesty are out there – but clearly not shared by all.
    Your blog is on my desktop and I visit daily – your work inspires me and your tutorials are a wonderful source of ‘how to’ – I particularly loved the one on tying ribbon round the edge of the card – simple but effective.

  • 80
    Sonja says:

    I hope that the number of replies you have received on here shows you how many of us appreciate your work. I just wish I was able to source your stuff from the UK. Please keep up the great work – your inspiration IS global – as you say – “I want everyone in the WORLD to know and feel the joy that comes from creating something with their own two hands.” 🙂

  • 81
    Asela says:

    I’m so sorry that this has happened to you. I just don’t understand why the issue of copyrights is so difficult for people to understand. We all want to share our photos and creations with the hopes that it helps and inspires.

  • 82
    Elizabeth says:

    Nichole! so sorry this happened to you. I have seen this happen many times! A friend of mine did a tutorial on her blog only to find it a few weeks later on someone else’s blog… the woman didn’t even change the pictures.. it was my friend’s hands in the pictures on this other woman’s blog!

    i hope whoever did this will think twice about doing it again. And I hope that one person’s stupidity doesn’t stop you from sharing. we would miss you!

    have a good day!

  • 83

    It really stinks that someone was so outright deceitful. I hope it won’t hinder you from sharing your ideas in the future. You have so much talent and I’m like a giddy kid every time you release a new set! My husband thinks I’m a little nutty, but I think fellow stampers understand! Hugs,

  • 84
    brandy says:

    This is really too bad! There’s always one out there that has to ruin it! And it always seems to be about MONEY…”who cares who they might hurt in the meantime.” I have read alot of the comments…and you know, you are loved so much! I know when I discovered your blog and Papertrey Ink, I added it into “my favs” and I look at them almost everyday. Just know that we back you up 110% and those thiefs will pay for their actions! How dare they steal! They will “pay” for their actions one way or another! Just know that we “groupies” LOVE you and everything you share with us! Keep your chin up! 🙂

  • 85
    Sandra Correale says:

    I absolutely agree with you! And good for you for bringing this to light. You are such a talented artist and an inspiration to us all!

  • 86
    L. Roberts says:

    I totally agree. Using internet sources should be for inspiration, not for copying, especially for financial gain! I hope this never happens again. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • 87
    Cath Chapman says:

    Here, here, blinking thieves !
    Your work is Fantastic , and I feel for you that these ‘muggers’ have taken your work without permission.
    Please carry on your wonderful work, don’t let the ‘bad apple’ spoil the barrel 🙂

  • 88
    jo anne says:

    hi–wondered if you can tell me how i can see your posts of oct. 4th and llth. i was out of town and didn’t get to make some notes from them. always love your work and appreciate your sharing. going to spend the day tomorrow making my christmas cards with your believe set. love it.

    thanks again, jo anne

  • 89

    I am so sorry about what happened, Nichole! I hope the web-store you mentioned would try to make it right by you. Thanks so much for generously sharing your talent and your passion with us! [[[HUGS!!!]]]

  • 90
    Beatrice says:

    That is really sad to hear! The artwork you do is like your own little baby’s, that’s how I feel anyways. You put so much energy and time into it and than somebody just comes and takes it away. It’s unbelievable!!! Hope you keep up your work here, we all love and support you! Hugs, Beatrice

  • 91
    Tessa says:

    Oh my gosh! Who would do such a thing?! I love coming to your blog and learning new things. I have even read through most of the archives to learn more about stamping. You are a truly amazing giving person and it saddens me that someone would take advantage of that for their own personal gain! That person/company is lucky you are the type of person to NOT actually name the guilty party. Hopefully they have removed the photo and apologized. As for me I love your tutorials and products and will be back for more time and time again!

  • 92

    Nicole I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I so enjoy visiting your blog and all the wonderful inspiration you give. I’ve had something similar happen with our local scrapbook store using my ideas for classes but not me to teach the classes. Unfortunately not everyone has integrity, I can only have faith that we reap what we sow. Best wishes~

  • 93
    Tonya says:

    Hi Nicole! I love visiting your blog every day and even though I don’t own a PaperTrey stamp set yet (too tight a budget at the moment) all of them are going on my Christmas list! I get soooo much inspiration from you and your work. I like your simple no frills style with all the cool tips ad techniques. Thanks so much so sharing with us for free! Your tutorial are the best. I hope this never happens to you again! Cyber hugs! Tonya

  • 94

    Nichole, I’m so sorry this happened to you. You are so generous with your time, your creativity, and your products. Your love for papercrafting is so obvious in everything you touch — your creations, your blog, your products, and your packaging. To think that someone would take advantage of you in this way is disappointing and disturbing. I hope this doesn’t break your spirit or keep you from sharing yourself with those of us who appreciate and admire you! Hang in there!

  • 95

    You’re awesome, Nichole. Sorry to hear about this. A big {T H A N K Y O U} for all you do and share. Your generosity has made a huge difference in my home office organization–that’s when I first found you, when I came upon your makeover of your studio. Your God-given talents are rare and remarkable, and will continue to grow because you pass it on to others. I greatly appreciate you and am sad to hear you were the victim of someone’s greed.

  • 96
    Laura Blum says:

    One of my all time heroes is Benjamin Franklin… he was an inventor of hundreds of items and never copyrighted any of them… he didn’t feel like he could credit himself…since he was inspired by things and people around him. He never made any money from his inventions… all his wealth came from his printing business and being frugal.
    I think for your peace of mind- you are going to have to let go of this. I liked the idea- of emailing the offender and making them aware of the error… but in your heart… you are going to have to be the bigger person. For your own sake. Don’t let this eat you up- and for HEAVENS SAKES don’t stop sharing!
    (yikes for all of us who enjoy your creations!)

  • 97
    ying says:

    Hi Nicole,
    I am Ying from Malaysia, and I know you from Papercraft Magazine. I love your artworks and always want to learn from you. It’s hurt to know such bad thing, but I want to let you know that I am support you from another corner of the world!

  • 98
    Karinn says:

    How sad that someone would do this. I also want to know if they apologized, gave you credit on their site, or removed the photo. Hoping the best for you. I am so thankful that you share your creativity with us. I get so excited when my google blog reader pops up and tells me you have a new post!

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