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By September 20, 2007General

1. The recipient of the address plaque mentioned in yesterday’s post is Jennifer (comment #12)!  That is her actual house number!  I am SO happy to pass this along to someone who can use it!!!

2. A few of you have contacted us to let us know that a few of the stamps in our new "Believe" set are connected to one another.  Please do not be alarmed, just be cautious when removing your stamps from the sheet.  I take complete responsibility for the overlap.  I design the stamps and arrange them on the sheets myself, and I apparently placed a few corners a fraction of a centimeter too close together.  A little snip with a pair of scissors will separate the stamps and will NOT effect the images whatsoever.  If you have any difficulty with this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

3. There will be a BIG announcement made on Monday!!!  I am thrilled to give you a hint that I have been working closely on a special project with

Gina from Gina K Designs and

Emily from Stamping Bella! 

So stay tuned for the news to be revealed on Monday!  It will totally knock your socks off!

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