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By July 24, 2007The Industry

Several of you have nominated me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger.  Wow, what an honor!  The title has been given to many of the girl bloggers in the stamping community, so rather than tag them again I thought I would change the title to Rockin’ Girl Entrepreneur.

RockingirliconWhy you may ask?  At CHA I had a fairly prolific moment while sitting at dinner with fellow stampers.  The stamping industry has seen major changes in just the last 12 months, mostly due to women in the industry.  While as amazing as their product is, Stampin’ Up! and other large companies have dominated the stamping world for years.  But due to the inginuity, dedication and good ol’ fashioned passion, a small handful of ladies have shaken things up and added some variety to our stamping diets.  How amazing is it that an avarage stay-at-home mom can make a difference in the industry that had previously been controlled by large multi-million dollar companies?  To that fact, I say ROCK ON!

Ellen Hutson & Karen Lockhart:  Ellen is a dear, dear friend of mine and the few times I’ve met Karen have been so heart-warming.  These partners embrace the power of women in the industry and are so inspirational to me.  No matter the successes they have seen they continue to be down to earth and always focus on the education of a stamper. 

GinaK: Not only is she contributing to the industry with her hand-drawn images, she also donates her efforts and time to helping others with her charity work.  She is dedicated to customer service and being "real".  Her personality is so welcoming and you would be hard-pressed to enter any of the message boards at Splitcoast and not see her friendly banter.

Emily & Stamping Bella: I can sum Em up in one word, "MWAH"!  She has brought a fresh, funky girl power line to the market and invented a whole new language at the same time.  Who knew "bella" could be combined with any of the millions of words in the english laguage and sound so darn cool?!?!?

Kim & My Favorite Things: I haven’t had the pleasure to meet her in person, but I have heard about her success and appreciate her passion for her product.  The images carried by her company are so unique and have a trademark look that you can recognize a mile away.  I always look forward to seeing her new releases.

I wish all of these women continued success in their stamping ventures.  Their designs and decication to providing the best is just amazing.  And to think at the same time they get dinner on the table, keep up with housework and do the grocery shopping just like the rest of us!  It is amazing what a WOMAN can do when she puts her mind to it!  Rock on!

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    lexi says:

    what a great post–i love your take on rockin’ girls! 🙂 lexi

  • 2
    angie says:

    Great post, Nichole! I am in awe of you and these women… Thanks for all that you do!

  • 3

    Yes, I totally agree. Big congratulations to all of them/you!!

    Stampin Up better watch out! You women are on your way. Im happy to be a part of some of their progress, and support these ever growing companies. Nothing is impossible.

    I love the difference they are making and how they are all on the upswing of the hottest trends.

    Its also nice to be “listened” to as a customer! Keep it girls!

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    diane mcvey says:

    Hurray for PaperTreyInk and all the other great companies! You all are AWESOME!!! Thanks for mentioning all these fabulous women…hurray for all of you!!! 🙂

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    Michelle Wooderson says:

    Great, you gave me such big goosebumps, I have to shave my legs again today!! LOL! Here here to your comments Nichole! I feel so privileged to be the company of Ellen and Karen and to be working with them. Emily is just a hoot and has it all goin’ on! Cudos to these other wonderful women too, including yourself! Your products, education and business have paved the way for all of us paper crafters. A big thank you! I’m so glad we got to exchange BIG hugs as CHA!!


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    Cindy Lyles says:

    I say, “Shake it up some more!!” I personally and wholeheartedly support you and the wonderful stamp companies of the ladies you mention, and to only look for ‘amazing product’ you simply have to look at what YOU have created!! Your product is truly incredible and versatile. Thank YOU, Nichole, for shaking up our stamping world!

  • 7
    Anne Marie says:

    Brava! Brava! I’m so glad to hear that you all get along so well together. Three cheers for you all!

  • 8
    trudee says:

    Amen, sister! What an honor it is to be working with Ellen and Karen, and an honor to have met you an Emily, too! Keep on rockin’ gals! It’s only gonna get better! 😀

  • 9
    Beth says:

    There are so many talented women in the Stamping Industry! Thank you for highlighting these gals – I’m off to check out My Favorite Things.

    A few other great stamp companies run by women: A Muse, Impress, Savvy Stamps, Just Johanna & The Cats Pajamas.

  • 10
    emily says:

    sistah sistah sistah
    thank you so much for the most fantabulous post. Having me you was truly an honour. I admire your wonderful work daily.
    IT’s a difficult thing, balancing all this stuff.. being a mom, a wife, a friend, a business owner, a sistah.. I mean WHO CAN KEEP UP?!
    Thank YOU, Nichole for doing what you do


  • 11

    Aha! I found your blog, so now I can stalk you from afar. 😉 I was so nice to meet these wonderful stamping women, and I join in your kudos to them. Muah!

  • 12
    Rose Ann says:

    You all are sure Rockin’ our stamping world! Bravo ladies!!!

  • 13
    Alli Miles says:

    What a wonderful post Nichole! I love your idea to showcase all these talented ladies (you among them!).

  • 14

    What a great idea – ROCK ON!

  • 15
    Michelle R says:

    I think it’s so nice and wonderful for you to compliment these ladies! I stalk ALL their blogs (as well as yours), and think you are ALL fabulous! Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

  • 16

    Great subject…stampers are special, The energy around them can be felt. Having that level if talent in the same room AWESOME, each of the ladies with same focus is an incredible experience. PURE ENERGY!!! These ladies are ushering in a change, to the industry and done so by mentoring and enable others –like me- to go forward. Beleiving in them selves,because women like this shared their experiences.

    This was thoughtful of you Nicole, recognize and to honor the entreputers in our group. I just got my Rockin Girl nomination, just we are getting to launch Flourishes on Fridays.

    Thanks for the Post Nicole

  • 17
    Gina K. says:

    Now that is just about the sweetest post I think I’ve ever read! You are such a doll and you know I love you and all of your beautiful designs! I am so honored that you included me with all of these other women who I respect so much!

    You are one class act, Ms. Heady!! You are right there on my list too!

    Gina K.

  • 18
    kim says:

    I don’t think Thank You even begins to convey my feelings about this post, but will have to do for now. What an incredible honor, I am so completely moved and so proud to even be considered in such amazing company! Thank you for bringing such innovative products to the market and for pioneering us all forward in a way only you can! I can’t wait to meet you, hopefully in Feb at CHA!

    Big hugs,

  • 19
    Carolyn King says:

    Wow…what an awesome post. You are obviously as sweet as you are talented. Amazing. I have to agree with you–these ladies ROCK!!

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