Spellbinders Nestabilities Dies are now available for purchase through Papertrey Ink.

—> Why are there less dies in the oval & rectangle sets vs. the circle & square sets?

072707_number_of_diesThe oval & rectangle sets have 20 dies in their respective collections, while the circle & square feature 26 dies each.  If you reference the photo to the left, you will see that the set of rectangle dies in comparison to the square dies, actually uses the same amount of material in production.  This is why both sets have the same cost.  The widest point of ALL the largest dies in each collection was fixed at 4-inches. When you are dealing with an enlongated shape, such as the rectangle, you can’t get as many dies within the allowed space (when compared to the square collection) because the HEIGHT is prohibitive.   I hope I have explained myself clearly on that subject! *wink*

—> With regards to the smaller sets, how do I know which standard set coordinates with a particular scalloped set?

This is very easy!  The SMALL standard set of a particular shape coordinates with the SMALL scalloped set.  Smae goes for LARGE.  So for example, if you wanted to get started with one set of circles and you knew you wanted the larger size, you would purchase the LARGE Standard Circles and the LARGE Scalloped Circles.

—> What are the exact sizes of the dies?

Below I have listed the measurements for the largest & smallest dies in each shapes complete collection.  You can figure that there are dies in between the largest & smallest in 1/4-inch increments. (These measurements are in reference to the scalloped shapes).  I have included photos using an American quarter as a reference.  (Note: I do not own the circle Nestabilities set, so I was unable to provide a visual for it, but the remaining three sets will give you a good idea of the size range.)   

CIRCLE —> LARGEST- 4.2 x 4.2 inches  SMALLEST- 7/8 x 7/8 inches

072707_large_small_ovalOVAL —>     LARGEST- 4 x 3  SMALLEST- 3/4 x 9/16 inches

072707_large_small_squareSQUARE —> LARGEST- 4 x 4  SMALLEST- 7/8 x 7/8 inches

072707_large_small_rectangleRECTANGLE —> LARGEST- 4 x 3.2  SMALLEST- 7/8 x 11/16 inches


—> How do these dies compare to the Marvy Scalloped Punches?

Here is a side by side comparison of the appropriate sized Nestabilities Scalloped Ovals (LEFT) and the Marvy Punch equvilent (RIGHT).  The scallops on the Nestabilities are slightly deeper and the overall oval shape is a little rounder.  This photo gives you a fairly good idea of the little difference in the other shapes as well.


—> How do you store the Nestabilities dies?

I store mine in CD cases.  All of my scalloped ovals are in one, all of the standard ovals in another. Same goes for the remaining shapes. They are such a space saver!  I have heard of others using a magnet strip inside the case to help keep them in place too!

—>If I already own the scalloped punches, why would I be interested in the Nestabilities dies?

In my opinion, for the variety.  (The same reason we have more than one set of sentiment stamps or 3 different kinds of white cardstock).  Each type of tool or supply in my collection has different purposes to offer me a variety of results.

I will always LOVE my punches for the advantage of being able to stamp an image and invert my punch for perfect placement.  They are also "grab & go", without having to get out my die-cutting system out.

BUT the Nestabilities Die Collections are different and offer new capabilities…

-They emboss

-There are more sizes

-They take up less space

-I can place them wherever I want on a card front, without limitations, to create a scalloped window, whereas the punches are limited in this feature because of their design.

-Less expensive

-you can cut through materials other than cardstock (fabric, lightweight chipboard, cork, etc…)

-perfect matting & layering capabilities

-large enough to create shaped cards.

On that note, I also discovered that I could create a scalloped EDGED card with these dies!  (Can you tell that I am giddy about this product! *wink*)  After all that Q&A, I think it is HIGH time for a project!

072707_front_of_ovalThrough some experimentation, I discovered that I can thread my card front through the die and just cut the bottom edge.  Notice how the raised strip I refered to yesterday is on top of the card where I do not want it to cut.  The area that I DO want cut is on the underside.  When I put it through my die-cutting system, the raised edge will be pressed through the cardstock, leaving me with a scalloped edge card. Here is an example of how you would place your card through the oval die.

072707_interior_embossing_disclaime As a disclaimer, (just ’cause I would want to know if it were me out there reading this!) depending on the thickness of you cardstock, (I used SU! 80lb. here) you will get a very SLIGHT impression of the die where it crosses over the upper part of your card.  It is not very noticeable (and I actually had a hard time picking it up with the camers).  I just fold my card so that this side faces the interior and it is completely forgotten!

072707_basic_grey_card Here is my completed card with the scalloped edge created by the oval die. I discovered that the little circle flower from Green Thumb matches Basic Grey’s Tutti Frutti paper perfectly (note the tag!)

072707_card_closeupI used my 1/8" handheld hole punch to create a lace effect in each scallop.  I just love the way this card turned out and I am falling in LOVE with the possibilities that these dies pocess!

072707_scalloped_edge_w_squareReal quick, I thought I would also show you what kind of edge a square die could add to your card front…

072707_scalloped_edge_w_rectangleand the rectangle.  When doing this technique your cards have to be trimmed down to 3 3/4-inches in width to fit through the dies. I utilized the largest scalloped die of each shape set.

Well, if you are still with me, I would say you are well on your way to being completely knowledgeable about Nestabilities dies!  Believe it or not, I still have much, MUCH more to share with you tomorrow!


Ink: pretty in pink, rose red & taken with teal from SU!

Stamps: Green Thumb from Papertrey Ink

Paper: Tutti Frutti paper from Basic Grey, rose red cardstock from SU!, white from Papertrey

Other: Making Memories Tag Maker & rim, ribbon from Offray

ETA: Here are some answers to questions left on this post…

—> Suzy asked…are these metal? Will they be hard on our Cuttlebug? I know you said we need to use the foam with the plates but will it shorten the lifespan of our plates even with the foam?

Yes, these and ALL dies are made from metal.  The pressure is so great when running dies through a machine, that any material other than metal would not be able to hold-up to frequent use.  The only time you use the tan polymer mat in your "sandwich" is when you are embossing, otherwise you just use the standard plates, in reference to the Cuttlebug, this would be the "B" plate.  (You can refer to the compatibility list for a specific sandwich recipe).  The Nestabilities dies are no more damaging to the plates than your standard Cuttlebug dies.

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    Suzy says:

    Fantastic info and project – thank you!

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    ~liz says:

    These are sooooo dern cool. and your guides are excellent. The complete collection is on my wish wish list. I can’t purchase them yet but they are definitely on my radar.

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    Deidra says:

    Will I still be able to order these even if I do not preorder? I will have to purchase some now and maybe some later.

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    ~liz says:

    OMGosh as a side note too. I had thought of these dies soooo many times. One of those “thoughts” that you know is a great idea but never take any action on. I swear every time I was in the cuttlebug aisle in Michaels and also right when I was thinking of purchasing the scallop punches I always used to say to myself, “I wonder why none of these diecut co.’s have created die cuts to cover all of these scallop and straight edge shapes. It would seem so intuitive. I think I said it to myself every time I went there. Then when these came out I was like “hey” that’s my idea!!! Anyway, I’m just glad someone came out with them because I was always wondering when they would. hehe.

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    florence says:

    Wow, thanks for the information, the circles and ovals are definitely on my list, appreciate all the time you are taking to explain and review.

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    Thanks for all the answers, Nichole! Love your projects!

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    Gosh darn it! I have some of the scalloped punches and had convinced myself I had no need for these dies but after today’s article, I am waivering……

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    You really do have a great, informative blog. Thanks so much for sharing all the info and projects!

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    Suzy says:

    One more question – are these metal? Will they be hard on our Cuttlebug? I know you said we need to use the foam with the plates but will it shorten the lifespan of our plates even with the foam? thank you

  • 10
    hayley says:

    Thanks for answering all these questions.
    I have ordered all the latest stamps so I take it they will work with these spellbinders dies? I won’t need the punches as well, will I? I really afford both but want to order the right thing.

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    Will you be providing the CD cases for each set, like you do with the stamp sets? I simply cannot find Clear CD cases here in England, and I’m anal about all my PaperTrey items being neatly organized. 🙂 Also, will we be charged upon order, or when the dies actually ship? Since there are a few weeks in between, I’m wondering whether $300 will be coming out now or later. 🙂

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    Patti says:

    Wow! Thanks for showing these off in such detail and answering all of our questions. You’re terrific!

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    Karen S says:

    Thank you for the awesome tutorial. It helps explain the spellbinders a lot! I have a question – I know everyone is different and it’s probably hard to answer this – but if I could only buy one shape right now – which shape do you think is the most versatile? Which one do you use most – square, rectangle, oval or circle???

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    These are fantastic. WOuld you ship to the UK?


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    kamie says:

    What would you recommend to start with? I was thinking the rectangles, because the would match the card size I make the most. But would love to hear what you would get if you were only going to get one shape. Thanks so much!

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    Patti Capt says:

    Question….Will you be selling the tan mat for embossing with the Cuttlebug? Will it be available to preorder as well as the dies? What will the cost be if they will be available?
    By the way – thank you so much for all your wonderful tutorials, ideas, products, etc, etc. This is by far my very most favorite blog!

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    Susan Mac Donald says:

    I find these very intriging. Can these be used in a cuttlebug machine, as right now, Iam hooked on this. Your work is very nice & well explained.

  • 18
    Maggie says:

    Great information…I’m trying to purchase and I just think there needs to be a guide somewhere showing the differences in size in Large, Classic, and Small. I’m having the hardest time.

    When you listed these measurements, I’m wondering which of these you were measuring? All of them? If you have a change, thanks so much.

    Funnybandaids [at] email.com

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