I normally try to get my blog posts done the day before they need to go up and then just schedule the posting time for midnight.  I was wrapped up in finishing up a big project all day yesterday, and when I sat down to create my post, I was completely lacking inspiration.  Ever had a moment like that?  So I decided to sleep on it.  And wouldn’t you know, when I got up this morning to make David’s coffee, I found my inspiration in our coffee cabinet!

071207_stamped_filterI stamped this ordinary white coffee filter with some little bits and pieces that are included in the new heart stamp set using Belle Rose Palette Ink.  I just love how beautiful and vibrant the ink remained on this absorbant surface.

071207_clear_frameI love how easy it is to center images in the middle of the borders I designed for these sets.  For the tag in this project I stamped "love" (also from the heart set) with white ink.  I then inked my border with the Belle Rose and was able to center the sentiment perfectly within my border before stamping.  Ahhhh, gotta love perfection!

071207_precision_heartI also wanted to point out the precision and thought I put into all these images.  Take this doodled border for example.  If you look closely each individual "loop" aligns perfectly with each individual scallop in the punch.  It took a lot of extra time (probably about twenty "do-overs"!) but the outcome is just a beautiful thing!

071207_precision_all_shapes One cool aspect of ALL five of these new Papertrey sets debuting on Saturday night, is that I carried the same elements throughout all the sets.  For example, if you really liked the heart doodled border, there is also one in each set for each shape.  How fun is that!  (All of the doodled borders shown here coordinate with the super jumbo scalloped punches)

071207_filtered_love_bag Last but not least, here is the finished project.  I just put some m&m’s in a little plastic bag and uses a twist tie to keep it shut.  I then placed the bag in the center of the stamped filter and pulled up all the sides.  The filter falls into place beautifully when you gather the top together because of the pleats that already exist!  I then added my tag with a little gingham ribbon and viola, cheap & cute wrap!  (You gotta love cheap!)  Wouldn’t these make the cutest favors for a shower?  Or what a great way to bunddle little goodie bags for Halloween visitors!  A whole bowl of these in the middle of a table would be the cutest centerpiece for any occassion!

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  • 1
    Dana Vitek says:

    Argh! I kept telling myself that I absolutely did not need the heart punches. I was even feeling a bit superior to those poor fools that have to have every new thing on the market, because, I, did not need the heart punches. I was patting myself on the back, because I knew that although I am ordering the rest of your July releases, I didn’t need the heart one. I’m sure you see where this is going!

    I love this project, and now I absolutely need the heart punches. And the stamp set. And probably an increased credit limit, lol! Great job!

  • 2
    wendy says:

    Funny…when I get up to make coffee, the only thing that crosses my mind is coffee! LOL! I love how your brain works. 🙂

  • 3

    What a cute project! Paper Trey has oudone itself!!!

  • 4
    Ellen says:

    OMGosh Nichole – this is SO BRILLIANT! You never cease to amaze me. You have outdone yourself with this stamp set and this project! Huge Hugs, Ellen

  • 5
    florence says:

    What a fantastic idea and project, love it.

  • 6
    Melissa says:

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY did not want to want all 5 sets, but you are REALLY making it difficult not to NEED all five sets! What a fun and simple project!

  • 7

    Oh how easy and sweet! Love it! That coffee filter idea is fabulous! I’ve been trying to resist that scalloped heart …yikes! I need to stop reading your blog!

  • 8
    Michelle R says:

    Oh my gosh….I am really excited about the new stamps! I know I’m going to have to have them…ALL of them!

    And your project is fabulous! I would never have thought of that! 🙂

  • 9

    OMGoodness, now I’ve seen it all — stamping on coffee filters, who would have thought how cute they’d turn out! I will definitely try this project! Love the doodle outlines . . . so many possibilities!

  • 10
    Peggy Maier says:

    So cute! I use coffee filters in projects for Sunday School & Childrens’ Church – this would be another easy one for the kids to do!

  • 11
    Melissa says:

    Well, you did it again. First toilet paper tubes and now coffee filters?? Mom and I always had a joke that she would try to make something out of used dryer sheets. There….your next challenge! LOL!

  • 12
    Valeria says:

    This is just so cute and very creative ,im gona have to try this soon

  • 13
    Julie Masse says:

    Nicole this is brillant – how chea . .arh I mean cost effective is that coffee filter wrap – and it looks adorable!! Love your ideas . . . keep ’em coming!! BTW, I had a Lobster for you last week! 🙂

  • 14
    Michelle says:

    Holy! Geezz…brillant…love it!

  • 15
    Lisa says:

    Holy smokes this is incredibly cute!! I love everything hearts, and can’t wait to try your adorable project out!!

  • 16
    Catherine says:

    When i found out that you’ll be releasing 5 sets on the 15th, i was saying to myself, why did she do this, there’s no way i’ll be able to get all 5 (mind you, i said the same thing every month when you release each set, and i have them all). But, with all the ideas that you’ve been sharing there’s no way i can hold back. I need all of them and now the scallop punches also.

    Love it!!!!

  • 17
    Stefanie A. says:

    So impressed! An adorable and economical way to package goodies in bulk. Thanks!

  • 18
    Amanda Johnson says:

    I still am not using your previous stamp sets that I bought to the best of my ability and yet you just keep me wanting more. Now I want your new ones and the punches too.

    Love the way you incorporate other “stuff” (tools and such) and bring them back to life or reinvent them for a new purpose. Your talent ROCKS girl! 🙂

    Amanda 🙂

  • 19
    Rose Ann says:

    I LOVE this idea! So awesome, and so cute!!

  • 20
    Denise W. says:

    Wow…it looks like you’re having an influence on everybody’s pocket book! What fantastic ideas you have!!! Should I say thank you? Or should I tell myself to look away, look away???

  • 21
    Debbie Olson says:

    Wow, Nichole–how you take such mundane things and make the ROCK is fabulous!

  • 22
    chris says:

    so imaginative. I would have never thought of that…and I look at those coffee filters daily…LOL

    Great idea for little goodie bags..I see this for our upcoming office party..great idea Nicole

  • 23

    ohmygoodness!!!!! now you’re making me want to get the heart punches, too! lol! I originally didn’t want to get it but with that super-duper cute project of yours, I think I may have to put that heart punch in my cart as well! heehee.

    can’t wait for saturday!!! lovin’ the teasers!

  • 24

    uhm, may I just ask which brand of white ink you used for the sentiment? thanks! =)

  • 25

    And I thought I had a hard time sleeping at night! You are full of the coolest ideas, thanks for sharing them with us.

  • 26

    Adorable, inspiring.

  • 27
    Jessica says:

    i’ve used coffee filters to make books and other artwork (used filters are great for vintage art), but i never thought to use one in this way. Such a simple idea, but so versatile, and your execution of it is wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 28
    Emily says:

    Oh my goodness! I love these stamps! Such a cute project, too!

  • 29
    Barb Mann says:

    Nicole, Every night I get new inspiration from you, Amazing & reasonable tricks! I, like some of the others, thought I could live without the scallop heart. Oh well, I’ll succumb again. You are BRILLIANT! How can you come up with these things day after day – just AWESOME!

  • 30
    Monika/buzsy says:

    This is super cute and easy! What a great idea… TFS!

  • 31
    wanda box says:

    I love this idea, tfs, I think I will use it at a future workshop.
    thank you

  • 32
    TW says:

    these are so cool Nicole.

  • 33
    Linda Walker says:

    This is a great idea, however, the coffee filters I have must be too small, because I do not have enough filter left to tie a ribbon around after I add the treat. Is there a larger coffee filter or am I doing something wrong?

  • 34
    Carolyn says:

    Have you got something cute for Christmas using the coffee filters?? This is adorable! Carolyn

  • 35
    Daisydaze says:

    I am sooo happy I found your website…so many inspirations here! Thank you for such detailed instructions 🙂

  • 36
    bonandlou says:

    this is fabulous. How do you people come up with this stuff? I really enjoy your website. thanks for your time.

  • 37
    marin jordan says:

    I cannot believe this started out life as a humble coffee filter. It looks nothing like a coffee filter in the end. I love transformations of items where the thing you started out with, looks nothing like the thing you end up with. Clever!

  • 38
    Doris Jenny says:

    What a neat idea for coffee filters, its not just for coffee anymore. Going to make the project tomorrow for quick goodie gifts for the kids. Thanks for all those neat ideas you have, keep them coming!!

  • 39

    oh my gosh!!! I just found your site this morning and I LOVE it!!! such awesome ideas!! thanks so much!! I hope you have a super fantastic day!! hugs!! Britt 🙂

  • 40
    Audrey G., txpackrat says:

    I have a question. I tried this w/ coffee filters that say 8-12 cups. But mine are too little. There is hardly any left at the top to gather. Am I using the wrong size?
    Thanks for any tips.

  • 41
    Audrey G., txpackrat says:

    I tried making these lastnight but it seems my coffee filters were too small. They say 8-12 cup, bought them at WalMart, but after putting a couple of pieces of candy in it, there was no gathering left for the top. Are there different sizes of filters? I’m not a coffee drinker so I have no idea.:) Thanks for any tips! Love your blog!!

  • 42

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