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Trudee Sauer… COME ON DOWN! She has been named Guest Star Stamper this month for her CLEVER use of Little Lady!  I remember the first time I saw her project, I just about fell out of my chair (yeah, it’s that good!)  If you haven’t seen the fun tulips she created you can go here.  Her step by step tutorial can be found here.  Congratulations, Trudee!

So, from the HUNDREDS of submissions received, I believe I got the message loud and clear that you LOVE Little Lady!  It was seriously a DIFFICULT task to pick just ONE winner! That being said, I had a few favorites that I felt needed some recognition!  So without further ado, here are the Honorable Mentions!

This cute project was created by Geny Cassady.  She used the solid ladybug wings and a few bits and pieces from Green Thumb to create cherries.  (We received a couple projects that used this creative idea, but Geny’s design really utilized them best!) I really liked her design and use of pattern in relation to the cherries as well.  Well done.

Lisa Bukata was able to turn little lady into a bumble bee using Faux Ribbon and a little masking.  I love how bright and cheery the color combination is!  I really appreciate how clean & simple it is as well.

Kat Jarosinski made the most BEAUTIFUL iridescent ice wings with vellum to layer over the spotted body of her little ladies.  I just love how pretty this is and the concept could be used with any color combination.

Tami McBeain chose an adorable color combination of baby pink and brown.  I really loved how the ladybug’s paths cross over seamlessly onto the brown strip at the bottom of the card.  Plus, this is just a beautiful photo!

Julie Campbell turned Little Lady into a fish!  No joke!  At first I was scratching my head, but she has a wonderful tutorial on how to create this fun little guy (and it is much easier than you would think!).

Chris Houchins saw a lucky clover when she looked at the ladybug’s solid wings.  She also incorporated Faux Ribbon into her design.

We got lots of submissions that turned Little Lady into some sort of flower.  Erika Hall created my favorite version.  I loved her use of color and the overall design was just top notch. The little ladybug sitting on the flower is just to adorable as well!

Alli Miles used one of my favorite color combinations, turquoise & black.  She used brads in each of the ladybug’s spots (I LOVE the dimension that this added!).  And she stamped the lady bug directly onto a black spot in her patterned paper, talk about easy and no layering!  I just love this card!   

And last (but not least!) are these super cute flip flops created by Sharon Harnist!  I just love the colors and the ribbon wrapping.  How cute would these be made for the special little girl in your life?!?!

The next contest begins NOW!  We will be accepting submissions that utilize Text Boxed until July 13th, so put your thinking caps on and discover some creative ways to use this set!  Here are a few hints that could help you to be the next Guest Star Stamper!

photo quality counts.  No matter how good the project, we don’t want to feature a photo that is out of focus or has bad lighting in our gallery.

keep the focus on the key stamp set.  Even if you made THE cutest card from Butterfly Kisses, the current contest if  for projects that exemplify Text Boxed.  Keep that in mind when you are developing your project.

extra points for being clever.  I like to see a fresh vantage point.  It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just some little characteristic that makes your project unique and different from the others.

the more Papertrey, the better.  I have to admit, if an entry uses patterned paper that they created with our images, it draws a little more attention from me than those that use other manufacturer’s paper.  I’m not saying that you CAN’T use designer papers, but rather that it gives you a little bit of an advantage if you create your own.

Use a Papertrey sentiment stamp.  We have SO many sentiments available, I prefer projects that use one of our sentiment stamps rather than one from another company.

I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful submissions!

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