Father’s Day Album Revisited

By June 6, 2007General

I shared this album with
you last year in honor of Father’s Day, but I thought it was worth

I gained inspiration from Ali
The album is a tribute to David and what a fantastic father he has
been throughout the last 6 1/2 years.  What I like best is that the photos
ARE the pages, which really makes them the emphasis.  This compact little
book holds a total of 24 photos, all featuring David doing different things
with the kids.  The photos are divided into three chapters, which graduate
in size making the book more interesting and unique.  The only thing I
bought to create this album was the three 1-inch binder rings and two pieces of chipboard.  Everything else is just cardstock. photos, glue and a little
ribbon for good measure.  I really enjoyed sanding the photos for a cool
antique look.  It adds a nice homey, weathered feel that I love.  All
of the patterned papers are from American
, my favorite company right now.  It took a total of 5 hours to
make, after I already had the photos gathered and copied.  I’m anxious to
give it to him!  I know he will really enjoy reminiscing about how much
the kids have grown and changed over time.  Here are some detailed
instructions and measurements.

1. Chipboard covers measure
6 ¾ x 4 ¾.  I covered them with my selected patterned papers and punched
three holes in the spine with my Cropadile.

2.  Select 24 (4×6) black & white
photos.  Divide them into three sets of eight.  You want to divide
them according to how wide their focal point is.  One batch of eight will
be cropped to 4-inches wide, the second to 5-inches wide and the third will
remain 6-inches.  The original height of 4-inches will remain the same for
all photos.  The easiest way yo get your focal points centered when
cropping to a particular measurement is to cut a piece of vellum the size you
would like for the final photo.  You can then position the vellum over the
photo to establish where you would like to crop.  Create tick marks with a
pencil onto your photo marking where these boundaries are.  Your cropping
will turn out perfect every time!

 After your photos are cropped, you
need to create your photos pages.  Cut white cardstock in the following
quantities & measurements:

(4×4) pages

(4×5) pages

(4×6) pages

Use a heavy duty glue stick
to adhere the coordinating sized photos front and back to each page, basically
creating a photos “sandwich”.  Photo-cardstock-photo.

4. Create three dividers
for your book from sandwiched patterned paper in the following measurements:

      *1 (4 1/2 x 4 1/2)

      *1 (4 1/2 x 5 1/2)

      *1 (4 1/2 x 6 1/2)

5. Use a corner rounder
punch on the two right end corners of all your photo pages &
dividers.  Trace the holes from  the cover onto one of the pages and
use that as a guide to punch all the contents of the book.  Sand the edges
of all pages  in a crosshatch motion using a sanding block.  Print
quotes from computer and cut into strips.  Add to pages.   

6. To finish dividers,
punch six circles from patterned paper.  Sandwich them around the edge of
each divider. 

7. As a finishing detail,
punch a slot in the edge of the first photo of each "size
chapter".  Thread with ribbon and create a loop, fastening in place
with an eyelet.   Assemble the whole book together by threading the
pages & covers onto the binder rings.

In honor of Father’s Day, I
thought I would share my research for this album and the great quotes I found
regarding fatherhood.  I thought maybe one of you might find them helpful
and use them in a creation of your own!

"It is not flesh
and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons."

"A Father is
someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow."

"A father is someone
who walks in front of you when you need footsteps to follow…
behind you when you need encouragement, and beside you when you need a

"A father sees
himself in his child’s eyes."

"A father’s love is
Like a rainbow–you can never find it’s end."

"A father is
neither an anchor to hold us back.

Nor a sail to take us

But a guiding light
whose love shows us the way."

"Any man can be a
father, but it takes someone special to be a dad."

"As many drops that
are in the ocean
and as many grains of sand on a beach may still not
amount to the vastness of the love
between a father and his son."

"Blessed indeed is the
man who hears many gentle voices call him father."

"Dad; a sons first
hero, a daughters first love."

"Sometimes it’s better
to put love into hugs than to put it into words."

"Live doesn’t come
with an instruction book;
that’s why we have fathers."

"My father gave me the
greatest gift anyone could give another person — he believed in me."

"My heart is happy,
my mind is free.
I had a father who
talked with me."

"No music is so
pleasant to my ears as that word–father."

"That is how I would
remember my father.
There was never a place he walked
that was not better for his having passed."

is something ultimate in a father’s love,
something that cannot fail, something to be
believed against the whole world."

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  • 1
    Beth says:

    This album is absolutley fabulous. I love your color choices and the PP (which goes great with the distressed look.) Thank you so very much for sharing the tutorial AND the wonderful quotes!

  • 2
    Leandra says:

    I have been trying to CASE this project for several months and couldn’t get all the dimensions right. Imagine my delight when I opened your blogsite this morning and found step-by-step instructions!! You’re amazing!Thank you soooo much for sharing.

  • 3
    Suzy Tyler says:

    What an elegant book! You are such an inspiration for me, Nichole. Can’t wait to get started with my new punches from Paper Trey Ink….

    You’re such an inspiration to me…TAG, you’re it. (Please see my blog for details).

  • 4
    Adelina says:

    Great album! I absolutely LOVE Ali Edwards. Her book rocks!

  • 5
    Erin Bassett says:

    What a great little album!!
    Thanks for the quotes too…I’m definitely snag’n those!

  • 6
    Kelly says:

    Gorgeous book thank so much for sharing!

  • 7

    What an awesome book! Very cool! 🙂

  • 8
    Susanna says:

    This is really wonderful! I LOVE it! I think this might have to be my Father’s Day present to my husband…. now to scrounge up those 24 pictures….

  • 9
    KayellWY says:

    Thank you for sharing both your wonderful album AND your sentiments. We’re always looking for those, aren’t we? 🙂

  • 10
    Debbie Olson says:

    WOW! I’m so glad that you posted this again, Nichole, because I missed it the first time. It’s absolutely TOP-notch! TFS!

  • 11
    Jenny says:

    this is brilliant. thanks so much for sharing… wonder if I can round up enough pics to do one of these justice.

  • 12
    Niki says:

    What a cute album! Your work is so amazing. Thanks for all the inspiratione and cute stamp sets!

  • 13
    Sara says:

    Love, love love this idea!!!! thanks for inspiring us!

  • 14
    kim says:

    Love it!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration…

  • 15

    Loved it so much that I took your idea and ran with it! I made one for a girlfriend of mine whose bday is this week, used photos of her twins. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to look at it on my blog.

  • 16
    Connie says:

    Nichole Love your album and it is so neat. The flimsy ones are cute, but this looks like one that will hold up through many people looking at it. Great idea…..
    btw, I am up in the Northeast and we get our supplies and ideas later than other places. I have tried to find chipboard all over with no luck. They have the pre- packaged letters, etc, but chipboard is unheard of. Would art stores, or office supply stores carry it ? I have called quite a few, but they don’t seem to know what it is.
    If you know of any place in general, please let me know. I really would appreciate it.
    I enjoy your work and your site very much.

  • 17
  • 18
    Mims says:

    I love your book. Thanks for the instructions.
    How did you print the sentiments in white on the colored stock?

  • 19
    Audrey says:

    I am brand new to this fabulous site and delighted with my first project. The album for Father’s Day is such a wonderful gift as it speaks to the very heart of what is being celebrated. Thank you so much from a new fan.

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