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I have been "tagged" by mj weston. (Thanks for asking me to play!) 

My number one FAVORITE blogger right now is Michelle Wooderson.  I love her style, her color combinations, her studio space.  I love how she has a little "tip" at the end of each post.  I love her personality, and it really shines through her writing. 

After doing my daily blog reading routine this morning, I noticed every person in blog land had been tagged and I didn’t want my post to become to repetitive in comparison to others.  So I thought I would list a few of my favorites that are a little less well known…

Posy Gets Cozy: Alicia Paulson; I love this girls whimsical/ retro style.  I really get inspired by her use of color and pattern combinations (check out this particular post for a great example of this).  She takes AMAZING photographs, really savors yummy food and has a way of writing that really draws me in.

Rachel Thomae: Her blog, named "A Writer’s Life", is really unique.  Although she rarely posts photographs with her posts, I find her writing so thought-provoking.  Each of her posts end with a "Your Turn" caption.  I copy and paste these into an on-going document that I refer to when I need a  jump-start for a journal entry. Here is one of my favorites from one of her recent posts:
Your Turn: It’s my new thing. Examining things in details and writing about what I see. I’ve got freshly bloomed yellow tulips in my yard, and they are on my list. Choose something and study it for ten minutes and then write about it.

Rebecca Cooper: Love this girls stuff.  She is a regular contributer for Simple scrapbooks, and AMAZING photographer and has such a keen eye for the "simple style" that I love.  I love the way her blog makes me feel when I visit; a happy, homey place.  This blog post is a perfect example of why I love stopping by!   Check-out how she announced her recent pregnancy news to the blogging world!

A Passion for Scrapbooking, Decorating and Shopping: Jeanette is hip, trendy and stylish and is the QUEEN of internet shopping (insert me bowing graciously!!!).  I love seeing what new products, websites and projects are her new favorites with each post.  Sometimes it is a new paper crafting find, or an amazing lamp, or perhaps an organizational product, or even which brand of nail polish is THE best!  I find her sense of style so appealing and similar to mine, it is a joy each time I visit.  She takes the time to find these things that compliment me so well, all I have to do is keep tabs on her latest and greatest and my shopping is done!  Kind of like having my own personal shopper!

I hope you will take time to check out these blogs!  I find them so inspirational, and I think you will too!

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    Kay says:

    Thanks so much for shining the spotlight on some lesser known blogs. I’ve enjoyed reading about subjects other than stamping (gosh, did I actually say that?)

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    Thank you, Nichole, for kind words. I enjoy this community of papercrafters and am so thankful for blogs. I love the way we are able to connect, even if we are miles away.


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    You are ever so sweet Nichole! Now I may have to pick your brain a bit about stamping – you are absolutely fabulous and I’m so glad I’ve found your blog! I’ve been wanting to do a little more stamping lately but feel really overwhelmed with where to start. Your card designs are so fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration to dig out my stamps!

    Rebecca C.

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