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Michelle Wooderson asked in yesterday’s post if I design all of the stamp images myself on my computer, and the answer is yes!  I just installed Adobe Illustrator into my PC this past fall and have been *attempting*  to teach myself how to use it ever since!  I have the major important functions down, but still have a lot to learn. 

It is fascinating to me to construct images from basic shapes and simple lines.  For example, the grasshopper in Green Thumb took many hours of "play".  I started with his head, which was a circle that I stretched and pulled until it became the shape that I wanted.  Then I worked on the body, which was created with a slightly altered oval.   Than I added his "belly" outline & neck piece by drawing in the shapes by hand using my Wacom Tablet & pen.  Then the leg.  Oh my goodness!  I think I invested about 4 or 5 hours into his leg over the course of two days!  It took several attempts and "do-overs" to get it just the way I had envisioned.  It took about 40 tries to get his antennae just right too!   The finishing tough  was his little eye which was just a simple circle, and thank goodness, that was a piece of cake!

Each image has much thought put into it, and I hope it shows!  I only create things that I myself would use. Or even better, images that I have always wanted but have never existed!

On a side note, the countdown for our April 15th Papertrey release starts tomorrow, right here!  So be sure to stop by to see some fun projects created with the new set!

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    Michelle Wooderson says:

    Nichole, I can only imagine the satisfaction you must feel when you see your stamps in a real set and being used on a card! I remember using CAD on my drawings when I worked in the design field…it was fun but a LOT of work. Straight lines and circles…easy. Curved lines and squiggles….took forever!! Thanks for sharing your process, again I’m in total awe!

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    Juanita says:

    I think you are a GENIUS! I am so grateful that you do this because your stamps certainly make me HAPPY! I hope it gets easier for you as time goes by. After there drawn what do you do? TFS.

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    Rose Ann says:

    What an amazing process!! Can’t wait to see the new countdown. 😉

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    Sarah Vrolyk says:

    Fascinating to hear more about the process, Nichole! And I can’t wait to see some sneak peeks with the next set! 🙂

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    Rosella says:

    Thank you so much for sharing how you come up with your creations. It is fascinating to hear how much thought and process goes into one image!

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    Susan Lankford says:

    Unbelievable!! I had no idea you created these images yourself! Amazing! I’ll be using them with a new eye from now on…

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    lexi daly says:

    i also design on the computer a lot and i was so excited when i realized i could manipulate basic shapes too! almost as fun as stamping! i love your designs… 🙂 lexi

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    Lisa Boyce says:

    Illustrator IS the most fun to play on! Great job designing those stamps – they are beautiful, and I know you must be very proud! Have a blessed week!

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