SO here is your first little sneak peek at the new PapertreyInk stamp set, preparing to be debuted on March 15th!  Let the countdown begin!  You know how there are some sets that are just FUN to sit down and play with?  They enable you to be so creative, fitting different pieces together using unique combinations and this is one of them!  And who doesn’t love a PAISLEY BUTTERFLY!  This card uses one of my favorite techniques, which is to heat emboss an image, and than watercolor over the details.  (click on the photo to get a closer view) It is so easy and the image remains bold and crisp.

I thought I would also share with you a little trick I do when creating my own patterned paper.  I use a scrap of cardstock leftover from the piece I cut for my card to "experiment" on.  I can try different combinations/ ink colors and than hold the samples up to my project to see which pattern/color compliments the overall style of the card best.  This also saves me from
making my card more than once! If you 031007
notice, on the sample I attempted to stamp a turquoise dot on top of the large paisley circles.  It just wasn’t vivid enough.  So I used my anywhere hole punch to create a hole in the center of each of the paisley circles, than backed the whole sheet with a piece of turquoise cardstock.  It was just the touch of color needed!

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