I decided to do a 3D project today.  This tin is leftover from a set I made for my mother to store all of her spices.  I found them for 75-cents a piece here, and there is no minimum purchase!  I have made purchases from them on more than one occasion and have been really happy with their service!

I thought this tin could be used as packaging for a small birthday gift or something.  The band wrapped around the bottom shows the variety of flowers in the new set.  I love that the flower centers are separate so you can easily integrate two colors if you like.  The lid of the tin features a floral butterfly (there are a total of FIVE patterned butterflies in this set, I’ve shown you only three so far.  Can you 031207_tin_side
guess what the other two will be?!?!).  The larger daisies within the butterfly perfectly coordinate with the 1/4" circle punch.  So it was easy to add the flowers in a second color.  I used the slot punch to create openings for the ribbon (from American Crafts via Hobby Lobby) to go underneath the butterfly image, so it was not covered.  A quick and easy project! Only 3 days until you can purchase your very own set!

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