So many of you were right on when you guessed STRIPES!  This little guy is one of my favorites, along with his coordinating "starburst" pieces.  These particular images stamp SO crisp.  For this project I used fluid chalk inks and they worked perfectly with the layering.

This is an altered lunch bag.  I just cut the bag down to a height of 7.5-inches and added my custom patterned paper.  The top "flap" is just a 5-inch circle folded in half and adhered on the back.  For the front closure I used a Basic Grey self-adhesive magnet (I LOVE these things!  They are so FUN to open and close!) I used the Petal Point chalk inks, so it was really easy to ink the "B" in a different color from the rest of the sentiment.  This was a quick and easy project that would be so easy to mass-produce!  How fun would it be to make these in a variety of colors as well! Just pick two monotone colors and go to town!  Doesn’t that sound like fun! I love this particular color palette though, it is so calming & refreshing!

Here are some stamp set details for those of you that have been asking… the set is entitled Butterfly Kisses.  It contains 30 images (including SEVEN 2.25-inch wide butterflies- 5 patterned, 1 solid and 1 outline).  It will officially go on sale at midnight EST tonight for $24 at our website, www.papertreyink.com.  Just as I said last month, we have plenty in stock, but in the case we do sell out, you can still
place your order, with it shipping in 2-4 weeks.  Your credit card will
not be charged until your order has shipped. With the unique images contained in this set, it will be worth the wait!

I also need to formally welcome Ellen Hutson on board our Design Team!  It has been so tough for me to keep this fact under wraps for the past month!  I have always admired her work and her eagerness to teach others.  She is such a wonderful model for everyone as both a woman AND a stamper.  If you don’t know Ellen (which I highly doubt…EVERYONE knows Ellen! She’s on a first name basis, you know like Madonna or Cher!) you can check out her blog here.  she composed a wonderful post about her introduction to our team and her first experience with acrylics.  Stop by and welcome her!

This countdown has been a pleasure, can’t wait until the next one!  You are going to LOVE what we have coming next, no foolin’ **wink**wink**. 

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  • 1
    Sarah Vrolyk says:

    Hooray! I was right on my hunch … Ellen is a fab addition to the team, Nichole! Can’t wait to see the release tomorrow. 🙂

  • 2
    Rose Ann says:

    I was guessing stripes, but the starburst is so much cooler!! Love the color coordination on this.

  • 3
    Laura Harris says:

    The anticipation is killing me! I’ve bought your first stamp set and am having too much fun. Can’t wait to get my hands on the next set! Love, LOVE the butterflies!!

  • 4
    jenn says:

    Ellen is such a treasure! She’s so talented, and is just a WONDERFUL person. I can’t wait to see what pretties she brings to your already fabulous design team! Love the butterflies, and hafta have them!

  • 5
    Amy Hoogstad says:

    Yay for Ellen! Can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the gallery!

  • 6
    Kellie says:

    Ooh, this is so exciting! Love the new set!

  • 7
    Juanita (Toni173) says:

    This is a fabulous lunch/gift bag! I’m going to leave my computer on and when I get up in the middle of the night I will stop by my “playroom” and get my order in.
    Hold on to your hat because this will continue to be a fun ride.

  • 8
    Jennifer says:

    Wow and Wow and Wow! I got my morning planned. I love, love, love the pag. Such a great look. Thank you so much for sharing with me.

  • 9
    Debbie Olson says:

    Woohoo for both Ellen AND you, Nichole! It’s a perfect match!

  • 10
    MJ says:

    Wow … I can’t wait to get this set! It’s gonna be so fun. You’ve done some really cute projects with it already! AWESOME

  • 11
    Linda Beeson says:

    Just plain another adorable design! And of course, you rocked it in your little creation!

  • 12
    Charmaine says:

    So sweet! Can’t wait until midnight! 🙂

  • 13
    hb says:

    WOW! (catches breath) each one is more awesome than the last… and the first one was already GORGEOUS! WooHOO to having Ellen on your team! Only her smile and hugs surpass her talent!

  • 14
    Otter says:

    The 15th can’t get here soon enough!!! I am sooo stoked over the addition of Ellen!! Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous talent you have on your desing team!!

  • 15
    lnl96 says:

    Just put my order in for both sets. All I can say is… FABULOUS!!! What an amazing job you guys have done!!! I can’t wait to get these inked up – the clean, trendy designs are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  • 16
    Sarah Moore says:

    SO LOVE the butterflies!!! I gotsta get my hands on these!!!

  • 17
    Yami97 says:

    Wow!! I got here from SCS and am just LOVING on your butterflies! They are just soo cool…..and the teal and brown card with the paisley? GORGEOUS!!!!

    I *will* be back 🙂

  • 18

    I jujst can’t wait until my set arrives (shipped yesterday…yippee) and you are right…this stamp set is wicked awesome! Thanks so much for all of your creativity. You make it look sooooo easy!

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