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I will be heading out first thing tomorrow morning for Salt Lake City with my final destination being at the Paper Crafts office.  We are going to do some brainstorming for future issues so it should be fun.

While blog hopping today I found a few interesting  posts I thought you might be interested in..

Watch this short movie compiled by one of my design team members, Heather Nichols.  Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming to be a parent.  To see the struggles that Heather has had to face while raising a special needs child really puts things into perspective.

Very thought-provoking conversation going on here.  Joan really dug deep to announce to the world what ALL of us probably felt at one point during our journey in this hobby. I can identify with the pressure to perform with my work for Paper Crafts.  It can be challenging to constantly stay on top of your game , be new and inventive.  Joan has me thinking a lot about how I now view this craft.  When was the last time I stamped for fun?  I honestly couldn’t tell you.  It has been MONTHS.  Perhaps even over a YEAR.  Do I miss it?  Oh yeah.  Oh for the times where I just sat down to create something I loved, with no agenda or assignment attached.  Now, I can’t  walk away from that responsibility completely, it allows me to make a financial contribution to my family.  But I CAN control how I spend my free time.  Joan has inspired me to start something I’m gonna call "MSN" (a.k.a Me Stamping Night).  No matter what is going on or how long my to-do list seems to be, the first Saturday night of each month will be just for ME.  I will make whatever I want and just let the creativity flow.  No worries about how "good" it is, or if I use the "latest" technique or product.  Ahhhh, just the thought of it has me giddy!  So will you join me in this challenge?

Rose Ann has me craving salty & sweet!  YUMMM! Perhaps I’ll have to make these as a snack for my first MSN this weekend!

So what do you have for leftovers?  Love this concept.  Check it out!

You have got to see how darn clever Lisa Johnson is here with the Paper Tray stamp set!

mj weston has a really pretty card here using the sentiments vertically.

-Not only does Marie McClellan have a clever use of the set in conjunction with word window punch, but she tried her hand at my design process that I outlined in my last post.

c williams stamped over a floral image for a bold look.  And what a unique background technique!

dinagriff used the stem as a simple underline.  I’ve gotta try that!

-I love how Heidi created this simple card with a shadow stamp!  Quick & easy!

Debbie has been creating these great word collage embellishments. I love the use of two colors!

Okay, now off to bed.  I probably won’t get a chance to post again until I return from my trip.  My inbox has been flooded with questions from all of you that I’m anxious to answer here on the blog.  I’ll tackle that next week! 

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