020907_box_with_lidDo you have your new copy of Stamp It! magazine?  Page 86 features a little box I made using Indian influences.  I like the concept so well, I decided to reinterpret it for use with this stamp set.  I made myself a "Happy Thoughts" box to be used in place of a gratitude journal.  I have little slips of paper inside and a pencil.  My goal is to document at least one or two happy thoughts a day to add to the box.  I am going to display it on my bedside table.  That way the first thing I will see each morning when I wake up will be a reminder of how blessed I am.  No more getting up on the wrong side of the bed!  I tweaked the measurements of the template provided in Stamp It! slightly.  It is a little smaller than the original, so I have attached an updated version for your benefit.  Enjoy!
Download square_box_template.pdf

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